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Tip Or Treat - Don't *Scare* Your Applicants Away with a Bad Hiring Process


Happy Halloween from ApplicantPro! While it’s the season for all things scary and spooky, we want to be sure you’re not scaring your job applicants away! We found four ways your company might be scaring your applicants away and four ways to fix them!

The Evolution of the Candidate Funnel: Diamond Recruiting

ERE SourceCon

Recently, experts have been saying that the marketing funnel is dead. When it comes to recruiting, sourcing and talent acquisition, we couldn’t agree more.

Get a Jumpstart on Hiring New College Grads


Graduation may be half a year away, but it’s never too early to reach out to the next wave of college graduates.

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How To Improve Your Image as a Recruiter

Social Talent

Welcome to SocialTalent’s Live & Learn series! Each week we gift you with a little bit of info that will help smoothen your recruitment process and expand your knowledge of your industry. With this Live & Learn series we promise we kept it: Short. Simple. Ready to use! Sound good to you?

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Live Webinar: How to Build a Strong Recruiting Pipeline in 2019

When your company is growing fast, there’s not a lot of spare time to vet prospective hires. Without the luxury of a careful, thoughtful and unhurried interview process for each and every role, you need to get smart about filling your recruiting pipeline. It’s all about finding and teeing up high-quality prospective candidates who align well with your company’s mission and are ready to hit the ground running, ramp quickly and thrive long-term. Join Elicia Hughey, VP of HR at Octave Music Group and the experts from Glassdoor and Newton to learn what it takes to build a strong pipeline by being as strategic as possible at every stage in hiring.

10 Top Diversity & Inclusion Questions Answered


We recently co-hosted an amazing webinar panel on Building a Diversity and Inclusion Program from Scratch. On it, our speakers Katee Van Horn, Shavonne Hasfal-Mcintosh, and Raena Saddler shared incredible advice and insights on a topic that is a top business priority for so many of us.

Q&A: Meet Courtney Lane!

Proactive Talent

We want to introduce you to Courtney Lane, our new Lead Recruiting Consultant and one of the newest members of the Proactive Talent tribe! Courtney is based in Austin and came onboard with us in August. We did a quick Q&A session with her so you can get to know her a little bit and understand what she brings to the table for Proactive Talent. Where have you worked in the past and what led you to Proactive Talent?

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By the Numbers: November 2, 2018


BountyJobs Bites. Consumer Confidence at 18-Year High. The Numbers: “The Conference Board’s consumer confidence index increased again in October following a modest improvement in September. The index rose to a reading of 137.9 1985=100), up from 135.3 in September.

5 Reasons to Switch Your Applicant Tracking System


Modern talent acquisition teams know that the applicant tracking system needs to do so much more than track applicants—it needs to serve as the single source of truth for the recruitment function. Yet, too many fall short on that front.

“I’m going out ‘on my own’ and I may be some time”

The Whiteboard

For those who aren’t familiar with the story of Capt Lawrence Oates , he was an explorer, a gentleman, and owner of the most unassuming exit in history.

2019’s tech trends for recruiters (and no, it’s not just AI)

Social Talent

The days are getting darker, and before we know it the holiday season will be upon us. It’s time to start looking ahead to the recruiting trends that everyone will be talking about in 2019. Natural Language Processing.

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Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Research shows that the hiring process is biased and unfair. While we have made progress to solve this, it’s potentially at risk due to advancements in AI technology. Our eBook covers these issues & shows you how AI can ensure workplace diversity.

What Does Talent Sourcing Mean Exactly?


Talent Sourcing is the method used to find applicants who aren’t applying directly to open roles. This is accomplished by building boolean strings and searching for leads, among other things. Not only are they finding candidates, but they are also actively screening and submitting leads to roles.

How to Get Unstuck and Achieve Your Personal Goals


Setting personal goals is easy — but sticking to them can be tricky business. Distractions, instant gratifications, and a calendar of obligations can all derail your plans.

Top-Rated Workplaces: Veterans


When we hear “support the troops,” we often think about men and women deployed overseas. But those in military service face challenges not only in active duty — there are challenges for them at home as well, especially when they leave service. In 2017, there were 20.4

Why Are Employee Referrals So Valuable? (Infographic)

Social Talent

Employee referral programmes have grown within companies in recent years with employees receiving benefits in exchange for referring someone they know. Companies today encourage their workforce to recruit their friends, family or anyone they think would be a good fit for the role in hand.

Your Hidden Weapon: 9 Best Practices for Working with Third-Party Recruiters

Leveraging third-party recruiters has been the golden ticket for many when filling critical roles. Whether seasoned at utilizing third-party search or new to it, this report breaks down how best to use this secret weapon to ensure the best ROI.

Communication: The Key to Great Organizational Culture

Brandon Hall

By Daria Friedman , Principal Analyst, Talent Acquisition, Brandon Hall Group. Learn how to recognize and make the most from key connection moments!

Internal Hiring: A Clever Recruitment Strategy in a Competitive Job Market

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The numbers are in: It is a jobseeker’s economy. Source: pgraphis / iStock / Getty. Recent data released by the U.S. Department of Labor show that there are now more jobs available than there are skilled workers to fill them.

How to Leverage Back-to-School for Hiring Working Moms


While I don’t usually see the kids celebrating back to school, I’m always celebrating because it means I get my #MomForce back! I’ve previously discussed how at ApplicantPro we have about an 80% female staff, and most of them are moms.

Instead of costly searches, why not get better at identifying internal candidates?

Recruiting Daily

Internal recruitment — essentially, promoting, advancing, and hiring from within — seems like a pretty fraught concept at a lot of companies. I think the big thing here is FOMO, or fear of missing out. It’s kind of the same logic behind why companies hire consultants.

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How Recruiters Can Create a Predictable Candidate Pipeline

Even the most experienced recruiting professionals face challenges filling critical roles in their organizations from an inability to establish, nurture and grow a sustainable talent pipeline. Download this eBook to get a jump on sourcing and learn how to build a high performance recruiting pipeline.

Look At Me: A Perspective on Privilege

Katrina Kibben

My perspective on privilege is probably a little different from most. But this is one of those thoughts I couldn't get out of my head. Life Workplace Trends diversity LGBT privilege

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Sixty Savage Seconds – The best business advice I could EVER give you

Greg Savage

Here’s the next “Sixty Savage Seconds” from The Savage Truth A one minute video of the best ideas, tips and tactics for recruiters… sixty seconds to make you think. This Sixty Savage Seconds is titled ‘The best business advice I could EVER give you’ Let me know what you think! View here. . Sixty Savage Seconds business

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Is It Taking Too Long to Fill Roles? Here's What to Do About It:


Did you know only 30 percent of companies are able to fill their vacant roles in less than 30 days? For most other companies, the process can take 1-4 months!

7 Signs Your Employer Doesn’t Care About People

Fistful of Talent

As HR pros we all want to work for a progressive, forward-thinking company that values its people. A company that is recognized as a great employer – or dare I say one that treats their employees “as their greatest asset” No HR or Talent Pro seeks otherwise. “Man, I just want to find a company where I’m a replaceable cog in a wheel, 100% tactical, administrative and traditional – keeping the lights on.

Dice's 2018 Diversity and Inclusion Report

A vital step to becoming more inclusive is first understanding how inclusive your culture is right now. Dice’s Diversity and Inclusion Report highlights how tech pros currently gauge their industry’s progress – and how frequently they've experienced discrimination based on gender, sexuality, age and political affiliation.

Temporary Staffing Agency’s Mistake Causes Trouble for Employer

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Employers throughout Massachusetts use temporary staffing agencies to fill vacant, temporary, per diem, seasonal, and other positions. Those staffing agencies must comply with certain laws, including Massachusetts General Law Ch. 149, § 159C.

What Recruiters Should Spend Their Time On

ERE SourceCon

Let’s engage in the finding and attracting of employees. Becoming engaged is leaning into the process, not finding ways to pull away from it. As a community, let’s use technology to free up our time so we can spend more of it being human and connecting to others.

5 Tips for Women to Ensure Equity in Total Compensation


And the hits keep coming! Just when it looked like salary disparities were the primary factor behind the gender wage gap, the ADP Research Institute has released a groundbreaking study that shows bonuses may be even worse offenders.

Numbers Don’t Lie: Smartphone Addiction Is Taking Over Your Workplace

Fistful of Talent

Your workers are in denial about their smartphone addiction. OK, it’s not just YOUR workers who are in denial about this, but everyone’s workers, everywhere. This is what I take from a recent survey from KDM Engineering titled Smartphone Etiquette that hit my email last week, and as I read the findings, all I kept thinking was, “Yep, this doesn’t surprise me at all.” ” People touch their phone 2,600 times a day.

Newton’s Guide to OFCCP Compliance

For federal contractors, keeping up with OFCCP regulations can be a major challenge when recruiting and hiring. Download our guide to OFCCP compliance and learn the major regulations that you must adhere to.

Why You Should Promote High-Performing Introverts

Glassdoor for Employers

One of the disadvantages of being an introvert is they often are overlooked in the workplace. For high-performing introverts, this can be. Employee Retention & Benefits employee performance Introvert Introverts Promote Promotion

Survey Finds You Gotta Know How to Recruit Vets If You Want to Hire the Very Best Ones


With Veterans Day coming on November 11, it’s an occasion to again raise a very good question — “ Why aren’t we doing more to hire the veterans who have served our country so well?” ” Veterans Featured

Happy Holidays! It's a Great Time to Find a Job


Conventional wisdom has it that the end of the year is the worst time to look for a job. Many view that Bermuda Triangle period from Thanksgiving to Christmas to New Years as a waste of time, since yearly budgets have already been spent and decision-makers and HR folks are out on vacation.


The #1 Thing That Frustrates Job Seekers & How to Circumvent It

NPA Worldwide

Today’s guest blog is from People 2.0 , a leading provider of back-office solutions for staffing and recruiting organizations, nationally and globally. We offer a variety of support services, including payrolling, payroll funding, risk management, etc.,

There’s Not a Skills Gap in the U.S… or Is There?

Your search for the perfect candidate has resulted in zero perfectly skilled applicants. What’s going on? Enter…the skills gap. This report, ‘The Employment Skills Gap and What To Do About It’, breaks down the issue with solutions you can apply now.