Sat.Mar 16, 2019

Performance Appraisals: Should You Grade Your Employees on a Bell Curve ???


If you’re unfamiliar with the bell curve rating system in performance appraisals, simply put, it’s a performance evaluation method that force ranks employees into a bell-shaped best to worst scale, which often looks something like this: High Performers (20%). Average Performers (70%).

How Client Blockage Cripples Executive Search And What To Do About it

The Investigative Recruiter

How Client Blockage Cripples Executive Search And What To Do About it. How Client Blockage Cripples Executive Search. And What to Do About It). The leading retained executive search firms in the world have a client blockage problem. A big one.

Recruitment in Song

Undercover Recruiter

When it comes to a lyrical genius, they don’t come any more talented than Canadian singer Drake. But did you know his songs could help you when it comes to recruitment? Have a read of these and see if they will help you bag your next talent. We could do it real big, bigger. View Article.

Amtec 60th Anniversary Celebration


This week we celebrated our partner’s, 60 th anniversary. They recently moved into a gorgeous new building and graciously invited us to celebrate this milestone. There were around 60 attendees including a chairman from Chino Hills, Monster and Working Wardrobes.

How to Create a Business Case for Recruitment CRM

Speaker: Jack Wei, Madeline Laurano, and Celinda Appleby

Learn how to build a robust business case for recruitment CRM with analyst Madeline Laurano. Celinda Appleby, Global Talent Attraction Director at VISA, joins her and shares her strategy for deploying a CRM in line with VISA’s talent acquisition strategy.