How to Use Twitter to Recruit Top Talent


280 characters may not seem like a great deal to get your message across, but if you play it right, Twitter can be an excellent way to find and recruit the top talent in your field. What’s more, using Twitter to fill your positions is totally free!

7 Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2017

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Start your 2017 the right way by following some great people on Twitter and adding their knowledge to your daily feed. Here’s our comprehensive list of the 7 Best Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2017: 1.

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5 Recruiting Handles to Follow on Twitter

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Twitter has become an essential platform to engage with your audience, but it’s hard shine in an overwhelming sea of information, updates and refreshing timelines. Some companies, however, have mastered Twitter for recruiting, breaking out unique accounts devoted solely to talent acquisition.

7 Essential Twitter Feeds For Recruiters

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In order to minimise the angst and maximise your gains follow these twitter feeds. Not only does this twitter feed feature a serious of ingenious and hilarious recruitment memes, it also provides some brilliant, targeted advice for those looking to recruit new candidates on LinkedIn.

Twitter job posting template


Twitter is ideal for sharing short and sweet job ads with your network. Here’s what to include in a Twitter job post: Position. Optionally, you could include an image or mention perks that play up your company culture. Advanced sourcing strategies for Twitter.

Can Twitter Product Pages Change the Recruiting Landscape?

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The new functionality of Twitter product pages will make it easier not only to find candidates that will fit into your company’s culture, but will make it easier for candidates to find you. There is no doubt that I am a big Twitter fan. Twitter Tech Breakdown.

How to: Create Visuals For A Twitter Job Search

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And shared it exactly one time on your Twitter account? Where I can help is by showing you how to craft a perfect job post to share on Twitter, using visuals. Because most of the job posts on Twitter I saw are terrible, probably get ignored and waste your time!

8 USA Recruitment Agencies That You NEED to Follow on Twitter Now

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A few weeks ago, we listed the 6 UAE Recruitment Agencies that you should follow on Twitter and because we got such a great response, we thought it would only be right to continue our tour of the globe and shine a spotlight on the USA recruitment agencies this time around!

How To Make Twitter Work for Talent Acquisition.

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There’s no denying that I love Twitter. Recently, I can’t help but notice that a lot of people are trying to shoehorn their “usual” talent acquisition strategies into Twitter’s framework, and I can already tell you this: It’s not going to work. And I know a lot of you do, too.

Are You Making These 5 Twitter Recruiting Mistakes?


According to a Jobvite survey , over 8 million Americans used Twitter to find their current job. In fact, a full 23% of all job seekers have used Twitter in their job hunt. Twitter can be a great addition to your social media recruiting efforts, but not if you muck it up.

Improve Your Employee Onboarding: Lessons from Twitter and Pinterest


Twitter’s “Yes to Desk” Employee Onboarding . Twitter’s “Yes to Desk” employee onboarding program focuses on making the time period between when an employee says “Yes” to a job offer and the employee arrives at their “Desk” as productive as possible.

5 Hiring Experts You Should Be Following On Twitter

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Believe it or not, Twitter is an excellent resource for employers looking to onboard new staff and retain top performers! Here are our five favorite hiring experts on Twitter to start following today! Moe Carrick [link] #quotes @moecarrick #culture

Culture Marketing: Creating A Culture That Rocks

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In this one single sentence, Jobs not only defined the importance of matching an employer’s values to an employee, but also laid out the business case behind culture marketing, according to author and L&D expert Jim Knight in his new book, Culture that Rocks.

October Twitter Chat: Today’s Hottest Trends in HR Technology


ADD THE TWITTER VIDEO CHAT TO YOUR CALENDAR NOW. Step 1: At the time of the chat, visit the @CBforEmployers Twitter page. How can HR tech impact culture, and what are the trickle-down effects of that?

Twitter for Recruitment (Every Recruiter’s Secret Weapon)


A huge 58% of job seekers use Twitter in their search – the network actually has more active candidates than professionally minded LinkedIn. It seems crazy to not use Twitter for recruitmen t and ignore anywhere with this many active candidates! i) Run multiple Twitter handles.

27 Recruiting Experts on Twitter You Need to Follow


And there are few platforms quite as real-time as Twitter. Below, I’ve compiled the top 27 recruiting experts on Twitter you need to follow if you want to keep up-to-date with your profession and the fast-moving recruiting world. Meghan Biro, CEO of Talent Culture.

Twitter Spoke, And We Listened: A Discussion On Candidate Experience


Convey Chats is a series of Twitter chats and discussions on popular talent acquisition topics and trends. Many candidates also want to learn how they’d fit in on the team and an overview of the company culture.

Twitter Talk: One Small Work Change To Improve Talent Experience

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That’s the question BuzzFeed senior culture writer (and author of the widely shared article “ How Millennials Became the Burnout Generation ”) Anne Helen Petersen posed to her Twitter followers late last week.

Workplace Culture Tetris: Hacks to Win in Change Every Time

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Workplace culture—the most over-used BS bingo phrase in the business world today. All of this is fine and appreciated, but let us not give up on the root cause of workplace culture failure: leadership in accountability and understanding.

10 Companies That Totally Nailed the Company Culture Video

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While working on this project, I realized all companies take different (very different) approaches to their company culture video. Others use the company culture video as a way to broadcast what the company does as a whole; mentioning features and benefits for customers. Twitter.

How to Use Twitter Lists in Recruiting (in 500 Words)


Okay, maybe not the entire world, but it is becoming a major channel used to research companies and cultures and even. The post How to Use Twitter Lists in Recruiting (in 500 Words) appeared first on SmashFly Blog. Social media is taking over the world. Recruitment Marketing 2018 ideas

Best Company Culture Videos

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The corporate culture video has become morphed from something very generic and scripted, to a creative outlet that companies can use to share their story, and what they’re all about.

Video 56

Top HR Twitters to Follow Right Now


Spring clean your Twitter feed and make sure you’re following people that inspire your work! Twitter isn’t just a tool for shaming unorganized airlines, however much we all love to. Click on this recruiting maven’s Twitter for his latest articles, updates on the TA world, and commentary on the latest tech news. His Twitter is a great mix of interesting news shares and humorous takes on the pain points of HR.

5 Hard Questions to Gauge the Health of Your Workplace Culture


Here’s the truth: Workplace cultures define themselves, no matter how hard you try to rewrite the story. What’s more, problematic cultures stand out more than positive ones. For many of us, the culture our company aspires to likely doesn’t quite match the reality. .

What Defines GREAT Company Culture?

The term “company culture” gets thrown around a lot. Despite the ever-increasing dialogue —or perhaps because of it—”company culture” has become a buzzword often deployed to suit one’s purposes, but rarely communicating real meaning. All because of our great company culture.

6 Ways to Showcase your Company Culture through Social Messaging

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However, if you want to be sure to target today’s top talent you need to advertise your company culture through social media. Today’s top talent is interested in not only a good paying job, but a career with a company that has a welcoming culture.

How To: Hire For Culture Fit

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The vast majority of hiring managers focus on skills, searching for candidates that ‘tick all the right boxes’, limiting the importance of cultural assimilation. It sounds simple, but before you can hire effectively for cultural fit, you need to be clear on what your cultural values are!

What Counts with Candidates? Company Culture and Values

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Job seekers now place more value on a company’s culture and mission than they do on compensation when deciding whether or not to apply. . 77% say they would consider a company’s culture before applying. . Fun and an exceptional customer experience are at the core of the Zappos culture.

How To Fit Culture Fit Into Your Recruiting Process

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One of the most important but intan gible factors in recruiting and hiring job candidates is the often-misunderstood concept of “cultural fit.”. How To Build A Successful Company Culture. There are many different ways to build a successful company culture.

A Roguish Culture: Keeping It Real In Recruiting.

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From there, maybe you’ll be lucky and there will be a blog link, or twitter making your search easier… If not, look them up on LinkedIn (do that anyway, it makes a cold contact a wee bit warmer). Culture and the Rogue. Which brings us to the concept of Culture and the Rogue.

Demystifying Transformation: How to Foster Cultural Transformation Across Your Organization

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Social media has given employees a voice to take their companies to task over flawed corporate culture. The #MeToo Movement, for example, began on Twitter in 2017 and empowereed women to share their experiences with sexual harassment and violence in an open forum.

LivingSocial: When Networks And Culture Actually Work.

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Say what you will about all those wonky culture perks out there, and whether or not they’re actually relevant to workplace productivity, employee engagement, recruiting or retention. What made the culture so different, I wondered?

Link Culture and Strategy to Inspire Your Workforce

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At Earls , we’ve always believed that a clear culture is linked to your business strategy. However, things haven’t always been so rosy, and in the past, our culture and purpose haven’t always been so clear —all of which led to mediocre results.

The Boss: What CEOs Really Think About Hiring For Culture.

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Company culture has become something of a buzzword in business today, but as a CEO, I truly believe that in my organization, at least, not only does hiring for culture represent one of our biggest priorities, but also, one of our biggest competitive differentiators.

Work Human: Building A Company Culture of Collaborators.

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What I discovered were a lot of people with a particular passion for driving culture change and making their workplaces work better. Building A Culture of Contributors. Work Human: Changing Culture, Changing Values and Changing Minds.

Creepin’ It Real: Halloween and Your Corporate Culture


Depending on your corporate culture, celebrating Halloween in the workplace can be a fun way to create a unique office holiday tradition and engage employees. Halloween functions can be a fun way to highlight your culture and personalities of your people.

DisruptHR Talks: Cult, or Culture? by Laurie Ruettimann #DisruptHRNY

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This Week’s Featured DisruptHR Talk: Title: Cult, or Culture? Speaker: Laurie Ruettimann – Writer, Speaker & Strategist at LFR LLC / Website / LinkedIn Profile / Twitter – @lruettimann. Cult or Culture | Laurie Ruettimann | DisruptHR Talks from DisruptHR on Vimeo.