July, 2022

Are you ‘client-flabby’ or are you ‘client-fit’?

Greg Savage

Recruitment became more ‘remote‘ because of Covid. There was no alternative. But now, for many recruiters, it remains that way, ‘because it suits them!’


Internal Recruitment: 3 Big Benefits for Businesses


As HR tech expert Meghan M. Biro wrote for Forbes, many companies (finally) recognize the value of internal recruitment. More to the point, they understand “there are strong indicators that promotions are key to retention” and keeping top performers satisfied. Whether you. Read More.


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Retail Recruiting: How To Attract Top Candidates


Hiring in the retail industry can be challenging. Not only do retail companies have to focus on combating the talent shortage, but they also have to fight against high turnover, low retention, application rates dropping, and more.

Retail 194

19 Employer Review Sites to Put on Your Radar

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Updated July 2, 2022. What’s it like to work at this company from an employee’s perspective?

How HR Can Create A Connected Talent Experience in the New World of Work

Speaker: Soula Courlas, Interim Chief People Officer, PwC & Sara Blanchard, Director & National Culture Lead, Workforce of the Future, PwC

Join PwC’s Interim Chief People Officer, along with their Director & National Culture Lead, to learn how they are connecting their hybrid workforce with innovative strategies and 10KC’s all-in-one platform. The event will be an opportunity for HR and people leaders to gain actionable talent experience strategies to engage and develop their workforces.

Should Your Company Support The Next Social Justice Issue?

Proactive Talent

employer brand Employer Branding

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16 questions every recruiter must answer

Greg Savage

If you own or run a recruitment company, this list should be a discussion for the whole team and a strategy document for the leadership group. Individual recruiters must take control of their futures by asking these questions and being confident in the answers they come up with.

Groups 366

Employee motivation: Definition and how to improve it


Employee motivation can serve as a major driver of organizational success. But keeping team members motivated still proves elusive for many organizations today, and not without reason.

How To 194

How Candidate Behavior is Affecting Remote Work Trends


It’s evident that job seeker behavior has changed dramatically over the last few years. While the COVID-19 pandemic has been responsible for some of this change, some factors were in play prior.

Trends 194

Recruitment Marketing: How to Finally Prove which Strategies Generate Applicants

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Today’s Recruitment Marketing strategies are much more comprehensive (and mature) than simply advertising jobs on job boards.

The HR Compliance Playbook: How to Improve Speed-to-Hire

Every global growth to-do list should begin with compliance. Navigating international jurisdictions can be complex and time-consuming, but with solid, up-to-date compliance procedures, companies can maximize efficiency, speed-to-hire, and mitigate risks.

Ancient Wisdom for Today's Workplace

Proactive Talent

There is a lot of turmoil in the world today and that is spilling over into the business world. In these interesting times, leaders are looking for policies, ways of doing business, that will make their enterprises prosper.

Mind-Blowing Statistics on Performance Management, Reviews, and Employee Engagement

ClearCompany Recruiting

This article was published in September 2019 and updated with new statistics in July 2022. Employee engagement and performance management statistics — and in particular, data around performance reviews — are essentially inseparable.

7 Smart Ways Blockchain is Changing The Recruiting Process


Blockchain technology appeared in 2009 with the development of bitcoin, a virtual currency. Phil Aldridge, chief technology officer at Peoplewave, explains this phenomenon. Blockchain is a distributed and secure database.

Data 158

What is employee turnover, and how can you address it?


The Great Resignation means that employee turnover is one of the biggest issues confronting companies today.

Build a Mentorship Experience That Drives Engagement, Promotion, and Retention

Retain, engage and support a diverse workforce with an effective mentorship program. Companies with mentorship programs can see a boost in minority representation at management levels of up to 24%, with higher employee engagement. The 10KC Mentorship Solution provides the tools & resources to create a scalable, centralized and measurable program that will help you achieve your goals.

10 Years of Programmatic: What We’ve Learned and Where We’re Heading


The recruitment marketing and talent acquisition landscape is constantly evolving, and one major technological shift in the industry is celebrating its 10th anniversary.

How to Use Programmatic Job Advertising to Drive 400% More Quality Applications

Rally Recruitment Marketing

If you’re like most employers right now, you’re feeling the heat of having to fill more roles faster than ever. With this demand for more candidates comes the even greater challenge of maintaining (and ideally improving) the quality candidates you’re attracting.

The Great Resignation Highlights Why Emotional Support Matters at the Workplace

Proactive Talent

ATS 259

How ClearCompany Uses Employee Surveys to Measure Talent Success™

ClearCompany Recruiting

Compliance Throughout the Remote Employee Lifecycle

Compliance is a constantly evolving challenge, from the recruiting stage all the way to employee offboarding. Companies must stay compliant at all stages in the employee lifecycle. This eBook offers strategies to maintain compliance, outlines common compliance mistakes, and more.

What is internal mobility?

Social Talent

We’re going back to basics here at SocialTalent. In anticipation of the launch of our new Internal Mobility learning solution, we’ve compiled a blog series to help organizations understand the true importance of this function.

Mobile 145

Transparent communication: Making it a reality in the workplace


No matter your organization’s size or industry, honest, transparent communication in the workplace is essential. It can help you keep company culture strong in good times and in bad and retain top talent for years to come.

Hospitality and Retail: 6 Qualifications To Reconsider When Hiring


Employee recruitment and retention have always been hot topics in high-turnover industries like hospitality and retail.

Retail 182

3 Experimental Recruitment Marketing Campaigns that Worked

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Every year, the Rally® Awards shine a light on practitioners for their achievements in Recruitment Marketing and employer branding strategies. While these teams and individuals vary wildly in their makeup, a common trait among them is a willingness to go outside of the box.

Recruiting From Within: Expand Your Talent Pipeline While Driving Retention

Rethinking your internal employee career strategy can help you fill critical roles and retain your best talent. This eBook highlights the benefits of internal migration, outlines how to execute a virtual recruitment strategy, and provides tips to promote internal migration.

Prioritizing Employee Mental Health is Good for Your People and Your Business

Proactive Talent

A global pandemic, social injustices across the nation, the war in Ukraine, economic volatility, and a surge in layoffs all factor into the increase in mental stress affecting employees.


What Makes a Good Performance Management System for HR?

ClearCompany Recruiting

Technology has quickly become a necessity for handling every function of HR, including performance management. Although human resources technology hasn’t always been what you’d describe as cutting-edge, that’s quickly changing — it’s expected to be a $35 billion industry by 2028.

System 226

The Pros and Cons of Using Social Media in the Recruitment Process


With more and more people engaging in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn among many others, the numbe r of companies scouring social media sites for future employees continues to increase at a rapid rate.

Understanding and improving company culture


Executives, managers, and HR professionals alike dedicate time and energy to improving company culture. But how many of them can really say what company culture is?

Create an Early Talent Experience That Drives Attraction, Engagement, & Retention

Students and new grads need formal onboarding, connectivity, and mentoring. The 10KC Solution provides you with the resources and expertise needed to run brand-differentiating Early Talent programs that will help you attract and retain the best employees.

Recruitics: The Best Agency for Recruitment Marketing Services


In 2022, Recruitics is proud to be celebrating ten successful years as the industry’s leading provider of talent attraction solutions for the Fortune 1000. Behind The Scenes at Recruitics Recruitment Marketing Recruitment Marketing Trends Featured Post

8 Takeaways from Phenom’s State of Candidate Experience 2022 Report

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Phenom recently released their State of Candidate Experience 2022 Report , which evaluated the current state of the candidate experience across the Fortune 500 and European 100 companies.

Is Neutrality the Best Response to Social Justice Issues?

Proactive Talent

In this episode of TribeTV. There is a political divide in the country that is increasingly evident in the workplace. Abortion rights are the latest social issue to permeate the workplace.