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Forget Interview Questions: 4 Fresh Tactics to Screen Candidates for Emotional Intelligence

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If you’re looking for someone with a proven sales track record, or a master at Excel, there are easy ways to screen for those skills. One staffing company, Office Team , found reference checks were the most common way companies gauged job applicants’ emotional intelligence, beating out interview questions and personality tests. Analyze how the candidate interacts outside of the official interview. Have candidates take personality assessments.

Hiring Employees while Your Business is Working Remotely In 2020


There are various rounds of scrutinization that can be curated for filtering and assessing potential remote working applicants. The final step when hiring employees remotely is to interview them. Video interviews. assess . screen. interview.


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How to fix your candidate experience strategy


Amy continues in the same mindset, while shifting attention to using tech specifically for assessments. And then] moving into the assessment piece, is it relevant? Is it a personality assessment? But is it a technically relevant exercise or test?

Your Guide to Hiring Million Dollar Talent

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Candidate Assessment with insightful tools that help make screening fast and easy for you to determine who will become your absolute rockstar employees. Is it a consensus hire or does one person get the final say? What roles will each person assume? . Personality.

The Ultimate Guide To Closing The Skills Gap In Education

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Now, we don’t mean your typical PSA, but rather a personal outreach that taps into the emotional fibers of teachers. Adopting the technology that reaches this highly-connected generation on a very personal level is a good place to start. Skills-based and personality assessments. Skills-based assessments must test both hard and soft skills. A one-way video interview screening is an easy way to see the whole picture of qualifications.