The 3 Most Effective Ways to Differentiate Your Employer Brand

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But in my experience, while new channels can certainly play a part in differentiating you as an employer, the effect always wears off as everyone inevitably comes to know the same channels. External brand surveys. Employer review ratings (i.e.

A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Instagram

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O’Donnell , believes that if companies are to stop their top talent being stolen from them in 2015, they need to start properly investing in employer branding, or as she calls it; “ the single most disruptive recruitment technique we’ve seen in 2 decades ”. She says, “ By telling stories that showcase how a company operates and what makes it special, brand awareness is created. But Instagram isn’t just any old employer branding platform.


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Who Is Your Employer Brand Actually For?


Employer brand has become one of the most buzz-worthy terms in the world of HR professionals. In order to compete as an attractive company to work for, companies must create and maintain an awesome employer brand. In fact, according to a recent survey Jibe conducted, 40% of companies have a formal employer branding program in place currently. Employer brand is defined as the perception people have about your company as a place to work.

A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Snapchat

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Visual media has turned out to be one of the most popular ways of doing so, especially when it comes to job advertising and employer branding. Brands can entice users/current employees to refer friends for vacancies by offering a Snapchat voucher to be spent on that brand’s products in return. The approach is win-win in that you will not only get a potentially great candidate ( 88% of employers say employee referrals are the no.

Why We Love These 10 Inspiring Employer Brands

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Here’s how 10 of the world’s leading employer brands make it a no-brainer. Terms like “candidate experience” and “employer branding” seem to be the HR buzzwords of the day?—?and With 6 million open jobs in the US and employers taking longer than ever before to fill open positions, simple economics tell us demand is far outpacing supply. It goes without saying all these flashy perks reflect pretty highly on Apple’s brand image.

How to write an employee handbook


Employee handbooks are a good means to put these elements together. Here’s how to write a helpful and engaging employee handbook : What is the purpose of having an employee handbook? Your handbook’s content and level of detail depends on how you intend to use it. An employee handbook may be a repository of all your policies or a way to welcome new hires. Using your handbook to guide new hires is a good idea. What to include in an employee handbook.

HR Guide: Creating The Perfect Employee Handbook


Employee handbooks are typically boring. But they are important an employee handbook not only helps protect your company from legal claims and ensure regulatory compliance, but it can also be beneficial to a companies culture. Your employee handbook should be a guide that your employees want to interact with on a regular basis. What is an employee handbook? Start your handbook by telling your employees your company’s mission and values. HR employers HR Tag

5 Employer Branding Mistakes to Stop Making Right Now


Employer branding, simply put, is the way job seekers perceive a company as a place to work. Of course the structure of employer brand is complex. It’s comprised of many things like employer happiness, your corporate image, your candidate experience —they all play a role. But believe it or not, there are simple actions you can take to improve your employer brand. Like the topic of employer branding?

5-Min Survey: The State of Employer Branding 2016


Interest in employer branding has been picking up steam at an exciting rate. In an effort to expand our community’s knowledge on this topic, we’ve launched the inaugural State of Employer Branding survey. State of Employer Branding 2016 Survey. Like the topic of employer branding? Check out our new 2016 Employer Branding Handbook. It shares 7 employer branding strategies you should be employing right now.

Best Practices in Employer Branding Episode 1: 10X Candidate Experience by Popmix Media Host: Jeff Weidner Guest: James Ellis

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My first guest is truly one of a small handful of thought leaders in the Employer Branding space. Before falling in love with the art and craft of employer branding he was a digital marketer with 15 years experience in how audiences think and behave online. Since then, he has taken those skills to become one of employer branding’s leading voices and practitioners. . We are very excited to have James Ellis the Employer Branding Nerd on the show.

Employer Branding Campaigns: 5 Hurdles You’ll Have to Jump at Some Point


This is the point of employer branding campaigns , but getting there doesn’t always come without challenges. In this post, we will explore some of the greatest employer branding challenges companies face and how to overcome them. Take the 2016 State of Employer Branding Survey. Employer Branding Challenges Broken Down. If you’re not enabling an analysis of your employer branding campaigns, then you’re likely selling the impact short.

Employer Brand: Breaking It Down In Order to Build It Up


A company’s employer brand is in many ways a lagging indicator—one that’s influenced by hundreds, maybe thousands of variables. More likely, you will strategically work to improve one of the numerous areas that influence your employer brand. This typically means taking a step back from a task, like improving your employer brand, and looking at the bigger picture. In other words, reverse engineer what comprises a strong employer brand.

A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Snapchat

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Visual media has turned out to be one of the most popular ways of doing so, especially when it comes to job advertising and employer branding. Brands can entice users/current employees to refer friends for vacancies by offering a Snapchat voucher to be spent on that brand’s products in return. The approach is win-win in that you will not only get a potentially great candidate ( 88% of employers say employee referrals are the no.

How to communicate company culture changes: Recruitment marketing tips


First step: update your recruitment marketing efforts – how you promote yourself as an employer to attract future candidates. Revisit your employer brand. How do you think the changes in your business will impact your reputation as an employer ?

Talent Branding: What’s In a Name?

Glassdoor for Employers

For employers, the name of their company holds a lot of weight when it comes to the attraction of quality talent. The average employer doesn’t have a realistic grasp of the bottom line impact of being an employer of choice, or transversely, being an employer with a bad reputation. So, here are a couple of eye-opening stats from LinkedIn’s masterpiece, “ The Employer Brand Handbook ”: A strong talent brand reduces cost-per-hire by up to 50%.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Employer Branding. Employer Branding. Employee handbook: 6 must-have policies for your manual. Glassdoor for Employers Blog.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Building an attractive company: Employer branding. Building an attractive company: employer branding.

It’s Time to Act

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If we are honest with ourselves, equal opportunity has been little more than lip service and legal statements found in our handbooks and at the bottom of job postings. Change Change Management Corporate Social Responsibility Culture Diversity Ed Baldwin Employment Branding and Culture Hiring Bias HR Influence Leadership Talent Strategy Trench HR core values Equal OpportunityA pandemic. Senseless killings. People taking to the streets. Our foundational values being rocked.

Best practices for recruiters during a hiring freeze


Nurture your employer brand. Your employer brand is what makes your organization stand out as a desired place to work. Your employer brand not only impacts your candidates’ decisions, but also your employees’. All set, right?

Tips for Writing an Employee Handbook Your Employees Will Want to Read

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Learn how to write an effective employee handbook your employees will actually want to read! Why employees don’t read employee handbooks. An employee handbook is a very useful tool which helps companies successfully onboard new employees. An employee handbook serves as an introduction to the company’s processes, policies and procedures. In short, an employee handbook is a very useful and important company’s document. How to write an engaging employee handbook?

How to build a remote work culture from scratch


That’s why defining your brand new culture should be one of your top priorities. updating the employee handbook, revisit benefits, etc.). Now that remote work is in the game, your employer branding will benefit from a tweak. Excellent point, Jasmine.

Employee Engagement: A Critical Part Of Your Employer Re-Branding Strategy


With the power shifting from employer to candidate, companies have to do more in order to get in front of job seekers. One of the best ways to do this is by having a great employer brand. However, many companies are lost when it comes to positive branding (or don’t have any at all!), This is where the idea of employer re-branding comes into place. But what is employer re-branding? Where To Start With Employer Re-Branding.

3 Focus Areas for Updating Your Careers Site

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James Ellis, Employer Brand Expert, Author, and Podcast Host. James is the author of Talent Chooses You: Hire Better with Employer Branding and The Employer Brand Handbook Vol 1 and 2. It all starts with the brand.

5 Tactics to Attract and Engage Millennials

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Career path: Whereas the baby boom generation were fiercely loyal to their employers, millennials are less likely to follow a linear path in their career. Instead, millennials typically jump from employer to employer and place more importance on personal relationships than work. This is a critical period for many employers and it is absolutely imperative that they make a genuine effort to understand their new audience (see our blog post on developing candidate personas ).

HR Check In: How to Stay Relevant in Recruiting


That not only is frustrating to the candidate, but provides them with a negative perception of your brand, which can eventually lead to loss of customer, if the disappointed candidate spreads the word to their network. My Sneaky Trick to Get Your Leadership Obsessed With Employer Branding (Glassdoor). One of the most common challenges among modern day recruiters is trying to get management to embrace the idea of using employer brand to recruit talent.

Five Onboarding Tips New Hires Will Thank You For


It’s important to consider your employer branding—if you’re giving new hires the silent treatment between the offer letter and their first day, you’re already sending them the wrong message. No one wants to spend their first few hours, or days, sitting in HR working their way through a mountain of forms, so send them important documents such as employee handbooks, I-9s, payroll forms, and non-disclosure agreements beforehand.

Developing a Thriving and Engaging Online Talent Community

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Your primary focus here should be on your current employees who are your best brand ambassadors so you need to motivate them post updates and participate in discussions. For more information on other tactics you can use, check out our Ultimate Recruiter’s Handbook for 2016 whitepaper. Employer Branding Job Seekers Talent Community Tips candidate engagement linkedin talent pipeline talent communities talent poolWhat Exactly is a ‘Talent Community’?

Why Your Small Business Needs an EVP and 5 Steps to Build It


It helps you stand apart from other businesses competing for talent and helps strengthen your employment brand. Put it in your employee handbook. Your EVP is part of your employment brand. Small Business employee value proposition Employment Branding small businessIf someone were to ask you right now, “What is your EVP?” Would you be able to answer them right away? Or would you have to stop and think about it?

HubSpot, Snapchat, and How to Not Be So Boring With Your Recruiting


Just because we’re all avid Internet users now, and have probably become comfortable with the idea of applying to jobs online, that doesn’t mean employers should stop innovating and making the process better. Techniques like this also won’t hurt your employer brand. This means looking for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat channels that express your company’s brand. Like the topic of employer branding?

Social Recruiting Round-Up – April 2015

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Employer branding is one of the most important aspects of candidate attraction in 2015. The true story behind the girl with the whiteboard and why recruiters and employers alike, need to stand up and pay close attention is revealed! Well, consider the fact that collectively a company’s employees will have 10 times as many connections on LinkedIn as their company-employer does.

Why Social Recruiting Is Everyone’s Job.

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If you’re like most employers, you’ve probably already set up some sort of social media presence dedicated to careers and hiring. ” With more or less every employer on social media, however, standing out from the crowd – and connecting with (or converting) top talent is more challenging than ever before. They need to see what makes your company so special, and why you’re an employer of choice worth choosing.

All Good In the Hood: How Recruiting Can Live Side by Side With HR.

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She could give two s s about how to source on SnapChat or build a magnetic employer brand. And at the end of the day, and despite all their obvious faults, most HR professionals truly want the same thing as you do: to do what’s right for employees and their employer. Blog Posts News Trends employer branding HR hr lady hr technology organizational development Recruiting robin schooling Tips Work/Life Balance

Social Recruiting Benefits: Why You Won’t See Many Without Culture Change


At its best, social media should be used as a means for building a sense of familiarity and relationships between recruiters, your employer brand, and candidates. To understand the change in culture, it can be helpful to take a page from the digital marketer’s handbook. Because after all, these are the professionals who make a living off brand building and customer acquisition. Uncategorized employer branding Recruiting Strategies social recruiting talent acquisition

6 Free Resources for New HR Professionals


The site contains everything from sample employee handbook chapters and direct deposit enrollment forms to email templates for each step along the candidate journey. . These are designed to help you develop strategies around employer branding , VR training and more.

7 Tips for Onboarding Remote Employees


SHRM urges this practice, pointing out, “The use of a buddy system may accelerate the productivity of new hires and enhance job satisfaction making it easier for employers to retain individuals.” and also a few surprises (personalized welcome cards, branded swag, and so on).

Why You Should Create a Candidate Journey Map ASAP (Template Included!)

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Once you’ve mapped out the stages of the candidate’s journey, you can then plan out what content you need at each stage to attract a candidate’s attention and encourage them to engage with your brand. Providing candidates with information they’re actively seeking will make candidates feel like you fully understand what they’re going through, that your organization cares and that an employment opportunity with your company will be a positive one.

Creating a Better Onboarding Experience for External Workers

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Impact on Employer Brand : Your brand may suffer fallout as the external worker feels left adrift once “hired.”. By aligning MSP, contingent workers, and the hiring manager, employers can communicate better with their new contingent workers.

May 2020 Jobs Report Recap and Steps to Get Your Team Back on Track


While there are still a lot of uncertainties as a result of the pandemic, one thing all employers can agree on is that how we do business will forever be changed. Your employer brand gives your team the opportunity to sell top talent on your open roles.

Report 113

6 Freelancers Who Write Great Job Descriptions [+ 3 agencies]


She also has experience creating or updating employee handbooks, building HR infrastructures, and improving HR processes. From Phil’s profile, it looks like he also does candidate screening, recruiting, employer branding, and onboarding too!

How to Onboard Healthcare New Hires Fast (and Remotely!)

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Employee handbook. Structured onboarding with an HRMS improves engagement, retention, and your overall employer brand. employers don’t get it right. Only 32% of employers have a formal onboarding program.