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How To Convince Your C-Suite That Employer Branding Really Matters

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Are you having trouble convincing your C-Suite they should be prioritizing your company’s employer brand? Do you feel like a fish swimming upstream on this?

8 Ways Recruiters Can Grow Their IT Technical Knowledge


The majority of recruiters start out being generalists in their career. I started my career with just a bachelors in marketing and communications. I had absolutely no understanding of computer science. I was able to take a few STEM courses and wrote my first wordpress site using basic HTML and PHP

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Choosing the right recruitment channel


Recruitment is the lifeblood of a business. Having an effective recruitment brings in great employees that will help the company grow. Not being able to fill in critical vacancies in a time-efficient manner is one of the major headaches a CEO or business leader has.

Modern Applicant Tracking System Requirements


The first Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was designed to do little more than store data from applications. Prior to the Internet, candidates sent in physical resumes and the recruiter’s job was to choose the best from the stack. Early recruiting platforms simply digitized the process.

Live Webinar: How to Build a Strong Recruiting Pipeline in 2019

When your company is growing fast, there’s not a lot of spare time to vet prospective hires. Without the luxury of a careful, thoughtful and unhurried interview process for each and every role, you need to get smart about filling your recruiting pipeline. It’s all about finding and teeing up high-quality prospective candidates who align well with your company’s mission and are ready to hit the ground running, ramp quickly and thrive long-term. Join Elicia Hughey, VP of HR at Octave Music Group and the experts from Glassdoor and Newton to learn what it takes to build a strong pipeline by being as strategic as possible at every stage in hiring.

How Effective is Your Performance Management Process?

ClearCompany Recruiting

An effective performance management process has the ability to increase the quality of work and productivity of your business. Effective performance management is about leadership, interpersonal relationships, constructive feedback and teamwork.

What's with All the Changes in the HCM and Recruiting Landscape?


If you’re like most HR and talent acquisition professionals, you undoubtedly noticed the incredible amount of news, partnerships and collaborations announced among major players in the HCM industry just in the last few weeks alone. IBM Watson and Workday. LinkedIn and Glint.

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Should I Give Up (Or Should I just Keep Chasing Adverts)?

The Whiteboard

This is how recruitment tends to work: When you get your first recruitment job, you are told of “active clients”, “databases”, and “training and development” You are told of huge earning potential, perhaps even shown a pay slip of a top biller.

13 Hiring Horror Stories from Real Hiring Managers


In honor of Halloween, we reached out to hiring managers in our network to see if anyone had ever experienced a hiring nightmare. They did not disappoint! Read our top picks for craziest hiring nightmares below.

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3 Must-Know Facts on How To Improve Your Onboarding Process

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33% of hires leave within the first 6 months. Onboarding is an essential part of the recruitment process. The onboarding process is the first real experience an employee will have within a company.

15 job interview horror stories that you won’t believe


When hearing the word “Halloween”, many of us think of decorative spider webs, vampire and ghost costumes, grinning pumpkins and of course, horror stories.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Research shows that the hiring process is biased and unfair. While we have made progress to solve this, it’s potentially at risk due to advancements in AI technology. Our eBook covers these issues & shows you how AI can ensure workplace diversity.

LinkedIn is Democratizing Engagement – Do You Have a Playbook for That?

Fistful of Talent

If you’re one of the many LinkedIn users who noticed an uptick in your post engagement over the last month, you’ll be happy to know that democracy is alive and well in America (and everywhere else you can access LinkedIn).

Webinar: Create Your Go-To Recruiting Toolbox


Even if a candidate doesn’t get hired for a role, you still want them to walk away wishing they could work for your company. And for those that do accept an offer, your job does not end there – you still need to get them in the door.

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3 Pro Tips For Hiring Millennial Talent

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Millennials are mentioned more and more in today’s working world. Employers should always hire individuals based on their skill level and instead of focusing on one sole generation. However, the presence of millennials has become even more noticeable within the workplace of today.

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7 Tactical Changes You Can Make to Scale Your High Volume Hiring

Recruiting Daily

Make These 7 Tactical Changes NOW to Scale Your High-Volume Hiring High-volume hiring – the one-stop-shop concept of filling 250 or more open positions – is a numbers game. As such, it must rely heavily on technologies that scout expansively and entice massive amounts of job candidates.

Your Hidden Weapon: 9 Best Practices for Working with Third-Party Recruiters

Leveraging third-party recruiters has been the golden ticket for many when filling critical roles. Whether seasoned at utilizing third-party search or new to it, this report breaks down how best to use this secret weapon to ensure the best ROI.

Top 3 Outdated Recruitment Habits to Break Immediately

Employment Metrix

The recruitment landscape isn’t the same as when we were first starting out in the workforce, some 20, 10 or even five years ago.

3 Strategies to Help Your Seasonal Hiring!

Fistful of Talent

Million job openings right now in the U.S.! Million! Are you looking forward to filling your temporary, underpaid seasonal jobs this year!? Sounds like a nightmare! So, in classic FOT Style, we are here to help you kill your seasonal hiring!

The Most Useful Skills in Recruitment Aren’t What You’d Expect

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Recruiters are at the coal face of the push and pull of the jobs market. They have a unique perspective as they act as the connector between the supply (skilled workforce) and the demand (hiring companies).

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At the SHRM Hawaii State Conference, Kakou Means All of Us


One thing that makes Hawaii special is that the islands are home to the nation’s most ethnically and culturally diverse population.

How Recruiters Can Create a Predictable Candidate Pipeline

Even the most experienced recruiting professionals face challenges filling critical roles in their organizations from an inability to establish, nurture and grow a sustainable talent pipeline. Download this eBook to get a jump on sourcing and learn how to build a high performance recruiting pipeline.

Tip: Find Contact Info for LinkedIn Profiles with Social List

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The number of tools to find contact emails for LinkedIn profiles is diminishing, and some tools are raising prices. And, LinkedIn is increasingly watching for members to stay away from contact-finding Chrome extensions (see an excellent post from Josef Kaldec ).

My Review of ZAPInfo’s Extension Scraping Tool


I was able to sit down with Doug Berg the creator of ZAPinfo a few weeks back and went through a live demo of this tool. I was truly amazed but all the features and integrations that ZAPinfo had. Honestly, it’s one of the best scraping tools on the market for Sourcers to use.

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Revolut’s unorthodox recruitment methods

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Creative recruitment practices keep the industry interesting. This week, digital banking alternative Revolut reportedly engaged in some unorthodox practices when looking for new hires.

REPORT: What Are the Hardest to Fill Healthcare Jobs?


As a nation, Americans are facing serious health challenges. Heart disease remains the number-one cause of death for both men and women in the US, and a host of other conditions pose a great risk — including cancer, diabetes, respiratory diseases and stroke.

Dice's 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report

A vital step to becoming more inclusive is first understanding how inclusive your culture is right now. Dice’s Diversity and Inclusion Report highlights how tech pros currently gauge their industry’s progress – and how frequently they've experienced discrimination based on gender, sexuality, age and political affiliation.

Searching for Solutions: Why Does Leadership Development Often Fail?

Brandon Hall

By Claude Werder , Vice President and Principal HCM Analyst, Brandon Hall Group. Employers pay more attention to leadership development than any other area of human capital management, according to the latest Brandon Hall Group research.

Your Next Recruiting Goal Should be to Make Candidates Feel “Seen, Heard, and Remembered”

Fistful of Talent

Earlier this month, I joined hundreds of talent acquisition pros in downtown San Francisco for Jobvite’s annual Recruiter Nation Live event ( full disclosure: I’m employed by Jobvite ).

Become The Most Popular Recruiter on LinkedIn

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Welcome to SocialTalent’s Live & Learn series! Each week we gift you with a little bit of info that will help smoothen your recruitment process and expand your knowledge of your industry. With this Live & Learn series we promise we kept it: Short. Simple. Ready to use! Sound good to you?

What if you could fix recruiting and/or engagement in about 10 minutes per day?

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The thing is, you can. It’s not even a b t headline. I promise. Let’s take this one-by-one. Fixing recruiting in 10 minutes per day First, let’s do some basic math. 10 minutes per work day is 50 minutes per week. That’s 200 minutes per month.

Newton’s Guide to OFCCP Compliance

For federal contractors, keeping up with OFCCP regulations can be a major challenge when recruiting and hiring. Download our guide to OFCCP compliance and learn the major regulations that you must adhere to.

How to Help Your Employees Transition to Remote Positions

Hiring Thing

While the idea of working from home may sound thrilling to many individuals, for others, it can be daunting. To be successful, people must be motivated and have ample self-discipline. They need outlets and ways to communicate with others, as well as the right tools and resources to do their.

Insourcing is the new (and old) black

Fistful of Talent

HR/Talent Pros are always nervous about outsourcing. I do some consulting from time to time in the corporate HR space and eventually in my time with corporate HR executives, the conversation will find its way to outsourcing.

Graduated, but Still Unemployed?

KNF&T Staffing Resources

Fall is here, and with cooler months comes hotter job opportunities. If you’ve recently graduated and find yourself still without a job, now is a great time to explore these options and take the next step in your career.

Review of FB Audience Blaster


Marcel Van Der Meer’s presentation at SOSU inspired me to write this post. He presented about growth hacking apps and one tool that stood out for me was a scraping tool called: FB Audience Blaster. You can use this tool to scrape Facebook for group members data.

There’s Not a Skills Gap in the U.S… or Is There?

Your search for the perfect candidate has resulted in zero perfectly skilled applicants. What’s going on? Enter…the skills gap. This report, ‘The Employment Skills Gap and What To Do About It’, breaks down the issue with solutions you can apply now.