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Anyone Can Find Good Employees — Why Hire a Recruiter?


Would you extract your own teeth with a garden tool? Would you legally represent yourself at a trial? Would you operate on your dog because you learned how to dissect a frog in biology 15 years ago and, hey, Fido will probably be just fine?

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Using a Humanized Approach for Employee Stories to Engage Talent

Rally Recruitment Marketing

We all know the adage, “Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes…” I believe it’s an important perspective we should use when creating Recruitment Marketing content.

3 Steps to Turn Your Hiring Challenges into Applicant Flow Advantages


As I've worked with numerous companies over the years, I've learned that the approach I take to problem solving is different than most. While my out of the box method of thinking sometimes seems a little out there, I assure you there is a method to my madness.

Essential Skills Every HR Leader Should Master

ClearCompany Recruiting

HR professionals are one-of-a-kind. Working in a fast-paced profession comes with the responsibility of seeking new and innovative solutions to develop employees’ skills and improve performance and productivity in the workplace.

New Report Helps Attract, Retain and Reward Top Talent

The 2019 Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis explores what top employers are doing differently to stand out in healthcare cost control and HR management. Use these insights to build a better workplace and confidently position your organization for success.

This is how to turn open orders into money

Greg Savage

A recruiter with 12 open orders does not spend one-twelfth of her time on each order. We understand that, right? The truth is that not all job orders are created equal — some are far more ‘fillable’ than others.

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How to Make Diversity Recruiting a Strategic Priority


A diverse workforce is more than just a nice-to-have. It is a strategic imperative that improves innovation, enhances perspectives, increases adaptability, and drives financial and organizational performance.

17 Mind-blowing Statistics on Performance Reviews and Employee Engagement

ClearCompany Recruiting

Constructive feedback is vital to an employee’s ongoing development. A Players and underperformers alike need timely, specific, and helpful feedback to reach their full potential.

Guest Blog: 5 Common Mistakes New Hires Make


Guest post by Marion Selista. Starting a new job is an exciting and equally challenging experience. One gets to apply his or her skills at a new place, make new friends and get involved in some exciting projects.

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Eight OFCCP Compliance Concepts Every Recruiter Needs to Know

Social Talent

This post originally appeared on the Direct Employers Association blog. . As any company knows, recruiters are a vital part of the business. Often, they are the first impression a job seeker or candidate has of your company when inquiring about employment, or beginning the application process.

Implementing Technology in TA for the Win: An Agile Approach

Speaker: Denise Dresler, Director of Talent Acquisition, Avature

What was once traditionally used only in the software industry is making its way to the recruiting and talent acquisition space: agile methodologies. Join Denise Dresler, Talent Acquisition Director at Avature, where she will be discussing how to take this nontraditional approach of agile talent acquisition and effectively incorporate it into your hiring processes.

That Company Has 3 Types of Workers.

Fistful of Talent

People are wired to work and make things happen. You may or may not like your job, but you are there to achieve things for your company. That is why you should hire more people who actually love their work. There are three types of workers. The “job” worker.

How to Manage Employee Offboarding the Right Way

ClearCompany Recruiting

When it comes to welcoming new hires to your organization, you’ll want to do everything you can to ensure that you’re providing the best onboarding experience and training possible.

Skills Development is a Talent Acquisition Issue

Allegis Global Solutions

Still think learning and development is simply a nice-to-have perk? Think again. Recruiting & Hiring

Master The Art of Closing Top Talent Within Your Pipeline

Social Talent

OK, so you’ve built a quality pipeline full of perfect-fit candidates, and your on-point employer branding content is keeping them aware of the amazing benefits of your company as an employer. But there’s still work to be done.

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The Road Map to Improving the "Quality of Hire" in Your Organization

Speaker: Matt Craven, Talent Acquisition Project Manager, Schneider Electric

Hiring the right people and creating a strong and productive workforce is critical to the success of any organization. Likewise, bad hiring decisions will stifle an organization’s ability to expand and impact their bottom line financially. How does an organization minimize their risk? What steps do they take to improve the “quality of hire”? Most importantly, how do you measure change in quality of hire? In the end, it’s not about finding a body to fill an open requisition; it’s about bringing a person in who will be skilled, engaged, and committed. Join Schneider Electric Talent Acquisition Project Manager Matt Craven to learn how you can improve your quality of hire and bottom line.

Hire the Overqualified to Maximize Talent ROI

Fistful of Talent

Virtually all companies want to hire the very best talent available. Most have some version of this statement proudly displayed on their careers page. But we all know that there are constraints in terms of the price you can afford to pay for that talent.

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Suggestions to Improve the Productivity of Your HR Department


Human Resource plays a significant role in your business. In particular, they oversee employee management and ensure that your manpower is given sufficient training, benefits, and the compensation that they deserve. With such big responsibilities, productivity in the HR department is critical.

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How to recruit on LinkedIn: 12 free strategies


When you think of recruitment, LinkedIn immediately comes to mind. Naturally, as a recruiter or employer, you will need to learn how to recruit on LinkedIn. It seems straightforward. After all, LinkedIn is a social platform designed for professional networking.

The #Manel Manifesto

Katrina Kibben

Manels are panels made up entirely of men, usually white dudes. I'm tired of them. The post The #Manel Manifesto appeared first on Katrina Kibben. Life HR conferences manel

Why (and How) to Switch to a New HR & Payroll Platform

Not all HR & payroll is the same, but it can look pretty similar. If your current platform isn’t meeting your needs, let us walk you through how to differentiate between providers and give you some tips on how to select a platform that works best for your business.

Negotiating Rates, Closing Recruiters, and Knowing Your Value.

Fistful of Talent

Hands down, salary is always the most sensitive part of any recruiter/candidate conversation. A little more than a year ago, I wrote about how important it is to know what you want to be paid.

HR Metrics to Follow / Implement in 2019


Human resources (HR) consist of much more than just recruiting, which is why it’s so important to measure each and every aspect of its processes.

Choose Your Own Adventure: Increasing Candidate Engagement

Social Talent

This post originally appeared on the Direct Employers Association blog. . Job seekers often wonder how they would fit into an organization, or if their personality type would mesh well with your corporate culture.

How to Succeed with AI in Recruiting

HR Technologist - RB

Welcome to the second episode of Succeeding with AI in HR. This edition of AI in Recruiting will provide you with an understanding of the key applications of artificial intelligence on recruiting, features of AI-powered recruiting tools, and its limitations. Digital Transformation

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Wage Growth: The Last Employer Holdout to Attract Candidates

You get a job perk! And You get a job perk! Everyone gets job perks! While these perks may have helped get that stellar candidate’s foot in the door, this dynamic of severely low unemployment combined with a historically high job open rate continues with no immediate end in sight. Employers will do well to zero in on one lever many have been avoiding pulling: the almighty salary increase.

Micro-Internships: A Gig Economy Way to Find Great Young Talent.

Fistful of Talent

Count me as a big fan of college internships. I’ve told this story before , but I trace my long career as a journalist and media executive back to my college internship on the Metro Desk of the Los Angeles Times. I got class credit instead of pay, but that wasn’t the point. I wanted a chance to write something that actually got published in the LA Times, and the internship gave me the opportunity to do that about a half-dozen times.

It's Not How You Recruit, It's How You Onboard: 6 Ways Your Employee Experience Needs to Change


Nearly half of employers say it is taking them longer to fill jobs today than at any other period in the post-industrial era, and 60 percent of employers directly attribute this fact to a tough hiring environment, according to a 2018 survey by Harris Poll, SilkRoad Technology, and CareerBuilder.

Recruitng for Roles in the Pharmaceutical Sector

Social Talent

Welcome to SocialTalent’s Live & Learn Series! Each week we gift you with a little bit of info that will help smoothen your recruitment process and expand your knowledge of your industry. With this Live & Learn series we promise to keep it: Short. Simple. Ready to use! Sound good to you?

Why HR is at the Center of Digital Transformation

HR Technologist - RB

HR is at the core of digital transformation since it depends on people and processes not technology. Digital Transformation

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Compliance Continuity: Monthly Guidance to Sustain Your Organization's Wellbeing

Natural disasters can result in evacuations, work stoppages, and other disruptions for your employees. With advanced planning, employee benefits can help sustain the overall wellbeing of your workforce before, during, and after a natural disaster.