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How To Recruit And Retain A Global Workforce


Find out about 4 main challenges businesses are facing when hiring and retaining a global workforce. Learn how to tackle them and be successful globally! Recruitment Inspiration Recruitment

Why the “company culture video” is more important than ever

Stories Incorporated

Reading Time: 4 minutes. Creating recruitment marketing and employer branding videos that feature several employee perspectives is more important today than ever. Yes, your company culture video is experiencing a renaissance. Here’s why.

Video 52

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How to Convince Leadership That You Need New Recruitment Technology


The use of HR technology is the norm in today’s recruiting landscape. In fact, 73% of companies currently use talent acquisition software to streamline recruitment processes , reduce time-to-hire and cost-per-hire, improve candidate experience and more.

This is where the Billing Manager goes wrong!

Greg Savage

Why do so many great recruiters fail when asked to manage other recruiters? There are many reasons for that. The Billing Manager role is the hardest job in recruitment, although it can also be the most rewarding if you get it right. Let me count the ways it can go wrong. (3


2020 Report: The Future of HR

Paycor asked more than 500 leaders of medium and small businesses to talk about the present and future of HR. Download the guide and see what they said. Their responses will surprise you!

Is the ATS Dead?


Since it first came onto the scene 30 years ago, the applicant tracking system (ATS) has gone through dozens of iterations. Many of these were the result of technological advances, but few have directly responded to changes in the talent landscape. Read More. The post Is the ATS Dead?

ATS 156

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Training and Augmented Writing Tools Together Create Better Job Posts

Katrina Kibben

We can't have augmented writing tools without writing training because machines process inputs. People determine what good is. The post Training and Augmented Writing Tools Together Create Better Job Posts appeared first on Katrina Kibben.

January 2020 Jobs Report Recap: Key Takeaways and Hiring Tips


The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently released its January 2020 jobs report. According to the latest numbers, the U.S. economy added 225,000 jobs in January. This marked the 112th consecutive month the U.S. economy has added jobs, continuing a record-breaking streak. .

What You’re Getting Wrong About Finding Candidates of Color

Fistful of Talent

It is not uncommon for clients to ask me, “where should I post my open position if I want a candidate of color to apply?”. When I get asked this question, I can’t help but wonder: “Do companies think black candidates are not using LinkedIn?” ” “Do organizations think their lack of a racially diverse workforce is a symptom of not posting on the right Latinx job boards?”

Can tech overcome the challenges of managing gig workers?

Recruiting Daily

Managing the unmanageable: can technology help overcome the challenges of managing large teams of gig workers? Scheduling and managing hourly workers are challenging.

The Art of Selecting Candidate Pre-Hire Assessments

Speaker: Melissa Dobbins, Founder & CEO, Career.Place

At the core of successful hiring practices is the fair and accurate evaluation of skills, abilities, knowledge and other criteria for a job. One powerful method to do this is through psychometric assessments. The right assessments used in the right way provide objective evaluation of criteria that are far more accurate than interviews alone. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong assessments or using assessments in the wrong way can lead to bad choices, biases, and even discriminatory practices that violate compliance standards.

How HR Software will Change Ways of Doing Business in the future?


Which new technologies are influencing the evolution of the HR software? These new technologies will not only shape online HR software but will be a determining and transformative factor that will affect the workforce of the future. Read More. HR Trends

Prioritizing the Pay Gap: CEOs Who Want to Win the War for Talent Should Be More Worried About Salary Equity


With rumblings of a recession on the horizon, the world's CEOs are rightfully concerned about the economic atmosphere of 2020. Paradoxically, they may not be concerned enough about the one thing that will help them weather the looming storm: pay equity.

15+ Diversity Statistics To Refine Your Diversity Recruitment Strategy


15+ latest diversity statistics and key takeaways to transform your diversity recruitment strategy with deeper understanding what diverse talent wants

Stack overflow salary reports are out now – how does your company compare?

Stack Overflow

Due to the extensive data we get from our annual developer survey, we are able to make predictions on developer compensation. As a result, we offer this information to employers, to see how they are competing in their region.

HR Benchmark Report: How to Recruit, Coach & Develop Teams

Do you really want a team of all-stars? Instead of trying to hire all Type A high performers, research shows it’s much more effective to hire a mix of personalities. In this report, Paycor will explain why and how to go about assembling, coaching, and developing effective teams at work.

WEBINAR: Don't Get Lost In Their Inbox – How To Cut Through The Noise And Engage With Candidates


In today’s competitive job market, it’s not enough to simply find the candidates you want. Chances are these same candidates are getting emails from all of your competitors. So how do you get their attention and, even more, get them to open and take action to your emails?

Top 5 Best Examples of Outstanding Employer Branding


Employer branding is the company’s reputation in the eyes of its potential candidates and existing employees. It’s an outstanding medium that helps employers attract the best talent and retain the existing ones.

The Impact of High Prescription Costs on Employees and How to Help

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Many people were surprised to enter the new year with a higher price tag attached to their prescription medication. And It’s no wonder why: Between January and July 2019, prescription prices increased by more than 10% across more than 3,000 different drugs.

The Big 3 Recruiting Fails


The talent your company is able to attract will only be as good as your recruitment efforts. As an employer, you cant sit back and simply assume the most talented job seekers out there are vying to work for you. It’s up to you to create a solid recruitment plan.

Recruitment Marketing: More Than Revamping Your Career Sites

Speaker: Matt Alder, Host & Producer, The Recruiting Future Podcast

Talent acquisition functions are fixated on developing an authentic employer brand. However, that's not the be-all and end-all. When it comes to attracting candidates, you need to have targeted recruitment content at every stage of the candidate journey where they may interact with your company - your careers page, job descriptions, and social media.Join Matt Alder, Producer and Host of The Recruiting Future Podcast, to learn how to refresh your recruitment marketing efforts and set yourself apart from competitors.

Is ‘OK, Boomer’ Age Discrimination? Supreme Court Might Tell Us

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Life may be a meme—or at least it may seem that way sometimes, especially after a meme embodying intergenerational conflict recently worked its way into arguments in an age discrimination case before the highest court in the land. At oral arguments in Babb v.

White House Budget Reveals Latest I-9 Audit Stats and Plans for I-9 Worksite Enforcement


Yesterday, the White House unveiled a $4.8 trillion budget for the next fiscal year which includes $49.8 billion in funding […]. Articles I-9 Articles


5 Signs of a Toxic Workplace and How to Fix It 

Achievers - Recruiting

A toxic workplace can significantly impact a company’s performance level and stunt future growth. In fact, a recent study shows that toxicity in the workplace is costing businesses more than $223 billion.

Study 60

How to Achieve a Spotless HR Transformation in 2020

HR Technologist - RB

The HR industry is facing an unprecedented challenge to develop new capabilities to add business value and stay relevant. Digital Transformation

3 Reasons to Invest in a Learning Culture: RECRUIT, RETAIN, ENGAGE

One of the least explored and most effective ways to drive recruiting, retention, and overall employee engagement is to establish a learning culture. If this is an area where you need help (or if you could just use a refresher) let Paycor walk you through actionable tips and insights on how you can develop the learning culture that works best for your business.

Remote vs Onsite Call Center Agents

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

The call center field has been a pioneer in the remote work movement. According to industry estimates , more than 50% of US-based call centers have at least some employees who work from home. But are remote workers the right fit for your call center staffing needs? Call Center & Customer Service

How To Find The Perfect Recruiting Partner in the Software Industry

HR Technologist - RB

Hiring the best talent in the software industry is a challenge. To stay on top of the competition, finding the right recruiting partner is critical to success. Learn what makes a perfect partner from recruiting expert, Amy Arenz of Concero. Recruitment & Onboarding

10 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Hourly Workers


Comprised of 81.9 million U.S. workers age 16 or older — which is 58.5 percent of the wage and salary workforce — hourly workers represent a critical hiring segment.

5 Employer Branding Tools You Should Use in 2020

HR Technologist - RB

Are you ready to strengthen your employer brand in 2020? We look at five tools that can help, as well as key statistics indicating their critical role. Recruitment Marketing

Cracking the Career Development Code

Speaker: Julie Winkle Giulioni, Author, Help Them Grow or Watch Them Go: Career Conversations Employees Want

It’s 2020 and it’s time to crack the code on career development. Julie Winkle Giulioni, leadership and career consultant, will share her findings from decades of field research. She’ll deconstruct effective career development, offering a practical framework that makes it more doable and durable by identifying and assessing the skills gaps in your workforce.