Personal Trainer job description


Use this personal trainer job description sample to advertise vacancies for your gym or fitness center. You can also use this template to craft a fitness instructor job description. Personal trainers are experts in fitness training and work with customers to reach their exercise and wellness goals. Assigning appropriate exercise activities. The post Personal Trainer job description appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

Training Facilitator job description


Post this Training Facilitator job description template to job boards and careers pages to attract qualified candidates. Organizing in-house and offsite activities, like presentations, job simulations and role-playing exercises.

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Fitness Trainer job description


Use this Fitness Trainer job description to advertise your Fitness Trainer vacancies for your wellness club or gym. You may also use this template to build a Fitness Instructor job description. They assign exercise routines based on clients’ physical needs and monitor their progress. Fitness Trainer duties include: Determining clients’ exercise needs. Healthcare job descriptions Job descriptionsLooking for a Fitness Trainer?

How Fresh Job Descriptions Can Help Your Recruitment Efforts Bloom

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Spring is a great time for HR leaders and hiring managers to unearth their companies’ stale job descriptions; inspect them for tired, old phrases; and infuse them with creative, new language.

Action Verbs for Job Descriptions [The Comprehensive List]


Action verbs are the most effective verbs to use in job descriptions. It’s almost always a good idea to use action verbs for job descriptions instead of helping/linking verbs. Below is a list of 169 action verbs for job descriptions (with their definitions). I’ve found these 169 to be the most useful in writing job descriptions here at Ongig. The Comprehensive List of Action Verbs for Job Descriptions.

Emphasize Exempt Duties in Your Job Descriptions for Exempt Positions

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Job descriptions are important for several reasons, including providing evidence of the exempt nature of positions classified as exempt under the federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). A job description should list the duties performed by the person in the position.

What's the Real Value of a Job Description?

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Here’s a silly little riddle: What does almost every job in the world have in common? They all have a job description attached to them. It seems counter-productive, then, that job descriptions are pretty much an afterthought within the realm of HR and talent management.

5 Elements to a Killer Job Ad


Despite the rapidly changing climate of online job searches, the job ad remains a valuable resource to recruiters. Recruiters should have fun with this exercise of creating an announcement for opportunity, while telling a story about the company culture.

A Post About Nothing.

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Whether it’s a passive candidate reading a job description , an active one reviewing the culture related copy on your company careers site or a successful one pouring over pages of benefits information, recruiting related content is a necessary evil.

Nothing Else Matters: Why Your Job Postings Are Your Employer Brand.

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While the whole job search is like dating metaphor has decidedly jumped the shark , the fact is that while this aphorism used to be something of a stretch, now, they’re pretty much the same exact exercise, albeit with a distinctly different call to action.

LinkedIn Data Reveals an Overlooked Opportunity for Recruiters in January

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We tacitly acknowledge that each year when we make resolutions — to exercise more, learn a new skill, call home more often. Data from LinkedIn suggests that talent acquisition professionals might want to make a resolution to seize an opportunity that crops up every January: posting jobs.

Recruiting Is A Sales Job And Job Posts Are Where It All Begins

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At a seminar I once attended at a recruiting conference about writing effective job posts , Eric Putkonen, a veteran recruiter, and president of Minnesota , said this: “Recruiting is a sales job, and a marketing job. Develop and lead team-building exercises.

Google For Jobs: 7 Hacks Recruiters Need To Know

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Writing job descriptions is an exercise in measuring humanity. Blog Posts Featured News Google for Jobs Hacks Recruiting Sourcing

Head of Content Marketing

Stories Incorporated

In sum: this job has gotten very fun. It’s time for someone like you to take the function further, way past this founder’s learn-on-the-job experience. Stories Job DescriptionReading Time: 6 minutes. Stories Inc.

eBook 52

Writing Code For A Successful Search

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And it’s not just putting together a list of skill sets and a job description for a candidate. And how, say after four months on the job, are you going to measure their performance? In other words, it was an organizational management job, not a manufacturing one.

Tell Me About A Time When You Didn’t Suck at Interviewing.

Snark Attack

At its core, recruiting is more or less an exercise in making a good first impression; from the 6-8 seconds the average recruiter (if such a thing exists) spends reviewing a resume to the reported 35 seconds job seekers spend, on average, reading an online job description, making an immediate impact is imperative for both […].

Workout of the Week: Build Your Brand Muscle


About 70% of candidates report that employer branding is essential when considering a job offer. Listings on job boards. Do a few reps of these brand strengthening exercises to beef up your brand muscle: Build Your Brand From the Inside Out .

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Disruptive Interview Tactics to Improve Quality of Hire


Anyone who is familiar with Star Trek’s famous Kobayashi Maru training exercise will understand how simulations can help participants demonstrate their skills in a protected environment. Sure, HR knows all of the job descriptions, but have they actually performed the job?

Dear ReWorker: Is It Sexist to Promote a Male Employee Over Two Females?

Cornerstone On Demand - Talent Management

This role doesn't technically exist, so we'd have to create a new job title and job description. Once you reach an answer, write out a job description and then benchmark the position. Does this job description warrant a higher salary and title?

7 Best Hiring Practices for Small Business Owners in 2019

Glassdoor for Employers

While you may be eager to begin hiring, don’t share job listings or start interviewing candidates until you’re ready to act quickly, said Arlene Donovan, founder and CEO of Turning Point Coaching in Connecticut. Spend less time on the job description.

3 disruptive tactics to overhaul your candidate experience


One reason hiring managers may want to change the way they interact with candidates is that doing so can improve how the organization is viewed within the job market, making it more desirable to qualified candidates.

Spotting Costly Hires and Avoiding Big Recruiting Mistakes

Pragna Technologies

No matter what the job is technology and automation are anyway a part of it. Pre-screening tools can help to quickly filter the pool of available candidates by eliminating those who do not meet minimum skills and job requirements. Hazy Job Description s.

Sourcing Tools to Recruit More Women in Tech


less committed to their jobs than non-mothers while fathers were perceived as being 5% more committed than non-fathers. It’s a community that discusses: career growth, startups, engineering, venture capital, and job news.

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How to Narrow Down Your Candidate Pool and Make the Right Hire


Some job seekers just blast resumes off for jobs they’re not entirely qualified for and hope for the best. The recruiting team then has to sort through them all to find the handful who have what it takes to do the job. Start with a clear job description.

17 Tips to Help Recruiters Stay Sane

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Look to emphasize those traits in your job descriptions , resume filtering process and the questions you prepare for interviews. Write and post a job description? Use job boards smarter. Consider limiting your use of large job boards.

A brand new (read easier) way to create tests on HackerEarth Recruit

Hacker Earth

A quick flashback… Last March, during our periodic exercise of interacting with our customers we came upon an interesting problem. We spoke to a bunch of recruiters who were hiring full-stack developers and below are the two job descriptions that carry the same job title.

The Theory of (Questioning) Everything


Some companies take this a step further and really define the job, before looking for candidates. Some things you can do include: Selling the people you’ll be working with and not just the perks of the job. The Theory of Everything details the life and career of Stephen Hawking.

Is Your Job Posting Language Affecting Your Applicant Gender Diversity?


For instance, a research article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology Studies found that the language used in job postings maintains gender inequality by affecting the likelihood that certain genders apply for certain jobs.

How to Improve Knowledge Sharing And Increase Productivity With Edge Collaboration??

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Cross-training and cross departmental team building exercises can help break down these barriers between groups. For instance, your company directory should include title and a brief job description under each employee's name. The average large U.S.

Qualified or Likeable? How to Figure Out Who Your Candidate Is

NPA Worldwide

Before you start to recruit and further qualify candidates, create a new job description that lists only the essential skills and experience required. As Betterteam states, “A good description shouldn’t over describe.

4 Steps to Emotive Copywriting in Recruitment Marketing

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Writing attention-grabbing copy is an essential skill set for Recruitment Marketers – and tapping into the power of your candidates’ emotions can be an effective way to make your job descriptions, careers site content, job advertisements and social media posts stand out from all the noise.

A Successful Hiring Process for Customer Support Specialists


By now, you should have a customer support specialist job profile completed and be ready to look for someone who checks all the boxes. Job description. A quality job description attracts the right candidates. Use your job profile to outline the specifics of the role and the qualities and skills your hire needs to have. You can post your opening on job boards, share it on social media, ask for employee referrals and use other traditional sourcing channels.

How to fix your candidate experience strategy


All these skills and qualifications should be outlined in the job ad itself. Sean explained the importance of crafting unique and clear job descriptions: “You don’t want everything to be so standardized that a role doesn’t really make sense. This is why, on Jan.

Savvy Jobseekers Jump Through Hoops to Stand Out in a Sea of Applications

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For jobseekers focusing on their personal brands, they must remember that the key components for applying to a job are still vital. Jobseekers who have adopted a personal brand are able to use specific phrases in their résumés to help align their experience with the job they are seeking.

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The Idea of the Minimum Viable Candidate

Stack Overflow

The reality of the market that hiring managers need to understand is that a job spec is not the place for perfection. What do tech experts look for in a new job? After this check-in with the trends in tech, you should turn back to the job description at hand and go through one simple exercise with your hiring managers: Who’s our Minimum Viable Candidate to fill this opening?

Optimal Healthcare Recruitment Process: Discover How To Compete For Talent

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An all rounded approach would include social media platforms, online advertising, marketing and outreach to more candidates via job fairs. Make your job position more appealing: Put efforts to understand the factors that motivate candidates in their decision to choose a new opportunity.

How to Interview a Rock Star Recruiter

Contract Recruiter

We administer a resume review test that involves analyzing a group of supplied resumes against job descriptions. For instance, a resume may have considerable job gaps; or have a college graduation date of 1915, or have job titles or descriptions that don’t fit the job description, etc.

How to Measure Employee Engagement

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When staff and managers aren’t hampered by unnecessary rules and regulations, they feel freer to exercise their own judgment and take ownership of their work. “Every job in a marketplace should have a particular key metric associated with it,” says Pollard.

10 Ways to Manage Team With Social Distancing at workplaces


As a reliable solution after remote working , social distancing at workplaces is the single most effective and rampant exercise. group exercises to assess the ground reality of persisting stress. .

ATS 61

HR, Take Some Risks and Just Say “What the *”

Fistful of Talent

I look for unique qualities, that aren’t in the job description. The growth and victory come from going through the exercise, not the result. My favorite movie line of all time and something every HR practitioner needs to do, “ Sometimes you need to just say ‘what the *’ and take some risks. ” The quote comes from the movie Risky Business. Joel, the character played by Tom Cruise, is much like a teenage version of an HR pansy.