6 Practical Ways to Reduce Sales Talent Turnover

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With all the time, energy, and money that go into perfecting the hiring formula, the reality is that turnover still happens. The truth is that most selection and interview processes aren’t designed to truly dig beneath the surface to understand where this person comes from.

One Personality Trait Great Candidates Share—and How to Spot It

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The concept of grit as a positive personality trait was pioneered by psychologist Angela Ducksworth. Use personality assessments to test for grit and teamwork skills. When you interview people, you want to find out what they’ve done to make other people better,” Caroline says.

Why Shell Pushes Hard on Soft Skills — and How It’s Assessing Them

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Royal Dutch Shell is a global energy company that has always valued soft skills, even as the particular skills it prizes have changed. Part of the challenge is only 41% report their company having a formal assessment process in place. That’s where assessments come in.

Hiring @Tiqets — How to build the team behind the fastest-growing Dutch startup


In the following interview, Stephanie de Booij, HR Manager at Tiqets, shares with us the secrets of hiring the best people who drive Tiqets’ burgeoning business. Pinpoint cultural differences via assessment. Useful links from the interview. The interview.

Q&A: How Can HR Help Eliminate Obstacles to Women Leaders Reaching Their Potential?

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In part two of this interview, Sax explains what HR can do to help ensure that women leaders aren’t being held back from fulfilling their potential as well as reveal more research-based insights into what women can do to advocate for themselves.

The Crucial Hiring Lesson That Sheryl Sandberg Learned From Meg Whitman

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When Sheryl Sandberg interviewed for a job at eBay with then-CEO Meg Whitman , she didn’t have any experience in the tech industry. When building a team, Warren advocates hiring for three key traits : intelligence, energy, and integrity.