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Report: 2016 Global Recruiting Trends for SMBs


I imagine you are all busy making plans for the coming year, as we are here at Leoforce—luckily, LinkedIn released their annual global recruiting trends report just in time to help us all solidify our plans. To generate the report, LinkedIn surveyed 3,894 talent acquisition decision makers across the globe, 55 percent of who manage small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs). What are the top 3 recruiting priorities for SMBs in 2016 ?

2019 Insurance Recruitment Trends


Have you been wondering what the insurance recruitment trends for 2019 will be? No one can truly predict the future, but what can we broadly know about the bigger trends of 2019 in terms of insurance industry hiring? That’s a pivotal change to the approach recruiters are using. That can only come with time invested in a relationship, and unfortunately recruiters don’t often have that time. One approach is training your recruiters to, well, communicate better.


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7 Australian Recruiting Trends Your Company Shouldn’t Miss in 2016

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What should Australian recruiters look forward to in 2016? A recent report from LinkedIn based on a survey of 3,894 recruiters and HR generalists makes it clear that while some recruiting trends that blossomed during recent years will fade, others will only gain strength and become more prominent as 2016 unfolds. Here are 7 key recruiting trends your company shouldn’t miss out on in 2016. The value of employer branding.

Is LinkedIn Really All it’s Cracked up to be When Predicting The Future of Recruitment?

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Well, we took a look back at the 2017 predictions for the future of recruitment. . Based on answers from 4000 talent acquisition (collected in 2016) LinkedIn began to put a perspective shape to the future of recruitment in 2017. 37% of TA leaders consider recruiting more diverse candidates to be one of the most crucial impacts on the future of recruitment. Source: LinkedIn Talent Blog. TA leaders would like to invest more money in employer branding.

10 Key Findings from the 2018 Recruiting Trends Report 


Today Entelo is proud to deliver the 2018 Recruiting Trends Report which summarizes and highlights the strategies, pain points and motivations driving candidate sourcing, engagement and outreach for modern talent teams. Last year, we released our inaugural report which uncovered preliminary hiring trends taking us into 2017. Approximately 1 in 4 (27%) respondents report spending half the work week (20 hours or more) sourcing for just one role.

5 Key Trends That Recruiters Need to Know to Succeed in 2017

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LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2017 and Global Staffing Trends 2017 reports are here and with them are 5 must-know takeaways about the state of the recruitment industry in 2016 and the trends you should be paying close attention to in the year ahead. The results of the Global Recruiting Trends report are based on the responses of almost 4,000 corporate talent acquisition professionals across 35 countries, and all respondents were at manager level or above.

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4 Key Global Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2016 (Infographic)

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The fifth edition of the LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends report surveyed over 4,000 talent acquisition professionals from 40 countries, in order to get a handle on their top priorities, the potential challenges they’ll face and opportunities they see arising in 2016. T his year’s results showed a key theme emerging for recruitment next year: the power of relationships. Infographic recruitment trends

Best practices for recruiters during a hiring freeze


But this also means putting your typical recruiter job responsibilities on hold, including sourcing and screening. Recruiters are used to a fast working pace, dividing their time across many tasks including sourcing, screening, and of course, hiring. Source of hire.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

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Here are five New Year’s resolutions that every recruiter should make this year. Embrace social and mobile recruiting. You’ve heard about the importance of social and mobile recruiting, and you’ve been meaning to ramp up your tactics, but…no more excuses! Your first recruiting resolution of 2016 should be to create or enhance your social and mobile recruiting strategies. Let’s talk about mobile recruiting first. Construct your employer brand.

Hiring Healthcare Heroes in 2021 with New Recruiting Tools


Given the drastic changes in 2020 due to the pandemic, recruiting has changed permanently. As the pandemic continues, recruiting and training the best healthcare heroes will be increasingly important. 2021 Healthcare Recruiting Trends.

How Manufacturers Can Improve Their Talent Acquisition


Recruiters are often faced with the challenge of needing skilled workers in high volumes while competing for a limited talent pool. Sourcing, engaging, and hiring quality talent keeps manufacturing recruiters busy every day. The Top Issues Facing Manufacturing Recruiters in 2021.

Overcoming recruiting barriers to attract and retain top biosciences talent

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Outlined below are some biosciences recruiting barriers and our suggested strategies to overcome them as part of your candidate and employee journey. You can achieve this in a simple survey or a workshop-style approach of key job categories and analyze the results to build personas and internal insights based on research. While some biosciences firms won’t allow product and people photos in their recruitment marketing communications, there are often alternative solutions.

7 Important Recruiting News Stories to Start Your Week – 5th May 2015

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Get ready, recruiters! So, will you be utilising Messenger’s new feature for your recruiting efforts? Graduate Recruiter? Nearly eight months after launching a platform to connect college students with local job opportunities, Campus Job , the job platform that connects college students with employers, has raised a $7.8 With so many students signing up so quickly to Campus Job, we are working our hardest to get as many employers on board as possible, ” said Wessel.

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The Future is Now: Top Trends in Intelligent Recruiting Technologies


Intelligent recruiting is collaborative and comprehensive, focused on the candidate experience as well as hiring manager and recruiter engagement, to make the hiring process agile and flexible. It also allows companies to hire quickly and effectively in these changing markets, which makes the technology indispensable for successful recruiting. Top Trends in Intelligent Recruiting. Your employer brand.

How to Recruit Recent College Grads

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How can you leverage the latest technology and best practices in order to recruit recent college graduates? Strengthen your employer brand Your employer brand plays a pivotal role in encouraging recent graduates to apply for an open position and can be enhanced through the savvy utilization of social media channels. Consider turning to recent college hires to provide testimonials for your website or recruiting channels. Recruitment Trends

3 Tips for Improving Your Recruiting Process

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Using recruiting resources wisely is a big challenge for employers and recruiters. It means keeping one eye on the company and one eye on the newest recruiting trends to create and maintain a competitive advantage. Try focusing your recruiting process on the most important and impactful factors in your hiring success: top performers, recruiting reputation, and measuring for continuous improvement. The Value of Recruiting Reputation.

50 recruitment stats HR pros must know in 2017


However, learning takes time and it’s no secret that recruiters are busy people. In order to save you time, we’ve compiled a list of top 50 recruitment statistics HR pros must know in 2017, based on research by The Bureau of Labor Statistics, Harvard Business Review, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Deloitte, MRINetwork, Jobvite, Capterra, Edelman Trust Barometer, NFIB, Future Workplace, Career Arc, PayScale, and Society for Human Resources Management. Source: MRINetwork ).

10 Actionable Takeaways from the 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

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But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s become an employer’s job market. That’s why it’s important for us to stay informed on the latest industry data and recruiting trends so that we can stay ahead and communicate with candidates in an engaging and appropriate way.

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Top hiring & HR statistics in tech for 2021


For a lot of recruiters, it’s reasonable to wonder: what happens to all of the talent that’s being laid off? As we do every year , we have run the events of the past year under the microscope to reveal 2020s recruitment trends in our annual 2021 HR statistics summary.

The 10 Essential Skills Every Modern Recruiter Needs to Master in Order to Survive


Most recruiters make a conscious effort to keep up with trends in their profession. But the seeming avalanche of next-generation (NexGen) trends in recruiting cover so many new areas, that without realizing it, your skill set may already be out of date. We all read about these emerging recruiting trends and approaches – including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality , predictive analytics, machine writing, personalized marketing and “automated everything”.

The 10 Essential Skills Every Modern Recruiter Needs to Master in Order to Survive


Most recruiters make a conscious effort to keep up with trends in their profession. But the seeming avalanche of next-generation (NexGen) trends in recruiting cover so many new areas, that without realizing it, your skill set may already be out of date. We all read about these emerging recruiting trends and approaches – including Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality , predictive analytics, machine writing, personalized marketing and “automated everything”.

Scary Movie: Mystery Applicants and Candidate Experience.

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Many recruiters don’t read. The Career XRoads 2015 Mystery Job Seeker Survey doesn’t indict our educational systems; rather, it highlights basic failings endemic to corporate recruiting. Stein , found that many major employers do not carefully read or review resumes – that is, the rare times they take the time to read them at all. Too many of the world’s biggest brands and most reputable businesses still treat candidates like The Invisible Man.

How You’re Missing Out By Not Measuring Quality of Hire

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I was just reading the recent LinkedIn Global recruiting trends report (2016) and was shocked (but OK, not really surprised) that a whopping 67% of talent leaders surveyed said they weren’t measuring quality of hire effectively. Yet bizarrely quality of hire came out as the most valuable recruitment metric KPI. In answer to the same question, “what is the single most valuable metric that you use to track your recruiting team’s performance today?”,

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Feeling Average? 4 Ways to Differentiate Your Recruiting Strategy


No employer wants to be seen as average, but, by default, most fall into this category. The question is, should you be investing in breaking free—differentiating your recruiting strategy ? Of course, no employer truly wants to be average. In this post, we’ll dig into why companies should be focusing on differentiating their recruiting strategy, and share some tips for breaking free from the status quo in the process. Differentiating Your Recruiting Strategy.

10 Best Recruitment Tools That Every Agency Recruiter Needs

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As a recruiter, you have heaps of work to complete apart from selecting and hiring suitable candidates. To make things easy, we had previously written an article on productive recruitment tools that'll save you time and money. Recruiters can use Asana to onboard fresh recruits too.

3 Ways to Adapt Your Hiring Strategy When You Grow from a Small to a Mid-sized Business

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Since 64% of talent and HR leaders at SMBs agree that that their recruiting team will likely stay the same, you’ll have to recruit smarter and prioritize job functions that will have the biggest impact on your growth. Track and optimize your sources of quality hires. Measure the source of your quality hires so you know where to focus your efforts. According to our research , employee referrals are a key source of quality hires for both small and mid-sized businesses.

9 Recruiting Shifts in 2020 that Are Here to Stay in 2021


What a year it’s been for the recruiting industry, as we react to dramatic shifts in markets brought on by a worldwide crisis. Yet, if you look at the trend data over 2020, much of what is happening is actually an accelerant of existing industry shifts. Future of Recruiting HR

#AskaRecruiter: What is a Recruitment Industry Trend that You’re Excited About?


The recruitment industry is constantly evolving, responding to shifting candidate behaviors and new technologies to help companies make the best hiring decisions. As part of Yello’s #AskARecruiter series, we turned to industry professionals to get their thoughts on what excites them about the current state of the recruitment industry, and what the future may hold. Here’s what they had to say: What is a recruitment industry trend that you’re excited about?

5 Reasons Why You Aren't Getting Quality Hires

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To help with that, LinkedIn released our annual Global Recruiting Trends 2017 report. Based on surveys from 4,000 corporate talent acquisition leaders across 35 countries, we learned what recruiting leaders care most about, the challenges they predict will come, the priorities they’ve identified and the trends they believe will define recruiting in the coming year. Despite higher quotas, most recruiting teams won’t grow in 2017.

3 Ways to Get Results from Social Recruiting


Using social media in recruiting isn’t new — 84 percent of organizations surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) currently use social recruiting. But social recruiting is no longer limited to screening candidates’ social profiles or connecting with talent on LinkedIn. As technology and social platforms evolve, new opportunities and trends emerge, and employers need to stay on top of them to find the best talent.

2019 Hiring Statistics, Trends & Data: The Ultimate List of Recruitment Stats


Looking for the latest hiring and recruitment stats and trends? We’ve collected the latest hiring and recruitment statistics, trends, and data to help in your quest. Current Hiring Trends Through 2019. Based on recent studies, these are the latest trends in the hiring world. employers, 63% have indicated that they will be hiring full-time , permanent workers starting in the second half of 2018. employers. Employer Branding in Recruitment.

10 Ways to Attract and Hire Diverse Candidates

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Here are 10 easy ways to attract and hire diverse candidates and make by making your recruiting process more inclusive! Diversity hiring: Employers’ top priority in 2018. Achieving workplace diversity was the top priority for employers in 2018. According to LinkedIn’ survey of 9,000 talent leaders and hiring managers across the globe, the number one global recruiting trend was diversity. Recruit from diverse talent pools.

New Bullhorn Report: 75 Percent of Staffing and Recruiting Firms Anticipate Revenue Increases in 2018

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Annual Trends Report Illustrates Overall Industry Optimism Despite Concerns about Automation, Digital Staffing Platforms, Macroeconomics, and Politics. Overall, the report showed that staffing and recruiting professionals remained optimistic for a successful 2018, as they did for 2017, despite increasing concerns and emerging challenges related to automation, digital staffing platforms, macroeconomics, and politics.

New Report Reveals the Trends That Will Define Recruiting in 2017

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The best way to do that is to look at this current year, assess how you stack against your peers and think about the trends that will shape your work over the next year. To help with that, we just released our annual Global Recruiting Trends 2017 report. If you want to see different data cuts, we also have a Small and Mid-sized Business Recruiting Trends report, as well as one for staffing firms. Diversity, screening automation, and data are key future trends.

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A Diversity Hiring Platform's CEO Shares 4 Tactics for Building More Diverse Teams

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In fact, LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends 2018 shows diversity to be the No. That's why Porter left Goldman Sachs in 2014 to start Jopwell , a career/recruiting platform for black, Latinx, and Native American students and professionals. In a new episode of Talent on Tap , Porter talks to Brendan Browne , LinkedIn’s head of recruiting, about how companies can successfully achieve a diverse workforce. Make sure you have a diverse recruiting team as well.

5 Ways to Show Candidates Your Company is Committed to Diversity

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According to the Global Recruiting Trends 2018 report , companies are prioritizing diversity to build stronger cultures and bigger bottom lines. However, the report also reveals that while 78% of talent leaders consider diversity to be the top trend shaping the future of recruiting and hiring, many of them are struggling with finding and closing diverse talent. That’s why 35% of companies we surveyed are using this tactic.

3 Insights That Will Help You Hire More Salespeople in the U.S.

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Sales was the highest priority role for talent acquisition leaders to fill, according to our Global Recruiting Trends 2017 report. If you’re struggling to hire sales talent, got two smart strategies for you, based on LinkedIn’s data: Tweak your message to focus on what salespeople value most in an employer (we’ll reveal that in a moment). Look beyond your local market to source salespeople from cities with the most supply (and the least demand). Trends & Research

Recruiting Healthcare Workforce: The Challenges and It’s Cure

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The employment rate, in this growing healthcare industry, is projected to grow up to 19% till 2024 according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics , much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 2.3 For recruiters, recruiting healthcare staff is a grueling task, as the staff should have the ability to follow and implement safe and ethical practices with the highest level of technical competency. Often employers face this challenge as whom they should hire?

300+ Women Leaders in HR! These Women in HR Bring a Unique Blend of People & Strategic Skills.


With some huge HR challenges ahead , 2018 is said to be the break-through year for some of these issues to finally be tackled and it’s thanks to the strong female leaders that are empowering others to challenge these types of issues with their employers. a , Member of the board/Survey team leader, Fontes Vad?bas Allison Kruse , Director of Social Media | Employer Branding | Content Strategy | Talent Acquisition | Digital Strategy. Maury Hanigan , Recruiting Strategist.

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