October, 2021

5 Talent Acquisition Trends That Will Define 2022


As each year comes to a close, talent acquisition and recruitment teams worldwide plan their respective strategies for the next 12 months. The top TA teams tackle several critical tasks and address key areas like: Resolving issues with their hiring processes Revisiting. Read More.

Recruiters, do not demean yourselves.

Greg Savage

Often people outside recruitment like to mock the industry. Usually deeply ill-informed, it’s still not fun to be on the receiving end. However, there is a widespread phrase used by many inside recruitment, which undermines everything we do. It’s a throwaway line.


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What is Motivating Job Seekers Going into 2022?

Rally Recruitment Marketing

What motivates people when it comes to choosing a job, staying engaged at work or deciding to look for new career opportunity? And how could understanding what motivates people help employers better attract, engage and recruit talent right now, especially in this extremely competitive labor market?

TribePod: Things to Consider When Considering People Analytics

Proactive Talent

Courtney Lane and Jim Stroud navigate around a few technical issues to discuss people analytics with the CEO of HR Forecast - Christian Vetter. Topics discussed in this episode include: Is "The Great Resignation" going global? What do the trends say?

The Top Trends in Talent You Can’t Miss

Speaker: Teresa Smith - Senior Managing Partner, HCM Strategic Advisory Group

During this session, Teresa Smith, Senior Managing Partner, HCM Strategic Advisory Group, will share insights on launching a multi-pronged approach to hiring and retention, as well as how this can set you up for long-term success.

First ATS to Offer LinkedIn Apply Connect | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

We have big news for mutual clients of ClearCompany and LinkedIn: we’re the first ATS to offer the LinkedIn Apply Connect integration!

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12 of the Most Important Recruiting Metrics You Need to Measure


Recruiting metrics are an essential part of any data-driven hiring strategy. And yet, the number of metrics and data points that recruiters could measure seems endless. Which metrics actually matter, and what data should you focus on to make the most informed. Read More.

Massive lies recruiters tell themselves

Greg Savage

This may not be a comfortable read. Almost all recruiters tell themselves huge lies. I did it when I was a recruiter, and I did it when I was manager too. I do it now when things go off track. But I stop myself fast. It’s a human trait on a broader level for sure, […].


Utilizing Student Influencers to Promote Your Virtual Campus Recruiting Events

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Hi Rally Community! My name is Lisa Kramer, Head of Recruitment Marketing Strategy, Enterprise Campus Recruiting & Student Experience Programs at BMO. If you’re familiar with on-campus recruitment, you likely know that it relies heavily on in-person events.

Cool Tools for Employee Generated Content

Proactive Talent

Employee Generated Content (EGC) is information generated by employees in the form of videos, images, blogs, et cetera that promotes an employer brand’s values, uniqueness and benefits.

Tools 197

What You Really Need to Know to Build an Effective Global Hiring Strategy

Speaker: Carrie Corbin, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Hope Leigh Marketing Group

Join Carrie Corbin, Global Workplace Executive, Strategist, and Consultant, for this discussion on some of the most common questions around building a global hiring and attraction strategy.

6 Benefits of Performance Review Software in 2022 | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Performance review season is around the corner, and this year, your review cycle might look a little different from past years. About 30% of companies made changes to their review plans during the pandemic.

8 company culture examples to follow


Company culture can make or break your organization ? particularly when the job market is competitive. Forty percent of people are considering leaving their employer this year.

8 Winning Talent Acquisition Strategies from 2021


No two talent acquisition strategies look the same. That said, there are commonalities among the top recruiting and hiring programs at high-growth companies today. For example, leading TA teams: Tie their candidate-sourcing quotas and hiring targets to business goals Prioritize a top-tier. Read More.

Less Zoom. More Room. Go Boom!

Greg Savage

The irony is hilarious. Or it would be if it were not so costly. Exhibit A: Recruiters are squealing about candidates ghosting them. Counteroffers everywhere. So many uncommitted candidates with such unreasonable expectations. Boo Hoo! Clients are not ‘getting’ the candidate shortage.


Do You Have an Immediate Need for Skilled Offshore Staffing?

Using talent from overseas is creating new challenges for managers. Here’s a closer look at common offshoring complications for HR managers and best practices for overcoming them. Download this comprehensive guide, "Overcoming Human Resource Management Challenges in Offshoring Teams," to learn more!

The New Way to Measure Recruitment Marketing

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) of Recruitment Marketing strategy can be a bit tricky, as you’ve likely experienced yourself. .

Top 30 Employee Retention Strategies for the "New" Work World!

Thadoi Devi

Retain your best employees with these Top 30 Employee Retention Strategies and build a positive work atmosphere to promote engagement

How Performance Reviews Develop A Players | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

This article on using employee performance reviews to develop A Players was originally published in September 2019. It was updated to include new information and statistics in October 2021. An effective employee review should be comprised of more than just a quick conversation once or twice a year.

14 incredible ideas for work anniversary recognition


Congratulations, you just made it to your tenth year at your job! Unfortunately, your boss barely took notice. You got a brief shoutout in a team meeting, and that was it. That’s a real blow to morale after a full decade of service, isn’t it?

Using the Candidate Experience to Gain a Competitive Advantage

Speaker: Kevin W. Grossman, TAS, HCS | Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards President

In this informative webinar, Kevin Grossman, President of Talent Board and the Candidate Experience (CandE) Awards, will share insights from their candidate experience benchmark research and teach you how the candidate experience is your competitive advantage.

How Our Recruitment Technology Helps Wefunder Scale


The concept of scaling one’s business is relative. For enterprises, it likely equates to adding a few dozen (or more) new employees per month. For SMBs, it may mean hiring just one or two new people monthly. Regardless of the size of. Read More.

Best and worst recruiter commission schemes

Greg Savage

The way recruiters are paid has been a fraught topic forever. Plenty of owners struggle with recruiter productivity. Bonus and commission schemes have been lauded for motivating teams and criticised for driving lousy behaviour.

3 Improvements to Your High-Volume Apply Process

Rally Recruitment Marketing

With so many industries struggling to hire high-volume, seasonal and hourly employees, every Recruitment Marketing and talent acquisition practitioner should take a serious look at the recruitment stages and apply process that candidates go through.

How to Recruit Spanish-Speaking Candidates for Warehouse Roles


Our current labor shortage presents a problem exponentially more difficult for warehouse employers as peak hiring seasons have begun. This year has presented a new challenge as competition is fiercer than ever, but warehouse talent is seemingly nowhere to be found.

How To 179

Hire Global to Grow Global: A Conversation with A Global Recruiting & HR Expert

Speaker: Janice Stack, CEBS, Global Human Resources Executive

The digital age has given us access to a workforce beyond geopolitical boundaries. While this new access can increase productivity, it often comes with its own set of obstacles. Join Janice Stack, Global Human Resources Executive, for this insightful webinar on the ins-and-outs of expanding your team globally.

Build An Effective Performance Management Framework | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to managing employee performance. There are so many methods your organization can use and a variety of ways to measure success. That’s why establishing a solid performance management framework is essential.

How to Convince Your Boss to Resource Your Employer Branding Team

Proactive Talent

People in the Employer Branding space are often overworked and under-staffed.

The Top 8 Must Have Applicant Tracking System Features


From recruitment marketing and job descriptions to candidate interviews, diversity surveys, personalized communication, and more, today’s applicant tracking system (ATS) is chock-full of unique features designed to streamline and simplify recruiting for talent acquisition teams.

Where Did All The Workers Go!?

Fistful of Talent

The BLS labor stats came out recently, and it’s a bit perplexing for even us industry folks of what is happening to workers. The labor participation rate prior to the pandemic was around 63.3% and in the most recent month, it fell another.1% to 61.6%.

Management Techniques for Offshore Employees

This whitepaper looks at the changes and challenges that stem from remote hiring and current HR trends that address them. Download this comprehensive guide to learn more!

Start Building Your Employer Brand From the Inside Out

Rally Recruitment Marketing

The pandemic has taken a toll on the confidence of employees and candidates in high-risk industries, especially the travel industry. Employees are worried about the stability of their positions long term, and are more susceptible to seeking out something safer.

Attract More High-Quality Candidates With Landing Pages For Recruitment


In the field of recruitment marketing, one of the primary goals is to convert prospective candidates into leads (applicants) within the talent network.

Top 5 Benefits of Employee Performance Appraisals | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

It’s that time of year: employee performance appraisals are around the corner at many companies. Whether your performance review cycle is monthly, quarterly, or twice a year, it’s nearly time to check in with your employees.