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Tech recruiter job description template


Our tech recruiter job description template tells you everything you need to know. Essentially, tech recruiters specialize in finding the right people for technical and IT-related jobs in a range of industries. Tech recruiter Job Description. Onboard new employees.

Writing Your Certified Nursing Assistant Job Descriptions


And while it’s important to have a standout recruitment process, the hiring process begins with your job descriptions. . Here are some general guidelines to follow when creating an attention grabbing, search-friendly CNA job description. And for more home care and long-term care job description assistance, check out this resource. . CNA Job Requirements . CNA Job Description Outline and Best Practices.


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Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

Proactive Talent

There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. That was my response when I was recently asked by John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRExaminer , to share my thoughts on whether there are companies out there that don’t or shouldn’t need to focus on employer branding in The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding by Dice. So just how much can a poor employer brand cost you?

Employer Branding On A Budget

ClearCompany Recruiting

Brushing up our employer branding is the top initiative of our recruiting team while we pause hiring to evaluate market conditions during the COVID-19 outbreak. My goal in this post is to help you develop an employer brand using your existing team and resources.

Dice 2018 Recruitment Automation Report

for tomorrow’s tech tools DICE 2018 Dice Recruitment Automation Report 2 Contents Most Recruiters See AI Not as a Job Replacer, but as a Valuable Helper The Positive Impacts of Automation What Recruiters Want — and Don’t. Job Replacer, but as a Valuable Helper The general feeling among.

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Boost Your Employer Brand


A strong employer brand helps your organization create a reliable, sustainable hiring pipeline. Increasingly, companies are integrating technologies like artificial intelligence to support the work that goes into that brand-building. Help candidates schedule in-person interviews.

Employer Branding Strategies from Working at Uber, WeWork and Autodesk


If you’re into employer branding, you’re in for a treat. Below is my interview with Andrew Levy. Since then, Andrew has worked on the talent branding teams at WeWork, Uber and Autodesk. He’s got a unique background and he shares a bunch of useful employer branding nuggets. Does every company need an employer branding lead? Too many companies let their corporate brand stand on their own.

The Death of the Common Job Description

Glassdoor for Employers

The way people consume content has changed dramatically and it’s not stopping with job descriptions. The hot talent you’ve been hunting for isn’t going to read a boring, long job description and actually decide to apply. If people are actually clicking on your jobs, that’s awesome. Here are a few ways to tweak your job descriptions, put your creative thinking cap on and update your job descriptions: Think like a search engine.

How to do a developer-friendly employer brand overhaul for 2020

Stack Overflow

While there are more than 223,000 open job listings for software developers in the United States alone, only 35,000 computer science majors are graduating from U.S. Here are some key elements of building a developer-friendly employer brand. Building trust in your brand.

How to Write a Job Description


But, on the other side of the hiring equation, job seekers are scrolling through dozens of job descriptions at lightning speed. On average, a job seeker spends 11 hours a week looking for a new job: reading career sites, clicking on open positions, and evaluating job descriptions. Formulaic job descriptions cause companies to miss out on top talent. Job descriptions aren’t generating excitement about the open roles.

Guest Blog – How Your Recruiting Strategy Influences Employer Branding


Is it really possible for your recruiting strategy to impact your brand? Employer branding is a vital piece of the hiring puzzle when it comes to organically attracting talent. Your employer branding can make or break your ability to pick up the right people. There are plenty of tell-tale statistics that reveal the holes employers are leaving wide open in their hiring process. What are your application and interview questions like?

The Surprising Way to Increase Careers Site Traffic

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Let’s face it: Increasing your careers site traffic can feel overwhelming… should you concentrate on job boards? And that’s why having a careers blog with good, authentic content that’s easily found by job-searching candidates can be surprisingly effective in your recruiting strategy.

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Real-life Employer Branding Ideas That Work

Recruiting Blogs

Employer Branding ideas are essential for building a strong and attractive employer brand. Many firms have started investing more in their employer branding strategy so I decided write about some real-life employer branding ideas and strategies. HubSpot and Facebook have mastered their employer branding and recruitment marketing efforts, and here is how! Why is employer branding important?

5 Recruitment Marketing Projects to Tackle This Summer

Rally Recruitment Marketing

That number is great considering that employer branding hasn’t been around all that long! For the other 60% of us, this might be an opportune moment to conduct research and finally put together our EVP messaging and employer brand platform.

The 10 Real Reasons Your Recruitment Strategy is Failing

Social Talent

For example, an objective for your recruitment strategy could be to increase employer brand awareness, while a specific goal relating to that objective could be to increase traffic to your careers site from social media by X%. Little time is put into actually defining the calibre of candidate this job role should attract. Your Employer Brand. Your employer brand is a critical element when it comes to establishing a competitive advantage in the labour market.

5 Biggest Challenges Modern Recruiters Face

Social Talent

What you can do: Focus on your employer brand. Your employer branding is the sum-total of what potential employees think of you as an employer and the goal is to create differentiation and preference in the minds of these people. Therefore, investing in a strong employer brand will give you a major advantage in attracting top talent. Recommended Reading: 5 Ways Content Marketing Can Dramatically Boost Your Employer Brand ).

iCIMS 81

7 New Ways Videos Can Improve Your Recruiting

Spark Hire

Video can be a great — and easy — way to engage potential employees, take them through the onboarding process, and help them perform their day-to-day tasks. Employer brand videos. A report by Brandemix found 80 percent of respondents believe effectively building an employer brand helps them be successful in a variety of ways — including attracting skilled job seekers. But my company doesn’t have a brand,” you might say.

Video 109

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Building an attractive company: Employer branding. How to write job descriptions. Creating an interview process.

Content Strategist & Project Manager

Stories Incorporated

is a small team in the growing field of employer branding and recruitment marketing. We work with leading Fortune 1000 employer brands like CVS Health and Dell Technologies as well as mid-sized companies with innovative cultures. Why work at this job, at Stories Inc.

Managing your Employer Brand on Glassdoor Like a Pro - Talentnow

Recruiting Blogs

That’s why, Marketing your brand as a desirable employer can go a long way in filling the vacant positions in your organization fast and easy. One way to do this is by managing your reputation on job boards and employer review sites. No employer serious about hiring quality talent can afford to neglect their reputation on such platforms. According to a recent study , 48% of job seekers consulted Glassdoor during their search. Advertise your jobs.

How to communicate company culture changes: Recruitment marketing tips


But right after the first interview runs, you realize that the majority of interviewees are confused about your new workplace setup. First step: update your recruitment marketing efforts – how you promote yourself as an employer to attract future candidates. Revisit your employer brand.

Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

Recruiting Blogs

There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. That was my response when I was recently asked by John Sumser, Principal Analyst at KeyInterval Research and Founder of HRExaminer , to share my thoughts on whether there are companies out there that don’t or shouldn’t need to focus on employer branding in The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding by Dice.

4 Ways That You Can Create a Great Candidate Experience in a Remote Environment


A good candidate experience makes candidates eager to work for your company – it’s that feeling of excitement when you’re filling out a job application and imagining yourself working there. Candidates still want to know if they are moving forward with an interview.

The Ultimate Guide To Job Posting


More than half the traffic on Glassdoor, one of the world’s most popular job boards, comes from mobile with the group of 35-44 leading the way. And this is why employers who accept mobile applications are twice as likely to get high quality candidates as those that don’t.

Guide to Re-Onboarding: Best Practices for Bringing Your People Back from Furlough

Glassdoor for Employers

Returning to work is not as simple as welcoming waves of employees back to their old jobs. Technically your organization is making a new job offer , which your employee can accept, reject, or negotiate - and their answer will affect the employee's unemployment status.

Candidates don’t like asynchronous video interviews: How can you fix that?


Workable’s own data finds that in 2020 to date, there was an average of 94 total candidates for every single job – with 26 of those being moved to the “promising” stage. The upside of asynchronous video interviews. She found that asynchronous video interviews helped hugely. “To

Video 78

How Glassdoor Can Help You Manage Through Tough Times

Glassdoor for Employers

You can continue to count on us to provide dedicated customer support along with continued employer branding and recruiting services. Here are some useful ways to lean on your strong employer brand to manage ambiguity and uncertainty.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Employer Branding. Employer Branding. Understanding EEO Job Categories for the EEO-1 Report. Glassdoor for Employers Blog. Onboarding.

5 Recession-Proof Hiring Strategies to Put In Place Now

Glassdoor for Employers

And that the best strategy for maintaining – or even improving – your hiring strategies during a recession is to do everything you can to recession-proof the way you attract, hire and retain job candidates. Build a Magnetic Employer Brand.

Why the Best Recruitment Marketers Don’t Stop at ‘Apply Here’

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Here’s the main recalibration: Modern recruitment marketing has expanded into a programmatic approach for every stage in hiring, from engage to interview to hire. That’s in addition to job postings aimed at helping candidates see themselves in that role. Consider video job descriptions to capture candidate interest. Leverage video whenever you can to tell your talent brand story. Interview. And, of course, ready and eager to accept your job offer.

B2B 42

How to Master Applicant Management with an ATS | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

Managing applicant information can be a full-time job when you’re not using an ATS. Repetitive tasks like interview scheduling and sending rejection messages are handled effortlessly by the applicant management system. Create Employer Brand Consistency.

Balancing Act: How to Prioritize Your Client’s Brand With Your Own

The Staffing Stream

How important is it for staffing firms to understand and promote a client’s brand when it comes to recruiting efforts? And more importantly, for contract hires, how do you prioritize a client’s brand alongside your own? The Powerful Role You Play in Employer Branding.

Hiring for culture fit: The key to attracting and retaining talent


The value of “culture fit” as a job requirement has been debated for a long time. They no longer stay with companies for a lifetime, in jobs where their ideas get shut down, patiently waiting for retirement. He would threaten people’s jobs over chats. And what’s worse, this company overpaid everybody, so employees ended up in these golden handcuffs, and they couldn’t leave although they hated their jobs. Get creative with your job descriptions.

How to set up a candidate experience survey


Pitfalls, small or large, hurt your reputation, cost you great hires and damage your employer brand. The candidate experience timeline begins from the moment a job seeker learns about an open position at your company and continues throughout the candidate’s interview process. It ends with a job offer or rejection letter. Applicants (post-interview). See also our free post-interview rejection letter sample.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

Arya Recruiting Robotics

million , and 90 percent of these tech-savvy Americans will search for jobs on their phones. Of that 90 percent, about 44 percent will apply to jobs directly from their phones. Recruiting Trends Report indicated that LinkedIn has surpassed online job boards, corporate career websites and referrals as the best place to find quality hires. Use this gender decoder tool to see if your job descriptions are subtly deterring one gender from applying.

No Further Questions: Interview Hacks for Hiring Success

Recruiting Daily

At its core, recruiting is more or less an exercise in making a good first impression; from the 6-8 seconds the average recruiter (if such a thing exists) spends reviewing a resume to the reported 35 seconds job seekers spend, on average, reading an online job description , making an immediate impact is imperative for both employers and job seekers. Face-to-Face Interviews: Putting Your Best Face Forward. Interview Hack #2: Ditch the Dated Decor.

How to Enhance Your Hiring Process During the Holidays

Spark Hire

Top quality talent is afraid to take a leap into a new job. It also causes hiring professionals to spend more time and money attracting, hiring, and onboarding employees who aren’t in it for the long-haul. Valerie Streif, the senior advisor at Mentat , a professional networking technology company located in San Francisco, said develop interview questions around the candidate’s New Year’s resolutions. The leaves are changing. Temperatures are dropping.

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2015

Social Talent

2014 taught us a number of lessons about the recruitment industry ; mobile is extremely important when it comes to recruiting, today’s job market is most definitely candidate driven, employer branding is an essential element of the recruitment process, job ads with images attract more candidates, and promises of a higher salary don’t necessarily secure the candidate. in their communications, whether that be a job ad on a job board, an InMail or an email.

Social Recruiting Strategy: from Good to Great


It makes sense- candidates trust a human voice more than a corporate logo, and learn more about a company through social media than through careers pages and job descriptions. And unless you are a household brand or a hot, up-and-coming tech unicorn, you might not expect more of your own social pages. And is it mostly job posts and general company updates? It will impact every marketing decision you make, starting with your employer brand.

6 Stages of the Employee Life Cycle: Excelling in Each

Achievers - Recruiting

Every story will involve how the employee heard about your organization, how they were recruited and onboarded, why they’ve stayed with your company, and how their time at your organization has changed them. It begins with the first time they hear about your brand. Market your brand.