3 Ways to Boost Employee Retention and Engagement in Just a Few Minutes Per Day


Hiring new staff takes a lot of time, energy, and money, all of which could be better spent on driving the business forward. It is expensive and resource-draining to replace great people when they leave.

Breaking Down Barriers as “the Only” Woman: Stories from Women in Banking and Energy Leadership

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Our Houston event featured inspiring changemakers: Maryann Bruce from Paradigm for Parity, and Sue Ortenstone, CenterPoint Energy’s Senior Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer.

Employee Retention Strategies You Can Start Today (Part 2)

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We’re back with a second helping of employee retention tactics that you can action straight away. In Part One we listed some ways you can start making changes to boost your employee retention rates. All of these steps build a complete picture of a successful retention programme.

Is Recruiting Responsible for Retention?


It stands to reason then, that recruiting is in fact responsible for retention, albeit indirectly. A good acquisition program should be linked to a retention program, so it is understandable that about 50% of companies have a formal retention program.

9 Ways to Improve Employee Retention


When it comes to employee retention, maintaining a great team is a continual effort. We already know the cost of hiring is great: time, money and energy. Employee Retention onboarding Recruiting WorkplaceGetting it wrong can be a huge detriment to the company, and losing a great team member is a real upset.

15 Actionable Employee Retention Strategies You Can Use Today


Per Peter Economy , full-time ghostwriter and best-selling author, “The secret to unlocking this unlimited source of energy for your company is to build and strengthen the bonds between you and your employees. But forcing too much change too soon can affect employee retention.

How Employee Recognition Will Improve Retention


A bad retention rate costs many hours of explaining procedures and policies to new employees. Establishing programs that bring a positive energy to the workplace will help employees work as a team and build community.

Facebook Knows the Secret to Increasing Retention—and It Starts With Managers

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While studying retention, this team discovered that while bosses certainly matter, most of Facebook’s employees are happy with their managers. In the process, they discovered a few key ways that managers can improve retention, engagement, and employee happiness. Employee Retention

Steal This One Idea from College Campuses to Improve Employee Retention — and Rejuvenate Your Workforce

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A sabbatical program can improve a company’s employer brand and boost retention. Employees at Clif Bars, the California-based energy bar company, always rank the sabbatical among their most important perks. Employee Retention

Can Hiring Managers Resolve the Most Overlooked Retention Strategy?


In any case, making a hire lightens the load on the talent funnel, but it also marks the beginning of your retention strategy. I would say retention and engagement are definitely areas where you can see a spike in employees who go through a robust onboarding process.

Why Many Job Seekers Switch Jobs Frequently

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This is particularly true for high-energy and motivated people. As well, once the salary component has been resolved, look inside your company for other retention-negative activities that may need quelled.

The 5 Qualities Needed to Be a Really Great Manager

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They help you to keep your energy is focused on bettering the business rather than trying to figure out how to navigate the whims and shortcomings of the person you report to.

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Prevent your company from losing money through attrition


Your organization expends a huge amount of time and energy around hiring. Shouldn’t it expend just as much – if not more – on retention? Culture Performance attrition company retention job satisfaction

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Is your culture keeping pace with growth?


And in order to keep employees engaged, growing corporations must invest time and energy in internal communications programs. IMHO company culture creating culture employee retention employer brand hr best practicesStart-ups are like special snowflakes.

How Do Tech Companies Keep Their Talent Bars High?


Finally, all three require a lot of energy to get buy-in from hiring teams and create a common understanding of why the decentralization of decision-making benefits the organization as a whole.

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Is your culture keeping pace with growth?


And in order to keep employees engaged, growing corporations must invest time and energy in internal communications programs. IMHO company culture creating culture employee retention employer brand hr best practicesStart-ups are like special snowflakes.

A Real Talent Strategy, Terminate Employment At-Will

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How much of your current time and energy as an HR pro these days is being put into creating a talent strategy for your company? This stuff is nice but it doesn’t materially move the retention needle. That’s a retention strategy that will make a difference.

Inside Job: 4 Signs You Need To Rethink Your Hiring Strategy.

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The amount of time and energy we dedicate to making every successful hire happen can leave most of us feeling downright exhausted. Blog Posts News Resources company culture employee engagement employee relations employee retention guest post Hiring Manager HR larry alton Recruiting TipsRunning any kind of business is hard work. Hiring people for that business, of course, can often be even harder.

5 Ways to Add Value Using Analytics in HR

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Individual, self-paced online learning is more cost-effective and increases learning retention. Pacific Gas & Electric Co, a California energy utility, is a great example of effective strategic workforce planning. There are multiple ways to look at Human Resources.

Onboarding Key to Integrating New CFO into Culture of Organization, Expert Says

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Think of this CFO’s interactions and communications as flowing water—you want healthy streams and free-flowing energy in full support of the organization’s mission and culture, along with implementations of its strategic plan.

Inspiring ambiverts in the workplace


Ultimately where you land is about where you get your energy: from a group of people or from solitude, or, sometimes both. Culture & Diversity Engagement & RetentionAre you an extrovert or introvert?

Forget Hiring: Why It’s Time to Reskill Your Own Employees


Your organization has already invested a significant amount of time and energy into each employee, right? Retention Talent Advisor Talent Development investing in talent reskilling employees talent advisor

True Life: I’m A Talent Advisor and Metrics are a Necessary Evil


When people dream, there’s good energy. Retention Talent Advisor Talent Development hr data metrics talent advisor I’m a big believer in breaking stereotypes and reclaiming HR.

How Employers Can Make Paying It Forward Pay Off

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After all, thanking your employees just for doing their jobs sounds suspect to many organizations, but putting energy into creating a PIF culture should be a challenge every employer embraces for two simple reasons: Paying It Forward is the right thing to do.

8 Ways to Boost Employee Engagement and Create a Winning Workplace

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He is a prior entrepreneur and company founder, in cloud supply chain software, mobile advertising technology, and renewable energy. Corporate Culture Employee Retention Engagement candidates Company Culture Employee Engagement technology

BIG Benefits of Small Talk In The Workplace


A lethargy used to come over me on those days, where I couldn’t muster the energy to do anything productive. Employers wellbeing conversation Employee Engagement Employee retention WellbeingI once worked in Japan. In many ways, it was an ideal job, and I was paid very well. But I felt miserable, lonely, and pointless. As the only foreigner in an 80 strong staff, I can remember passing the entire 8 hour day without saying a word to anyone.

The gig economy: How changing employment dynamics will affect you


This isn’t surprising considering a “gig” is temporary, so a worker is only willing to invest so much time and energy beyond the actual work at hand. Engagement & Retention Recruiting & Onboarding Technology

How Raleigh Is Engineering a Solution to the Skills Gap


In Raleigh, North Carolina they are engineering a solution to a worldwide problem: understanding the recruitment, retention, and skills development needs of today’s leading energy and technology providers.

How To Fix a Crappy Company Culture

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No, that’s not enough – employers today have to make work the equivalent of a professional playground, replete with ping pong or foosball tables, bean bags and the other accoutrements designed to express the unique vibe and energy at each employer.

Is Loving The Job Part Of The Job?

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He was a documentary filmmaker who was inspired by a business world famous for its incredible energy and commitment to service—the Pike Place Fish Market in Seattle. “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Effective Onboarding in Healthcare

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When an employee starts a new job, she comes in excited and ready to go; there is an energy. Step three: Chief Retention Officer (CRO). My friends, this is your Chief Retention Officer (CRO). If you do this, watch your retention levels sky rocket and turnover rates drop.

Staffing News of the Day, January 24, 2013

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Corporate Resource Services launches into the retail energy sector [Yahoo]. New guidance released by U.S. Treasury Department to assist employers with health care reform requirements [JD Supra].

How to Power Your Company Culture with Data and Feedback Loops


Quite simply, proactively nurturing a positive, company culture is one of the best investments of time, energy and money that an organization can make. hiring Company Culture Employee Retention

SurvaleTM Announces Record Growth, New Capabilities and Awards for 2018


Survale gives us great insights to candidate experiences & where/how to use our time/energy/resources to optimize for even better candidate experiences,” said Rachel Bitte, Chief People Officer for Survale partner Jobvite.

Must-Read Articles to Reinvigorate Your Onboarding Experience

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SHRM estimates that engaging onboarding programs lead to 91% retention of employees through the first year. Find out more here: Why the Onboarding Experience is Key for Retention According to a Gallup survey, only 12% of employees feel that their company does a great job of onboarding.

3 Tips for Recruiting College Graduates


Not only do young grads typically have an extensive knowledge of the latest technology, they also bring an energy that can boost company culture and morale. There are plenty of ways to increase retention rates within this demographic.

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How to Build a Resilient Workplace

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