Why Job Boards Are Partnering with AI Recruiting Vendors


For traditional job boards, this has required a real step-change in their approach. With hundreds of job boards in operation and even more recruitment technology suppliers entering the market, there’s a lot of pressure to provide the most effective solutions.

Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

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There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. That was my response when I was recently asked by John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRExaminer , to share my thoughts on whether there are companies out there that don’t or shouldn’t need to focus on employer branding in The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding by Dice. So just how much can a poor employer brand cost you?

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Go Mobile Before Your Candidates Are Gone


Experts forecasting the latest recruiting trends say with the advent of mobile job apps, big brand job boards like Indeed and Monster will be the next dinosaurs of the HCM market. That’s why it’s SO important for your employer brand to be mobile friendly.

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How to Use Analytics for Employer Branding

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How do you measure employer branding success? Whether your company is just getting started or has a well-defined employer branding program, measurement is critical to monitor the success of your activities. Employer Branding analytics Brand measurement

The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding


Instead of reading reviews online, job candidates are looking into what their potential employers have to offer and what makes a company stand out. What is employer branding? Does your company have an employer brand? Who is in charge of employer branding?

Do You Have a Strong Employer Branding Strategy?


According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an employer brand is one of the most important parts of the employee value proposition. A strong employer branding strategy can greatly impact recruiting efforts to attract high-level candidates to your organization.

5 Steps to Selecting the Right Job Board

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Are you getting the candidates you want at a fair price from the job boards you use? A 2014 Glassdoor survey showed that 68% of employers were dissatisfied with the job boards they were using. Do they market a mobile app to help job seekers find my job listings?

4 Tips To improving Your Employer Branding


Ok, there are tons of stuff you can do when it comes to employer branding because it’s simply a marketing exercise and no marketer in the world will ever tell you (they shouldn’t either) that they’re doing enough nor they would say they have enough budget to do enough.

Employer Brand: A Weapon in the Recruitment Arsenal

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But investing in your Employer Brand makes it so much easier. Just post your job openings and among the hundreds of potential respondents should be a select few who have what it takes to be successful. Why focus on employer brand.

Employer Branding Strategies Conference 2018: Most Valuable Tweets


The Employer Branding Strategies Conference (Ebrandcon) just wrapped up its 2018 session. Ebrandcon took a deep dive into employer branding including: Using technology to drive employer brand. Content strategy for your employer brand.

Career Sites are 7x More Cost-Effective Than Job Boards: How to Attract Top Talent with a Compelling Career Site


According to Hireology data, 71 percent of job applicants research a company’s career site before applying to a job. Hireology data found that career sites are 7x more cost-effective than job boards. Engaging and Mobile-Friendly Content.

Best developer job boards: Where to post jobs to hire developers


Despite the increasing popularity of candidate sourcing techniques, job boards are still the easiest way to reach millions of software developers. When figuring out how to hire a developer, developer job boards (both niche and mainstream) can help you find strong candidates.

8 Employer Brand Tips To Spice Up Candidate Experience


Given the gap between more jobs we need to fill and less talent we need to fill them , tech candidates in particular are well aware of that. We’re getting better at due diligence when it comes to recruiting, doing a better job researching our candidates, and personalizing our approach. Despite mobile and social, despite video conferencing and (coming soon) holographic interviews , the face-to-face experience is still invaluable as the candidate moves up the ranks of vetting.

The Modern Staffing and Recruiting Website: 2020 and Beyond


If you want to build a website that attracts, engages and drives both employers and job seekers to take action, here are a few of the features it should include: Information architecture. entice an employer to pick up the phone and place an order. Google for Jobs optimization.

This Job Crunch is our Least Favorite Form of Exercise

Fistful of Talent

For four straight months this year, the number of open jobs outnumbered the people out of work in the U.S. There are no signs that this trend will slow down soon, which is great news for workers but makes our jobs even more difficult and crucial. Behold the brand ambassador.

6 Rules For Mobile Optimized Recruiting

Newton Software

Mobile Optimized Recruiting Made Easy. The impact of mobile job search on the candidate experience and applicant to candidate conversion rates. The importance of mobile apply in promoting EEO/OFCCP regulations and workplace diversity. Would you want to apply for that job?

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5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2014’s Biggest Outcomes

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2014 was choc-a-block with lessons to be learned, tips to take note of and techniques to be applied to how we go about sourcing in 2015, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss any of them: Mobile Usage Surpassed Desktop. 3 in 5 job seekers used mobile devices to search for jobs.

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8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into this Week – 20th June 2016

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LinkedIn is keeping its branding and product, and it will become a part of Microsoft’s productivity and business processes segment. Across all industries and all jobs, it took employers an average of 29.3 a lower talent pool of EU graduates applying for jobs.

Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

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There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. If you’re not proactively making an effort to manage and join in on the conversation around your company’s employer brand, you can bet that someone else is.

Do You Have this Massive “Drop-Off” From Career Site to Job Descriptions?


You’ve got a solid-looking company career site page like this: The “Hotel Lobby Theory” …yet your job description pages look something more like this JD below. After all, their job is make your company/brand look great. Do you have this problem?

Integrating ATS and Social Recruiting: A Match Made in Heaven

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Strategies can be as variant as employer branding and college recruiting, and tools can range from candidate relationship management to employee referral software. Mobile Access. Even though not all candidates can be winners, you want as many eyes on your job posting as possible.

Recruitment In A Post-Rolodex World


In 2020, the average person can easily create a never-ending contact list in his/her mobile device. However, LinkedIn and other online Rolodexes have made it so that it’s difficult for job seekers to differentiate between the various recruiters that may contact them.

Why and How The Best Recruiters Use Indeed To Post Job Ads

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Indeed is the world’s most popular job board. It takes the pain out of job searching and job seekers love it. It pulls all of the information they need to find their dream job into one site. Right under the hungry eyes of the job seeker. Why Indeed?

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

Arya Recruiting Robotics

Embrace social and mobile recruiting. You’ve heard about the importance of social and mobile recruiting, and you’ve been meaning to ramp up your tactics, but…no more excuses! Let’s talk about mobile recruiting first. million job ads listed on online job board Indeed.

5 Noteworthy Pieces of Sourcing News – 13th October 2014

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In the news this week: Facebook have Just Changed Mobile Advertising Forever. This week, Mark Zuckerberg’s baby announced the launch of it’s new ad platform, Atlas, and told us exactly why it has the potential to significantly increase how much we advertise on mobile devices.

9 Intriguing Social Recruiting News Stories – 6th July 2015

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In the news this week: Job Boards Still A Leading Way To Fill Vacancies. As more than one survey (including our own) has pointed out over the last few years, job boards are far from dead. The company also helps steer candidates towards specific jobs that they qualify for.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


This includes general HR blogs, recruiting blogs, talent acquisition blogs, employer branding blogs and more. Employer Branding. Employer Branding. Understanding EEO Job Categories for the EEO-1 Report. Glassdoor for Employers Blog.

Why I Started Proactive Talent Strategies, LLC

Proactive Talent

The Evolution of Candidate Expectations What used to be a world consumed by job boards, applications, automation, and job hunters is now a place of social recruiting – one where referrals, analytics and integrated recruiting strategies rule. Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube and other apps, social networks, and mobile technologies have reinvented the way that job seekers research companies as well as search for and apply to jobs.

HR Recruitment Trends to Watch in 2020


Over the past few years, HR trends have shifted focus to creating a positive candidate experience, strengthening employer branding and embracing social recruitment. Consider how candidates interact with your brand in terms of technology and content. The employer brand.

Your Applicant Tracking System May Be Hurting Your Recruitment Efforts


However, for many job seekers, an ATS makes the task of applying for a job more difficult. According to Sean Pomeroy on VisibilitySoftware.com , an Appcast study found that a whopping 90 percent of job seekers abandon the application process due to a frustrating ATS.

Traffic, Transparency & Talent Technology: The Future of Online Recruiting

Recruiting Daily

And during the dot com days, when job boards were still in their infancy, online recruitment was more or less dominated by three major players. The Battle of the Boards. Job Boards Aren’t Dead.

8 Pressing Recruitment News Stories We Need to Discuss this Week – 27th June 2016

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The decision has since sparked nationwide and worldwide debate on the impact this will have on a variety of issues including employment, the economy and life in the UK. Recruitment & Employment Confederation.

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6 Unmissable Recruitment News Stories this Independence Day – 4th July 2016

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In recruitment news this week: New LinkedIn Report Reveals the Latest Job Seeking Trends. 27% of job seekers cite not understanding what’s expected of the role as another stumbling block. Candidates primary desires when entering a new job are: Career advancement.

Recruiting Videos Don’t Have To Suck.

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The soft lighting and stock office images so pervasive to this nascent genre are every bit as boring as the bullet point ridden job descriptions they’re purported to replace, and every bit as forgettable. As mentioned before, more video content is consumed via mobile than anywhere else.

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Why You Should Always Link to Your Career Site in Job Postings


Many businesses tap into job boards and similar channels to source talent and fill open roles. To attract top talent, it’s important to link to your career site in all job postings, so prospective applicants can learn more about what to expect if they join your team.

Glassdoor’s 2014 Recruiting Budget: Revealed

Glassdoor for Employers

All the while, we needed to scale our Glassdoor for Employers business and hire over 120 sales, marketing and service pros; the sheer volume of hiring was daunting. Thus, we needed amplify our brand and turn on all promising recruiting channels. It’s 2015 planning time.

5 Ideas to Steal from Apple’s Career Site Redesign


It’s no surprise that Apple is putting more investment into their employment brand. With the economy at near full employment , there are more open jobs across the U.S. This is designed to hook job seekers who are looking to do more than clock in and collect a paycheck.

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2015

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Nowadays, if you’re still only using SnapChat as a method of creative job application, you’re missing out on it’s potential as a recruitment tool… big time. What 2015 has taught us is that SnapChat’s primary niche as a recruitment tool now falls firmly into the employer branding category.

The Top 10 Problems TA Leaders Tell Me About


My job is awesome. Disclaimer: Since Ongig is a job description platform, a higher-than average amount of people bring up job description-related problems with me. . 1) Job Descriptions. Coming in at #1 is the category of job descriptions in general.

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How to post jobs on Glassdoor


Glassdoor is your gateway to millions of job seekers. Here’s our complete guide for how to post jobs on Glassdoor, plus advice to strengthen your employer brand through Glassdoor’s capabilities: How does Glassdoor work? Create your Glassdoor Employer Account.