Tue.Aug 02, 2022

Help! My social recruiting isn’t working


There’s a lot you can —and should—expect from social recruiting , but one thing you never hope to see? Radio silence. No likes. No applies. No changes in anything at all. But what do you do if that’s exactly what happens?

Lever Joins Forces with Employ, Establishing Largest Modern Talent Acquisition Suite Provider


I’m excited to announce that Lever is joining forces with Employ, the provider of JazzHR, Jobvite, and NXTThing RPO. With the addition of Lever, Employ now provides a solution tailored to the unique talent acquisition needs of every organization. Combined, Employ is. Read More.


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How Employers Can Spot & Prevent Job Burnout

ClearCompany Recruiting

This post was written by guest author Eva Chan of Resume Genius. Today's work environment presents many challenges for employees. With new economic and social obstacles resulting from the pandemic and a rise in mental health struggles, your workers need more support than ever.

6 barriers to internal mobility and how to overcome them

Social Talent

We’re back for the final installation in our Internal Mobility series! If you missed the previous articles, don’t forget to catch-up on them – our first piece sought to offer a complete understanding of internal mobility , while the second looked at the benefits for employers.

Mobile 105

Recruiting From Within: Expand Your Talent Pipeline While Driving Retention

Rethinking your internal employee career strategy can help you fill critical roles and retain your best talent. This eBook highlights the benefits of internal migration, outlines how to execute a virtual recruitment strategy, and provides tips to promote internal migration.

9 Signs You’re in a Toxic Work Environment—and What to Do About It

The Muse

It’s not you, it’s your company. Here’s what a toxic work environment looks like—and how to deal with it. Work Relationships

How To 105

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8 Ways to Foster Employee Happiness

TalentCulture - Recruiting

When it comes to the workplace, happiness is key. Studies have shown that happy employees are more productive and efficient. That’s why employers need to do what they can to create a positive work environment. But what does employee happiness mean, exactly?

Study 96

How to Communicate Your Benefits Plans to Remote Employees

Namely - Talent

Before the remote-work revolution, employees could simply walk up to someone’s desk and ask them questions about their benefits options. In preparation for open enrollment, employers held company-wide meetings and invited brokers to present benefits options to their employees in-person. Benefits

Workplace Culture Design is an Outside-In Job

Recruiting Daily Advisor

In life, we design from the outside in. Take skyscrapers, for example. The placement of interior support beams are determined by external factors like wind and gravity. How about the movie industry? Films are written as a reflection of external society, its values and plights.

Job Search: Finding New Job Titles

Katrina Kibben

To ensure you're finding the right roles for you, be sure to search for multiple job titles so you can discover every opportunity for you. The post Job Search: Finding New Job Titles appeared first on Katrina Kibben's Blog. Job Postings Job Search Advice job posting job postings


Retention Roadmap: Ways to Reduce Talent Turnover in 2022 and Beyond

Employees are now embracing lifestyle over work – with many migrating to other jobs to find opportunities that better align with their priorities. How can you retain your top talent? Get tips to keep your global employees happy, engaged, and productive.

NYC Releases Guidance on New ‘Salary Transparency’ Law

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The New York City Human Rights Commission (NYCHRC) recently released guidance about the city’s new law requiring “salary transparency” in job advertisements for employees, interns, domestic workers, and some independent contractors. The law takes effect on May 15, 2022.

Hierarchy Culture: Definition, Types And Examples


Did you know? Nearly 50% of job candidates assess potential companies based on their hierarchy culture. Among the deciding factors in the application process, 46% of job applicants mentioned culture, while 88% thought it was at least somewhat relevant.

How To Set Employee Work Schedules (With Template)


Any business establishment requires a presence no matter the product or service they provide. When you have a business, no matter how large you are, you should always work to provide your employees with a work schedule, especially if hours are inconsistent.

10 Leadership Development Strategies For Gaining A Competitive Advantage In 2022

Forbes Leadership

Promote continuous learning and development to encourage a leadership mindset. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

Your Global Compliance Playbook: Onboarding Best Practices

A well-structured onboarding process plays a vital role in welcoming new employees and helps them quickly become productive, engaged, and loyal. This guide offers key practices to compliantly onboard your new international remote workers.

Employee Write-Up Forms (With Examples)


Employee write-up forms, also known as employee discipline form is a document that outlines any workplace violations and incidents. These forms are typically recorded by managers or supervisors when they observe an employee doing something inappropriate or wrong.

The Complete LinkedIn X-Ray – August 18, 2022

Boolean Strings

Manipulating X-Ray results with operators such as inanchor:, AROUND(X), and others allows anyone to run precise Google-based searches. You can use Google X-Ray Search to find LinkedIn profiles (for free) in remarkable ways! Search for: – Headlines. – Work locations.

Employment Verification Letter (With Samples And Templates)


There may be a number of different reasons to write or request an employment verification letter. Employees may need to produce proof of their employment to be qualified for renting an apartment or home or purchasing a home.

Josh Bersin urges businesses to stop using 'post and pray' recruitment

HR Zone - Talent

Acquisition Stop using stale recruitment approaches


Global Growth Playbook: Scaling a Remote-First Company

Today, nearly half of companies plan to continue offering some form of remote work flexibility to their employees. In this guide, we will explain what a remote-first company is and how you can quickly and efficiently pivot to this workforce model.

Employee Information Form (With Template)


One of the first things an employer will ask a new hire to fill out is an employee information form. There are going to be a lot of forms and paperwork involved with the onboarding process at any company, but this one should be one of the easiest to complete. What To Include On An […

Time to Celebrate! Employ Is Acquiring Lever


By Allie Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer, Employ Inc. Just over a year ago, JazzHR , Jobvite , and NXTThing RPO came together to change how businesses recruit the lifeblood of their companies.

Job Posting Template


Writing a job posting can be difficult, especially in today’s highly competitive market. Not only that, but employers are looking for more than just people to put in seats; they want people who fit with the company culture and who are looking to stay and grow.

11 Steps That Help Companies Grow Beyond The Status Quo

Forbes Leadership

This also helps with traffic coming in for the business when your framework aligns with what they believe in. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

Global Guide to Hiring Digital Nomads

The growing digital nomad workforce offers companies new opportunities to expand their global teams. In this guide, you’ll discover key factors to consider before hiring digital nomads, as well as recommended locations that offer tailored visa programs.

Get ahead of the problem: establish a proactive management strategy


Well, if you’re smart, you stop and get gas now. But, if you’re normal, you convince yourself that it will be easier to get up and leave 10 minutes earlier tomorrow morning to get gas on your way to work. This is almost always the wrong decision, and yet our desire to put something off overwhelms logic, reason, and experience, resulting in a hurried morning where you curse yourself for not getting gas last night.

Why Businesses Are Paying More Attention To Women's Health

Forbes Leadership

It appears that a great shift in workplace culture is coming. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership Decision Maker Content decisionmaker leadership

The Clinical and Healthcare Sector Is Struggling — How Can the Staffing Sector Help?

The Staffing Stream

The clinical and healthcare sector in the UK has been under immense strain for some time, a scenario that was pushed to breaking point during the pandemic.

12 Character Traits Exceptional Entrepreneurial Leaders Have In Common

Entrepreneur - Workplace Diversity

Entrepreneurs with excellent leadership skills stand out above their competition. Learning these 12 characteristics will turn any entrepreneur into a great leader. Leadership

Employee Wellbeing & DEI: Supporting Inclusivity Throughout the Employee Life Cycle

Speaker: Catherine Mattice - Culture Consultant, Business Coach, Strategic HR Expert

Join Catherine Mattice as she details actionable steps for encouraging and reinforcing inclusive behavior from the employees’ first day all the way to their last.

Balancing The Public With The Private In Employee Mental Health Support

Forbes Human Resources Council

Remember, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to mental health support. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

Internal Communications and Employee Storytelling: LinkedIn Live Takeaways

Stories Incorporated

Reading Time: 5 minutes How internal communications and employee storytelling work together to best connect with your people — top takeaways from Stories Incorporated’s LinkedIn Live discussion. Our Head of Marketing, Jessica McFadden, was recently joined by Stories Inc.’s

Quick, Easy Tools Help employers assess language proficiency

Employment Technologies

No one said the English language was easy. When was the last time you surveyed a list of English homonyms? You were right. He has a right to a speedy trial. Turn right at the next light.