Fri.Sep 10, 2021

Announcing The Rise Awards Finalists


This year, we announced our first-ever, Rise Awards as part of our annual customer conference, Lever Ascend. The Rise Awards recognizes and celebrates employees, employers, and organizations committed to excellence in talent acquisition. Entries have been reviewed by a panel of experts. Read More.

When, Why, and How to Use Personal References in a Job Search

The Muse

What a personal reference is, when to use one, and how to choose the right one. Plus, how to request a reference the right way—with example emails. Finding a Job


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6 Steps for an Effective Post-COVID Payroll Strategy

Namely - Talent

During the COVID-19 crisis, one of the greatest challenges for employers has been making decisions about their employees’ pay. Businesses are learning how to make operational updates while adapting to the new normal and keeping pay commensurate with the changing job market. Payroll

HR Marketing: A Guide For Attracting Best Talents In 2021


The work market is oversaturated in many industries. Companies are having difficulty attracting and retaining talent. Maybe you’re having the same problem. In that scenario, it’s time to reconsider your strategy. This is where HR Marketing comes in.

Leverage Powerful Data, More Actionable Plan for Better Workforce Engagement

Engagement surveys deliver volumes of data, but leaders often need a path to actionable insights. How do leading survey platforms help to build better employee engagement? Explore Gallagher's latest whitepaper to leverage data with insights that work.

How to Talk About Disability Diversity in the Workplace

Entrepreneur - Workplace Diversity

Great leaders choose to be the first to initiate conversations on neurodiversity in their businesses. Success Strategies

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The Use Case Podcast: Storytelling about Rising Team with Jennifer Dulski

Recruiting Daily

Storytelling about Rising Team with Jennifer Dulski Welcome to the Use Case Podcast, episode 126. This week we have storytelling about Rising Team with Jennifer Dulski. During this episode, Jennifer and I talk about how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing Rising Team.

Are Mandatory Vaccinations on Horizon? President Biden Moves the Needle

Recruiting Daily Advisor

On September 9, 2021, President Joseph Biden issued an Executive Order mandating COVID-19 vaccines for all federal workers and won’t allow a testing-out option for those who refuse. They will have 75 days to get the shots or face adverse administrative action.

Eightfold Launches Job Intelligence Engine for Clear View of Workforce

Recruiting Daily

Eightfold AI launched a “Job Intelligence Engine,” which uses AI to define roles, then self-learns by incorporating internal and external market data to optimize all talent decisions to help employers make better talent decisions.

Kicking Off a New Season and Moving Toward the End Zone

Recruiting Daily Advisor

It’s September, which happens to be my favorite month. The leaves start changing, and we Midwesterners get to pull cardigans and boots out of storage in preparation for the inevitable chilly day that will hit within these next thirty days.

How To Create A 100% Virtual Onboarding Experience

Speaker: Workbright

Are you struggling with virtual onboarding? Whether you are making the switch to remote work or biding your time until you can get back to the office–you need a solution that works. Check out our webinar on Thursday, May 20th at 2 PM E.T. to learn more!

HCM Talent Technology Roundup September 10, 2021

Recruiting Daily

Recruiting platform Wedge launched an add-on application within the isolved Integration Marketplace. With it, Wedge brings video interviewing functionality to isolved People Cloud.

Video 65

6 Steps to Being Productive in a Hybrid Work Environment

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Many workers are returning to a hybrid environment in the post-pandemic world. That means they are working from their home office part of the week and in the office for the other part of the week.

Internal Recruiting: What Is It? Best Ways To Do It In 2021


For numerous a long time, HR has depended on recruiting outside candidates to fill work openings inside their organization. However, we are in a distinctive reality nowadays than we were indeed 2 months back.

9 winning employee wellbeing activities for the workplace


The post 9 winning employee wellbeing activities for the workplace appeared first on Recruitee. Employer branding

What Is the Top HR Priority in 2021? Attracting and Retaining Talent

The war for talent is heating up. The 2021 Gallagher Workforce Trends Report: People & Organizational Wellbeing Strategy provides a data-driven approach to total rewards, helping you attract and retain a competitive workforce and drive organizational success.

Virtual Career Fairs


Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, both job seekers and employers are turning to various digital platforms to connect with one another. Digital hiring solutions are secure, cost-effective, and provide a great way to connect with a wide range of people.

Powerful tips for leaders on how to cultivate a culture of innovation within the team


The post Powerful tips for leaders on how to cultivate a culture of innovation within the team appeared first on Recruitee. Employer branding

Take a Breath Before Sending that Angry Email

Recruiting Daily Advisor

It’s probably safe to say that everyone has said things in a heated moment they later regretted. It could be during an argument with a significant other or while scolding a child, for example.

8 ways to sustain remote employee engagement


The post 8 ways to sustain remote employee engagement appeared first on Recruitee. Employer branding

How To Create A 100% Virtual Onboarding Experience

Speaker: David Secunda, CEO, WorkBright

Are you struggling with virtual on-boarding? Whether you are making the switch to remote work or biding your time until you can get back to the office–you need a solution that works. Check out our webinar on Thursday, August 19th at 2 PM E.T. for more information.

Finding Your Perfect Match at Work

The Staffing Stream

It’s 2021, and the latest trend in the talent world is resignation.

ATS 84

Corporate Platitudes that Celebrate the Historically Oppressed Must Be Followed by Actions

Showing support once a year isn't enough. News and Trends

Survale Talent Feedback and Analytics Platform Wins HR Executive Magazine’s Top HR Product for 2021


Managing Employee Uncertainty to Help Them Thrive [Podcast]

TalentCulture - Recruiting

Employee uncertainty is bad for business. When people don’t feel their work situations are stable, they get anxiety, depression, and have a tendency to catastrophize. They also become disengaged with […].

Explore a Roadmap to Pay Equity for Organizations Like Yours

The national conversation around pay equity has never been so hot. As employees push for better transparency, organizations are assessing and addressing pay gaps. Explore Gallagher's whitepaper, Pay Equity: The Time Is Now, to discover key insights.

Pandemic Brings Increased Demand for Financial Services Talent


The financial services sector was one of a handful of industries that experienced positive job growth during the COVID-19.

7 Uses of Recruitment Automation For Your Hiring Process

Recruiter Flow

No matter the size of your recruiting agency, using recruitment automation can take a lot of the heavy lifting off of your team. And automation doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Expert’s Guide to Creating the Perfect Job Advertisement Template


Want to attract top talent to your company? While many factors impact the type of candidates who will apply to work for you, few are as influential as the job ad you post. The copy, format, and style of your job ad can all make or break candidates’ initial experiences with your company.

Why Software Development Projects Fail: Top 3 Reasons & Fixes


If you’re in the software industry, you should know that 70% of tech startups close shop around 20 months after their first capital raise. And it’s not just companies that crash, either. In the U.S.,

Meeting Today’s Challenges for Better Organizational Success Tomorrow

According to Gallagher’s research, stress and burnout raised organizational concerns for 70% of C-suites, and 26% of employers noted a decline in emotional wellbeing. The 2021 Q2 Gallagher Better Works Insights Report: Adapting for Tomorrow explores today’s unique workforce challenges and trends.

How A Conversational AI Platform Can Help Your Recruiting Team


You already know that modern technology can both aid and improve your talent acquisition efforts. But how do you know which tools and tech your team should be using? Is AI really as powerful as it’s advertised to be?

The C Sheet | September 10th

Visier - Talent Acquisition

Automated Rejection. According to a new report by Harvard Business School, automated resume scanning technology is rejecting viable candidates. An estimated 75% of companies use this type of software—99% for Fortune 500 companies—causing both candidates and companies to miss out.

Not Getting Enough Applicants? You May Have A Candidate Conversion Problem


You keep hearing about record job openings as the country heads back to work. Y et here you are, sitting at your desk, looking at your ATS and wondering why it isn’t overflowing with applicants.