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Diversity Hiring: 6 Steps To Hiring More Diverse Candidates


People analytics thought leader Josh Bersin has stated that workplace diversity and inclusion is a top priority for 2019. Intel CEO Brian Krzanich has pledged $300 million to increase the diversity hiring of women and underrepresented minorities. What is diversity hiring?

Guest Blog – How To Hire For Cultural Fit At Scale


One study even found that only 11% of failed hires are due to poor technical skills; the rest are due to poor cultural fit. After completing your personal assessment of your company’s culture, augment your findings with a survey of the management team (and if possible, the whole company). The solution is to use technology in such a way that you can focus on evaluating the more “human” side of hiring – culture, personality, and values.


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Top Tools and Resources to Create Pre-Employment Assessments

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This means testing several different aspects of a candidate; their ethics, their personality, their skills, and so on. Determining how much and what kinds of tests are necessary is the first step towards developing a thorough, useful assessment process.

Why Hiring ‘Warm Bodies’ Increases Employee Turnover


Estimates vary, but in one report, experts aggregated 30 separate case studies from 11 research papers. Screening/interviewing candidates. Better personality alignment should result in longer, more productive relationships. By making a customized, mobile personality assessment a part of your recruitment process, you can get to this invaluable information quickly, reliably, and in a way that generates a positive return on investment.

Racism in Recruitment: Review Your Current Recruiting Process and 6 Steps to Remove Unconscious Bias

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Therefore, taking action toward removing unconscious bias on race to embrace diversity in recruitment is regarded as the upward trend of all businesses in the world. Read more: 10 Eye-opening Best Practice Strategies to Diversity Recruiting. Racial Prejudices in Resume Screening.

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The Complete Guide to Skill Testing


Here’s how to use skills assessments to fill your open positions and to keep your pipeline full of happy, engaged candidates. A skills test is an assessment used to provide an unbiased, validated evaluation of a candidate’s ability to perform the duties listed in the job description. A personality assessment varies from a skills test in that it predicts how a person will behave in a specific scenario, rather than their ability to complete a task.

Vote For Me: Campaigning For Data

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Even with all of those dots of data on certain policies, the bottom line is that we make our decisions based on how we feel about the person, not based on the metrics and inputs. There’s so much more here than a decimal and a digit – it’s a life, a personality, a relationship. If SAP doesn’t resonate with your team members, find a testimonial or case study that does. Or maybe their top priority is increasing the diversity of the candidate pipeline.

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Your Guide to Hiring Million Dollar Talent

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Candidate Assessment with insightful tools that help make screening fast and easy for you to determine who will become your absolute rockstar employees. Is it a consensus hire or does one person get the final say? What roles will each person assume? . Personality.