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Hiring Machine Learning and AI Engineers


Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Lilou Hoffman with The Negotiation Experts. Her opinions are her own. The fourth industrial revolution is centered around the tech industry. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are skills that are highly in demand. However, there is a shortage of these highly sought-after skills. Because these skills are […]. Employment Market Hiring Talent Skills shortage Top Talent

Are You a Strategic Recruiter? A Quick Assessment Checklist


Can you think of a more universal goal among corporate recruiters than to be recognized as a strategic recruiter? Where being classified as strategic means having a longer-term impact on corporate strategic business goals by going beyond simply meeting your monthly recruiting targets?

Fear and Loathing in HR and Talent Acquistion

Fistful of Talent

If FOT has anything in our readers, we have the following: –Readers who are generally looking for the best way to do things. –Readers who are trying to be better than the average HR/TA pro. –Readers who like to change things. That’s great, right?

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Do you have a ‘lets-p**s-candidates-off’ strategy?

Greg Savage

The massive criticism of agency recruiters over the treatment of candidates? Often justified. Plenty of poorly trained recruiters around, and plenty more who don’t care enough to make an effort. But understand this. Agency recruiters do not come in every morning and have a meeting to decide how they are going p**s their candidates off […]. Candidate care Recruitment candidate candidate care recruitment

The Ultimate Hiring Toolkit

Hiring is hard enough. Without the right HR templates and tools, keeping track of and managing the whole process can get out of hand quickly. Get the essential toolkit for all your recruiting and hiring needs, from job requisition to hire. 8 templates, tools and worksheets for every stage of recruiting.

The Best Recruitment Events in 2019 (Part One)

Social Talent

Talent acquisition, recruitment and HR are people-person roles, so it makes sense that there are literally hundreds of networking events every year for those in this industry.

Hireology 2018 Year in Review: See How Our Customers Saved Time and Money While Driving Quality Applicants


This year, Hireology customers have hired more quality employees than ever before, all while reducing time to hire and saving money on applicant sourcing costs.

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Must Ask Interview Questions When Hiring Content Creators

Glassdoor for Employers

This month’s must-ask interview questions focus on what to ask when hiring writers. In a world ablaze with content, companies need talented writers to fuel their websites, instructional manuals, blogs, social media feeds and more.

Building Trust Through Transparent Leadership


We all want the brightest, most creative talent to work for our organizations — employees who are loyal and committed to bringing their best, most authentic selves to work each and every day. Recruiting these gems poses its own set of opportunities and challenges, as does retaining them.


How to Boost Employee Engagement With Career Pathing Software

HR Technologist - RB

Career pathing software offers a solution in boosting employee engagement for businesses large and small, spanning nearly all industries and sectors. Here’s how career pathing solutions help organizations increase engagement among their workers. Employee Engagement

To Stop Illegal Interview Questions, Solicit More Candidate Feedback


I've been talking to a number of job seekers lately about illegal interview questions. The topic keeps coming up, and I keep wondering why that is. When you're a job seeker, you may not realize how common illegal interview questions are.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

Recruitment AI technology uncovers the most qualified candidates. This technology automates recruiting routines and facilitates natural conversations, resulting in higher productivity and a better candidate experience. Download the eBook to learn more!

3 Steps to Kickstart a Peer-to-Peer Employee Recognition Program

HR Technologist - RB

The long-time tradition of top-down recognition by managers isn’t enough anymore. With changing workforce demographics, acute talent shortages, and high turnovers, peer-to-peer recognition can help you meet strategic goals while building a culture of engagement.

Why Your Ability to Achieve Dialogue Will Make or Break Your Results

Undercover Recruiter

When we think of leadership qualities, we rattle off platitudes like inspiring, dynamic, visionary, etc. While these characteristics are key building blocks of leadership, our latest research spotlights one common leadership aptitude that doubles as many leaders’ Achilles Heel—communication.

How Tech Helps Achieve The Millennial Dream Of Working For Yourself

HR Technologist - RB

In this article, Cher Grant, Founder and CEO at Wazzio, explores how technology and Millennials are fueling the gig-economy. . Leadership & Succession

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What is talent management?


For someone who is new to human resources, terms like talent management and recruitment can be confusing. Aren’t they all the same thing?” or “What is talent management?” are frequently asked questions. The answer is: no, they aren’t, but they’re closely related.

Dice 2018 Recruitment Automation Report

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technologies are rapidly changing the way many recruit and hire talent. Read Dice's first-ever Recruitment Automation Report to discover how you can employ new, cutting-edge technologies to source and hire tech talent faster.

3 Tips for Maintaining a ‘Merry’ Candidate Experience During the Holiday Hiring Season

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Providing a great candidate experience has been at the top of recruiters’ and hiring managers’ minds for much of 2018, and for good reason. Deagreez / iStock / Getty Images Plus.

How To Utilize Employee Resource Groups For Diversity & Inclusion Efforts

Recruiting Daily

ERGs, Boon to Both Employer and Employee Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are becoming far more prevalent in the workplace, as firms struggle to practice diversity hiring and employee inclusion and to promote and maintain a level of employee engagement that curtails turnover. Pandora, Lever, Google, Pinterest, Workday, Hewlett-Packard, Oshkosh, Comcast NBC Universal, and Yelp and […]. Featured News Technology Trends employer resource groups erg lever NBC Universal Pandora Recruiting YELP

People First and PayAsia Partner to Offer HR and Payroll Solution

HR Technologist - RB

People First and PayAsia have announced a new strategic partnership to offer businesses in the Asia Pacific and Europe access to world-class HR and Payroll solutions. Payroll Administration


Striking a Positive Work-Life Balance in the Age of Musk

JWT Inside

Elon Musk, Founder and CEO of 4 global corporations, recently tweeted “There are way easier places to work, but nobody ever changed the world on 40 hours a week,” and when asked in the comment section how many hours a week one needs to put in to change the world, he replied with “ 80-100 hours.”.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

The talent acquisition challenges of today are unparalleled: 90% of survey respondents feel that the current hiring market is more challenging now than in the past! Recruiting as we’ve known it is evolving - how are you keeping ahead of the competition?

Measuring the Effectiveness of Your Recruitment Channels


The lifeblood of any business is a good recruitment strategy. Your company will experience exponential growth with active recruitment. It becomes a significant headache for business leaders and the C-Suite if critical vacancies don't fill in a time-efficient manner.

What Jobs Are Expected to Grow the Most by 2026?

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Record low unemployment, technological advances, and a lack of skilled talent are making hiring extremely difficult for many employers.

Pro-Tips for Interviewing Millennials


Today’s guest post comes to us courtesy of Edward Mellett, the founder of Practice Reasoning Tests. After failing employer’s assessment tests many times before getting a graduate job in 2005, Edward created PracticeReasoningTests to teach the lessons he learned along the way. Edward has created numerous in-depth guides about psychometric testing and other types of job tests. . Millennials (or individuals born between 1980 and 2000) are now the largest generational group in the U.S.

Workplace Introverts: Debunking the Myths

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Introverts—they are the new extroverts, right? Quiet, reserved, always sensing and watching. Listening for the next nugget of innovation to grace the lips of a colleague. Or are they tormented by the thought of communication and interaction? Do their extroverted cohorts drive them batty?

How Recruiters Can Create a Predictable Candidate Pipeline

Even the most experienced recruiting professionals face challenges filling critical roles in their organizations from an inability to establish, nurture and grow a sustainable talent pipeline. Download this eBook to get a jump on sourcing and learn how to build a high performance recruiting pipeline.

What is the Average Time to Hire by Industry? 


The measurement of "time to hire," which varies by industry, organization, and location, registers the time between the moment a candidate is first engaged for an open position to the moment they accept an offer. Time to hire is often. Recruitment Industry Trends hr benchmarks industry time to hire interview process recruiting benchmarks time to hire

9 Ways to attract tech talent as a growing startup

Hacker Earth

Over 86% of recruiting agencies face shortages finding and recruiting tech talent. This is according to a survey by Indeed , the most trafficked job-recruitment website in the United States. Because the number of applicants exceeds the number of candidates, it’s an applicant’s market. Companies are competing for a limited talent pool, fighting for their very existence in a proxy war of finding the right people to put in the right job.

Prediction: Learning will go to where work happens


Posted by Julie Hiipakka on December 3, 2018. As organizations struggle with the fundamental challenge of defining and enabling productivity, HR functions such as rewards, performance management, and leadership are facing the need to shift mindsets and approaches.

Francois Lancon Joins ManpowerGroup as Regional President for Asia Pacific and Middle East

HR Technologist - RB

ManpowerGroup today announced the appointment of François Lancon as Regional President, the Asia Pacific and Middle East (APME), effective January 1, 2019. HR Analytics


Live Webinar: Our Gift to You – 12 Tips, Tools and Tricks for Recruiting in 2019

With the New Year right around the corner, make the resolution to get your recruiting processes dialed in. Attract top talent by providing a cohesive and enticing experience that get candidates in the door and excited about your company. Join Alissa Bencks, VP of Organizational Effectiveness at Wonderlic and leading Recruiter Rick Powell in a joint webinar to learn how you can drive more candidates to each opening, 'sell' your company to top candidates, and create a positive brand image with your recruiting efforts this holiday season with 12 tips for a more impactful hiring process.

Why Is Onboarding Key Employees Experience


With the average person having 12 jobs in their lifetime, many could share their recollection and memories of poor employee experiences. The employee experience all comes down to the induction and onboarding process once an individual starts a new job. How important is this process exactly?

How Organizations Can Learn From The #MeToo Movement

Forbes Human Resources Council

Changing the workplace environment takes intentional attention to policies and practices

Raising the (Minimum Wage) Bar


Following raises in 2007 and 2008, the federal minimum wage hasn’t budged since 2009, when the government set the wage at $7.25 per hour. At that rate, someone working full-time would make $15,080 before taxes.

Recruitment Marketing: Leverage Technology to Find and Engage Passive Candidates


Follow these useful tips to help improve your recruitment marketing by incorporating marketing automation techniques into your plan. Build Talent Pipeline Hiring and Recruiting Hiring Efficiencies all industries candidate experience hiring managers hiring trends sourcing passive candidates

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Research shows that the hiring process is biased and unfair. While we have made progress to solve this, it’s potentially at risk due to advancements in AI technology. Our eBook covers these issues & shows you how AI can ensure workplace diversity.