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How to Screen for Retention in a Recession

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So it's critical to think about retention as early as when you're interviewing new candidates. Because attrition can have such a profound effect on your bottom line, it makes fiscal sense to prioritize retention.

Does employment history matter when hiring developers?


Of those who did obtain a degree, about one third did not study anything related to software development. This means that turnover is high and staff retention is an increasingly difficult task. Coding tests are a popular way to screen developers.


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10 Sales Interview Questions + Evaluation Tips to Hire Sales Stars

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However, a sales interview is probably the best context for hiring managers to understand whether they selected and screened the best candidates. According to studies and statistics, very difficult. Top Tools to Use for Screening Sales Job Candidates.

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Future Proof Your Dealership with a Strategic Staffing Plan


Studies suggest that when employees feel stressed or unhappy, customers may bear the negative brunt of such emotions. Soft skills, such as empathy, attentiveness and emotional intelligence are the keys to a successful team moving forward. .

The Definitive Guide to Pre-Employment Testing

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Measure these things in candidates can help with identifying the behaviors and natural inclinations of candidates that are linked to job satisfaction, retention, and engagement over long periods of time. Retention. Pre-Employment Testing Predicts Employee Retention Rate.

Has AI revolutionised psychometric talent assessment?


Psychometric assessment outlines an individual’s emotional intelligence, potential, personality profile, and behaviour. . The contents of this video is the candidate answering the screening questions provided by the employer. Years of research and studies have been conducted by scientists, psychometric experts and researchers in order to accurately interpret human being’s psychological makeup.

Emerging Markets, Emerging Issues: Talent Mobility and Global Recruiting.

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This wasn’t limited to developing nations or far flung locales, however – in fact, the last straw for me in terms of suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous relocation related headaches was actually when I arrived in London to begin my graduate studies at the London Business School. We talk a lot about diversity, but here’s a case study in how important this concept can truly be for businesses.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


There’s tremendous value in referred employees in the form of greater job satisfaction, higher retention rates, quicker applicant-to-hire conversion – all metrics that ultimately reduce the cost of recruitment, especially when hiring for rapid growth. Screening assignments / testing.

How to Lead in Today’s Changing Workforce


Listen to Jim Link, CHRO at Randstad, lead by moderator Shannon Pritchett speak about his work passions and insights around 1) Generational strategies, 2) Re-imagining today’s workforce structure, and 3) New leadership competencies for GenZ. Bennett Sung.

Your Guide to Hiring Million Dollar Talent

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Candidate Assessment with insightful tools that help make screening fast and easy for you to determine who will become your absolute rockstar employees. Maybe you have an HR department that can work together on posting ads, screening all applicants, and handling the interviews.

The Wireless Disconnect: Addressing Employee Turnover in the Wireless Industry


In an industry whose goal is to connect the outside world by means of communication, there seems to be a serious employee retention dilemma. In a recent 2016 study, The Wireless Telecommunication reported that the average loss of employees from wireless retail stores rose to 82% in a four year time period. This article will offer advice on how to combat this growing problem and improve employee retention.

Does Anyone Actually Care About Candidate Experience?

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From my personal experience and first-hand observation, I’ve realized that it all comes down to a few basic drivers: company values, mission and vision; empathy and emotional intelligence; awards and recognition; and finally, being tech savvy. A quick glance at their careers site shows that this apathy towards employee engagement and retention really starts with candidate experience.