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How to Improve Your HR Recruiting Process | ClearCompany

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HR recruiters are in uncharted territory in 2022: unemployment is low and Americans continue to resign in record numbers. 73% of workers who haven’t quit are considering it. Those who do are getting hired again right away, indicating they’re quitting with confidence.

How Women in Leadership Are Changing the Landscape of Work in 2022


A lot has happened over the course of the past two years. We’ve experienced a global pandemic, witnessed significant movements toward equality and racial justice, and have seen more organizations commit to strengthening their stances on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Read More.

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The Recruitment Expert's Guide To 'Easy Apply' Solutions


In their quest to combat fierce competition and successfully negotiate the current hiring landscape, companies are looking for tools and platforms to implement within their recruitment practices to help meet their hiring needs.

SocialTalent new content release: Dan Heath

Social Talent

Our lives are measured in moments, and peak moments are the ones that endure in our memories and have lasting impact. So it makes sense to capitalize on these when it comes to improving employee and candidate experience.

100 Pipeline Plays: The Modern Sales Playbook

For the first time, we’re sharing the winning plays that took us from scrappy startup to a publicly traded company. Use our proven data-driven plays to grow your pipeline and crush your revenue targets.

Recruitics Wins Comparably Award For 'Best Company Culture'



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4 Tips to Avoid Union Strikes

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Some 450 members of United Steelworkers Local 40 went on strike on October 1, 2021, when the union failed to reach a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) with management at Special Metals, a plant based in Huntington, West Virginia, which develops and produces nickel alloys.

Running on Recruitment

The Whiteboard

Happy New Year! I think you can still get away with that till Feb. Unlike taking the Christmas tree down which I now know has a set day; 12/13 days after Christmas. If any of your houses have a yuletide aesthetic post 7 th of Jan, I’ll go ahead and assume your life is in tatters.

Concrete Data Sheds Further Light on Labor Shortage

Recruiting Daily Advisor

We’ve written a great deal about companies struggling to staff their organizations these days. Many are having to lower their minimum criteria, increase wages, or simply leave positions unfilled.

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How Direct Sourcing Can Unlock Opportunity

Recruiting Daily

What would you do if you suddenly lost 40% of your workforce to competitors? With the number of unfilled jobs climbing daily and predictions of massive job exits, employers need to pull out all the stops, pushing every lever possible to build robust talent pipelines to fuel growth.

The Guide to Finding Global Talent

Remote work has opened the doors to hiring the best talent anywhere. Discover how building a talent hub in a specific geographic region can help grow your company. Learn key factors to consider when creating a hub and suggested locations.

Faces of HR: Bailey Showalter Gets Candid about the Value of Human Resources

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Bailey Showalter has been involved in the field of human resources (HR) for nearly a decade.

Here's How to Have the Most Powerful DEI Conversations

Entrepreneur - Workplace Diversity

Critical discussions about diversity, equity and inclusion don't have to feel difficult or uncomfortable. Community agreements are the answer. Future of Entrepreneurship

What is employee engagement? A guide to engaging your employees

Achievers - Recruiting

Disengagement is a chronic issue in today’s workplace. Only 21% of employees consider themselves very engaged , and this lack of motivation can impact your bottom line. Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year.

Hireology Named a Leader in 3 Winter 2022 G2 Reports


Last week, G2 — the peer-to-peer software review site — announced new badges for Winter 2022. We’re excited to share that for the third year in a row, Hireology was named a leader in recruitment marketing platforms and applicant tracking systems.

How the Candidate Experience Is Your Competitive Advantage

Speaker: Kevin W. Grossman, TAS, HCS | Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards President

During this informative webinar, Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards President, Kevin Grossman, will share insights from their candidate experience benchmark research and teach you how the candidate experience is your competitive advantage.

Aligning Incentives

Recruiting Daily Advisor

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of aligning employee incentives in order to optimize cooperation and collective action within an organization. Even the strongest leaders will struggle to achieve that cohesiveness if team members’ purpose doesn’t match.

15 Best Task Management Software in 2022 For Teams

Recruiters Lineup

Organizing tasks within the workplace can be challenging since it requires you to become flexible in ensuring your team fully understands what is required from them. When your team loses control of their duties, deadlines won’t be met, thus reducing productivity.

The Complete Guide to Recruiting Passive Candidates


In the highly competitive job market of today, recruiters must seek job candidates of all different interests and from all sorts of different backgrounds. This entails creating compelling job posts as well as interviewing candidates who are actively interested in the position in question.

How to Make Your Brand Attractive to New Generation Talent


Generations of employees move through your organization as the years go by, but hopefully, your brand remains timeless and ever-present.

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Your Guide to Using Conversational Marketing to Drive Demand Generation

What is conversational marketing really about? This guide will examine the market forces at play, shifting buyer trends, how to leverage conversation marketing, and the tactics involved in adopting it for a B2B demand generation strategy.

Digital Marketing for Recruiters: Take a Look at These 5 Innovative Ideas

Recruit CRM

Did you know that, according to the Microsoft Work Trend Index , 40% of people want to change jobs this year? This number is increasing due to the fluctuating nature of work, the post- COVID-19 market , and the widening knowledge base of the workforce.

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Why Cross-functional Collaboration is Key to a Successful Digital Strategy

Forum One

One of the most significant hurdles in implementing a successful digital strategy is a lack of common understanding around digital tools, processes and goals. This is why cross-functional collaboration is key to a successful digital strategy. .

The Everything Guide to a Career in Editing

The Muse

Not sure if editing is the career for you? Here’s everything you need to know before you decide. Exploring Careers


Ongig’s Most-Read Articles of 2021


Here are the 10 most-read articles on Ongig’s blog in 2021 (we wrote 107 articles total). 557,469 people viewed just these 10 articles (1,648,654 people read all our articles). Thank you for reading them! 25 Examples of Awesome Diversity Statements – 144,139 Views.

How to Create an Employer Brand That Attracts the Best Global Talent

Your employer brand not only affects your reputation and performance but your ability to attract and retain global talent. In this article, learn effective employer branding strategies, ways to communicate your employer brand, and more.

Conducting 'One-Way' Job Interviews? 12 Considerations For This Hiring Method

Forbes Human Resources Council

I believe that recruitment is a two-way interactive process and that one-way interviews depersonalize this aspect. There are several other avenues companies can look into to enhance productivity. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership

Talent Trends for Insurers to Watch in 2022 | The Jacobson Group

The Jacobson Group

Entering 2022, we mark nearly two years of adapting to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Shifting employee expectations and long-term virtual and hybrid work environments, along with a tight labor market, will all impact how insurers approach their talent strategies in the new year.

Eight Considerations When Recruiting A Leader From The Competition

Forbes Human Resources Council

When asking a leader to consider a move where they are successful, it's essential to make sure the company or department is prepared for a new leader to come in and make changes. Leadership /leadership Leadership /leadership leadership


Top 10 Recruitment Marketing Stories to Capture Now

Stories Incorporated

Reading Time: 2 minutes. Stories Incorporated — experts in recruitment marketing stories told through videos, blogs, social posts and more — shares the top recruitment marketing stories for connecting with candidates in 2022. What does your culture offer that candidates in 2022 are looking for ?

The 2022 Guide on Becoming An Inclusive HR Practitioner

Speaker: Dr. Akilah Cadet, Founder and CEO of Change Cadet

This fire-side chat was designed by Dr. Akilah Cadet, Founder and CEO of Change Cadet, to educate and empower HR practitioners and recruiters at every level, to become accomplices and hold other colleagues accountable. She will cover tips to work through difficult conversations, steps to apologize, and how to act in the workplace.

InFlight now supports Kenexa BrassRing


A pioneer of modern recruiting services and software, more than 1,700 companies rely on Kenexa BrassRing, making it the sixth most popular applicant tracking system (ATS) as of 2020.

What is the Future of the Workforce? Are We Living in a Present-Day Human Renaissance?

Slayton Search Partners

We are on the precipice of century-level societal change which will reach far beyond the confines of the traditional workplace. Prominent thought leaders are describing this as the Great Resignation, Great Reshuffling, or Great Retirement.

Growing 60x in 2 years – How Ekkiden Created One of The Fastest-Growing Consulting Businesses in Europe

Recruiter Flow

Meet Ekkiden, a European consulting group that focuses on one thing above all: creating an exceptional experience for both candidates and clients. Consulting is a tough business to run.