Leverage Employee Generated Content to Help Your Employer Brand

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Having witnessed major social and economic changes, candidates want to know exactly what they’re signing up for in applying for a job at your organization. . To help you out here, we gathered 6 ways to leverage EGC to influence the candidate journey and elevate your employer brand.

Why SEO is a big part of your Employer Brand


But unlike consumers, a job seeker has much more on the line when deciding to take the plunge into employment with your business. And if your brand doesn’t match job seekers expectations, or their SEO results, they’ll have no problem moving on. Try incorporating these simple SEO tips and tricks into your employer branding strategy to be everywhere top candidates are looking: Increase Ranking. Getting Social.

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Top 3 tips for social media recruiting content

Stories Incorporated

s Head of Marketing shares tips from traditional marketing that give social media recruiting content an advantage. Recruitment marketing on social media is not the sharing of “We’re hiring!” Social content is fast, so you need to get right to the point.

9 Employer Branding Strategies to Effectively Tell Your Company Story


What is one employer branding strategy to effectively tell your company story and attract talent to your career opportunities? Share Your Brand’s Unique Story. Combine SEO Content With Digital PR. Share Your Brand’s Unique Story.

5 Free Employer Branding Strategies You Can Utilize Right Now

Proactive Talent

Embracing “employer brand thinking” is the next evolution to modern recruiting. Before you can build your employer brand and a strategy that supports it, you have to be able to define what your culture is , so start there! It’s very important that newcomers to your brand are easily able to understand your mission and values as an employer. Before you begin your employer branding program, conduct a culture and engagement survey for your employees.

Social Media Recruiting Tips to Know and Implement

The Hire Talent

Social media recruiting is a modern talent acquisition tactic combining employer branding, recruitment marketing, and employee referral strategies. As modern recruitment goes, social media plays a crucial part in gaining access to both active and passive job seekers.

The Most Kickass Career Site Checklist for Employer Branding


Employer branding is just one of the many things we are awesome at here at Red Branch, and we want to share our tips with you. From web development and SEO all the way to social media and content, we have exactly what you need to get your career site into high gear. Read full post: The Most Kickass Career Site Checklist for Employer Branding. Employer Brand Recruiting Design Hiring recruiting SEO

Our Employer Brand Is Crisis.

Snark Attack

recruiting Social Media Technology corporate communications dan lyons disrupted employer branding hubspot inbound marketing landing pages matt charney public relations SEO wtf is going onI can’t really say I miss my days in PR with any sort of nostalgia, nor do I think of it fondly – in fact, in retrospect, it kind of sucked. So, why do I bring all of this up? Well, recently, one of my friends forwarded me an article in the Boston Globe with the […].

Our Employer Brand Is Crisis.

Snark Attack

recruiting Social Media Technology corporate communications dan lyons disrupted employer branding hubspot inbound marketing landing pages matt charney public relations SEO wtf is going onI can’t really say I miss my days in PR with any sort of nostalgia, nor do I think of it fondly – in fact, in retrospect, it kind of sucked. So, why do I bring all of this up? Well, recently, one of my friends forwarded me an article in the Boston Globe with the […].

Should I Hire a Social Media Manager or Outsource?


There’s considerable momentum right now behind companies wanting to improve their social media presence and ramp up the business results this is producing. Where a couple of years ago a social media strategy was seen as a “nice to have”, today it’s increasingly perceived as business critical. But how best can you take that next step in developing your social media strategy and results?

5 Simple Steps to Employer Branding Best Practices


Modern candidates have the freedom to pick and choose which employers and positions to pursue. There are sites like Glassdoor that offer anonymous employee reviews, social media platforms to post team photos on, and the other various nuances that make it seem hard to adopt employer branding best practices. An example of employer branding best practices is that of Google, voted the best company to work for – seven years in a row as of 2016.

9 Winning Employer Brand Marketing Strategies


Today I’m going to show some awesome employer brand marketing strategies. Employer Review Sites. Social Media Advertising. It’s a great way to create and market your employer brand to the masses. Creating content should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for cost-effective ways to market your employer brand. Job postings are a part of your employer brand because they affect how candidates view your company.

The Ultimate Guide to Employer Branding


Instead of reading reviews online, job candidates are looking into what their potential employers have to offer and what makes a company stand out. As a secret weapon for hiring better quality candidates, innovative companies are dedicating time and resources to building a great employer branding strategy. What is employer branding? Does your company have an employer brand? All of these issues can be solved with great employer branding.

Job advertising on social media with Workable


Social media platforms, along with traditional job boards, serve as effective recruitment channels. By sharing or advertising your open jobs on social media, you increase the chances of finding qualified candidates faster. That’s because social media job posting helps you: 1. Unlike job boards, social networks are built for sharing content. People can easily share social media posts with their friends. Social media recruiting trends.

The Most Kickass Career Site Checklist for Employer Branding


Employer branding is just one of the many things we are awesome at here at Red Branch, and we want to share our tips with you. From web development and SEO all the way to social media and content, we have exactly what you need to get your career site into high gear. The post The Most Kickass Career Site Checklist for Employer Branding appeared first on Red Branch Media. Employer Brand Recruiting Design Hiring recruiting SEO

Employer Branding Strategies from Working at Uber, WeWork and Autodesk


If you’re into employer branding, you’re in for a treat. Since then, Andrew has worked on the talent branding teams at WeWork, Uber and Autodesk. He’s got a unique background and he shares a bunch of useful employer branding nuggets. Does every company need an employer branding lead? Too many companies let their corporate brand stand on their own. That’s your person to run employment brand.”

How to Tell the Difference Between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing


Today’s job seekers have more employment options that ever before, empowering them to choose the right company based on fit. In response, businesses are moving away from traditional methods of candidate attraction (public job boards, cold outreach) in favor of more employer brand-focused efforts that target talent before they apply. What is Employer Branding? Employer branding also encompasses your company’s impact on customers, employees, and society at large.

5 Elements Candidates Want To See In Your Employer Brand


Any good recruitment team knows employer branding is a key part to a strong hiring strategy. With that comes content marketing and trying to figure out what candidates want when they read about your brand can be difficult. So whether you are just starting out or you are looking to discover new ways to revamp your employer brand, here at Rezoomo.com we have put together a list of what potential candidates want to see when they visit your page.

Inbound and Down: How Hubspot Hacked Employer Branding.

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This may work when it comes to dealing with the media, but when it comes to dealing with life choices as significant as changing careers or companies, this detached, indirect and stoic approach to business as usual doesn’t exactly translate into success in the business of people, particularly when it comes to recruitment advertising or employer branding. Our Brand Is Crisis. This process, basically, is pretty much the same thing as building an employer brand.

The Surprising Way to Increase Careers Site Traffic

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What about social media? That authority coupled with questions candidates were already asking through search engines has helped us use SEO to drive traffic to our careers site and increase our reach, when they were seeking information. Employer Branding Recruitment Marketing

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Employer Branding Content: The Top 10 Topics Candidates Care About


Talent acquisition is now coordinating employee-written testimonials, posting updates on social media, and even hiring writers, designers and videographers to produce stories about their employer brand. Candidates also pay attention to the potential employer’s products and services, and the satisfaction of their current employees. Based on the Talent Board survey, almost 13% of candidates want to see a bit of boasting from potential employers.

Why you don’t need a social media strategy for your employer brand

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Yes, that’s right, I don’t think you need to worry about a social media strategy for your employer brand…but more on that in a second. A few years after that, I started learning about SEO. Employer branding can seem overwhelming Ok, so the reason I’m talking about my experiences learning new concepts is that I think many people out there are in the beginning stages of learning about employer branding. Is social dead? Blasphemy!

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Who You Are In The Social Media Universe Matters

Staffing Talk

So employment brands need to be marketing themselves online.”. So employment brands need to be marketing themselves online.”. Also, if you so far have resisted getting into the social media game, that can also hurt your website rankings under the new Google. Social media participation is extremely valuable!” Google now factors social signals into how they rank sites. Who you are in the social media universe matters.”.

3 Reasons Recruitment Marketing is the BEST Way To Attract Great Candidates

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But could employers use the same tricks to entice talented new staff to their workplace? Customers are attracted to brand and quality, something they share with jobseekers. With nearly 75% of internet users having some form of social media account, recruiters can now cast their net further than ever before. Understanding The Value Of Effective SEO. Candidates Tend To Avoid Bland Brands.

HR Check In: The Trifecta of Recruiting (Social Recruiting, Candidate Experience, Employer Brand)


Your job seekers expect a positive candidate experience, availability and engagement from you on social tools, and the visibility into an attractive employer brand when they look for positions at your company. 4 Social Recruitment Blunders That Can Cost Your Business (HRN Blog). Instead they engage with more modern avenues, such as social media. Studies have shown that more than 90% of recruiters rely on social media throughout the recruitment process.

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2015

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2014 taught us a number of lessons about the recruitment industry ; mobile is extremely important when it comes to recruiting, today’s job market is most definitely candidate driven, employer branding is an essential element of the recruitment process, job ads with images attract more candidates, and promises of a higher salary don’t necessarily secure the candidate. Social Networks are going niche and private. Social-Hire.com see an opportunity.

Employer Branding: Everything you need to know

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Employer branding has grown in significance due to changes in job seeker behavior, and increased competition in the war for talent. That means they are going to your careers page, checking out your social media, posts on review sites, jobs descriptions, etc. Because the amount of research has increased so much in the past few years, employer branding strategy has become more and more important within your company’s overall recruitment process.

Blogging for Recruiters: 8 Practical Tips To Get You Started

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” Well yes, it is but you can also get in on the fun and start generating awareness for your employer brand, showcasing your current talent and solidifying your position as a thought leader in the industry. Are you looking to use your blog as an employer brand awareness tool? Your tone of voice is an expression of people behind your employer brand and can help you build trust with your audience. Not connected with us on social?

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Does Your Career Page Suck?

Glassdoor for Employers

Is your career page SEO, social and mobile optimized? Interesting fact : Your Glassdoor Employer Profile may have more traffic than your corporate career page. Interesting Fact : You can update your Glassdoor employer profile in just minutes every day of the year. SEO, social and mobile matters. Interesting Fact : You can publish all of your benefits on your Glassdoor employer profile for free. appeared first on Glassdoor for Employers.

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Smart Ways to Beat the Pressure of Seasonal Hiring

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Job advertising, recruiting events, social media — all of your recruiting strategies need to be laser focused and need to work together. After all, you don’t have much time to test your employer brand messaging or experiment with new recruiting channels when seasonal recruiting begins. Here’s a look at smart seasonal recruiting strategies we’ve seen from two employers: Target and See’s Candies. Employer Branding Recruitment Marketing

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Executing a Digital Content Strategy for Recruitment

Recruiting Daily Advisor

It’s probably worth outsourcing graphic design work (unless you have an in-house designer) and ensuring the graphic is uncluttered, branded, and eye-catching if you want to attract top talent. In the recruitment industry, it could be on statistics or a survey on candidates, information into a certain industry, or the latest government statistics on employment and unemployment rates. On-site SEO. Social Media. Each social media has its own uses and benefits.

8 Recruitment News Stories to Get You Thinking This Week – 27th October 2015

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Talent Branding Expands the Candidate Pool by 10X. It’s been 4 months since the launch of the new LinkedIn Pulse app on our iOS and Android devices, but last Tuesday marked a milestone in the app’s history: it’s first appearance on a brand new device, namely the Apple watch. In fact, they’re more likely to use online job boards, company career web pages, and social media to hear about a new job opportunity, compared to other generations. SEO Manager.

5 Key Components of High Performance Recruitment Marketing


When we talk about recruitment marketing and transformation in how employers look to strategically attract and engage the consumer-minded candidate, we often are scattered in where recruitment marketing fits into the overall talent acquisition strategy and the core elements that are needed to successfully bring marketing competency into the recruitment process and strategy. Social Media Marketing. Employer Brand Management.

The Social Recruiting Round-Up: June 2015

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Today, Hiroto has his lasso out once again because we’re bringing together all of that knowledge into one blog post package – the Social Recruiting Round-Up for June 2015. Crystal is a brand new Chrome extension that analyses public data to tell you exactly how to communicate with different individuals. How to: Drastically Improve Your Job Ads SEO Using Google Trends. 66% like to consume premium brands.

7 Essential Twitter Feeds For Recruiters

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This branding agency is hugely knowledgeable on all things digital, from advising on the best content marketing and most effective websites to (the apparent non-existence of ) millennials. New #LHnewsletter : Walmart & GE Employer Brands, Talent Attraction for Tech, Test Your Employer Brand ==> [link] #EBrandCon pic.twitter.com/EoIgSezcb2. From today, employers with 250 or more staff are required to publish #GenderPayGap reports every year.

You’d Better Ask Somebody: Why Employee Referrals (Still) Matter in Hiring.

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That’s the paradox of social networking; while our updates ostensibly reflect what’s going on in our life, we can no longer lead lives that aren’t largely informed by what happens online, and how our connections will react, no matter how much of a stretch that “friend” moniker might in fact be. Give employees something to be proud of – something that not only represents your employer brand, but one that speaks to them and the work that they do, too.

5 Ways To Use Video For Talent Attraction

Proactive Talent

Here are five reasons why you need to focus your employer branding efforts on video now and in the future. A Video Strategy Is A Mobile Strategy Mobile is becoming the most used platform for digital media consumption and for people to complete a wide range of everyday activities, from booking a flight and Uber ride to paying credit card bills, and even finding potential romantic suitors through dating apps like Tinder. Employer Branding Recruiting

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Social Recruiting Round-Up – April 2015

Social Talent

No, not THAT “time of the month” sillies – it’s time for our monthly social recruiting round-up; a collection of the most popular blog posts, the most talked about infographics and the biggest recruitment and sourcing news stories of the last month. Employer branding is one of the most important aspects of candidate attraction in 2015. Top Infographics in April: How Social Media Photos Affect Your Job Search (Infographic).

Why You Need Recruitment Marketing in Your Firm


The main purpose of Recruitment Marketing is to improve your Employer Brand, or your reputation as an employer. In the marketing world, Inbound Marketing is the process of generating leads and revenue, mostly through Social Media marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), to attract customers. Recruiting Technology Recruitment Marketing Content Marketing ATS platform Applicant Tracking Systems Recruitment CRM employer branding

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Mobile Recruiting: Why Recruiters Should Care About The Google Algorithm Change

Recruiting Daily

Beyond basic web pages, employers may find that their entire online hiring process is derailed from the start due to lack of searchability. We know from iCIMS’ in-platform data consisting of more than 2,700 employers in varying industries and ranging from very small to large enterprise company size that mobile usage among job seekers has increased by 60% in the past year alone. When was the last time you used your phone to search the web?