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4 Reasons You Should Focus On Your Employer Branding | ClearCompany

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Your employer branding is a culmination of how you market your company to potential job seekers and how your employees review your company as a workplace. Crafting an employer branding strategy enables you to control the dialogue surrounding your company to ensure you portray a positive image.

6 workplace changes we can expect in the 2020s


The workplace changes we face are significant, and they primarily challenge our well-established MOs. Some of these issues are long overdue, so it might be that a global virus pandemic can bring about some positive changes to the table.

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5 Pain Points In Your Candidate Experience (And How To Improve Them!)

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Did you know that only one-third of candidates report a positive candidate experience? This means that the majority of candidates are likely experiencing pain points somewhere along their candidate experience (CX) with your organization.

Recruiters. You only have to get 5% better to bill 50% more.

Greg Savage

Here is what I learned recruiting, managing and coaching recruiters. And I am now into my 5th decade of doing it! You only have to get 5 % better to bill 50% more. Roll that around on your tongue and let it sink in. The real value in recruitment is your influencing skills. Pretty much […].


5 Reasons CFOs Invest in Talent Development

In 2021, many of your competitors will invest in talent development software. If you make the right decision, invest in the right software, and if your organization is willing to use it, you can realize five decisive competitive advantages. To see those advantages, download Paycor’s latest guide, 5 Reasons CFOs Invest in Talent Development.

Jobcast: When I grow up, I want to be an OnDemand recruiter at Proactive Talent!

Proactive Talent

Our first Jobcast episode was so popular that we were encouraged to create this sequel. In this episode we discuss the duties, projects and benefits of being an on demand recruiter at Proactive Talent. Tune in to hear about a great opportunity and perhaps, learn about your next career move.

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4 Ways to Clear Out Recruiting Bottlenecks When Hiring for Tech Roles


Recruiting for tech talent was never easy. Throw in a global pandemic and a sudden shift to remote work, and it’s no wonder recruiters are looking for extra support. In fact, in a recent recruitment webinar, 60% of attendees said the biggest. Read More.

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Increase recruiting efficiency without disrupting your workflow


Arya - Recruiting AI Technology. Increase recruiting efficiency without disrupting your workflow. In the world of recruiting efficiency is key. The more efficient the process, the better the outcomes.

Your Guide to Organizational Skills on the Job—and During the Job Hunt

The Muse

We’ll explain what organizational skills are, give you five core examples, and share advice on how to improve your skills and show them off in a job search. Productivity

Codility: How to stay competitive in tech recruiting


The post Codility: How to stay competitive in tech recruiting appeared first on Recruitee. Talent talk

5 Tips to Advance Your Career as a Technical Recruiter

This step-by-step guide is designed to provide technical recruiters with tips and tricks to achieve tangible results that accelerate their recruiting efforts—and career.

Employee Retention Strategies: Your Checklist for Success


The past year has brought recruiting and hiring teams face-to-face with an incredible amount of uncertainty and change. It’s forced organizations across industries to find ways to lower costs while maintaining a high-quality workforce. One of the best ways to do this. Read More.

Ask the Expert Mailbag: Employee Benefits Week Edition

Recruiting Daily Advisor

When it comes to compliance, sometimes it helps to share specific cases and how employment lawyers approached them. Today, we share three benefits-related questions submitted to our employment lawyers, along with their answers.

What’s a Phone Screen? Here’s What You Need to Know Before That “Quick Chat” With the Recruiter

The Muse

What to expect in a screening interview or “quick call” with a recruiter. Plus, how to prepare and follow up. Interviewing

Job Postings That Work (And Some That Don’t)

Katrina Kibben

What do good job postings look like? Here are some examples of job postings that actually work - and some that don't. The post Job Postings That Work (And Some That Don’t) appeared first on Katrina Kibben's Blog. Job Postings recruiting job postings

Extending the Reach of HR: Supporting and Sourcing Remote Talent

Speaker: Karen Lim, Alliance Academy

The concept of Global HR is becoming more common as more companies become permanently remote. As companies expand their talent-bases beyond borders, HR reps will bear the responsibilities that come along with it. Adapting to different cultures, distances, and legal implications whilst preserving core company values is essential. Once you can do this, the world becomes your oyster. Join Karen Lim of Alliance Academy, and learn to thrive in a remote-first mindset.

What Does the COVID-19 Vaccine Mean For Your Skilled Nursing Facility?


At the time of this publication, the vaccine has not been mandated by the federal government , but that could become a requirement for any agencies that receive Medicare or Medicaid funding.

What Gen Z Thinks About Your Virtual Recruiting Program

Recruiting Daily Advisor

It may seem like a decade ago now, but it was only last March that HR professionals had their first meetings about recruiting in the COVID era. Despite the uncertainties, the industry moved quickly so our organizations could stay on track to meet hiring goals, even if they changed monthly.

14 Virtual Presentation Tips to Help You Prepare and Deliver

The Muse

Giving a virtual presentation comes with challenges and opportunities. Here’s what to do before, during, and after to make it a success. Getting Ahead


6 Tools That Will Help You Run an Awesome Recruitment Podcast

FireFish Software

In the UK alone, more than 15 million people listen to podcasts every week. How can your recruitment brand cash in on this massive marketing opportunity? Marketing Online Reach

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2021 Recruitment Strategies: Work Smarter Not Harder

Hours spent sourcing. Constantly checking different recruiting channels. Sifting through a sea of resumes. There’s no denying that the current hiring landscape is fragmented, complex, and full of frustrations. As you plan for 2021, take a moment to reflect on your current strategies and evaluate how you can work smarter, not harder in the new year. Download our guide where we break down different stages of the recruitment journey—and share several potential paths to hiring success.

STEAL THESE SLIDES: We’re Making PPT Decks on Recruiting For You to Use (as your own)

Fistful of Talent

Admit it – you loved the Netflix Culture deck back in the day, right? The simplicity, the great ideas, the black and white slides. But you don’t have enough time to spend on presentation decks. You have other stuff to do. That’s why we created the Steal These Slides series!

Maintaining a Healthy (Remote) Work/Life Balance

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The ability to work remotely had been a dream for countless Americans before the pandemic-driven shift to remote work for companies across the country.

9 Tips for Making Video Meetings More Productive for Everyone Involved

The Muse

From selecting your background to keeping the conversation flowing, here’s what experts recommend to make your video meetings more productive at work. Productivity

Be Negative. Find More

Boolean Strings

Can being “negative” help in sourcing? I do not mean to suggest that you will source better results when you are in a bad mood, voice dissatisfaction, or upset others. This is an essay on the Boolean “NOT” logic.

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

Are You Recruiting “Out of System?”

Fistful of Talent

My wife is a former college volleyball player (I met her when I was the student assistant on the team, there has to be an HR story in there somewhere!), and this week the NCAA is having their national championship “Covid” D1 volleyball tournament in Omaha, NE.

The Growing Demand for Continuous Workforce Monitoring

Recruiting Daily

It is common and well understood that most businesses perform initial background checks on potential employees, during the hiring process. However, the need for screening does not always end there.

A Culture of Collaboration Has Helped This Recent Grad Grow as a UX Designer

The Muse

Since she joined Esri as a recent college grad, Chloe L’Ecuyer has grown by leaps and bounds, thanks to the support of her team. Career Stories

Tips to Hire Quicker

Recruiting Daily Advisor

With several COVID-19 vaccine options being rolled out and more states opening up vaccine eligibility to all adults, economic recovery appears to be on its way.

How To Create A 100% Virtual Onboarding Experience

Speaker: Workbright

Are you struggling with virtual onboarding? Whether you are making the switch to remote work or biding your time until you can get back to the office–you need a solution that works. Check out our webinar on Thursday, May 20th at 2 PM E.T. to learn more!

Q&A: Optimizing (and Automating) Talent Engagement with Pankaj Jindal


Who here is ready to re-examine, refine, and maybe even automate their talent and employee engagement strategy? If that’s you, then we’ve got a special treat.

Why You Should Help Candidates Improve Their Personal Brand (and How to Do It)

FireFish Software

Are your candidates losing jobs because their personal brand isn’t up to scratch? Recruitment Social Recruitment

How Employee Benefits are Changing in 2021


With the changing landscape of the workplace in response to COVID-19, it’s understandable that employee benefits are shifting too. What might have been appealing for employees and proved to be a useful selling point during recruiting, might not be such a big draw—or even possible—anymore.