Social Media Recruiting Strategies


Increasingly, on social media. How Is Social Media Used in Recruiting? According to The Muse , 92% of companies are using social media platforms to recruit. There are two very different ways to reach job candidates via social media.

Tips for Dealing with Employees’ Abusive Social Media Posts

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billon people expressing themselves on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, employers have to ask themselves some important questions. Can you legally fire them for posting something on their personal social media accounts?


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5 Benefits of Social Media to the Recruitment System


There are billions of people on social media right now. Social Media Statistics 2021. Before anything else, let’s take a look at social media statistics and the approximate number of users of major applications. The role of social media has evolved.

Should You Be Using Social Media Screenings for Your Candidates?

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Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram; social media is mainstream. Virtually everyone has at least one social media profile, though how much they use it, how easy it is to find and identify as theirs, and how valuable it is will vary wildly. The Legality of Social Media Screening.

Hard to Hire: Third-Party Recruiting & the State of Talent Acquisition Report

in technology solutions, or social media. agencies sourcing talent on their behalf. 51% Social media platforms can be used for. AS SOURCE 49% SOCIAL. MEDIA 51% IMPROVE BRANDING. candidates as a sourcing. NETWORK71 % PAID SOCIAL MEDIA ADS.

The importance of social media and employer brand in the transition to a post-COVID-19 world

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Social media and employer brand have an important relationship during, and in the transition out of, the COVID-19 pandemic. We don’t know exactly how long the phases of social distancing will be in place. Social media and employer brand are interconnected for your audiences.

5 Noteworthy Pieces of Sourcing News – 13th October 2014

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Yep, unlike many other social advertising platforms, Atlas isn’t just an upgraded version of another advertising platform, it’s essentially a total rebuild “from the ground up” which intends to solve the biggest problem facing digital marketers according to Facebook: “the mobile problem” Basically, Facebook aren’t happy about the fact that even though more people are spending more time on their mobiles, marketers are not buying mobile ad space.

6 Metrics for Measuring Social Recruiting Wins


Although measuring rising followers and engagement scores is a first step when getting into social recruiting, a recent survey by Gallup found that these soft metrics can prove misleading. As your social recruiting programs mature, it’s important to dig a little deeper to see how your efforts are impacting your business goals. Sources of Influence. Recruiters have historically tracked source-of-hire to identity and focus on the most fruitful sources of talent.

Recruiters’ Catch22: How to Define your Social ROI

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Social has taken the recruitment world by storm. What has accelerated this even more is the ubiquity of mobile which has been incorporated into our daily lives, enabling us to get instant access to social networking sites. According to a survey from Jobvite , social recruiting can result in a 44% increase in candidate quality and 34% increase in improved time to hire. What are the steps you need to take clearly define the ROI of your social media recruitment activities?

Top 4 Considerations for Hiring in the UAE

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Sourcing in the UAE has never been more significant than right now. With the Dubai Expo 2020 expected to create more than 200,000 jobs across various sectors and nearly half of Middle East firms planning to hire for new posts ahead of the event, the need to source local and international talent is at the top of the agenda for recruiters. Consideration #1: Social Network Optimization. Make sure that the company ethos sets the tone for what will be posted on social media.

8 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories – 14th September 2015

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In the news this week: SHRM Survey Reveals 2/3 of Companies Made Social Media Hires in the Last Year. Two-thirds of all companies have sourced new hires in the last year from social media , that’s according to a new study conducted by SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management). LinkedIn was by far the most heavily used social recruiting site, with 57% of the respondents sourcing at least one hire from the site in the last year.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


Sourcing 101: Passive candidates. There’s more to social media hiring than just tweeting your jobs. Everything you do or say on social media is building your brand. Use blogging, social media and public conversations to keep speaking to your ideal future hires.

9 Intriguing Social Recruiting News Stories – 6th July 2015

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Also not among the Top 5 sources in 2006, company career sites are today how 10% of the survey’s responding job seekers found their last job. While some of the results of this survey echo other surveys, including the annual Source of Hire survey compiled by the recruitment consultancy CareerXroads and another from HR software vendor Silkroad, Zappe noted however, that it would be a mistake to read too much into the results.

LinkedIn Lawsuit: Potential FCRA Violations Mean HR Might Need To Lawyer Up

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LinkedIn has always refused to publicly self-identify or affiliate in any way with traditional job boards, resume databases or any other subset of HR Technology, positioning itself instead as a social network. LinkedIn pitches itself to businesses as the “ultimate talent pool to source the best candidates for your hiring needs.” .

7 Twitter Accounts Every Recruiter Should Start Following in 2017

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Since 2004, Bryan has watched as the digital landscape has evolved rapidly and social media and mobile have taken over from more traditional marketing methods. As VP of Global Talent Acquisition at Schneider Electric, Yvette is extremely passionate about a number of global hiring issues – primarily workplace equality, women in STEM, and environmental social responsibility. You name the role, Stacy has sourced for it!

You Won’t Read Recruitment News this Good for Another 4 Years – 29 February 2016

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An employee loves what she sells so much, she’s willing to promote the company on her own social channels free of charge to all of her like-minded friends in the hope of inspiring them to come in and buy the clothes. And the person behind the Philadelphia Police social media accounts has definitely got it! In fact, they put so-called “social recruiters” the world over to shame! Financial Advisor. Social Media Manager.

9 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 14th March 2016

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Next week the Chancellor will announce his plans for the coming financial year, at a time when recruiters across the country are reporting serious skills shortages alongside buoyant jobs growth. The Rise and Rise of “Employer Shaming” While social media has afforded us many invaluable opportunities when it comes to recruitment, it has also recently given rise to an alarming phenomenon recruitment expert, J.T.

7 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Start August – 4th August 2015

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No details were included in the financial report, but Weiner offered some hints during the Q&A conference call with analysts. Check out our “ Ultimate Sourcing Ninja Guide to: Job Advertising ” here for some invaluable tips on how to create killer job ads. The next step is designing strategies based on social science research to address those barriers. In the news this week: LinkedIn’s Q2 2015 Earnings.

6 Watercooler-Worthy Recruitment News Stories to Discuss this Week – 18th July 2016

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Well, that’s the rumour, but according to ERE Media’s Brian Blum , “no one has details, no one is willing to talk on or even off the record, and Google itself isn’t saying a word”. Przemek Gacek (Grupa Pracuj) had just the opposite view, saying Google as an aggregator would definitely impact his business as well as other job sites which rely on Google as a main source of traffic. “We Source: It reads: Source:

8 Fact-Filled Recruitment News Stories this Week – 14th December 2015

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But no one source came close to the percentage that went online. You can’t overlook the importance of social media in connecting with candidates and spreading the word about your opportunities. Interestingly, there’s not a huge difference in social media job activity between the 18-29 age group and the 30-49 group. Pew found that both age groups use social media equally in letting friends know about opportunities. days for financial services jobs.

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35% of Employers Less Likely to Interview Applicants They Can’t Find Online


Everybody and their mother is on social media now, so it’s not surprising that recruiters and hiring managers feel comfortable looking to networks like Facebook or Twitter to get a better picture of candidates they’re considering for a job.According to CareerBuilder’s annual social media recruitment survey , hiring managers are likely to use social networks to screen candidates, and 35 percent of employers view a lack of presence online as a cause for concern.

Why Every Finance Professional Needs A Good LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn has not only become one of the top sources for professionals looking for jobs and networking opportunities, but an important tool for employers trying to identify talent. While employers can utilize this site to learn more about a prospective hire or proactively source new candidates, professionals can leverage its features to connect with companies, establish themselves as thought leaders, and stay in touch with their network.

8 Exciting Recruitment News Stories this Week – 8th February 2016

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In other LinkedIn news, last Thursday saw the announcement of LinkedIn’s financial results for the fourth quarter and full year of 2015. The post 8 Exciting Recruitment News Stories this Week – 8th February 2016 appeared first on Social Talent. Latest LinkedIn Mobile Recruitment News Social Media Technology instant messaging linkedin news recruiting news recruitment news social recruiting news social sourcing news sourcing news whatsapp

Sourcing Techniques to Find a Great Candidate

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While everyone knows about LinkedIn and cold calling for sourcing, and most people know about Boolean search, there are newer sourcing techniques every competitive recruiter needs to be using in 2017. Three Sourcing Techniques to Use in 2017. Recruiters don’t operate in a vacuum when they’re sourcing and engaging candidates. Weekly Showdown provides business and social performance comparisons between users’ companies and competitors. Social Media Recruiting.

7 Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Careers Page

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Basically, if you’re not using Facebook to recruit in some way shape or form, you’re missing one of the biggest social recruiting opportunities this side of the galaxy! When a company attracts candidates and job seekers through social media, it’s engaging with them on a much more personal level compared to the likes of a job board or corporate careers page. The post 7 Tips for Running a Successful Facebook Careers Page appeared first on Social Talent.

9 Mind-Blowing and Mind-Boggling Recruitment News Stories this Week – 23rd May 2016

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All of the passwords were encrypted, or “hashed,” but one of Motherboard’s sources said they had cracked 90% of the passwords in just 3 days. And that “something big” is their brand new fit-assessment/sourcing/screening site: Hooble. If you are looking to attract more entry-level candidates to your jobs, keep in mind 84% of college seniors believe an active social presence can help a company when it comes to recruiting the best talent.

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6 ‘Must Know’ Recruitment News Stories this Week – 13th April 2015

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LinkedIn head of content products Ryan Rolanksy describes a future in which job seekers are not only made aware of skills required for positions they’re applying for, but can also take courses to get those skill immediately through the social network: As the head of content products at LinkedIn, I spend a lot of time thinking about how the access to information and knowledge can be used to make professionals more productive and successful.

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Why Companies Are Searching For Employees With Grit

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After all, recruitment is a huge financial investment, so it only makes sense that forward-thinking organisations would want to maximise their return on that investment. One source states that replacing a single member of staff can cost up to £28,000 per employee. Another source suggests that employers spend approximately six to nine months of an employee’s salary to find an appropriate replacement.

The 5 Good, Bad & Surprising Recruitment News Stories this Week – 10th November 2014

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But unlike other social networks, which only allow you to connect with other users, Intro’s users can share their information with anyone, even if the person they’re sending it to DOESN’T have the app. He made the announcement during a quarterly financial conference call with investment analysts. The post The 5 Good, Bad & Surprising Recruitment News Stories this Week – 10th November 2014 appeared first on Social Talent.

5 Tactics to Attract and Engage Millennials

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They want a more flexible approach when it comes to work and place more of an emphasis on work-life balance over financial reward. Source: Millennials at Work – Shaping the Workplace. Get Social. You really need to embrace social media if you want to get the attention of millennials. Millennials spend massive chunks of their day online and consume a huge amount of information, particularly on social which dominates the online experience.

8 Intriguing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 9th November 2015

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Though there will still be some hesitation when contacting candidates on Facebook, (as there always is with the more personal focused social networks) the implementation of Facebook Message Requests is a direct acknowledgement from Facebook that people want to communicate with people they don’t know. The financial results for LinkedIn’s third quarter of 2015 have been released , and they’re pretty damn impressive!

How To Become A Badass At Sourcing.

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I know, a lot of you think phone sourcing is either old fashioned or completely obsolete – the technological antipode of things like crowdfunding, social media or ecommerce. And I admit, phone sourcing isn’t the newest – or sexiest – method for finding and developing talent out there these days. Phoning It In: A Sourcing Call To Action. Keep Sourcing Simple, Stupid. Phone sourcing is also a simple game.

6 Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off 2016 – 4th January 2016

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The company moved into China 8 years ago, when it acquired local professional social network – a site they shut down on December 31. However, China’s changing economic conditions marked by a historical slowdown in growth, a major financial crisis in the summer of 2015 and repeated devaluations of the nation’s currency dashed hopes of identifying such a partner.”. In recruitment news this week: Recruitment Industry Has Best Year EVER!

7 Unmissable Social Recruiting News Stories – 13th July 2015

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The top content-demanding industries are tech, financial services and higher education and the average post now reaches professionals in 21 industries and 9 countries. These organisations focus on how their policies regarding sustainability, fair trade, and other social programs make a tangible contribution to society. Is LinkedIn a more effective for sourcing talent? The post 7 Unmissable Social Recruiting News Stories – 13th July 2015 appeared first on Social Talent.

Social Recruiting Round-Up – April 2015

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No, not THAT “time of the month” sillies – it’s time for our monthly social recruiting round-up; a collection of the most popular blog posts, the most talked about infographics and the biggest recruitment and sourcing news stories of the last month. Top Infographics in April: How Social Media Photos Affect Your Job Search (Infographic). Interestingly, jobs in the financial services sector took the longest to fill, averaging 43.1

Social Recruiting Round-Up – October 2014

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Hello and welcome to the October issue of Social Talent’s Social Recruiting Round-Up – a collection of the best blogs, infographics and new stories posted on the Social Talent blog in the last month. This infographic has all the stats relating to the LinkedIn section of the 2014 Global Sourcing Survey. Social media is and continues to change the recruiting landscape. 30 Indispensable Social Recruiting Tools.

Impact of Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Libra on the HR Industry [+Infographic]


The candidate’s information is sourced at the time of recruitment and it can be viewed on Blockchain. Transactions’ in a blockchain setting can be any kind of information from an exchange of work history, personal information, cryptocurrencies, and records to financial details. Although the developer of the Libra is a well-known social media giant, it does not have the right to look after Libra.

The Time is NOW to Directly Source and Engage Your Contingent Talent


40 percent of the global workforce) were the first demographic to truly feel the financial squeeze of social distancing and shelter-in-place orders. Best Practice #2 – Humanize Your Sourcing Communications.

Why Are Recruiters Playing LinkedIn Hide And Seek?

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You are at the very least using LinkedIn and maybe even some other social networks, so it isn’t as if you are being bashful with your digital presence, is it? So why are so many recruiters still playing social recruiting hide and seek? This ‘minimalist’ searching also prevails across the social networks, as we all use the same search habits on whichever platform we use to find things/people. Image source here.

How Hireology Can Support Your Hub and Spoke Recruiting Strategy


One of the most effective tactics we’ve seen customers embrace is the hub and spoke model for applicant sourcing. A great hub and spoke strategy includes a variety of recruiting sources like paid and organic job boards, social media, Google, and employee referral programs.