Social media vs. job boards: which is right for you?


Job board and social media recruitment provide advantages to hiring managers when seeking talent. Employer Branding. Creating interest in your brand should be an ongoing priority for your company to actively engage both active and passive candidates.

How to Build an Employer Brand Budget

Proactive Talent

In my opinion, there are two groups of companies out there who have yet to put together a formal budget for employer branding: 1. Those that do not understand the importance of employer branding , and therefore don’t prioritize or fund it at all. Those that understand the importance of employer branding , but don’t know how to prioritize or build it into their budget. The bigger the company, the bigger the employer brand budget.


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3 Sources of Data You Need For A Successful Employer Brand Launch

Rally Recruitment Marketing

My name is Chris Fitzner, I’m the Recruitment Marketing Manager at Appian where under the Employer Brand Team I lead the Recruitment Marketing efforts to attract top talent using a multi channel data driven approach. Another way to find out more about top employees is to survey them.

Employer Branding Strategies for the COVID Era

Recruiting Daily Advisor

The employer brand is an essential component of your recruiting and talent acquisition process. A company’s brand helps define the type of culture that’s in place and showcases what it’s like to work there. 71% of HR professionals use job boards to promote open positions online.

Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

Proactive Talent

There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. That was my response when I was recently asked by John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRExaminer , to share my thoughts on whether there are companies out there that don’t or shouldn’t need to focus on employer branding in The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding by Dice. So just how much can a poor employer brand cost you?

10 Best Marketing Job Boards of 2017


Recruiters know that marketing job boards perform well because while larger more general sites get more traffic, it’s the niche sites where talented marketing candidates hang out with a sense of community — discussing their careers and experience. So here are the 10 best marketing job boards: 10. It’s the official board for TechCrunch, a leading resource for technology news with an audience of more than 12 million readers each month.

5 Simple Steps to Employer Branding Best Practices


Modern candidates have the freedom to pick and choose which employers and positions to pursue. There are sites like Glassdoor that offer anonymous employee reviews, social media platforms to post team photos on, and the other various nuances that make it seem hard to adopt employer branding best practices. Employer branding is the process by which a company creates an internal and external face of the company, focusing on a target audience comprised of prospective hires.

The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding


Instead of reading reviews online, job candidates are looking into what their potential employers have to offer and what makes a company stand out. As a secret weapon for hiring better quality candidates, innovative companies are dedicating time and resources to building a great employer branding strategy. What is employer branding? Does your company have an employer brand? All of these issues can be solved with great employer branding.

5 Steps to Selecting the Right Job Board

Glassdoor for Employers

Are you getting the candidates you want at a fair price from the job boards you use? A 2014 Glassdoor survey showed that 68% of employers were dissatisfied with the job boards they were using. With the average time to fill a position at 52 days and a cost of $4,000 according to a Bersin by Deliotte study , it may be time to reevaluate the job boards you’ve been using. When was the last time you listed what you actually need from a job board?

A Complete List of Employer Branding Strategies for Job Descriptions


Today I’m going to show you a VERY effective list of employer branding strategies for your job descriptions. So if you’re looking to build powerful, converting job postings you’ll really enjoy this list. Employer Branding on Job Descriptions vs Company Career Page. A lot of your candidates are coming from job boards like Indeed, Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Why Is Employer Branding Important on Job Descriptions?

How to level up your hiring strategy through anonymous candidate surveys


Candidate surveys are essential tools for HR and recruiting professionals to gather valuable feedback from candidates and track their progress through key steps of the hiring process. Candidate surveys: what can you track – and how? In the same survey, 64.8% Employer brand.

7 Employer Branding Questions to Ask Yourself

Glassdoor for Employers

You know you have a strong employer brand when candidates are empowered with information and you’re naturally attracting the best employees. To prospective employees, your employer brand delivers a powerful answer to the question “Why work here?” As you work to build your employer brand, reflect upon the following seven employer branding questions: 1. What does our current employer brand say about us?

5 Ways a Recruitment CRM Platform Can Drive Improved Hiring Results Over Job Boards Alone


This trend is making the hiring market highly competitive for employers across industry. To attract and hire top talent, many employers invest significantly in job boards. Tapping into job boards can help employers reach a wide range of job applicants, but in some cases, the capabilities end here. While job boards are a key ingredient to any employer’s hiring efforts, it’s important for your team to also think beyond job boards.

5 Careers Blog Tips from Rally Award Winners

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In fact, this year’s Jobvite Job Seeker Nation Report found that 86% of job seekers say company culture is important in their decision to apply for a job. . Employer Branding Recruitment Marketing

Employer Branding to Attract Top Talent


The impact employer branding has on your recruitment strategy is becoming more and more apparent every day. But three months later John decides the job isn’t for him and leaves. To increase the chances of a candidate being the right fit for your organisation, it is vital to effectively manage your employer brand. Employer Branding. And what’s worse, 49% of employers feel they do not have the tools to effectively build their employer brand.

All You Need To Know About A Terrible Employer Brand Through Memes

Spark Hire

In a lot of ways, a company’s employer brand is like a meme. There are countless things that contribute to your employer brand. Everything from the wording in your job descriptions to your social media presence affects what talent thinks about your company as a place to work. For example, a 2015 report by LinkedIn found that 83 percent of job seekers would change their mind about a company after a terrible interview experience.

Job Boards Only Deliver 50% of the Applicants You Need to Fill Open Roles. 3 Tips to Fully Staff up with Top Talent


Many employers heavily rely on job boards to fill their open roles. But if job boards happen to be the only channel you’re tapping into for recruitment marketing, you’re likely falling short with your hiring efforts. While job boards can deliver a high quantity of applicants, many of these applicants are not necessarily qualified. Diversify Your Job Board Spending. Build a Strong Employment Brand and Career Site.

Is LinkedIn Really All it’s Cracked up to be When Predicting The Future of Recruitment?

Social Talent

According to Recruitingtrends , 46% of the companies they surveyed have a diversity initiative in place. TA leaders would like to invest more money in employer branding. Unfortunately, it’s hard to produce a nice excel sheet for employer branding. Do you think the experts were correct about the underlying desire for improvements when it comes to employer branding? Last week we took a journey back in time.

8 Employer Brand Tips To Spice Up Candidate Experience


Given the gap between more jobs we need to fill and less talent we need to fill them , tech candidates in particular are well aware of that. We’re getting better at due diligence when it comes to recruiting, doing a better job researching our candidates, and personalizing our approach. 5) Your Employer Brand Matters. Every employer has a different perceptible brand, but awareness of it starts well before the hiring process. 6) Brand R eally Matters.

Nothing Else Matters: Why Your Job Postings Are Your Employer Brand.

Recruiting Daily

While the whole job search is like dating metaphor has decidedly jumped the shark , the fact is that while this aphorism used to be something of a stretch, now, they’re pretty much the same exact exercise, albeit with a distinctly different call to action. Not anymore; in fact, 66% of those looking for love today say they do so exclusively online, and 40% of all Americans surveyed reported knowing at least one person who met a spouse or partner online.

5 Employees Who Will Activate Your Employer Brand — Whether You Want Them To Or Not


In the employer brand world there is a lot of talk about employee advocacy and brand ambassadors. They are a more trusted source and their networks are exponentially larger than their employer’s network. Here are five types of employees who will activate your brand and three pro tips on how you can thoughtfully manage them—and your employer brand. Their offices are decorated in branded swag and they love their company Polo shirts. (I

We’re Launching An Entire Event Around Employer Branding in Brooklyn

IT Governance

A spin through LinkedIn’s recently-released 2017 Annual Global Recruiting Trends report confirms that employer branding is one of the hottest topics – if not the hottest topic – in the industry. LinkedIn surveys some 4,000 HR pros each year and, just like the 2016 edition, employer branding features prominently in the report. Specifically, that “effective employer brand focuses on culture and career growth”.

Real-life Employer Branding Ideas That Work

Recruiting Blogs

Employer Branding ideas are essential for building a strong and attractive employer brand. Many firms have started investing more in their employer branding strategy so I decided write about some real-life employer branding ideas and strategies. HubSpot and Facebook have mastered their employer branding and recruitment marketing efforts, and here is how! Why is employer branding important?

5 Simple Ways to Improve Diversity Hiring Practices in Your Organisation RIGHT NOW!

Social Talent

Better Candidate Attraction – According to Glassdoor , 67% of active and passive job seekers say that when evaluating companies and job offers, it is important to them that the company has a diverse workforce. Well, here are a number of suggestions taken directly from our brand new Diversity Hiring module (released today) as part of our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment online training course : Take an Implicit Association Test.

Here’s Where You Need Recruitment Marketing Content — Outside of Your Careers Site

Rally Recruitment Marketing

You likely put a lot of your time and effort as a practitioner into ensuring the site includes relevant information for job seekers, is frequently updated with content about your company and provides an excellent experience for candidates. With social media, paid ads and job boards becoming a larger part of the Recruitment Marketing mix, many job seekers are bypassing companies’ careers sites entirely during their search. Employer Branding Recruitment Marketing

Survey: Workplace Diversity Critical to Veteran Recruiting Programs


To compete for and win members of this valuable talent pool , employers need targeted veteran recruiting strategies that align with veteran’s preference about workplace diversity and recruiting. Veterans factor it into their their decision-making processes about taking jobs and leaving them.

6 Must-Knows for a Better Candidate Experience


If anything, as technology continues to be more and more intertwined in job seekers’ personal and professional existence and as their expectations of employers get higher, it’s all the more vital that you as an employer learn how to communicate with the people who want to work for you. The 2015 Candidate Behavior study , conducted by Inavero on behalf of CareerBuilder, surveyed more than 5,000 workers and 2,000 hiring decision makers about the hiring experience.

Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

Recruiting Blogs

There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. That was my response when I was recently asked by John Sumser, Principal Analyst at KeyInterval Research and Founder of HRExaminer , to share my thoughts on whether there are companies out there that don’t or shouldn’t need to focus on employer branding in The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding by Dice.

Go Beyond Job Postings: 3 Effective Ways To Attract And Hire Top Talent

Proactive Talent

Research shows that job boards on average gather 43% of all applications companies receive for new job openings. But while job boards may have the highest number of applications, their conversion-to-hire rates fall drastically behind other sources of hire like employee referrals and company career sites. Employee referrals may only account for 7% of all job applications, but they contribute nearly half of all actual hires.

How to Put the “Candid” Back in Candidate Experience Surveys

Change State Blog

Unlike a business’s traditional “customers”, prospective employees are both evaluating your suitability as a potential employer while also actively selling themselves as potential employees. Many forward-thinking organizations have implemented candidate experience surveys to gain real-time insights into their recruitment processes, but getting honest, candid feedback from a candidate requires special care. In candidate experience surveys, a similar dynamic is at play.

4 SMB Recruiting Best Practices for 2017


LinkedIn recently published a recruiting trends report based on survey responses from more than 2,600 corporate talent acquisition leaders at SMBs in 35 countries. Talent leaders want to focus on branding. Seventy percent of most recruiting budgets goes to traditional methods such as job boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies. But recruiters identified “employer branding” as the top area in which they would like to invest more.

SMB 163

8 Questions With Will Staney On Starting Proactive Talent Strategies & The Evolution Of Recruiting

Proactive Talent

If you’re a small or medium-sized company with very limited resources, what free tools can you use beyond LinkedIn and job boards to improve your recruiting efforts? Does your company have an employer brand and does it matter? How do you go about building a strong employer brand to help your company attract and recruit top talent? Our core products are recruiting optimization, employer branding and training services.

Employer Brand: A Weapon in the Recruitment Arsenal

Advance Human Capital

But investing in your Employer Brand makes it so much easier. Just post your job openings and among the hundreds of potential respondents should be a select few who have what it takes to be successful. That’s why no company who wants to hire quality talent can go without a strong Employer Brand. According to Manpower Group’s 2014 Talent Shortage Survey , 36 per cent of employers worldwide report difficulty filling jobs.

9 Intriguing Social Recruiting News Stories – 6th July 2015

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In the news this week: Job Boards Still A Leading Way To Fill Vacancies. As more than one survey (including our own) has pointed out over the last few years, job boards are far from dead. And the results from the International Association of Employment Web Sites latest survey , is also showing that applying to a job posted on a commercial site is still the leading way some job seekers find work.

5 Noteworthy Pieces of Sourcing News – 13th October 2014

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” I hear you ask, well, simply put, Facebook knows more about us (and your potential candidates) than Google does and can make more informed decisions about when to serve us ads – especially those intended more for brand-building than commerce (employer branding aficionados take note). Will you be using Atlas to post job ads? The Time to Fill Job Openings Lengthens Yet Again! Manufacturing jobs, for instance, now take an average of 29.6

A feel-good story + Big Data & diversity + Being yourself at work + Uptick your employer reputation + Video on employee pay


FEATURED JOB: CHIEF PEOPLE OFFICER. REMINDER: TO POST AN HR JOB, CLICK THE LINK AT THE TOP. READ THIS (EMPLOYER BRANDING): This is a wonderful, still highly relevant piece by HBR on how to strengthen your reputation as an employer. FEATURED HR & TALENT JOBS.

Dice 52

Introducing Rally Inside: Measure Your Recruitment Marketing Impact

Rally Recruitment Marketing

and the #1 provider of educational resources and events to learn Recruitment Marketing and employer branding strategies and skills. Now, if you’ve been in our community for more than a minute, you can’t help but notice that I send out lots of surveys and polls.

5 Key Trends That Recruiters Need to Know to Succeed in 2017

Social Talent

But while they beat out job boards, LinkedIn, third-party staffing firms, and internal hires to claim the top spot, very little budget gets allocated to employee referral programs. 2017 will be the year of the employer brand. of talent leaders agree that their organisation’s employer brand has a “significant” impact on its ability to attract and hire great talent. And the key to any branding is recognition.

Trends 130

This Job Crunch is our Least Favorite Form of Exercise

Fistful of Talent

For four straight months this year, the number of open jobs outnumbered the people out of work in the U.S. There are no signs that this trend will slow down soon, which is great news for workers but makes our jobs even more difficult and crucial. Job boards, referrals, and even LinkedIn are all less effective than they used to be. Deploying “brand ambassadors” to websites where candidates hang out, and. Behold the brand ambassador. Have you heard?

Your Applicant Tracking System May Be Hurting Your Recruitment Efforts


However, for many job seekers, an ATS makes the task of applying for a job more difficult. According to Sean Pomeroy on , an Appcast study found that a whopping 90 percent of job seekers abandon the application process due to a frustrating ATS. Putting job seekers through long and drawn-out application processes without any promises of even getting job interviews is a sure way to turn candidates away.