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If you want a business case or case use for the importance of mobile recruiting adoption and optimization, you don’t really have to look far. Hell, there’s a cottage industry of content marketing and conferences dedicated specifically to the whole “mobile” category – which is all kind of silly and specious. Why Are We Still Talking About Mobile Recruiting? No where is this phenomenon more obvious than in mobile recruiting.

Dialed In: Mobile Recruiting and The Candidate Experience.

Recruiting Daily

If there’s one thing I really, truly hate about using my smart phone, it’s when I go to look up some basic bit of information (should be easy enough), and get stuck playing a little game that I call “the mobile hokey pokey.” With the mobile hokey pokey, you want to scream and shout…this ain’t what it’s all about. Mobile Recruiting: Can You Hear Me Now? Mobile isn’t a feature or function; it’s a mindset.I


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Mobile Recruiting: Why Recruiters Should Care About The Google Algorithm Change

Recruiting Daily

With the omnipresence of mobile devices, it can be tempting to pull up your browser at any given moment of the day to immediately find the answer to a problem, the background on a new topic or person, and “how to” do nearly anything. If a site is not optimized to auto-adjust to mobile device formats, its ranking can drop from one position to the next or from one page of search results to another – potentially leading to a major loss of web traffic.

10 Brilliant Social Tools You NEED To Be Using

Social Talent

Today, we are absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing our tools for some kick-ass recruitment! We have talked a lot about the current challenges many recruiters face which makes hiring the right candidate more important than ever. And let’s face it – it’s a necessity for any recruiter to have a toolkit that fits their recruitment needs and helps improve their productivity and efficiency. Tool #3: Twitter Search (free).

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The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


I talk to high-growth startups every day and I keep hearing versions of “compared to recruiting, fundraising was easy”. We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Recruiting software and tools.

Women Are Picky! Recruitment Marketing 101!

Fistful of Talent

Recruitment Marketing Pro Tip – you will pay more to recruit talented women than similarly skilled men! Similarly, on Twitter, it cost $31 to get about 52,000 impressions for men but roughly $46 to get 66,000 impressions for women. Recruitment Marketing 101!

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2014’s Biggest Outcomes

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2014 was choc-a-block with lessons to be learned, tips to take note of and techniques to be applied to how we go about sourcing in 2015, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss any of them: Mobile Usage Surpassed Desktop. In 2014, mobile was no longer just an up and coming technology to be thought about in future terms. And the mobile phenomenon had quite the impact on the recruitment industry : Mobile changed job search. Mobile changed job boards.

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Fool Us: Which Recruiting “Trends” Are Total Bulls*it?

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I read a ton of blogs, participate in a lot of Twitter chats (or as I call them, “pithy parties”) and listen in on a lot of presentations about top recruiting trends in talent acquisition and HR technology. Blog Posts News Resources Trends buzzwords employer branding hiring success 17 matt charney mobile recruiting recruiting trends smartrecruiters social recruiting sponsored content talent communities

This Job Crunch is our Least Favorite Form of Exercise

Fistful of Talent

While LinkedIn now boasts more than half of a billion users , recruiters are simply competing against each other for all the exact same candidates ( who probably already have a job anyway ). In this record-low era, some users are so bombarded with recruiting messages, they are just ignoring them altogether. Fatigue is just part of the reason recruiters are investing fewer resources into professional platforms this year. Behold the brand ambassador. Have you heard?

5 Tactics to Attract and Engage Millennials

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This has a direct impact on recruitment activities as companies have to take into account who these millennials actually are, how to motivate them and how they can add value to their business. Whereas baby boomers had to learn to adapt as Information and Communication Technologies paved the way for the digital age, millennials have grown up using mobile, SMS and the Internet. Embrace Mobile. Apps like LinkedIn Recruiter, Instajob and WhatsApp are perfect for this.

Top HR Twitters to Follow Right Now


Spring clean your Twitter feed and make sure you’re following people that inspire your work! Twitter isn’t just a tool for shaming unorganized airlines, however much we all love to. Inspired by the mix of talent present at Hiring Success 18 in San Francisco, we’ve created a list of ‘must follows’ from the recruiting experts in the fields of branding, marketing, D&I, tech, and more – all of whom dazzled us at #Hire18. #1–

6 Recruitment News Items to Capture Your Imagination this Week – 30th March 2015

Social Talent

Meanwhile (and this where it all gets very exciting for recruiters), if you’re the one in need of expanding your network, you can use Caliber to seek out users based on their professional experience, including their roles, skills and companies! And eventually, it wants to generate revenue through business-level features, like support for connecting with CRM systems, or the ability to generate data that could help recruiters or hiring managers find in-demand professionals (yes, please!).

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

Arya Recruiting Robotics

Here are five New Year’s resolutions that every recruiter should make this year. Embrace social and mobile recruiting. You’ve heard about the importance of social and mobile recruiting, and you’ve been meaning to ramp up your tactics, but…no more excuses! Your first recruiting resolution of 2016 should be to create or enhance your social and mobile recruiting strategies. Let’s talk about mobile recruiting first.

7 Ways to Optimise Your Recruitment Emails

Social Talent

That means passive candidates are receiving a large number of recruiting emails that are not resonating with them. Recruiters often tend to forget that the potential candidates they are emailing are in fact people! By personalising your messaging, you are giving them an avenue to make a connection with your employer brand. Your employer brand needs to be clearly communicated in your email messaging. How does this apply to recruiters?

Candidate Experience & the Application Process: 4 Things You’re Doing Wrong

Social Talent

Building a great employer brand can be challenging for some companies, but successfully doing so can enhance a company’s ability to attract, retain and motivate talented individuals. The core component of a strong employer brand is a positive candidate experience which really defines how current and potential employees perceive you as a company. 37% said they would actively tell others to seek employment in that company ✅. Not Optimising for Mobile.

7 Ways to Optimise Your Email Marketing Strategy

Social Talent

That means passive candidates are receiving a large number of recruiting emails that are not resonating with them. Recruiters often tend to forget that the potential candidates they are emailing are in fact people! By personalising your messaging, you are giving them an avenue to make a connection with your employer brand. Your employer brand needs to be clearly communicated in your email messaging. How does this apply to recruiters?

Recruiting Videos Don’t Have To Suck.

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There’s a ton of talk out there about how important it is for recruiters and employers to incorporate video into their talent attraction strategies , but the truth is, there’s no competitive advantage when everyone’s doing the same thing – and recruiting videos have quickly moved from the margins to the mainstream, from cutting edge to cliche. This means if your mobile recruiting strategy is missing video, you’re missing out.

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Handy Hacks for High-Volume Recruiting

Nas Recruitment

For most organizations, recruiting top talent is no piece of cake, but for the high-volume recruiters, it’s even more daunting. Consider that the average job posting garners 50 applicants, while in high-volume recruitment, job postings draw 250 applicants (source: Jobvite). We have a few insights to share: Leverage your brand. Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.”

Fight or Flight: 5 Tips for Retaining Top Talent & Decreasing Voluntary Exits

Recruiting Daily

Roles are reversing in the employment space. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , eight million Americans are looking for jobs, but newly released results from the Glassdoor Recruiting Outlook Survey reveal talent shortage is the No. As job seekers have access to more information about companies than ever before, there is an increasing amount of responsibility to create a successful employment experience. Get Mobile Optimized.

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You Won’t Read Recruitment News this Good for Another 4 Years – 29 February 2016

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In recruitment news this week: LinkedIn Debut Their First-Ever TV Ad. Is LinkedIn Becoming Less and Less Useful for Recruiting? He said: “Whether it’s being paid to promote content, focusing on sales and recruitment over other professions, or interruptive advertising, these streams incentivise poor behaviour by individual users on the site. Is LinkedIn becoming less and less effective as a recruitment tool in your experience?

What Brandon Hall Group’s new report tells us about high-performance Recruitment Marketing


Last week, we shared a new report from Brandon Hall Group’s Kyle Lagunas on “ Key Components of High-Performance Recruitment Marketing,” available for complimentary download here. The report has been very popular with our community, I think, because talent acquisition leaders are ready to take their Recruitment Marketing strategies to the next level. The report is packed with best practices that modern recruiting organizations can learn from.

How to: Use Recruitment Marketing like a Fortune 500 Company

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You are going to be hearing a lot about recruitment marketing in 2016. In fact, they are technically a recruiter’s consumers. You need to prove to candidates that your company is THE company to work for and that your employer brand, your benefits and your growth opportunities are better than those of your competitors. And the only way you’re going to convince them of all that, is with recruitment marketing. What is Recruitment Marketing?

The Best Free Tools to Manage and Measure Social Recruiting


More than one billion people check Facebook daily, Twitter users send 6,000 tweets every second and new LinkedIn users sign up at a rate of more than two new members per second, reports Hootsuite. Your next great hire is likely on social media; is your recruiting team? Social recruiting helps the recruitment team: Cultivate a unique employer brand. Build a recruitment-focused presence online to give the talent acquisition team a voice.

Roundup: Top Recruiting Articles This Month

Glassdoor for Employers

With 2016 well underway, here are 10 great recruiting articles from January that will help you stick to those New Year’s resolutions and perhaps even inspire you to upgrade your current processes: 1. However, according to Recruiting Trends , creating an inclusive workforce is easier said than done. 2016 Report Shows the Importance in Employer Brand, Quality of Hire. After all, they go hand in hand in recruiting highly qualified candidates.

Survival of the Fittest: The Evolution of Recruiting Technology

Recruiting Daily

It’s no secret that the world of work has changed – but the fact of the matter is, recruitment, largely, remains stuck in stasis, with many employers failing to adopt the tools and technologies today that will be required to compete for – and win – top talent tomorrow. Because if you aren’t keeping pace, chances are, you’re already losing the competition for great candidates to those employers who aren’t stuck in the staffing stone age.

Candidate Experience: A Crash Course for Modern Recruiters


This article is designed to help beginner recruiters better understand and utilize candidate experience best practices across the recruiting lifecycle. Candidate experience refers to how job seekers perceive and react to employers’ sourcing, recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding processes. It has proven to be directly tied to recruiting performance , making it one of the most highly regarded talent acquisition topics today.

Get Proactive: 5 Tips for Recruiting Beyond the Job Posting


According to the MRINetwork 2016 Recruiter & Employer Sentiment Study , the majority of both recruiters and candidates indicated that we are in a candidate-driven job market, meaning that more roles are open than there are qualified candidates. Quality job seekers have an abundance of opportunities in the current market, and are using this to drive the recruiting process in their favor. However, it’s equally important to be proactive about your recruiting.

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Five Ways to Use Mobile at Your Next Career Fair or College Event


By Jessica Miller-Merrell The end of summer is upon us, and with the changing seasons comes the time of year when recruiters pack up their branded pens, water bottles and post it notes and head to campus career fairs. It is officially college and campus recruiting season. As technology driven as our lives are, most recruiters aren’t making great use of it in their campus and college recruiting, meaning that there’s room for improvement even in this familiar realm.

Speak Now: How Voice Search Will Change the World of Job Search and Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

Even venerable Microsoft has gotten into the act with its Cortana platform, making it a native feature of every Windows 10 instance, mobile or otherwise. Siri and the Future of Job Searching: Why Voice Search Matters for Recruiting and Hiring. 3 Voice Driven Job Search Tips Every Recruiting and HR Pro Should Know. So if your prospects are going to be using voice commands to job hunt (and they will), what does that mean for recruiters?

8 Intriguing Recruitment News Items this Week – 11th January 2016

Social Talent

In recruitment news this week: 9 Stats That Will Help You Write Better LinkedIn InMails. Referencing a former common employer in your InMail increases your chances of getting a response by 27%. Copying-and-pasting one generic InMail to dozens of candidates is ineffective, rude and will hurt your employer brand in the long run. It makes sense to reach out to these people first when recruiting. Twitter May Increase Tweets To 10,000 Characters….

HR Check In: Everything You Need to Know about Hiring in the Month of March


Read this weekly round-up of hiring-related articles to learn everything you need to know for a successful recruiting month. So why not re-evaluate some of your tired recruiting techniques? From employer branding to social recruiting and mobile optimization, this week’s HR Check In covers it all. Don’t Make These 3 Employer Branding Mistakes in 2016 (LinkedIn Talent Blog). Recruitment is Marketing: Embrace the Long Game (Candarine).

Taking Recruitment Mobile: Mobile Career Site vs Native Mobile App


Every time you switch your television on, tune up your radio, or walk by random billboards and posters on the road, you’re bound to see an advertisement for a new mobile gadget. Whether it be a smartphone, a tablet, or any multi-task mobile device, the new trend of “technology-on-the-go” is growing more and more in popularity. With the increasing popularity of mobile devices comes with it the rapid demand for mobile application software. What Is A Mobile Career Site.

Podcasts to listen to: The most helpful 6 for recruiters


Recruitment Agency Software Login Get a Demo Applicant Tracking System Much more than an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), JobAdder helps agencies from startups to multi national enterprises make more placements. Recruitment CRM Stronger relationships lead to better outcomes. Temp & Contract Tailored to temp & contract recruitment; source, place and manage contractors with ease & speed. Recruitment SMS Add SMS to your communication toolkit to increase your response rate.

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You Asked, We Answered: 7 Questions Recruiters Have About Career Sites


It wasn’t always the case that these recruiting assets were so high on the priority list, but things (especially on the candidate side of the equation) have changed drastically in a short period of time. And those employers that have taken the time to improve theirs are starting to reap the benefits from mobile recruiting, SEO, employer branding, candidate experience, and more. Why should I care about landing pages for recruiting?

SEO 51

HR and the Holidays: What’s Up in Recruiting in 2014


The entire landscape of recruiting has made some huge changes over the last decade that have morphed recruiting into a totally different position than it used to be. The recruiting technologies industry is experiencing a boom right now, and we’re excited to be a part of it. Mobile Recruiting. In what has actually been a very short time, mobile recruiting has gained a lot of ground. Recruitment Marketing. Culture and Brand.

7 Ways To Attract Star Hires Using Social Recruiting Best Practices


Has your business fully embraced social recruiting? Here are 7 ways recruiting teams are adapting to the social world to attract talent and win candidates over. Boost your recruiting brand + attract hires using social media. There are two powerful reasons you ought to have a strong recruiting or employer brand presence on social media. The first reason is that this boosts the returns you get from every other recruiting activity you undertake.

Now is the Perfect Time To Tidy Up Your Systems


Recruitment Agency Software. Recruitment CRM. Tailored to temp & contract recruitment; source, place and manage contractors with ease & speed. Recruitment SMS. Recruitment Analytics. Recruitment AI/Automation. In-House Recruitment Software.

Sending Out An SMS: Recruiting Texts From Last Night.

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In recruiting we spend a whole lot of time talking about striking the balance between automation and personalization, and how best to blend high tech with high touch. But for all the talk about email blasts, talent communities and employer branding, for some reason it seems like we’re all ignoring what seems to be a pretty obvious solution to what’s become a fairly endemic problem in talent acquisition today. Recruiting Texts: High Touch Meets High Tech.

50 most game-changing influencers in recruitment [also for IT recruiters]


That’s why we gathered a list of specialists in recruiting that you should listen to, who are worth your time. They are the people that change the ways of recruiting, finding new paths, streamlining recruitment process and squeezing out the most of recruiting funnels. On daily basis we focus on information for IT recruiters, but the mentioned specialists go far beyond it, being inspiration to the whole recruiting world. Generalists in recruiting.

Recruiting Technology Questions You Need To Be Asking

Spark Hire

There’s no doubt that recruiting technology has drastically changed every aspect of a hiring manager’s job. Here’s what you need to know about incorporating recruiting technology into your hiring process: The technology you depend on to find talent. Those seeking out new career opportunities can use social media to really show their personality and professional prowess in a unique way to potential employers. The pros: For recruiters, social media has a lot of upside.