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Organizations understand the importance of sourcing diverse candidates to build an inclusive and innovative team. The numbers support this mentality — diverse organizations are generally. Women, on the other hand, generally apply only when they meet 100% of the requirements.

Diversity Recruiting 101 Explained


Diversity Recruiting has always played a key role in the success of a business. From a personal standpoint, we learn early on the benefits of having diverse sources of income, diverse skills, and a diverse knowledge of topics, views, and so on.


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Summer Hammons: Finding Her Way into Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

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Seeking Diversity in a Traditionally Homogeneous World. In white-collar industries, it’s generally not enough for companies to sit back and wait for diversity to find them; they need to be proactive at cultivating diversity within their ranks and creating a culture of diversity.

The secret to optimizing candidate screening

And that is the secret to optimizing candidate screening (or any other process) – doing, learning, applying, doing again. Here are a couple of examples of how to use applied learnings (or the change cycle) in candidate screening. Candidates that meet the basic requirements move forward.

Meeting the Challenge of Termination with Sympathy

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Meet Camille Lewis, Director of People Operations at Canopy. I think that’s the benefit of having or really championing a diverse team. I think diversity of thought really comes into play when you can challenge each other and say “Well, is there a purpose in doing that?

Six Tips for Promoting Workplace Diversity and Inclusion in the Hybrid Work Model


Workplace diversity and inclusion has become a core part of the modern organization’s values, but how is that put into practice in the hybrid work model. Don’t make workplace diversity and inclusion an afterthought when employees return to the office or continue to work remotely.

6 Companies Doing Their Bit to Improve Diversity & Inclusion

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The case for embracing diversity in the workforce is stronger than ever! Diverse companies now outperform non-diverse companies by a whopping 35% ! As a result, diversity is something every company should strive for. Which is why today, we’re taking a closer look at 6 companies who are doing their best to make their workforce more diverse and more inclusive. Read more about Pinterest’s plan for a more diverse company, here.


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See how we created a rich, branded experience through integrated content and a job search customized to meet Sony’s needs. Our unified platform, augmented by rich data and deep industry expertise, is revolutionizing how employers attract and hire the talent they need.

How HR Can Tackle Diversity Using the Rooney Rule

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Recent events have called attention to the state of workplace diversity at organizations in all industries. Restaurant Brands International committed to ensuring that at least 50% of all final round candidates for corporate office positions are diverse.

5 Ways Technology Can Help You With Diversity Recruiting

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A new Deloitte survey confirms diversity pays off. They found diverse and inclusive workplaces generate 30% higher revenue per employee and are twice as likely to meet or exceed financial targets. According to their research, 68% of companies are focusing their diversity efforts on recruiting and exploring technology to reduce bias in recruiting. To help you move the needle, here are 5 ways to recruit diverse candidates using technology.

Do Employee Referrals Hurt Diversity?

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There’s one catch: People gravitate towards – and therefore refer – people who are similar to themselves, meaning a hyperactive referrals program can have the unintended effect of reducing a company’s diversity. That doesn’t mean, however, that you should pump the brakes on employee referrals in the name of diversity, but rather that you should be deliberate about the way you scale them. Ask for diverse referrals. Make your commitment to diversity known.

5 Ways Eightfold Turbo-charges Diversity Hiring With Workday (part 4 of 4)


You’ve read the first three parts of this series, covering sourcing and screening , candidate engagement , and career sites/candidate experience. Now, we’re going to take a look at diversity hiring, and the power of adding AI to a Workday system. Diversity

5 Diversity and Inclusion Resolutions for 2020


To truly address these challenges, you need to address diversity and inclusion. . With 44% classifying themselves as “non-Caucasian ,” this generation is 16% more diverse than baby boomers. Do your benefits truly meet all your employees’ needs, regardless of gender?

Webinar: See How Your Hiring Process Affects Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting 


The fact is that your Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals will likely never be met without a clear picture of how your hiring process impacts diversity and inclusion recruiting efforts. Candidate Experience Analytics Drive Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting.

Three steps to turn diversity talk to diversity action

And, like dominoes, our changes enable others to effect change, which enables others, which enable others, until we stand in a world that proudly embraces true diversity, equity, and inclusion. For example, in D&I initiatives: Goal: “Increase diversity”.

Unscientific Assessment: How To Use Phrenology for Screening and Selection

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My research uncovered some weird and wonderful ideas about how to read into physical phenomenon to figure out what someone’s really all about, or what we in this industry refer to as shortlisting, screening and selection. A Better Way of Spotting Talent: 10 Steps to Screening Success. If a candidate has eyebrows which meet in the middle, or fine hair, they will have a bad temper (likely to punch the hiring manager).

Diversity in the workplace: how to use Workable to boost D&I


We can’t talk about diversity if we only hire homogenous team members. You won’t see a list of diversity-specific features, though. Let’s explore how you can increase diversity at each step of the hiring process using Workable. Screening applicants: How to remove biases.

Why Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing Just Makes Sense

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Per our new Vice President of Human Resources, I had 3 days to pull together a diversity budget for our 30,000 employee division. Now, I’m guessing most diversity initiatives don’t start off like this. And it was quite the crash course in running a corporate diversity recruitment program. We’re meeting next week.”. Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing: Lessons Learned. Why Diversity Recruiting & Sourcing Is A Business No Brainer.

How to Write Job Descriptions to Attract High Performers and Diverse Talent

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With some small but significant changes to your template, you can use job descriptions to attract higher quality and more diverse applicants. According to the Harvard Business Review, female job seekers tend to apply for promotions only when they believe they meet 100% of the listed requirements, while males apply with only 60% of the requirements met. I didn’t think they would hire me since I didn’t meet the qualifications, and I didn’t want to waste my time and energy.”.

Employers Need to Guard Against COVID-19 Derailing Diversity Efforts

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But to keep diversity efforts on track, employers need to be aware of the kinds of biases the virus may unleash, and they must make sure the pandemic doesn’t become an excuse for getting lax in their treatment of a diverse workforce.

5 Tips to Reach Board of Directors Diversity Requirements


Companies are more focused on board of directors diversity than ever. ” Here are 5 tips to reach diverse board of directors requirements: 1. Know Your Board Diversity Requirement (It Might Be Law/Mandate). California diversity board of directors law.

3 Ways Banks and Credit Unions Use Employment Screening Tests

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Employment Screening Tests Improve Talent Acquisition and Retention. The good news is there are new, easy-to-use screening tests specifically designed for financial institutions that simplify the hiring experience while pinpointing high-caliber candidates. These are three key ways banks and credit unions are using new employment screening tests to streamline and improve their HR processes. The most successful financial centers understand the diverse talents needed to succeed.

Moving Beyond the Diversity Quota: How to Foster Inclusivity in Your Organization

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By now, we all know diversity in the workplace is good for people and business. From introverts feeling overlooked in large meetings to sober or religious employees feeling left out at alcohol-related events, business leaders are clearly struggling to connect diversity with inclusion.

Too Much Sameness? Learn the Strengths of a Diverse Workforce

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Or did the problem stem from some reason unrelated to diversity? That explanation doesn’t address whether a lack of diverse thinking led to the glitch. But it’s understandable if those disappointed that the all-female spacewalk didn’t happen might wonder if the problem stemmed from a lack of diversity on the team planning the mission. Even employers dedicated to achieving all kinds of diversity—gender, racial, age, disability, military veteran, etc.—still

Meet The Woman Who Eats, Sleeps and Breathes Diversity at GitLab


Needless to say, they're an extremely diverse company! Stephanie Garza: I'm the Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at GitLab and have been working here for just over four months. I advise prospective candidates to familiarize themselves with our six core values: collaboration, results, efficiency, diversity, iteration, and transparency. SG: Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental to the success of GitLab.

7 Steps to Implement a Diversity and Inclusion Strategy


Top companies are talking about Diversity & Inclusion in the wake of the Black Lives Matter movement. But how do you implement a diversity and inclusion strategy? Developing an effective strategy for managing diversity starts with a conversation and is followed by action.

Innovative Talent Sourcing Meets Today’s Hiring Needs


You can’t hire a diverse workforce if you don’t bring them into the hiring funnel in the first place. A good ATS can help you screen non-traditional candidates. We’ve already mentioned screening questionnaires and structured interviews. The post Innovative Talent Sourcing Meets Today’s Hiring Needs appeared first on ApplicantStack. The modern workplace has experienced a two-fold transformation that affects talent sourcing.

Diversity is Critical in Healthcare — How Jobvite Can Help You Get There


To ensure that each p atient receives the best possible care, having a diverse and inclusive workforce has never been more important. Healthcare leaders need to address gaps in diversity hiring now. . The benefits of diversity in healthcare .

Rethink the Power of Primary Care to Meet the Needs of Your Multigenerational Workforce

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When your workforce is composed of people from diverse backgrounds across several different generations, meeting each group’s individual healthcare needs can be a challenge, and the temptation is to solve the complexity with an endless range of health and wellness programs. A Diverse Workforce with Diverse Healthcare Needs. In a recent Forbes study , 85% of business leaders polled considered diversity and inclusivity essential to innovation.

How to Create a Strong Diversity Recruiting Strategy


What Is a Diversity Recruitment Strategy? A diversity recruitment strategy defines goals, accountabilities, action items and success measures for attracting, engaging, assessing and hiring diverse talent to drive business success. A diversity recruitment strategy can help. .

4 Steps to Embed Diversity & Inclusion Into Your Organization


In the last few years, the HR world has seen a shift in perspective when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Creating a More Diverse & Inclusive Workspace. While often pushed together, diversity and inclusion refer to two different things.

4 challenges facing recruiters in 2021 (and how to overcome them)

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With face-to-face meetings off the table, the smart recruiters are leveraging software and tools. Diversity, equity and inclusion. Companies are beginning to wake up to the issue of diversity and inclusion. Recruiters face any number of challenges even when conditions are ideal.

4 Strategies to Embed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Company


I’ve been taking a look at our data regarding diversity. workforce is doing on gender diversity. There’s a crying need for greater diversity in our organizations, and for greater inclusion to create fair representation at all levels. Strategy #2: Use Anonymous Screening.

Recruiting a Diverse Workforce in Healthcare

Hospital Recruiting

The prevailing wisdom is that a diverse workforce in the healthcare industry can lead to better patient outcomes. Institutions that work toward diversity in their recruitment and acquisition can see many positive results for their efforts; as their workforce expands to better meet the needs of their consumers, their environment and brand may also reap benefits. Moving toward a more diverse facility is something almost every healthcare provider should prioritize.

Diversity in Tech – How to Design a Hiring Process That Limits Bias


Today, 77% of companies agree that D&I is important to their company and want to establish diversity in tech. Building diversity in tech and creating an atmosphere of balance and belonging can be hard, but it is possible. As a recruiter or hiring manager, it’s up to you to be aware of these biases and prevent them from sneaking in during resume screenings and interviews. Changing the company culture and building diversity in tech is a process.

5 Recruiting Tips To Increase Diversity In the Workplace


A new Deloitte survey finds companies’ interest in diversity in the workplace is focused on bias in recruiting and the use of new tools to reduce this bias. 68% of companies they surveyed measure and monitor diversity and inclusion in their recruiting. The appeal of diversity in the workplace is recognized by both sides of the recruiting equation. To help you capture this competitive advantage, here are 5 recruiting tips for increasing diversity in the workplace. .

6 Tactics for Effectively Building Diversity and Inclusion

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Many companies in the last month have made a commitment — or renewed an earlier commitment — to build a workplace that is diverse and inclusive. But there is an art, shaped increasingly by science, to crafting an effective post that will elicit applications from a diverse field of candidates.

Does Your Recruitment Process Meet a Candidate’s Needs?


In the third article in our series on the psychology of recruiting, we discuss the way in which the recruitment process meets the needs of the candidate. But does your offer meet the candidate’s needs? As the needs for one layer are met, the candidate will seek to meet the needs of the upper layers. Glassdoor found that two-thirds of job candidates want diversity in the workplace. The post Does Your Recruitment Process Meet a Candidate’s Needs?

The Time for Diversity and Inclusion is Now


Mercer and Red Thread Research recently released an in-depth report detailing the current state of the diversity and inclusion (D&I) technology market[1]. The drivers behind this growth include: Clear awareness that the same old approach to diversity won’t work in the #metoo era. Increasing financial and publicity penalties associated with a lack of diversity and a workplace that doesn’t promote inclusivity. Embedding Diversity into the Talent Lifecycle.

September Product Updates: Optimize Your Search with Diversity Insights and Filters, Boolean and Twitter Support, and More


who meet your team’s hiring goals and criteria ? Diversity Market Insights We stress that diversity hiring isn’t just a trend. Leverage Hiretual’s Market Insights to understand diversity representation across various job titles, companies, skill sets, and more.