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50 most game-changing influencers in recruitment [also for IT recruiters]


That’s why we gathered a list of specialists in recruiting that you should listen to, who are worth your time. They are the people that change the ways of recruiting, finding new paths, streamlining recruitment process and squeezing out the most of recruiting funnels. On daily basis we focus on information for IT recruiters, but the mentioned specialists go far beyond it, being inspiration to the whole recruiting world. Generalists in recruiting.

How to screen React developer skills 


Technical recruiters often find themselves in a pickle when they don’t receive resumes with a strong background and related skill set. Read our complete guide for recruiting a skilled React specialist who’s the right fit for your team.


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7 powerful ways to deal with a long hiring process


Filling open racks is taking more time than ever with average length of the interview process reaching 24.4 According to Glassdoor data, government jobs come with the longest interview process (53.8 Average length of interview depends on the skills necessary to perform the job in question, whether these skills are in high demand and whether they are easy to screen. Source: Glassdoor. Source: Glassdoor. Source: 2017 Developer Hiring Landscape.

Recruiting Salaries in 2018

Newton Software

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a career that was not only financially rewarding but also rewarding on a more personal level? As it turns out, recruiting just so happens to fit the bill. As a recruiter, you are a catalyst for change, by helping candidates realize their full potential, you are helping them achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations, enabling them to live more fulfilled lives and take better care of their families. Average Salary Per Recruiting Position.

If I Only Had A Brain: Why It’s Time To Rethink College Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

The Straw Man: The Myth of College Recruiting and Me. It was a lot of responsibility, and even more work and you’re making a significant investment, with so much of your personal time, money and bandwidth involved in getting a degree that, to my surprise, so many recruiters and employers out there see as, well, worthless. About the Author: Derek Zeller draws from over 16 years in the recruiting industry.

12 Assessment Tools That Will Help You Hire the Best Candidates Quickly (and Fairly)

Linkedin Talent Blog

Nearly everyone wants to shake up the traditional interview, according to the our Global Recruiting Trends report. Talent acquisition professionals note that conventional interviews often reinforce existing biases, have a limited ability to assess soft skills, and are unreliable. But there’s now a chance to swap the test of wills that interviews have become for an actual test of talent. Interview Mocha. Recruiting Strategy Interview Questions

How to screen a security engineer


What is important for an IT Recruiter to know about security? Security engineer glossary for technical recruiters. Security engineer interview questions to ask during a phone/video technical interview. Technical screening of security engineering skills using an online coding test. What is important for an IT Recruiter to know about security? But it’s real value is as a guideline for questioning during the interview stage.

What skills should you look for in a WordPress developer?


Whether you’re looking at your next hire or simply want to further yourself as a technical recruiter, it’s essential to understand the most valuable skills for a WordPress developer. Source: Unsplash – Fikret Tozak. Source: Unsplash – Stephen Phillips.

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4 Steps to build your talent acquisition strategy

Hacker Earth

Talent acquisition strategy vs. recruitment. Recruitment is a short-term effort limited to hiring candidates to fill a vacancy that exists in an organization. Doing so aids not just recruitment but helps in predicting and effectively planning the company’s growth chart over a similar period as well. Such strategic hiring empowers recruiters with both time and resources, which are both invaluable to recruiting. Collaboration: Recruiting cannot happen in a vacuum.

Top HR Twitters to Follow Right Now


Inspired by the mix of talent present at Hiring Success 18 in San Francisco, we’ve created a list of ‘must follows’ from the recruiting experts in the fields of branding, marketing, D&I, tech, and more – all of whom dazzled us at #Hire18. #1– Chief content officer for Allegis Global Solution s and executive editor for Recruiting Daily. Click on this recruiting maven’s Twitter for his latest articles, updates on the TA world, and commentary on the latest tech news.

Level Up Your Recruiting Like a No. 1 Best Place to Work

Spark Hire

Jen Paxton, Director of Talent at LevelUp, drops in on The Growth Recruiting Podcast and dishes on how her team built the #1 place to work according to the Boston Business Journal. Get ready to level up your recruiting! The Growth Recruiting Podcast is available in iTunes ! 7:58 How LevelUp’s recruiting works. 9:20 Jen’s recruiting goals. So it’s probably worth noting that I did not start off in a recruiting background.

Cash Is King: How (And When) To Have That Compensation Conversation.

Recruiting Daily

Occasionally, that turns into an in person interview, a whole lot of hand wringing, a little negotiation, and ultimately, an offer for a job you aren’t really sure you wanted in the first place. The prevailing theme of these thoughtless “thought leaders,” of course, is that when you’re interviewing, it’s nobody’s business but your own what salary you make. Hurt: Why Compensation Is The 1 Thing A Recruiter Needs To Know About You.