Gi Group chooses the Connexys recruiting software


Gi Group, one of the world’s largest players in the market of HR-services and recruitment, has chosen the recruiting system from Connexys for their Dutch agency. Het bericht Gi Group chooses the Connexys recruiting software verscheen eerst op Connexys Int.

The Bachrach Group Selects Avionté as Its Enterprise Recruitment Software Provider


Avionté, a leading provider of staffing and recruitment software, announced that The Bachrach Group (TBG Search), the 2nd largest recruiting firm in New York according to Crain’s, and one of the top professional recruiting firms in the nation according to Forbes, has selected Avionté to modernize, streamline and support its rapid growth. The post The Bachrach Group Selects Avionté as Its Enterprise Recruitment Software Provider appeared first on Avionté.

5 Features You Need In A Recruitment Software System


Recruiters aren’t just people experts these days, they’re software and tech experts too. This is because success depends a lot on having the right recruitment software system in place. Easy software integrations. Recruitment analytics dashboard and reporting.

5 reasons you should use tech recruitment software

Hacker Earth

Aberdeen Group Study (May 2015). Seven out of ten (71%) of the Best-in-Class (top 20%) companies now use tech recruitment software. Along similar lines, in a previous article “ Why companies can’t avoid university recruitment ,” I spoke about how, now more than ever, it is time for companies to decide if they will or will not enter the War for Talent. Resumes can mislead even the most experienced recruiters. Definitely makes a recruiter’s life easy, doesn’t it?

What to do When Your Recruitment Software is No Longer Efficient

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Sometimes, the recruitment system you’ve always used doesn’t necessarily meet the future needs of your recruitment agency. If you are not happy with your current recruitment software , it’s time for you to take action.

3 Ways To Turn Candidates Into Customers With Recruiting Software


If I were playing the long game, I’d want to hire more top talent: Boston Consulting Group reported that delivering on recruiting goals returned 3.5x Recruitment MarketingWhat is more important to your business right now: more leads, or more top talent?

How Recruiting Software Helps You Avoid Critical Hiring Mistakes


Ever since job applicants and recruiters started using applicant tracking systems, recruiters have had to come up with more automated and advanced ways of finding and tracking qualified applicants. Hiring Recruiting Process

Jobvite Bags Brandon Hall Group’s 2018 Excellence in Technology Awards

HR Technologist - RB

Jobvite, the recruiting software, today announced two technology-based award wins from the Brandon Hall Group’s 2018 Excellence in Technology Awards gold category honors. Employee Engagement

6 Ways to Turn Today’s Silver Medal Candidates into Tomorrow’s Gold Medalist Hires

ExactHire Recruiting

An expectation that is a part of any respectful hiring process is that the recruiter or hiring manager should tell the candidate. Use your applicant tracking software features to designate talented second place finishers as great future candidates for other roles.

Benefits of Automated Recruiting

Arya Recruiting Robotics

Over the past few years, robotics has become increasingly prevalent in every industry from manufacturing, to agriculture, to healthcare, to recruiting. Contrary to popular belief, the goal of automated recruiting software is actually not to cut down on costs by replacing human recruiters.

How Your AI-Driven Recruiting Software Could Lead to Legal Trouble Instead of Better Candidates

Linkedin Talent Blog

Jaimi says that as recruiters and hiring managers navigate the ever-changing topography of AI-driven tools, they need to understand what the law has to say about it. A jury may not be as sold on the hype as your recruiting team was.

How to Build Your Recruiting Machine: A Manual

ClearCompany Recruiting

ClearCompany’s talent alignment platform is all about creating a transparent, goal-oriented organization on the individual and group levels. Recruiting Social Recruiting Recruiting Software Talent Alignment

7 LinkedIn Data Points That Will Help You Recruit Software Engineers in the U.S.

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If you are recruiting software engineers in the US and feel like you are in a crazy competitive field, well, you are right. However, the good news is that software engineers are quite open to new opportunities and they are willing to hear you out.

Recruitment marketing: target groups, personas, targeting. How far do you go?


As you may have noticed, recruitment marketing is hot. Recruitment Marketing is a specific strategy for finding, attracting, retaining and cherishing candidates, in order to convince them to apply for one of your vacancies. Recruiting Software.

Employer Considerations for Posting and Managing Evergreen Jobs

ExactHire Recruiting

When you think about where you spend the bulk of your time in the employee recruiting process, is a big chunk reserved for a certain type of position? Recruiters will have a greater impact on organizational success when they rally hiring managers around what to expect from the hiring process.

WhatsApp Group Chat – Leveraging Technology into HR

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Technology has definitely simplified our tasks and this holds true for most Talent Acquisitionists and Recruiters alike. The development of software and the ATS is proof enough of the simplicity of the tasks. upon the Pune group member Kavitha’s suggestion. Technology Recruiting.

Guest Blog – 15 Second Interview Questions (And Why You Should Ask Them)


Q#15: How would you handle a coworker who constantly doesn’t pull their weight on group projects? Second interviews are not just a formality, they are an essential way to really understand how your candidate ticks and whether they are the right choice for the job.

5 Staffing Best Practices Companies Can Do to Recruit More Young Professionals


The research indicates that we are still feeling the after-effects of the last recession with young professionals being the group most impacted by the slow recovery. Most are quick to indicate that these alarming statistics are a purely economic consequence; however, could the recruiting and staffing industry be playing a role? 5 things staffing companies can do to help recruit young professionals are: Rethink your strategy and approach to recruiting.

Recruiting Ninjas: 5 Ways to Build a Niche Network

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Sales and recruiting have a lot in common and I think just about any recruiter out there would agree with that. All good salespeople and recruiters know that networking is the key to any long term success. Recruiting is a “results-based” endeavor.

5 Steps To Getting More Qualified Applicants

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Good recruiting software will include tools that easily leverage an organization’s existing channels, while also unlocking dozens more. And the best recruiting software will automate these job postings to multiple channels with just one click.

How to Use Google Analytics to Measure Mobile Recruiting

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This isn’t a beginner’s guide to understanding analytics; however, even if you are new to recruitment analytics I encourage you to read this post for its tips for using Google Analytics to measure mobile recruiting activity. Why Should You Track Recruitment Site Activity?

7 Brilliant Reasons to Automate Recruiting

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Today’s post explores a fundamental issue in the recruiting industry: why you should automate recruiting. It you are using paper-based recruiting processes, this post is for you. Let’s discuss why you should automate recruiting. Why Automate Recruiting? How Do You Automate Recruiting? An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a type of HR software that automates hiring processes. Both groups engage using digital tools.

Social Media at Work: How Technology Impacts Employee Engagement.

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However, social technology includes any software tool that can help to form and nurture relationships among people. Blog Posts News Technology Trends aberdeen group company culture employee engagement guest post hr technology jim hemmer Recruiting Software Social Media workstride

New Business Owner? Avoid 3 Hiring Mistakes That Can Doom Your Startup

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Recruiting professionals understand how critical it is to avoid hiring mistakes. Who has time to outline a recruitment process ? It is designed for both recruiting professionals and new business owners. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never used hiring software before.

Why LinkedIn Customer Service Is The Ultimate Oxymoron.

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The situation, despite all the “good news” from their CSRs, has yet to be resolved, of course, which I’d consider, on sum, to be very bad news – at least in terms of my ability to leverage the service I’m paying for to recruit candidates and build a pipeline.

What 2017 Recruiting Trade Shows to Attend and Why


It’s now 2017 and a year of excitement in recruiting lies ahead. Manpower Group. Bonus: Network with peers by segment & discussion topics (RPOs, recruiting innovations, human cloud and emerging platforms). Glen Cathey, Sourcing and Recruiting Leader, Cathey Advisory Group.

Get Out of Your Cubicle and Into a Collaborative Recruiting Process


The benefits of teamwork stretch beyond the borders of your cubicle and out into the world of recruiting. Collaborative recruiting has a deeper impact than just your typical, run-of-the-mill programs. Create Small Group Sizes. Teamwork.

6 Tips to Build a Better Social Responsibility Program


million non-profit organizations within the US, there’s bound to be at least a few groups happy to collaborate with your company. Avionté is a leader in enterprise staffing and recruiting software solutions, offering innovative end-to-end staffing solutions to over 900 customers and 25,000 users throughout the U.S. Other Avionte Avionte Staffing and Recruiting Software corporate social responsibilityWhy Social Responsibility Matters .

Do You Want To Hire Top Banking Talent?


We covered recruiting for financial services back in summer 2018 , and we touched on recruiting in banking this past summer. We wanted to present some new information about the state of the banking industry as regards recruiting now, though. What would that mean for recruiters?

5 Reasons You Can’t Recruit Candidates


You always hear how recruiters can’t find the right candidates, or candidates at all for that matter. With a changing candidate pool, recruiters have to adapt to trending techniques. So what has your recruitment team done to increase social activity?

Prioritizing Redeployment: 5 Steps to Lower Your Average Cost to Fill a Job


Searchability: Ensuring you have an ATS, like AviontéBOLD, that has easy and intuitive search functionality that extends itself well to all Talent whether they have a resume or not, allows recruiters to easily see and manage the talent that is already available in their database. . Automated activity tracking: Make sure every touchpoint with talent is being recorded, so that when your recruiters go back to talent in your database, they can quickly reference previous conversations or notes.

Better Qualified, More Diverse: Benefits of Automated Recruiting


” , Claire Cain Miller explains how software companies are creating algorithms that automate the hiring process, which eliminates the lengthy and costly traditional method of recruiters spending hours searching for the perfect applicant. By relying on data, automated recruiting software is able to select the most qualified person for the position, liberating the hiring process from both conscious and subconscious human bias.

Attracting the Perfect Candidate through Social Media


In fact, research from the Aberdeen Group indicates that 73 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds found their last job through social media. BEYOND ATS Informative brand branding HR recruiting recruiting software social media social recruiting tipsIs your company’s LinkedIn profile up to par? What about your Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ profiles? If not, your company could be losing ideal candidates to other businesses.

5 Content Marketing Best Practices That Can Help You Recruit

Glassdoor for Employers

As a recruiter, you need to put on a marketing hat. I know you’ve heard that before; after all, “recruitment marketing” is all the rage. Take it from a content marketer working in the trenches… here are five hard-learned rules to up your recruitment marketing game in 2015.

How To 144

Mobile Recruiting Strategy Fails – When Your Organization Isn’t Prepared

ExactHire Recruiting

You built a mobile recruiting presence, the applicants came…but then your organization wasn’t ready. Or, maybe you’re well on your way toward social recruiting Shangri La and you sense that a few hiring managers may be late to the party. In this blog, I’ll review five mobile recruiting strategy fails encountered when a business is not prepared in the hopes that you can avoid the same mistakes. When was the last time you paid a placement fee to an external recruiter?

8 ATS Software Upgrades That Revolutionized ApplicantStack

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

ApplicantStack was founded nine years ago, and since that time we’ve made dozens of upgrades to our ATS software. One of the benefits of software as a system (SaaS) is that updates occur automatically. In honor of the many ATS software upgrades we’ve made over the years, we’ve put together a list of the ten improvements that really changed things for our clients. Does your ATS software offer these features?

Should You Buy an ATS for Your Recruiting Company?


How about we repeat the question, but with one small change: What exactly does the acronym ‘ATS’ mean… for you and your recruiting business ? Ask any successful recruiting and staffing agency and they will swear by, and say they cannot do without, recruitment software like an ATS.

ATS 108