How the 3 Best Fashion Luxury Brands Activate Their Employer Brand

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Three massive fashion luxury brands. Louis Vuitton The fashion house and luxury retail. How the 3 Best Fashion Luxury Brands Activate Their Employer Brand Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog. Employer Burberry careers page Chanel Employer Brand Employer Branding Fashion brands Louis Vuitton Social MediaWe’ve all heard of them: Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Chanel. Three huge consumer brands. But what about their employer brand?

Fashion Faux Pas: Funkyzeit Mit HR

Snark Attack

OpEd candidate experience fashion HR Recruiting Social Media worthless content If you’ve seen me at a conference, this is going to be hard to imagine. But when I was immersed in the world of Fortune 50 HR departments, the professional equivalent of a home ec class, I thought the best way to fit into a world where I was an obvious interloper was by simply […].


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5 Recruitment Takeaways From the State of Social Media 2015

Social Talent

MDG Advertising have just released their “ State of the Internet 2015 ” infographic, and it’s jam-packed with findings surrounding social media and it’s usage in 2015. Well, it reveals a number of interesting stats surrounding the usage of social media by people the world over (read: job seekers the world over) that you can use to inform and advise how you use social media in your recruiting efforts. see an opportunity.

Which One Are You When It Comes To Social Media?

Staffing Talk

I must admit I am bit confused about social media use after doing a little bit of reading and researching for this post. Richard Branson recently wrote in this blog about the surprising lethargy in the executive suite when it comes to engaging in social media. However, when you get to the very top of companies, there is a surprising lethargy about using the online tools already available: social media.

Diversity and Fashion: What are the Most Influential Cultures?

Recruiting Blogs

The fashion world is bursting with inspiration, diversity, and creativity. With the emergence of social media platforms including Instagram and Pinterest, it has never been easier to find inspiration for our seasonal looks from trending celebrities and influencers. That’s why the diversity of the fashion industry is something worth admiring. Traditionally British Fashion Inspiration. It’s not only online British influencers who are shaping modern fashion.

The Interview Process: Old-Fashioned Vs. Progressive

Spark Hire

After all, how embarrassing to have an old-fashioned interview process while other companies are showing yours up with their progressive process! The Old-Fashioned. By implementing the one-way video interview into your process, you are virtually eliminating the old-fashioned, initial phone screen. Just as social media was integrated into the recruiting process due to its growing popularity, live video will be a must when it comes to our future interview processes. .

Is The Use Of Social Media As A Recruiting Tool Rising Fast Enough?

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Social media use among recruiters is rising. But it may not be happening fast enough, at least according to a survey of leaders in human resources and talent management who believe their companies are behind in terms of the adoption and use of both internal and external social networking technologies. Most of us probably use social media platforms and networks in some form or fashion to build our brands, market our organizations, and even list specific job reqs.

What Are the Best Channels for Sourcing Candidates?


Fortunately, the digital age has provided no shortage of channels for sourcing candidates, which include a whole host of competing job sites, as well as an ever-expanding list of social media platforms. Among the most traditional, and often most effective, methods of sourcing candidates is the old-fashioned approach of looking inward. Professional networking and social media sites.

What Does the Future of Shopping Hold in the Fashion Industry?

Recruiting Blogs

Although many new shopping trends are a direct result of COVID-19 and brands adapting to life in lockdown, countless changes in the fashion industry were already underway. With this dynamic shift to online shopping and exciting technological innovations becoming available to brands all the time, the world of fashion and e-commerce is evolving and adapting at an impressive rate. So, it appears that the fashion world is certainly heading in the right direction!

4 Ways To Engage With Passive Candidates

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When it comes to engaging with a passive candidate, recruiters must steer away from old-fashioned techniques. Social Matters. To stand out and appeal to candidates, it’s imperative that you’re making best use of your social platforms. Social media offers numerous opportunities to network, whilst also allowing you to distribute the content you create on a wider scale. Using social geolocation tools is great for these efforts.

SEO 193

TikTok on Your Phone Might Be a Problem at Work (The HR Famous Podcast)

Fistful of Talent

6:00 – Tim comes through with the much needed fashion advice. Recruiting Social Media Talent Acquisition The HR Famous Podcast covid unemployment COVID-19 TikTok

Influence | Forum One: Internet Strategy, Social Media, User Experience and Web Site Development

Forum One

Skip to Navigation Careers News Client login About Us Services Our Work Blogs Events Contact Us Home › Blogs › Influence Social Networking and #AIDS2010 Suzanne Rainey in Influence 15 Jul 2010 There’s a flurry of action this week as we await the start of the XVIII International AIDS Conference (#AIDS2010) in Vienna, Austria, next week. We had a great discussion about how government agencies are using social media, and how the research community can support their efforts.

The Ultimate Recruiters Guide to Using Social Media to Source Candidates in 2019

Recruiterly Blog

When it comes to sourcing candidates and finding the best fit for your business, there’s one place you can’t ignore: social media. adults on Facebook and 3.196 billion people using social media in general – that place is on the social networks. That said, using social media to source candidates is no easy task, and – like with any recruitment strategy – it can be easy to get off course. Why Social Media.

6 of the Best Employer Brands on Snapchat Right Now!

Social Talent

social network among teens beating out Instagram, Twitter and Facebook), but the app’s popularity is growing amongst all demographics. In short, Snapchat has already established itself as one of the major social networks in a short period of time, and it’s expected to continue to grow rapidly for quite some time. The only thing that made sense was the employee voice – which was perfect, because, for the last year, that’s how we had positioned our entire social media strategy.

4 Simple Ways To Effectively Engage With Passive Candidates

Social Talent

When engaging with a passive candidate, recruiters must steer away from old-fashioned techniques. Social Matters. To stand out and appeal to candidates, it’s imperative that you’re making best use of your social platforms. Social media offers numerous opportunities to network, whilst also allowing you to distribute the content you create on a wider scale. Using social geolocation tools is great for these efforts. What Are Passive Candidates?

SEO 144

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


There’s more to social media hiring than just tweeting your jobs. Everything you do or say on social media is building your brand. Use blogging, social media and public conversations to keep speaking to your ideal future hires. How to do social the right way.

Recruiting strategies: a comprehensive guide for small business


Find employees: social recruiting and job boards. In many ways the traditional strengths of smaller businesses such as personal relationships, approachability and smaller teams are well suited to social media, which rewards authenticity and responsiveness.

A Recruiter’s Guide to Building a Strong LinkedIn Network

Social Talent

For example, if you regularly recruit candidates within the marketing industry, posting content about social media updates or new inbound marketing tools will be a winner with people within that niche. This is the main mistake recruiters make on social media. It’s called social media for a reason. If you just blast your network with information and share jobs all day, that’s not social recruiting.

A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Instagram

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Now, I know what you’re thinking; “ here comes Social Talent with yet another blog post about another social network I should have started using yesterday ”. teens (aka, the people you’ll be looking to hire in 2-5 years time) consider Instagram to be the most important social network, (in comparison just 23% consider Facebook to be as important). Media recognition of their employer branding efforts. Are you already recruiting on other social media networks?

8 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories – 14th September 2015

Social Talent

In the news this week: SHRM Survey Reveals 2/3 of Companies Made Social Media Hires in the Last Year. Two-thirds of all companies have sourced new hires in the last year from social media , that’s according to a new study conducted by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). LinkedIn was by far the most heavily used social recruiting site, with 57% of the respondents sourcing at least one hire from the site in the last year.

Always Be Closing Almost Never Works In Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

Contrary to popular belief, any realtor, car salesman or contingency recruiter will agree that social selling, the ultimate act of transforming a new relationship into a meaningful connection that’s mutually beneficent, doesn’t happen overnight. From LinkedIn to Facebook, Twitter to GitHub, from emails and referrals to old fashioned cold calling, all of these platforms share one core commonality: they’re all social channels.

Surprise, Surprise! Uber Launches a Job App

The Whiteboard

Now, Pulse A will be suave, electric-scooter riding, artist/juggler/lawyer who lives in a converted factory in a fashionable former shipyard, all funded by their “gigs” Shitty Job B, well that will still be a shitty job, but it’ll be called a “gig”, so Pulse A will find it cool. Employment Human Resources Recruitment Agency Recruitment Futurology Social Media TechnologyWell it had to happen eventually.

Finding The Perfect Candidates For Creative Roles on Pinterest

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Pinterest is social media site that allows users to collect images, create boards and follow other pinners as a new way of finding interesting content. The virtual and social pinboard thrives on imagery and design led content. Fashion. The social media site is teeming with professionals from industries like: Education. It is also free text which allows people to structure their bio in any fashion they want- or leave it blank. Social Media

5 Uplifting and Inspirational Sourcing News Stories – 18th May 2015

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While Facebook introduced more robust search functionality in 2013 with the release of Graph Search, its functionality is extremely limited compared to the potential in the social graph data behind it – as we recruiters well know! Over the weekend, T echCrunch reported that Facebook is working on a new use for its social graph data, which will allow users to search for links to articles directly from Facebook’s mobile app.

ATTENTION: 6 Critical Recruitment Industry Updates – 11th May 2015

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According to Pinterest’s CCO, Evan Sharp, the ratio of men to women on the social “pinning” site is gradually shifting to a more equal level. More users than ever are international — nearly 40% of the social network’s total user base — across countries such as China, Indonesia, Romania and the Philippines. The post ATTENTION: 6 Critical Recruitment Industry Updates – 11th May 2015 appeared first on Social Talent.

9 Need-to-Know Recruitment News Stories – 21st September 2015

Social Talent

61% checked “social professional networks” (LinkedIn’s generic term for itself). What this means for you: Social media is now officially as important as job boards when it comes to recruiting, so you need both a presence on and a strategy for social talent acquisition. What they hear about your brand, from social media posts and Glassdoor reviews and LinkedIn company pages, affects what they tell their job-seeking friends. Social media recruiting.

BUMPER EDITION: 9 Stories the Recruitment Industry is Buzzing About this Week – 24th August 2015

Social Talent

Social media dynamos Instagram and Pinterest nearly doubled their users between 2012 and 2015 , according to a new study — and Pinterest is winning. based think tank, surveyed 1,907 adults this spring to learn about their social media habits. LinkedIn was the only social media platform studied that actually saw its user base decrease slightly from 2014 to 2015: Facebook, of course, remains far and away the most widely-used social media platform.

Are You Making These 5 Twitter Recruiting Mistakes?


Now, I know, “social media recruiting” is shaping up to be one of those buzzwords that’s more bark than bite. And I know that LinkedIn gets all the social recruiting love from hiring managers these days. Twitter can be a great addition to your social media recruiting efforts, but not if you muck it up. If not, you may have more success with other social networks, or sticking with good old-fashioned offline recruiting.

How to: Actually Engage Passive Candidates (As Proven by Science)

Social Talent

Recruiters told us at Social Talent, for our Global Sourcing Survey last year, that their average response rate was mainly between 20 and 40%. Whereas the other contestants all ate in a similar fashion, picking up the whole hot-dog-bun combo like they would normally, and try and shove as much of the thing in their mouths as they could. Sidekick by Hubspot (works on Outlook, Gmail and AppleMail) is our favourite here at Social Talent.

How To 153

Would you trust a recruiter who looks like this?

The Whiteboard

For those readers who can somehow avoid trashy media content, this is Kiwi “starlet” Kelsy Karter. Call me ol’ fashioned, but marriage is kinda for life. Employment Human Resources Recruitment Agency HR Recruiter Social MediaWell, would you? Be honest. You know Kelsy Karter; she sang that…song. And she was in that television series. No not that one, the other one. Still no idea? Well join the club.

BUMPER EDITION: 9 Fascinating Recruitment Industry News Stories – 15th June 2015

Social Talent

But to woo non-English speaking Chinese users, the social network will, in his view, have to do more to develop its local services. Trying to get your point across in an engaging fashion in 140 characters (as anyone who’s tried it will tell you), can be quite a cumbersome task. For a tech (or at least tech-enabled) startup, doing a live phone call seems kind of old-fashioned, but Goldstein said that at Vettery, “we really want to connect” with the candidates. “I

Too-Light vs Too-Heavy vs Just-Right on Social Media Promotion

Staffing Talk

He mixes humor with news with empirical support for his vision and in a passing fashion talks up his company in such a way that you’re left with a clear notion that they have their act together. [link] You’ve seen those Budweiser commercials, right? The ones where the guy is too meek in seeking out his true love in one scene and in the next destroys her dorm room with a wrecking ball? Well people behave in similarly opposite extremes on Twitter.

7 FREE Twitter Products for Serious Social Recruiters

Social Talent

Twitter is now the second most popular social network among recruiters and sourcers the world over. Twitter Analytics is one of the most comprehensive free analytics products associated with a social network on the market. In this example, you can see the Social Talent Twitter account received 56 retweets on the June 23rd, 2015: You can also do the same for the overall number of link clicks, favourites, replies and engagement rates.

8 Recruitment News Stories the Industry is Buzzing About this Week – 31st August 2015

Social Talent

It’s been over 3 years since it was bought by LinkedIn, but only now is SlideShare receiving a deeper integration with the professional social network, namely a rebranding (now it’s “LinkedIn SlideShare”) and a new tool that allows users to clip out the best slides from presentations and save them to topic-based clipboards. It means that hiring managers might hire people who have similar hobbies, experiences and sense of fashion as they have.

4 Industry Affecting Recruitment News Stories – 6th October 2014

Social Talent

In typical QVC shopping channel fashion, LinkedIn will be giving both Recruiter and Recruiter Professional Services users an extra 100 InMails to help them “ease into this new policy” What do you think of the next step in the LinkedIn InMail saga? Even their social search (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.) The post 4 Industry Affecting Recruitment News Stories – 6th October 2014 appeared first on Social Talent.

Anti-Social Recruiting: Why Sourcing Best Practices Are BS

Recruiting Daily

Back in the Day: The Original Social Sourcing. At this week’s SourceCon, an event which is more or less the ComicCon of talent acquisition (with slightly more savants and slightly worse fashion), the focus of the agenda and topics of conversation are going to be on tools and technology, with some statistics and survey data thrown in because, well, these guys are basically Rain Man.

8 News Stories to Set Recruiters’ Tongues Wagging – 20th October 2014

Social Talent

Because, while Starbucks has taken relatively liberal stands on issues varying from same-sex marriage to gun bans, its dress code remained somewhat old-fashioned. This year’s event has 10 different areas in which to find talks on HR technology, product demos, workforce learning, outsourcing, social enterprise, talent management and much more besides. The post 8 News Stories to Set Recruiters’ Tongues Wagging – 20th October 2014 appeared first on Social Talent.

5 New Sourcing News Stories for the New Month- 3rd November 2014

Social Talent

Such is the power of social sourcing in 2014. Prophet is a new Chrome extension that uses an advanced engine to predict the most likely email combination for any given person based on their name, company and other social data. Prophet works on the industries most popular social sites including, Facebook, Github, Twitter, StackOverFlow and LinkedIn. The post 5 New Sourcing News Stories for the New Month- 3rd November 2014 appeared first on Social Talent.

9 Intriguing Social Recruiting News Stories – 6th July 2015

Social Talent

It’s been said (even by us on numerous occasions) that Facebook Video is becoming bigger than YouTube, as brands upload more video directly to the social network than ever before. Now, Facebook is catering to the needs of video publishers with the launch of a new Videos tab in Page Insights, which will allow publishers to better track the performance of videos across data ranges, along with other data, in a more accessible fashion.

7 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Start August – 4th August 2015

Social Talent

Thursday saw LinkedIn’s Q2 earnings beat analyst expectations in dramatic fashion, sending the stock up as much as 14% in extending trading. The next step is designing strategies based on social science research to address those barriers. The post 7 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Start August – 4th August 2015 appeared first on Social Talent. In the news this week: LinkedIn’s Q2 2015 Earnings.