Social Media Recruitment Strategies That Work

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Social media has become an increasingly valuable tool for job seekers when they’re looking for their next career opportunity. And social media recruiting strategies have become a key way for companies to find and connect with right-fit talent. But it takes a lot more than a social media profile for employers to use these platforms to their full advantage. So why exactly should social media be such a crucial part of your Recruitment Marketing plan?

Social Media For Employer Branding: 7 Facebook Hacks You Need To Know

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On Facebook, your employer brand starts with your Facebook page. If you’re just getting started with your Facebook Page, here are 7 hacks you’ll want to know to effectively build and promote your employer brand, so you can attract the best (and right) talent to join your company. Video Storytelling People love watching videos, and they’re dominating social media and the web. account for over 7% of all reach on the social network. With over 1.8


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6 of the Best Employer Brands on Snapchat Right Now!

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Not only that, but also by 2020 at least a quarter of the entire mobile population in the United States is projected to be using Snapchat. social network among teens beating out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), but the app’s popularity is growing amongst all demographics. In short, Snapchat has already established itself as one of the major social networks in a short period of time, and it’s expected to continue to grow rapidly for quite some time.

Social Media in the Workplace: Everything You Need to Know


Learn everything you need to know about social media in the workplace, including: How is social media used in the workplace? Should social media be allowed in the workplace? What are the pros and cons of using social media at work?

Why Your Company Needs Employer Branding & How To Get Started

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There is no company on the planet that shouldn’t use employer branding to help them attract and hire the best talent. That was my response when I was recently asked by John Sumser, Principal Analyst at HRExaminer , to share my thoughts on whether there are companies out there that don’t or shouldn’t need to focus on employer branding in The Definitive Guide To Employment Branding by Dice. So just how much can a poor employer brand cost you?

Social Media As An Asset


Social is the great ice breaker. The world of social media has changed immensely over the past 10 years. Social media is a what ? Initially, many people were befuddled with social, so it got a bad rap as a waste of time. were not highly received, however over time, people learned and adjusted their POV to socially interact in more meaningful ways. In the scheme of things, social is still a relatively new medium and undergoing immense evaluation.

6 Best Social Media Sites For Employer Branding


Social media is a great platform to build and support your employer brand. These days, it’s almost a requirement to have a social media presence, especially if you are looking to attract the best talent in this digitally savvy generation. Your potential employees often use social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat to get to know a company and its culture.

How To Use Social Media for Employee Onboarding

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A full 54% of employers recently reported that they currently had open positions for which they have been unable to fill due to their inability to find qualified candidates, according to a recent Harris Poll conducted for CareerBuilder. These aren’t innovative, these aren’t new, but if every employer were doing just the basics of online recruiting, no way would more than half of them still be having a hard time finding candidates.

Social Media Recruiting Trends You Need to Try Today

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When you need qualified candidates, you’re not limited to LinkedIn for social media recruiting. Look at other social media avenues to apply to your recruiting strategy to expand your reach, improve your hiring success, and speed your time to hire, all while building employer brand and engaging candidates and employees. These are the top five social media recruiting trends to amplify your recruiting strategy and create a competitive edge.

How Anyone Can Create A Great Employer Branding Video

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Yet many hiring professionals are still not including videos in their employer branding efforts. This is unfortunate considering how much video can improve your employer brand. Moreover, great branding videos are easy to make — even if you’re not a filmography expert. If you’re wary about recording employer branding videos, we’ve put together a guide that will help you create great content. Mobile devices make recording videos easy.

The 3 Top Social Media Trends in 2016 Translated for Social Recruiting

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You've probably seen one of the many articles popping up this week covering the major trends emerging in social media as we head into the new year, like this one on , but how do these new trends translate over to talent acquisition in regards to social recruiting? We'll break down the top trends emerging in social media and translate them into recruitment marketing tactics your recruiting teams can start leveraging today to get ahead of the curve in 2016.

3 Features of Digital Onboarding Software that will Elevate your Employer Brand


This includes: Employment contracts and documents, such as government forms and company-specific requirements. What is an employer brand? Employer brand is a term that describes a company’s reputation or image among candidates in the job market.

How to build a social media recruitment strategy: An FAQ guide


Social media sourcing involves using social networks to identify, attract, engage and hire potential candidates. Recruiters use social media sourcing to build talent pipelines for future roles and engage passive candidates who haven’t applied for current openings. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use social recruiting to build a strategy that meets your hiring needs: Intro to social media recruitment: Analyzing the data.

DIY Employer Branding…Where Do I Begin?


This week, we’re excited to have Ben Gledhill , Employer Brand Manager at Manchester Metropolitan University, sharing his thoughts on how to do employer branding on a shoestring… Think of the term “Employer Branding”; what springs to mind? Employer Branding is something that has been around for ages however over the past couple of years it has really risen to the top of the Talent Acquisition agenda. Your mobile phone.

HR Check In: Attracting the Best Talent with Employer Branding & Social Media


Thankfully, there are tools like employer branding and social media that will aid in attracting passive candidates by building your company’s brand. 6 Tips For Creating Great Employer Branding Content (Blogging For Jobs). Most human resources professionals know that employer branding is a necessary attribute on any career website, but we don’t all know how to create the content to make your organization shine. Social Hire).

6 Myths About Employer Brand Dispelled


No longer the new fad or trend, employer brand is quickly becoming a strategic staple for organizations hungry to solve talent challenges. Debunking the most common employer brand myths can be the first step in educating new professionals in the space or internal stakeholders and colleagues you need to help support your mission. Myth: Creating an employer brand is an initiative or project within HR that has a start and a finish.

3 Features of Digital Onboarding Software that will Elevate your Employer Brand


This includes: Employment contracts and documents, such as government forms and company-specific requirements. What is an employer brand? Employer brand is a term that describes a company’s reputation or image among candidates in the job market.

The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding


Instead of reading reviews online, job candidates are looking into what their potential employers have to offer and what makes a company stand out. As a secret weapon for hiring better quality candidates, innovative companies are dedicating time and resources to building a great employer branding strategy. What is employer branding? Does your company have an employer brand? All of these issues can be solved with great employer branding.

How to Use Analytics for Employer Branding

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How do you measure employer branding success? Whether your company is just getting started or has a well-defined employer branding program, measurement is critical to monitor the success of your activities. The insights gained from employer branding efforts can help you negotiate lower advertising rates, allocate budget toward new programs, and most importantly, engage more current and prospective employees with your company’s unique message.

How to Build Your Small Business Employment Brand


Do you know what your employment brand is? Most companies are aware of their consumer brand – that is, the reputation they have among customers as a product or a service provider; however, far fewer know what their employment brand is – that is, the reputation they have among employees as a place to work. And yet, every company has an employment brand. Small businesses that pay attention to their employment brands reap big benefits.

5 Recruitment Takeaways From the State of Social Media 2015

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MDG Advertising have just released their “ State of the Internet 2015 ” infographic, and it’s jam-packed with findings surrounding social media and it’s usage in 2015. Well, it reveals a number of interesting stats surrounding the usage of social media by people the world over (read: job seekers the world over) that you can use to inform and advise how you use social media in your recruiting efforts. see an opportunity.

Do You Have a Strong Employer Branding Strategy?


According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), an employer brand is one of the most important parts of the employee value proposition. It’s what the core of your company communicates as its identity to both potential and current employees, and includes your brand’s mission, culture, values and brand personality. A strong employer branding strategy can greatly impact recruiting efforts to attract high-level candidates to your organization.

Brandon Hall: Understanding the Impact of Employer Brand

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Understanding your employer brand. Unsurprisingly, 62% of companies say strengthening their employer brand is their top priority. According to a new Brandon Hall report , organizations that choose to prioritize their employer brand and focus on managing it are 250% more likely to rate their overall talent acquisition efforts as “highly effective.” In other words, focusing on your employer brand can lead to an exceptionally effective hiring process.

Audit Your Employer Brand Now to Get Ahead in 2020


To stand out and attract top talent in today’s competitive hiring market, you need a strong employer brand. In fact, recent data found that 69 percent of job seekers would reject a job offer from a company with a bad employer brand. Hireology data also found that a strong employer brand can boost applicant-to-hire conversion tenfold, compared to organizations that don’t have an employer brand strategy in place. .

Employer Branding Hashtags that are #KillingIt at Social Recruiting

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Reading Time: 6 minutes When candidates search social media to learn about your company, what will they find? Provide candidates with the information they are seeking on your social channels with social media recruiting hashtags. Hashtags are important to your social recruitment strategy. When candidates click on your hashtag within a social channel, they access a portfolio of employee experiences.

Recruitment Marketing in APAC: What’s Different and What’s the Same?

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Hi Rally community, my name is Joyce Chan, and I’m a Recruitment Marketing & employer branding practitioner for 10+ markets in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region. 4 – Most of the popular global social media platforms are effective for Recruitment Marketing in APAC.

A Complete List of Employer Branding Strategies for Job Descriptions


Today I’m going to show you a VERY effective list of employer branding strategies for your job descriptions. Employer Branding on Job Descriptions vs Company Career Page. Companies tend to focus the bulk of their employer branding efforts on their careers page. Why Is Employer Branding Important on Job Descriptions? A List Employer Branding Strategies for Job Descriptions: 1. Job Page Branding. Media.

Talent and HR News Update: Social Media, Content Marketing + Recruiting


In today’s digital age, more and more organizations are turning to social media to find, recruit, and evaluate top talent. In this month’s roundup, we’ve curated five articles on how to improve your content marketing strategy on social media to boost recruitment. 1) Using Social Media For Recruitment And Retention from Forbes As a small team, any employee’s resignation can feel like a huge blow.

4 Tips To improving Your Employer Branding


Ok, there are tons of stuff you can do when it comes to employer branding because it’s simply a marketing exercise and no marketer in the world will ever tell you (they shouldn’t either) that they’re doing enough nor they would say they have enough budget to do enough. So in this blog, I decided to focus on the 4 items that I consider as quick wins and if done well, they could put your employer brand in the top 10%.

Employer Branding: Five Experts Explain How to Stand Out From the Competition


If you look at the array of solutions available to employers today, then it would seem that it’s never been easier for employee-experience storytellers to get your employer brand out there. With easy access to video, multiple social media channels, sophisticated third-party review sites , live events and employee advocacy, well — there are just so many ways to get your story in front of potential candidates. Employers also need to move fast.

Summer Brand Camp: When Consumer And Employer Brands Collide.

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I’m a conference skeptic, but in the first 15 minutes of Summer Brand Camp , they had me convinced this was going to be different — and it definitely delivered. The event is focused on the intersection of consumer and employer brands — which is already unique — but the main focus of the content is purpose. Summer Brand Camp: Top 6 Takeaways. Amanda Hite is changing the world for the better with her social media agency BTC Revolutions.

This Job Crunch is our Least Favorite Form of Exercise

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Deploying “brand ambassadors” to websites where candidates hang out, and. Introducing mobile careers site applications and text recruiting for the smartphone generation. Candidates today are doing more shopping before they apply, and video can be a fast, eye-catching tool to get your employer brand info out there. Plus, video lends itself naturally to social media, and can be used to attract candidates on popular channels such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

To Create or Curate? Five Employer Branding Experts Reveal Their Content Best Practices


Employer branding is a relatively new discipline within talent attraction. As Director of Employer Brand at Indeed I’m lucky enough that I get to think about these possibilities every day and call it work. But I’m also lucky enough to know some recruitment marketers and employer brand storytellers at other firms who are tackling the same questions. When it comes to employer brand, we can all learn from one another in this relatively tiny ecosystem.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Building an attractive company: Employer branding. Building an attractive company: employer branding.

Upgrading Your Employment Brand—and Your Technology


Megan Elmore is an expert at employment branding and has been at GDH Consulting for eight years. As a marketing manager focusing on social media marketing and Internet recruiting strategies, she’s very aware of the up-to-the-minute changes in the staffing and recruiting industry. So what inspired a rebranding and building out a new website, engaging blog and social media presence? As Elmore says, “Our perception and brand online didn’t match who we were.

Employer Branding to Attract Talent

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Employer Branding to Attract Talent. Branding for customers is common sense, but branding for applicants? Employer branding is the process of promoting a company or organization as the employer of choice to a desired target group they need to recruit and retain. Here are a few tips and tricks to make an employer brand stronger and attract desired talent. Employee happiness and employer branding strongly correlate.

The Recruiter’s Guide to Mobile Live Video

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Mobile live streaming – what are the benefits to companies and individual recruiters? The Recruiter’s Guide to Mobile Live Video. Employer Branding Podcast Social Media blab facebook live krishna de Live Mobile Periscope videoAnd which tools should they use? I put these timely questions to Krishna De, who is a digital & visual content marketing guru. She answered these questions and more besides.

7 Ways to Build Your Employer Brand on Campus


A study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers found employers consider branding the most important part of their university recruiting programs. These employers know that if students don’t recognize the company at a career fair or aren’t excited by the brand, they are less likely to apply for a job or seek an internship with the organization. Here are the top ways to build your brand on college campuses, to stand out to soon-to-be grads.

Developing your nonprofit employer brand with ReachOut Australia’s Maxine Bartlett


Employer branding has become an effective solution for nonprofits looking to address this challenge, with notable organisations such as ReachOut Australia seeing great success. We know that employer branding can be difficult to get just right,” said Maxine.

Mobile Friendly vs. Mobile Optimized: What’s the Difference and How Does it Impact Employee & Candidate Experience?


Let’s face the facts – most of us are glued to our mobile devices, especially during the Covid-19 crisis. We rely on our phones to keep up with the news, join video calls with family, interact with friends on social media, and provide endless hours of entertainment.