Most companies publicly communicate the belief that employees are their most valuable assets. However, if you look privately how they invest in human capital, their actions often do not match the rhetoric. Why? Corporate managers and HR professionals continue to struggle to quantify the value of investments in employees. This lack of clarity causes an unintentional misallocation of human capital budgets.

In this webinar, we will explore how employee behaviors lead to real positive or negative financial outcomes for businesses. With clearer key performance indicators, companies can better allocate and measure the results human capital investments.

You will learn key areas to help prove that employee experience is a financial strategy:

  • What are the key behaviors that can quickly determine the engagement of your workforce?
  • What are the financial impacts of these behaviors?
  • What can be done to improve the employee experience through strategy and technology?

If you're serious about hiring and retaining great employees by providing a great employee experience, you need to make the financial case. This webinar will give you actionable tactics to attach real cost savings to this topic and get the attention of your leadership team.

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