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5 Tips for Campus Recruitment Success


Key Takeaways: Campus recruitment has evolved to include both in-person and digital channels to engage Generation Z students. Organizations should define their target audience for campus recruitment to identify the right candidates based on skills, majors, locations, and other factors. Authenticity is crucial in recruitment content. Create messaging that aligns with students' values and career goals, considering factors like stability, benefits, and social justice.

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The Recipe for Hiring Success: Finding Top-Quality Job Candidates


Have you ever embarked on the culinary adventure of baking a fancy dessert without a recipe? You envision the perfect outcome, but without guidance, it's a shot in the dark. Would you leave it to chance and hope for the best? Most likely not! You'd find a recipe, ensuring you have all the essential ingredients to achieve your delicious goal. Similarly, the process of hiring new employees parallels this baking journey.

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The Power of AI: 5 Essential ChatGPT Prompts for Recruiters

Social Talent

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition, recruiters are constantly seeking to optimize their processes. Today, it is becoming increasingly crucial for recruiters to embrace technological advancements, particularly Artificial Intelligence (AI), to stay competitive. AI holds the potential to revolutionize the recruiting landscape, offering a variety of solutions that can streamline the hiring process, foster a more diverse workforce, and enhance candidate experience.

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7 Ways to Make High-Volume Hiring Easier


Companies that engage in high-volume hiring know that its unique needs require different processes for moving large numbers of candidates from application to hire. Companies often run into three roadblocks: Candidate drop-off: How do they keep interested candidates engaged so that they convert into applicants, and how do they keep applicants engaged as the top ones are converted to hires?

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Moving Forward in HR and Recruiting Uncertainty

An era of uncertainty has arrived in recruiting. The unpredictability that exists in the labor market can make it difficult for employers to know how they should respond in this environment. Despite the turbulence, recruiting professionals should be encouraged by recent trends. Applications per job are up over the last year across companies of all sizes, and more than half of all recruiters expect their teams to grow in the next year, with nearly two-thirds expecting their recruiting budgets to

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Empowering the Modern Workforce: How Technology Is Redefining Training

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Training in today’s dynamic corporate landscape has evolved from a mere checkbox activity to a strategic imperative. As organizations invest heavily in upskilling their workforce, the pressing question remains: Is our training truly making a difference? With rapid advancements in technology, companies now have tools at their disposal to not only deliver training but also evaluate its effectiveness.

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The Challenges and Benefits of Balancing Global Corporate Values with Local Culture

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Maintaining a business culture globally is certainly a challenge, with regional values and norms, differing laws and policies, communication issues, and more to consider. To say it’s a balancing act to blend corporate values with local culture is an understatement, but it gets even trickier when you’re expanding and need talent on the ground. At DoiT, we recently launched entities in Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, requiring the hiring of sales and cloud architecture personnel.

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Comment on Unveiling Zoho Cliq 4.0: It's time for smart work by Smithmyb

Zoho Recruit

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Hiring Experienced vs Inexperienced Employees: Which is Better?

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

When reviewing job applications for an open position within your business, there are specific considerations that you will want to keep in mind. These include everything from the position’s salary range to the skills and knowledge required. It also means looking at hiring experienced vs inexperienced employees and deciding which one you want to hire.

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Legal Requirements for Recruitment Firms

NPA Worldwide

If you’re thinking of starting your own recruitment firm, one of the areas where you need to invest in some research is employment law. It seemed like employment law was static for many years and over the past few years has been changing so much it’s hard to keep track. There are a number of legal requirements for recruitment firms; here is a partial list of some of the most important.

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The Greatest Overlooked Tool: A Recruiting Assessment Guide to Transforming Hiring

You know talent acquisition is essential to business success, but are you frustrated with hiring results? Learn how to spotlight ideal talent & match them to the right roles in your organization today by using the Greatest Overlooked Tool.

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What Is Earned Wage Access and How Does It Help Employees Make Ends Meet?

Prism HR

By Andy Songer In today’s fast-paced world, financial stability is a paramount concern for individuals and families alike. But the struggle to make ends meet between paychecks has led to the rise of innovative financial solutions, such as Earned Wage Access (EWA), which has gained traction in recent years. This game-changing financial tool allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages before their scheduled payday should the need arise.

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Comment on Unveiling the latest Zoho Desk updates for iOS 17 and iPad OS 17 by Kevintap

Zoho Recruit

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Empowering the Next Generation: UKG’s Transformative Approach to Early Career Recruitment with HackerRank


In an era marked by economic fluctuations and evolving industry landscapes, early career recruitment requires careful planning and people optimization. Talent acquisition teams are pressed to deliver exceptional results amidst hiring pauses, budget constraints, and heightened expectations. Moreover, candidate experience holds significance in early career recruitment efforts.

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Comment on WhatsApp + live chat for superior customer service by Raha

Zoho Recruit

Connect your WhatsApp Business account with Zoho SalesIQ to assist prospects and customers in their favorite instant messaging channel.

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8 Pillars of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts have long been a priority for companies, but the pandemic has made the need to increase these efforts even more apparent. As many companies have doubled down on efforts, how can they transform promises into company-specific actions? This eBook shares what a comprehensive commitment to DEI looks like at every part of the employee lifecycle.

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10 benefits of employee engagement: Why it’s so important 

Achievers - Recruiting

There’s a stark difference between organizations that have strong employee engagement, and those that don’t. One can boast employees who are always excited about tackling the next part of the project, look for innovative ways to add value, and strive to outdo themselves on a daily basis. The other is filled with team members who are just there for the paycheck and are likely keeping an eye out for a more fulfilling position elsewhere.

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RChilli Joins Forces with Witbor to Revolutionize Oracle Recruitment

TalentCulture - Recruiting

This collaboration underlines the commitment shared by both the companies to reshape the recruitment landscape for Oracle professionals, bringing efficiency and innovation to their hiring processes. The post RChilli Joins Forces with Witbor to Revolutionize Oracle Recruitment appeared first on TalentCulture.

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[Podcast] FDE Express | Getting Clearer: The Process of Auditing and Consolidating Your Tech Stack


Sign up for The Full Desk Experience updates! Show notes Are you overwhelmed by the number of software applications your team utilizes? Do you find yourself paying for multiple tools that essentially do the same thing? Well, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a detailed step-by-step guide on how to consolidate your tech stack and increase your firm’s efficiency and productivity.

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Lessons From the Defamation Lawsuit Against Rudy Guiliani

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Readers may have noticed news reports that on August 30, a federal judge declared Rudy Giuliani was on the losing end of a defamation lawsuit filed by two Georgia election workers. He had claimed they were involved in election shenanigans but ultimately, the accusation was baseless. But that isn’t why he lost. Rather, the judge declared him the loser because, in the court’s view, he failed to fulfill his obligations to preserve electronically stored information (ESI).

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Small HR, Big Impact: Boosting Employee Engagement and Excellence with Innovative HR Tech

Speaker: Aino Ilkka - People and Culture Lead at KAITO Insight

In the fast-paced landscape of small growth companies, harnessing the power of HR technology is the key to achieving remarkable results in employee engagement and HR management. Aino Ilkka, People and Culture Leader, will share practical tips and lessons learned through case stories and cover how to successfully source, implement, and scale HR tech for the best ROI.

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9 Top Remote Work Programs Abroad


In this blog, I dive into the world of the digital nomad and suggest 9 of the best remote work travel programs. This work abroad list comprises countries with remote work visas and organized work abroad programs. If you’re dreaming of mixing work with travel and you currently spend your days in front of a screen, becoming a digital nomad may be the answer to finding your perfect remote work fit.

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How to Engage Seasonal Hires on the Right Communication Channels

Recruiting Daily Advisor

As businesses rely on short-term workers to meet seasonal demands, ensuring clear and efficient communication becomes crucial. According to a recent report conducted by the Harris Poll on behalf of Grammarly, 72% of business leaders credit effective communication with boosting their team’s productivity, while 52% of knowledge workers share the same sentiment.

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Comment on Presenting Answer Bot in Zoho SalesIQ by Sourabh Z

Zoho Recruit

Presenting Answer Bot in Zoho SalesIQ - Zoho Blog

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Faces of HR: Allison Allen on the Transformative Power of HR Analytics and Data

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Allison Allen has nearly 25 years of experience leading all aspects of the employment experience, starting with talent recruitment at Tek Systems. Throughout her impressive career, Allen has held myriad leadership positions, including serving as chief human resources officer (CHRO) for Orchard Global, where she developed international people programs and service delivery strategies to help drive the business forward.

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How Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Drive Business Results

According to Forbes, employees who feel listened to show a 64% longer commitment to tasks. And that’s just for starters. Learn how emotionally intelligent leaders drive business results. Download Paycor’s guide for the full story.

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Three Steps to a Successful HR Digital Transformation Strategy


CEO and Founder of Avature, Dimitri Boylan, took to the stage to talk about the best approach to a digital transformation strategy for HR at the Future Talent Summit, the global gathering of leaders dedicated to improving human talent opportunity and capability. In his session, he spoke about the future of talent and the importance of leadership, employee engagement , and robust digital transformation tools to ensure organizational success in the current landscape.

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Empowering Women in HR: A Resounding Success 

Search Solution Group

Earlier this week, local HR professionals converged on Search Solution Group's headquarters in Charlotte's bustling Lower Southend neighborhood in a remarkable display of unity, knowledge-sharing, and empowerment.The occasion? "Women in HR: Career Acceleration and Workforce Trends," a pivotal event that sparked insightful discussions, forged new connections and celebrated the strength of women in HR.The event […] The post Empowering Women in HR: A Resounding Success first appeared on Sear

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How To Ask For A Promotion: Our Guide

Purple CV

When it’s the right time, knowing how to ask for a promotion the right way increases your chances of success and reduces the risk of disappointment. The reasons why you believe a promotion is well deserved, or long overdue, may be clear in your mind. But unless you articulate them clearly to the powers that be, they might disagree. And it could be a long wait until you can ask again – some companies only review promotion cases once or twice a year.

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Comment on Zoho Mail clinches gold with VBSpam+ award: How you can armor up against spam by Srinath Vijayakumar

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Mail receives VBSpam+ award for Q2 2023 and it is a testament to its continuous commitment to your security. Learn more about email threats and how you can bolster your defenses.

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Ask an Expert: Stump Our I-9 Pros With Your Compliance Questions

Speaker: Chapelle Ryon, CEO of WorkBright

Ensuring I-9 compliance has never been more important…or more confusing. If you’ve struggled to find answers to your specific I-9 and compliance questions, join WorkBright, the experts in remote I-9 onboarding, for a free webinar where a panel of industry leaders will discuss: I-9 compliance tips and best practices Pros and cons of I-9 Alternative Procedure Exploring other options to facilitate I-9 remotely Open audience Q&A for all things I-9 compliance Bring your questions and hear from I-

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LinkedIn / Resumes and Executive Search – Live Webinar & Q+A on October 19th (free for all GatedTalent members!)

Executive Search Insights

Join us live for this dynamic discussion and Q+A on executive careers. You’ll hear from Nationally Certified Resume Writer, Natalie Hodencq and Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert (NCOPE) Joanna Beattie, along with public company CEO and host of “The World Executive Search Congress”, Jason Starr, as we discuss the steps you need to take to get on the radar of top search firms.

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10 Best Enterprise Payroll Software in 2023

Recruiters Lineup

In today’s fast-paced business environment, managing payroll efficiently is crucial for enterprises of all sizes. Whether you have a small team or a large workforce, using the right payroll software can save time, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with tax regulations. In this article, we’ll explore the ten best enterprise payroll software solutions for 2023, each offering a unique set of features to streamline your payroll processes and empower your HR department.

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7 Tips on How to Hire an SEO Manager


Out of all the digital marketing strategies, SEO is known to have the best return on investment and potential for future growth. Unfortunately, it’s also considered the most “ smoke and mirrors ” as it’s hard to tell if someone is good at SEO or just a really good pretender. So, how do you even hire an SEO manager? Today, we’ll show you everything you need to know about hiring a stellar SEO professional.

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