How to Build an Employer Brand Budget

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In my opinion, there are two groups of companies out there who have yet to put together a formal budget for employer branding: 1. Those that do not understand the importance of employer branding , and therefore don’t prioritize or fund it at all. Those that understand the importance of employer branding , but don’t know how to prioritize or build it into their budget. The bigger the company, the bigger the employer brand budget.

How the 3 Best Fashion Luxury Brands Activate Their Employer Brand

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Three massive fashion luxury brands. Three huge consumer brands. But what about their employer brand? Let’s explore their unique takes on employer brand, and how they utilize employer brand in tandem with their ever-popular consumer brand. Louis Vuitton The fashion house and luxury retail. Employer Burberry careers page Chanel Employer Brand Employer Branding Fashion brands Louis Vuitton Social Media


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6 of the Best Employer Brands on Snapchat Right Now!

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social network among teens beating out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), but the app’s popularity is growing amongst all demographics. In short, Snapchat has already established itself as one of the major social networks in a short period of time, and it’s expected to continue to grow rapidly for quite some time. As such it is now the perfect medium on which to promote your employer brand and have it seen by thousands of people. appeared first on Social Talent.

7 of the Best Places to Promote Your Employer Brand

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It’s official, 2017 will be the year of the employer brand. A whopping 80% of talent leaders agree that their organisation’s employer brand has a “significant” impact on its ability to attract and hire great talent. So, as the war for talent intensifies, employers need to do everything they can to create a differentiation and preference in the minds of both future and current employees. Therefore, it is just as critical to brand internally as externally.

How to: Successfully Promote Your Employer Brand on Pinterest

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But while some recruiters have discovered the power of Pinterest for sourcing candidates, there are still relatively few companies who are using Pinterest to boost their employer brand. Which is why we’d like to help you do just that today: promote your employer brand on Pinterest. Members can ‘pin’ anything from fashion pictures to recipes to graphic design video tutorials, on their personal boards (just as you would on a physical bulletin board or scrapbook).

Employer Branding: Fad or Future? The Expert Review


Branding building has been part and parcel of the marketing process for years. In this case, instead of reading reviews on Amazon, applicants are turning to social media and to websites like Glassdoor to get the real scoop on companies. Everyone wants to know what your company culture is like and how happy your employees are – it’s up to recruiting departments to use employer branding to make sure candidates like what they see. Is employer branding important?

Establish Strong Employer Branding for Start-Ups

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People Search Indonesia serves clients in FMCG, pharmaceuticals, IT, telecommunication, general manufacturing, and fashion & retail. The importance of employer branding should not be underestimated, including for start-up companies, since organizations with strong employer branding will be more capable in hiring the most suitable people, supporting employee retention & loyalty and generally creating a greater business image. Employers

Employer branding: important or illusion? The expert review


Branding building has been part and parcel of the marketing process for years. In this case, instead of reading reviews on Amazon, applicants are turning to social media and to websites like Glassdoor to get the real scoop on companies. Everyone wants to know what your company culture is like and how happy your employees are – it’s up to recruiting departments to use employer branding to make sure candidates like what they see.

The 7 Best Places to Promote Your Employer Brand


It’s official, 2017 will be the year of the employer brand. A whopping 80% of talent leaders agree that their organisation’s employer brand has a “significant” impact on its ability to attract and hire great talent. So, as the war for talent intensifies, employers need to do everything they can to promote their Employer Brand and to create a lasting impression in the minds of both future and current employees. Your Employees’ Social Networks.

Employer Branding: Why The Voice of the Employee Matters Most.

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Every employee at every level is increasingly expecting their voices to be heard – and are taking to channels like social media as an outlet to share stuff like labor practices, the candidate experience or company culture, and as every talent pro knows, when it comes to recruiting, word of mouth matters most. Brands, and featured panelists Michael Vandervort , Executive Director for CUE, Inc.; What’s Next for Non-Exempt: The Future of Employer Branding.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Building an attractive company: Employer branding. Building an attractive company: employer branding.

3 Kinds of Employer Brand Content You May Have Overlooked


Being honest, when I think employer brand content, I think over polished, over cautious, over branded sameness and shudder-worthy stock images. Employer Brand Content that Raises Awareness. He goes on to say that almost every employer misses the top of the funnel where over 85% of potential candidates are. Zalando, Europe’s leading online platform for fashion, is especially good at creating employer brand content that raises awareness.

Improving Employer Branding Online

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The concept of employer branding has nowadays become an important trend for companies to attract best talent and also retain their employees via the organisation’s reputation and its value proposition. Social Media: the use of LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook has also shaped the way companies recruit. Video Interviews: the traditional CV sending concept has become old-fashioned and frustrating from the candidate’s perspective.

How This Fast-Growing Company Built an Employer Brand That Attracts the Right Candidates

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Right now, we employ over 2,600 employees across the U.S. Here are the steps we took to build our employer brand , which you too can use as a framework to build your own: 1. Created social media content that stood out. Employer Brand Small Business

A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Instagram

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Now, I know what you’re thinking; “ here comes Social Talent with yet another blog post about another social network I should have started using yesterday ”. teens (aka, the people you’ll be looking to hire in 2-5 years time) consider Instagram to be the most important social network, (in comparison just 23% consider Facebook to be as important). She says, “ By telling stories that showcase how a company operates and what makes it special, brand awareness is created.

7 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Start August – 4th August 2015

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Thursday saw LinkedIn’s Q2 earnings beat analyst expectations in dramatic fashion, sending the stock up as much as 14% in extending trading. New Research Proves Job Ads are the Doorway to Your Employer Brand. The findings from LinkedIn’s latest research study , suggests that if you care about your employer brand – what people think working at your company is like – you should REALLY care about your job postings.

Always Be Closing Almost Never Works In Recruiting.

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Contrary to popular belief, any realtor, car salesman or contingency recruiter will agree that social selling, the ultimate act of transforming a new relationship into a meaningful connection that’s mutually beneficent, doesn’t happen overnight. From LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter to GitHub, from emails and referrals to old fashioned cold calling, all of these platforms share one core commonality: they’re all social channels.

5 Tips on Using SnapChat for Your Employer Brand

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If not, then you must not work in recruiting or in the employer branding space. The truth is, there’s no big secret when it comes to using Snapchat to build out your employer brand but I do have a 5 tips to share that anyone with an account can quickly start implementing to rev things up. You must love social! You advertise your Snapchat account everywhere else you have your other social media accounts posted.

Anti-Social Recruiting: Why Sourcing Best Practices Are BS

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Back in the Day: The Original Social Sourcing. The employer value proposition : give up a cushy corporate gig and go into project consulting. When I started sourcing, I had to resort to cold calling candidates through corporate switchboards or validating that my x-rayed e-mail addresses were on the matrix – and at enterprise employers, that’s actually rarely the case.

Recruiting strategies: a comprehensive guide for small business


Effective employer branding. Find employees: social recruiting and job boards. Proven ideas in recruiting strategies such as sourcing (looking for talented people who aren’t actively looking for a job) and employer branding are now within reach of any smart, small business.

You’d Better Ask Somebody: Why Employee Referrals (Still) Matter in Hiring.

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That’s the paradox of social networking; while our updates ostensibly reflect what’s going on in our life, we can no longer lead lives that aren’t largely informed by what happens online, and how our connections will react, no matter how much of a stretch that “friend” moniker might in fact be. Give employees something to be proud of – something that not only represents your employer brand, but one that speaks to them and the work that they do, too.

The Social Recruiting Round-Up: June 2015

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Today, Hiroto has his lasso out once again because we’re bringing together all of that knowledge into one blog post package – the Social Recruiting Round-Up for June 2015. Crystal is a brand new Chrome extension that analyses public data to tell you exactly how to communicate with different individuals. One of the new offerings will match employers with “ actively seeking, motivated ” candidates who have richer profiles and have passed through a screening process.

The Cure: 6 Hiring Problems Recruiting Content Can Actually Solve.

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It also keeps me paying for cable, not to mention my monthly subscriptions for magazines, Netflix and, of course, the good old fashioned newspaper (although mainly for access to the premium content most newspapers now post behind a firewall online). The question isn’t whether or not content works, but if you are going to going to use content by being a media purchaser, or if you are going to make your own content to draw those eyes your way.

5 Uplifting and Inspirational Sourcing News Stories – 18th May 2015

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While Facebook introduced more robust search functionality in 2013 with the release of Graph Search, its functionality is extremely limited compared to the potential in the social graph data behind it – as we recruiters well know! Over the weekend, T echCrunch reported that Facebook is working on a new use for its social graph data, which will allow users to search for links to articles directly from Facebook’s mobile app.

The Ultimate Guide To Job Posting


And this is why employers who accept mobile applications are twice as likely to get high quality candidates as those that don’t. The next step is to take advantage of social media to spread the word that you’re hiring. You’re not limited to these social networks either.

How to: Successfully Influence Candidates at EVERY Stage of their Decision-Making Process

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The goal of all of your employer branding efforts should be to create differentiation and preference in the minds of both current and future employees within a desired target group – one which we want to recruit and retain from. But in order to create differentiation and preference in the minds of the candidates we’d like to employ, we first need to understand how candidates make decisions when it comes to deciding who they’d like to work for.

9 Need-to-Know Recruitment News Stories – 21st September 2015

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Hired says it screens job candidates through a rigorous process combining algorithms and human curation, so employers don’t need to sift through a giant pile of résumés. That means now is the time for more targeted recruiting and a stronger employer brand to reach new talent, as well as employee engagement initiatives to retain your best talent. 61% checked “social professional networks” (LinkedIn’s generic term for itself). Social media recruiting.

Can American Apparel Dispel their Aura of General Sleaze? –  A study in Employer Branding


Sam didn’t love the work, but he wanted to be part of such a cool brand. Bad news for hipsters now required to seek a new neon bodysuit supplier, but comeuppance for employees who came to see the oversexualized, super skinny, white AF label as all that’s wrong with the fashion world. When Sam heard that his former employer was back, this time online-only, he couldn’t help shaking his head. There are other brands doing the same thing with less bad press.”.

How I Landed My Dream Recruitment Marketing Job at Hubspot

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My name is Lauren Murray and I’m an Employer Brand Specialist with HubSpot , specializing in content strategy for our HubSpot Life social media channels. I started my career in real estate marketing right out of college, before moving into non-profit brand management.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

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Embrace social and mobile recruiting. You’ve heard about the importance of social and mobile recruiting, and you’ve been meaning to ramp up your tactics, but…no more excuses! Your first recruiting resolution of 2016 should be to create or enhance your social and mobile recruiting strategies. Now, time to talk social. million Americans on Facebook, 66 million on Twitter, and 122 million on LinkedIn, social media is no longer an area that recruiters can afford to ignore.

The Challenges of Recruiting for Luxury Brands


Luxury brands are distinguished and often sophisticated in a distinctive way. Customers of luxury brands typically demand high-quality products as well as a stellar overall buying experience. When you are trying to recruit talent to work for a luxury brand, you may be faced with incredible challenges associated with finding the right individual for the job. Remember that soft selling tactics is usually a better idea for this kind of brands. Building the Employer Brand.

7 FREE Twitter Products for Serious Social Recruiters

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Twitter is now the second most popular social network among recruiters and sourcers the world over. However, when asked what they thought of recruiters/employers efforts on the popular micro-blogging site, job seekers were less than impressed! A combined 35% of job seeking respondents, said that companies are “somewhat” or “extremely ineffective” at promoting themselves as employers on the site. 66% like to consume premium brands.

5 New Sourcing News Stories for the New Month- 3rd November 2014

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Such is the power of social sourcing in 2014. Prophet is a new Chrome extension that uses an advanced engine to predict the most likely email combination for any given person based on their name, company and other social data. Prophet works on the industries most popular social sites including, Facebook, Github, Twitter, StackOverFlow and LinkedIn. Employer Branding 3.0 In the news this week: ‘Prophet’ Is Now in Limited Beta.

5 Habits of Effective Recruiters


A large part of the job is creating a seamless experience between the candidate, employer and internal HR teams, which can be a difficult balance to achieve. Effective Recruiters Are: Social. Social media recruitment has become an essential tool in any recruiter’s arsenal.

8 News Stories to Set Recruiters’ Tongues Wagging – 20th October 2014

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Currently, Apple employ a 70% male workforce while Facebook employ a 77% male workforce. In essence, LinkedIn has created a marketplace in consumer employment information, where it sells employment information, that may or may not be accurate, and that it has obtained in part from unwitting members, and without complying with the FCRA, ” the lawsuit, filed in the Northern District of California, says. Not great from an employer branding point of view!

How to recruit on Pinterest


It’s a social platform that can help companies build strong employer brands and attract potential candidates. Millennials: Like most social networks, Pinterest is popular with millennials. Creatives: Pinterest is uniquely visual, so it’s a great place to look for portfolios of photographers, architects, designers and travel and fashion professionals. Boost your employer brand.

Walk a Mile in the Candidate’s Shoes: Know How Jobseekers Find Your Company

Recruiting Daily Advisor

highlights which resources jobseekers rely on when seeking out new employment and provides insights into emerging resources, such as social media, in the recruiting process. If your company isn’t “with the times,” you run the risk of missing out on top talent who are turning to digital mediums to find employment. When job boards fail to do the trick, good old-fashioned networking comes into play. Social Media Recruiting Is Gaining in Popularity.

9 Intriguing Social Recruiting News Stories – 6th July 2015

Social Talent

And the results from the International Association of Employment Web Sites latest survey , is also showing that applying to a job posted on a commercial site is still the leading way some job seekers find work. It’s been said (even by us on numerous occasions) that Facebook Video is becoming bigger than YouTube, as brands upload more video directly to the social network than ever before. LinkedIn Reveals Recruitment Agency as a Top Influential UK Brand.

8 Juicy Recruiting News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into – 9th March 2015

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But after coming under pressure from marketers who demanded more vivid ways to influence people who “ lead to meaningful results for their businesses ”, the app has developed a brand new way for companies to advertise their product/service. Instagram will now start showing clickable links, but only in its new multi-photo carousel ads that can tell a story by letting you swipe through 4 branded images in sequence, before displaying a clickable “ Learn More ” button.

How to Reach Candidates on a ‘Glocal’ Scale

JWT Inside

There are lessons we can draw from here as we think about how best to share your employer brand story and how candidates might best experience your employer brand channels when engaging globally. careers website, social media and dynamic job postings), it’s important to think about what truly demonstrates and earns credibility as a local employer with candidates.