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The following article discussing workforce diversity was originally published in October 2015. Higher revenue, better job performance, a more trusted employer brand, and an increased customer base are just a few of the benefits of a diverse workforce. Company Culture diversity hiring

Is Your Job Posting Language Affecting Your Applicant Gender Diversity?


It’s no secret that gender and other diversity biases manifest in many different forms in the working world, and thankfully, there’s been a concerted effort to even the playing field for men and women. The changes implemented in the 1970s included blind auditions whereby candidates went through multiple rounds of recorded and/or live auditions behind screens that concealed their identity. Dependable collaborator who exercises sound judgment and demonstrates flexible agility.


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Building a Diverse Talent Pipeline: 6 Meaningful Steps Every Company Can Take

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Over the past five years, the number of diversity and inclusion roles listed on LinkedIn has increased by 71% globally. That way] every recruiter is a diversity recruiter, so diversity recruitment should just be recruitment.”. Diversity

Diversity in your workplace

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Unless you’ve been in a cave lately you have noticed the media making noise about diversity in the workplace. Some high profile companies have landed in hot water over a reported lack of diversity and even harassment. I truly don’t believe that most startup companies intend to lack diversity – but when I look around the startup community – we lack diversity. This isn’t diversity. Look for reasons TO hire a diversity candidate.

Diversity quotas suck. Here’s why.

Aline Lerner

A few days ago, I contributed to a roundtable discussion-style post about diversity quotas (that is, setting specific hiring targets around race and gender) on the Key Values blog. Writing my bit there was a good forcing function for exploring the issue of diversity quotas at a bit more length… and if I’m honest, this is a topic I’ve had really strong opinions about for a while but haven’t had the chance to distill them into something. So, what about diversity of thought?

EEOC Doesn’t Need Individual Charge to Launch Probe

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Although the EEOC exercises its commissioner charge and directed investigation authority relatively infrequently compared to the total number of charges filed and investigated each year, you should note the potentially powerful administrative tools exist and are at the agency’s ready disposal.

Training from career.place: The journey from bias to awareness


7/10/2020 – Austin, Texas – Melissa Dobbins, CEO of career.place, joined Wendy Rentschler, Tanner Holmes, and the Empyrean team to present the Journey from Bias to Awareness through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Wow, this exercise was intriguing.

Training from career.place: The journey from bias to awareness


7/10/2020 – Austin, Texas – Melissa Dobbins, CEO of career.place, joined Wendy Rentschler, Tanner Holmes, and the Empyrean team to present the Journey from Bias to Awareness through Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. Wow, this exercise was intriguing.

Candidate Experience: Recruiters, Stop Making Excuses.

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“It looks like you’ve got a really diverse work background, but unfortunately, we’re really looking for a candidate with a little bit more experience in something that’s completely unrelated to the actual job.” Those 15-20 minute perfunctory phone screens. I was recently speaking with a friend who happened to be looking for work as an HR practitioner, too.

Sourcing Tools to Recruit More Women in Tech


The facts are staggering, more diverse teams create better teams and projects outcomes. Recruiters can do their best to build an active diverse pipeline when it comes to sourcing women in tech. Is a tool that helps track your diversity recruiting metrics.

Tools 77

5 Important Lessons Learned at Social Recruiting Days 2018


Transparency”, “Surfacing”, and “Algorithm” flitted across the screen as the two conference emcees discussed how these terms are quickly becoming part of the modern recruiting lexicon. More than a simple etymological exercise, exploring the ideologies behind these words is important when considering the future of candidate experience, workflow, and technology in the TA industry.

How to Deal With Homesickness When Living Abroad


Watching someone on screen going through the same thing you’re experiencing can help you feel less alone instantly. “I Estonian language classes at Jobbatical—the pronunciation exercises are brief but the friendships are for life! Talent Talent Stories Digital Nomads Diversity expat life homesickness living abroad Moving Travel And Lifestyle Work Life Balance Working Abroad

Will 2021 Be Known as the Great Rehiring?

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Onboarding will make the jump from being viewed as an IT and paperwork exercise to a strategic function that plays a critical role in helping integrate new hires into a remote community. Companies around the world woke up this year to the depths of their challenges with diversity.

5 Things Any Company Can Do Right Now to Promote an Inclusive Culture


Diversity and inclusion in the workplace aren’t merely feel-good social policies. A 2015 McKinsey study by Vivian Hunt, Dennis Layton and Sara Prince found that companies in the top quartile for gender, racial or ethnic diversity enjoyed returns 15 to 35 percent higher than companies in the bottom quartile. The least diverse companies typically performed below the national average for their industries. Diverse, inclusive workplaces appear to have long-term benefits as well.

How to Encourage Employees to Get More Sleep

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Consider offering screening for sleep disorders for employees. Provide benefits that encourage exercise, which can, in turn, promote other healthy activities. Exercise also promotes better sleep, so one can lead to the other. She’s been working in the corporate world for over 15 years, with experience across multiple diverse departments, including HR, sales, marketing, IT, commercial development, and training.

Why Veterans Make Bad Job Seekers (And How Recruiters Can Help).

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Most of these are related to a lack of a civilian network and limited previous work experience (even if their roles in the military had similar duties and responsibilities, this too often gets lost in translation during the screening and selection process) when compared to other candidates with deeper connections and direct experience in the private sector.

Integrating Candidate Assessments to Your Recruitment System


You get to go beyond resumes and phone screenings and place emphasis on tests that will let you identify qualified ones easier. Create exercises that showcase how adept they are using such tools.

We asked recruiters to give their biggest pains in tech recruitment


The exercise stage. screening. Technical screening. Candidates failing to provide proper information during screening. Diversity. Lack of diversity awareness from the hiring managers. They don’t complete the tech hiring exercise. Diversity.

Should We Hire for Personality? Introverts, Extroverts, and Affinity Bias


When those in a position of power exercise affinity bias, coupled with more positive associations with extroversion, it communicates a message and perpetuates an “ideal”. “By Blind screening allows a greater focus on what matters – skills, knowledge, competencies, and abilities.

Looking Ahead: 6 Talent Predictions For 2021


Video interviews can be great for remote candidates if you want to expand your talent pool or for initial screening interviews as they can be accomplished quickly without taking up too much of a candidate's or hiring manager's time.

Reduce Bias in the Hiring Process By Taking These Courageous (and Sometimes Uncomfortable) Steps

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You can’t be a diverse organization without really talking about diversity,” says Yewande Ige , ThoughtWorks Global Recruitment Strategist. This is a step that leadership must take to truly embrace the importance of diversity initiatives. As a recruiter, you can be courageous in kickstarting a diversity hiring initiative , listening to others’ perspectives on it, and valuing candidates who align with these values. Diversity hiring is everybody hiring.”

New Survey: Company Mission & Culture Matter More Than Compensation

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Collaboration: When companies exercise this value, their employees are cohesive and productive, within their group and across teams. Diversity: Bring yourself, because there’s a place for everyone in these inclusive cultures. Diversified financial services and consumer goods are some top industries when it comes to cultivating diverse cultures, and TD Bank is a leader. . Respect: Employees, managers and leaders exercise consideration and courtesy for each other.

HR Trends in the New Normal


Manually screening resumes is still the most time-consuming part of recruiting, and with around 80% of the resumes received being unqualified, some might feel a lot of time is wasted. To always be able to screen and communicate with candidates saves time and makes the job more efficient.

The problem with employee wellness programs


Biometric screenings (health screenings that measure blood pressure, weight, height, body mass index). For example, biometric screenings are a popular feature of most wellness programs and include calculating a person’s body mass index (BMI) to determine obesity, but research suggests that BMI is an ineffective measurement of healthy weight. Accenture covers gender reassignment surgery as part of its commitment to LGBTQ and diversity. Standing desks and exercise balls.

AI and Collective Human Intelligence Function in Tandem for Successful Talent Acquisition

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is being used to find candidates on the Internet, to conduct screenings and assessments, to engage with them via social media and e-mail, to provide scheduling for interviews, to conduct background screening, to help generate offers, and much more.

The problem with employee wellness programs


Biometric screenings (health screenings that measure blood pressure, weight, height, body mass index). For example, biometric screenings are a popular feature of most wellness programs and include calculating a person’s body mass index (BMI) to determine obesity, but research suggests that BMI is an ineffective measurement of healthy weight. Accenture covers gender reassignment surgery as part of its commitment to LGBTQ and diversity. Standing desks and exercise balls.

4 Ways Pharmaceutical Companies Can Include More Women In Leadership


“There is little point in tackling diversity without inclusion—ensuring that every person is able to participate and realise his or her full potential,” says Waseem Noor , professor of economics at Columbia University. If increasing the representation of women in the industry is a “box-checking exercise rather than an overhaul of the industry’s culture, any progress won’t hold,” says Lisa Jarvis , senior correspondent for Chemical & Engineering News. .

3 Ways People Analytics Prepares You for the Future

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Possible solutions range from the greater use of data analytics to promote diversity to the use of “blind” screening to eliminate potential sources of bias, such as gender; indicators of social backgrounds, such as names of educational institutions; or ethnicity. This means that gauging recruitment success based on number of roles filled is now an exercise in futility.

Data 69

Gamification in recruiting: How and why to give it a shot


Both parties would benefit from this: candidates would enjoy the game and maybe land a job, while Google would easily attract pre-screened, high-quality applicants. Google used a public riddle to attract candidates, but the game could also be an online quiz or a challenge, such as the coding tests offered by companies like HackerRank and Codility (where candidates solve online programming exercises). You can evaluate people who have diverse experience.

The Creative Benefits of Embracing Boredom


And every time, as I excitedly attempted to unlock my phone, I would be jolted back into reality as the screen remained dark. With vague goals such as read, write, and exercise, this list could have been my usual list of New Year’s resolutions.

5 Key Trends That Influence Talent Management In 2019


According to Assignment Masters, an assignment help writing service provider, talent acquisition is the exercise of attracting, identifying, and hiring skilled personnel as per organizational needs and to meet certain labor requirements. Technology has simplified the talent acquisition process in that recruiters do not need to read tons of resumes as screening of applicants can be done through ATS or an HR chatbot. — Candidate Screening.

Startup Culture: The Benefits and Challenges of a Remote Workforce

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Transformative Diversity. And while it’s certainly possible to put together a diverse team in a traditional office setting, you’ll always be limited by geographic location. However, when you incorporate remote teams into your business, you can give your company a quick injection of diversity. When communicating through a screen, hierarchies seem less intense, and this encourages people to speak up a bit more when they feel something is wrong.

Impact of Supreme Court’s Two Rulings for Religious Employers

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Hobby Lobby , which found the ACA’s requirement to cover contraceptive services substantially burdened the free exercise of certain businesses with sincerely held religious objections to providing employees with the services. Diversity Insight exemptions judges mission rules

How to Create the Interview Formula that Makes the Right Candidate Stand Out


This questionnaire replaced the phone screen, and successful candidates were automatically invited to complete a skills-based Talent Trial containing behavioral questions, tasks in Excel, and writing exercises. This stifles innovation and diversity. Vervoe’s platform has shown impressive stats in hiring for diverse teams: companies who switched to our AI tool and skills assessments saw a 62% increase in female candidates.

Impacting Wellness: Why Gym Memberships Aren’t Enough

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Efforts to improve employee health aren’t new, nor do they lack diversity or creativity. It’s not uncommon for employers to screen prospective new hires for substance abuse, yet once workers are on the job, tests for broader indicators of good health aren’t given much thought.

Unconscious bias in recruitment: How can you remove it?


There’s a lot of talk around diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Some of them are actively looking to attract diverse candidates, e.g. by applying blind resume screening methods or by hosting female-only career days. Biased hiring decisions result in less diverse teams. And less diversity hinders your business productivity. “If But, he adds: We don’t have to make the business case for diversity anymore.

15 tips and sourcing strategies in recruitment


Pre-screen candidates with skills that match the roles they’re recruiting for. The process of recruiting kicks in after and includes the HR duties of screening, interviewing, and evaluating applicants. Attracting top talent is essential to the future of your organization.

The Case for an External Workforce Strategy


They thrive on contributing to multiple businesses, learning from diverse experiences, and owning their own schedules. An increasing number of workers are choosing alternative work arrangements to learn from diverse experiences and own their flexibility needs.

In defense of Palantir… or why the Department of Labor got the wrong man

Aline Lerner

Palantir and the DOL are really arguing over using resumes versus employee referrals to screen job candidates, when smart companies of a certain size should primarily rely on neither. According to the complaint, “Palantir used a four-phase hiring process in which Asian applicants were routinely eliminated during the resume screen and telephone interview phases despite being as qualified as white applicants.” Don’t believe me that screening for education and experience doesn’t work?

How to improve your recruiting process


And if your company actively supports diversity, let candidates know. Use them to prepare for interviews and screening calls to ensure you have all the information you need before speaking with candidates. An improved recruitment process revolves around screening methods that help you select the most qualified candidates. an editing exercise for Editor candidates.) Set reminders to follow up with candidates you screened or interviewed.