Sat.Sep 07, 2019

Leveraging technology for HR transformation

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A digital wave HR technology is aiding transformation in various segments within the Human Resource function. Are you riding the wave? HR Technology

Some of the World’s Leaders First Jobs

Undercover Recruiter

Whatever your career ambitions, at the very start you need to just get your foot on the ladder and start earning some money. This is the case for everyone, no matter where they ended up, and that includes the men and women who are currently the most powerful people in the world. They may sit. View Article. Some of the World’s Leaders First Jobs Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Recruiting Cashnet USA First Jobs John G Cole World Leaders

Boolean – The Lost Language

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Search engines are an important resource when looking for resumes, whether you’re searching on general search engines like Yahoo or Google or on resume specific job boards like CareerBuilder or Monster. To really make your search effective you need to remember Boolean Language.

Robots are Now Hiring Humans

Jim Stroud

Something historic happened this week in the world of work. Listen to this headline from Daily Star – “Robot hires human being in world first as AI conducts job interview.” Yes, you heard that correctly, robots are now making hiring decisions on behalf of companies.

Candidate Screening Simplified

Speaker: Allen Samuel, Senior Sourcer & Serial Entrepreneur

When it comes to finding the right candidates for your company, you want to ensure that they are a good “fit.” By having an understanding of the job description, accurate skillset criteria and a short conversation with the hiring manager, you will be armed with the resources to quickly and effectively convert potential candidates to new hires. Join Senior Sourcer & Serial Entrepreneur Allen Samuel to learn the steps you should be taking in your candidate screening process.