The Dos and Don’ts of Your Healthcare Job Applications 


For those performing hiring and recruitment activities within healthcare organizations, this means shortening the length of time it takes to review and hire applicants. Leverage Pre-Screen Surveys. Blog Healthcare

4 Steps to Combat Turnover at Your Healthcare Organization


Additionally, the results of consistent turnover in the healthcare industry can have much more dire results than other professions, like inadequate patient care. . Blog Healthcare HireCombatting turnover in home-based and facility-based care may seem impossible.


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Hiring Tips for the Home Healthcare Industry


The home healthcare industry was not spared from the effects of COVID-19. While recruiting and retaining quality employees is a constant challenge in the home healthcare industry, the pandemic has added significant hurdles to the process.

Top Background Screening Trends in 2020

Recruiting Daily Advisor

In 2020, employment background checks are trending toward increasing complexity, added controversy about screening social media behavior, and the need to ensure corporate compliance with important new laws that vary by state and sometimes even by city. Social Media Background Screening.

Using AI to Enhance the Candidate and Employee Experience

Speaker: Jeanne Meister, Founding Partner, Future Workplace

Future Workplace Founder Jeanne Meister will be sharing the latest research and use cases on the deployment of AI in HR so you can understand how artificial intelligence will impact, transform and enhance the candidate and employee experience.

Hiring In Healthcare: How Can Tech Help?


We recently wrote a blog discussing healthcare hiring challenges, now let’s talk about how tech can help! There are some crucial stats to embrace to understand the current positioning of both US and global healthcare, and what that means for hiring. economy than healthcare.

How to Hire a Healthcare Administration Professional

4 Corner Resources Staffing Blog

Is your organization looking to hire a healthcare administration professional? We’ll break down what you need to know about this important job function and what to look for as you source and screen candidates for your healthcare administration job. Non-Clinical Healthcare

Benefit Expense Reduction: Reducing Healthcare Costs

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Traditionally, employers reduced healthcare spending by passing along more of the premiums and other costs to employees. Instead, many employers are looking at ways to actually reduce healthcare costs. Consider offering on-site clinics for things like blood pressure and diabetes screening or on-site flu shots. Offering telemedicine is a way to remove a barrier to employees’ utilizing healthcare and talking to healthcare professionals, which can help them stay healthier.

How to Relax Away From the Screen


I am a proponent for reduced screen time because of a brain injury. For over a year, I was unable to look at active digital screens without suffering vertigo, confusion, or seizures. Too much screen time. When self-care involves screen time.

What the Right Applicant Tracking System Can Do for Your Healthcare Agency


The healthcare sector, perhaps more than most, relies on technology to create efficiencies because there’s little time to waste when caring for patients. Below are some ways an ATS can make your healthcare agency run more efficiently. . Attract Blog Healthcare Hire

Healthcare Recruiting and the Impact of COVID-19


This article will provide a brief overview of current trends in the acquisition of healthcare talent. Traditional healthcare recruiting is infamous for being a multi-step, time-consuming and rather archaic process. Credential checks, various levels of candidate screenings (i.e.,

Healthcare Recruitment 2020: The Good, the Bad and the Future

Hospital Recruiting

For healthcare providers and professionals, the year saw unprecedented, sometimes overnight challenges that stretched resources and talent to their limits. For recruitment professionals in healthcare, the pandemic brought challenges and immediate solutions to meet demand and need.

Game On! Start 2020 Healthcare Hiring on the Offensive

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Catch Top Healthcare Talent With Our Essential Hiring Guide. ApplicantStack’s How To Hire Your Next Employee playbook will help you: Find first-round healthcare draft picks. Intercept top healthcare candidates from your competition. How to win at 2020 healthcare hiring.

How A.I. Changes Hiring In Healthcare


North American healthcare hiring has been decreasing a bit in 2019 , which is a potential longer-term problem. Statistically, there is a bigger skills gap in healthcare than in the broader economy , with the United States potentially facing a 122,000 doctor shortage by 2032. . but there’s massive healthcare hiring repercussions. What are healthcare organizations doing right now? Some have framed the healthcare gap as a time to hire issue , but that’s only part of it.

Best Practices to Staff Your Healthcare Team During a Crisis


Given the unprecedented outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) , organizations in the healthcare space are in need of qualified employees across specialties and roles. Top Job Descriptions in Healthcare. Some job seekers might be hesitant to apply for healthcare roles at this time.

Digitizing Healthcare recruitment in 2020


Healthcare has been at the center of everyone’s attention, as the industry that most actively fights the spread of COVID-19. . Back in 2012, a study conducted by the Georgetown university center predicted that healthcare providers in the U.S. The Healthcare industry.

Easy Ways to Improve Your Healthcare Recruiting Process


Pre-Screen Survey. The pre-screen survey is an easy way to weed out candidates that are not a good fit early in your hiring process. Similar to pre-screen surveys, interview guides provide interviewers with time-saving templates to conduct their interviews.

Artificial Intelligence: Healthcare staffing’s penicillin?

The Staffing Stream

Healthcare staffing across the world is in distress. Shortages are impacting patient care and the well-being of healthcare professionals themselves. million new healthcare workers will be needed. AI can improve healthcare staffing in several ways.

The Role of HR Technology in Controlling Employer Healthcare Costs

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Biometric screenings, telemedicine, and tobacco cessation programs are all gaining popularity among employers. A simple “pop-up” glossary of terms is almost essential now if an employer is including innovative new plan options in its healthcare choices.

How to Find Effective Employees in the Healthcare Industry


In the healthcare industry it is particularly important as companies set high requirements, but experience high turnover rates among applicants. For entry level positions in healthcare, an overlooked factor is work environment compatibility, including how they get along with coworkers. Your best applicants are also searching for jobs on healthcare specific job boards, university recruitment options, and social media.

Bedside Manners Aren’t Limited to Healthcare Workers

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Now, many difficult conversations have to be held from afar and through a screen. I’ve also learned that bedside manners aren’t limited to healthcare workers and that compassionate communication is a skill that can be learned by anyone.

How To Handle In-Person Interviews Across The Healthcare Industry

The Execu|Search Group

However, many healthcare organizations are beginning to resume in-person job interviews. Since the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted this long, healthcare facilities have had to adapt,” says Becky Litvack, Managing Director of ES Healthcare. Healthcare

As Healthcare Staffing Needs Surge, Candidate Flow Decreases: Recruiting Amid COVID-19


The National Center for Disaster Preparedness says that the United States will need tens of thousands of additional healthcare staff in order to effectively fight the virus. 77% of those in hospitals and healthcare let us know that, as the national trend suggests, they are absolutely still actively hiring: At the same time, those respondents also said that traffic on their open roles has decreased.

JazzHR 120

The Moneyball Effect on Healthcare Staffing and Scheduling

The Staffing Stream

Back in 2011, Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill hit the big screen to bring Michael Lewis’ 2003 underdog story of the Oakland A’s to life. Big data and analytics has been rapidly expanding in the healthcare market. Healthcare Staffing data analytics

4 Candidate Screening Steps to Take in the Absence of In-Person Interviews


With many organizations switching to an entirely remote work environment for the time being, not only does this change the way employees communicate with one another but it also has an impact on candidate screening and communications during the hiring process. . Once initial candidate screening steps are completed, a critical stage during the hiring process is often in-person interviews. Automotive Blog Healthcare

The Top Issues In Healthcare Recruiting Are.


Filling positions in the healthcare industry is growing more and more difficult each day. So what are the top issues in healthcare recruiting? And it takes a lot of healthcare workers to staff them. Lengthy screening processes are another challenge. State and industry regulations require healthcare workers to pass a litany of tests and verifications in order to be able to work. Hoops Talent On-Demand delivers local job seekers for your healthcare practice.

Must-Ask Interview Questions for Hiring Healthcare Professionals

Glassdoor for Employers

While Wells’ specialty is recruiting healthcare professionals, the strategy she shared applies to nearly any industry. In the healthcare profession, especially, respectfully handling delicate situations, while also ensuring patient safety and wellness, is crucial. Related: How McKesson and Change Healthcare Streamlined Jobs & Candidate Experience with Glassdoor ]. Hiring & Recruiting Hiring Interview Prep Interview Questions Interviewing Recruiting Screening

7 Self-Care Tips For Healthcare Practitioners

The Execu|Search Group

As a healthcare practitioner, your job is to care for the health and well-being of others. While it’s important to stay informed of current events and recent developments, too much screen time can start to impact your ability to get a good night’s sleep.

10 Ways AI Boosts Healthcare Recruitment

Hospital Recruiting

With talent shortages in healthcare far above national averages, the need to recruit smarter has never been more important for healthcare institutions. The role of technology is advancing in healthcare for patient-centric tasks. Screening. melpomen/

Using Pre-Screen Surveys to Hire Qualified Home Health Workers


N early two-thirds (63 percent) of home healthcare agency administrators have indicated caregiver shortages as one of the top threats to business growth. One of the key steps in an effective hiring process is administering automated pre-screen surveys to weed out potential bad fits before you take the time to review all applicants. . A pre-screen survey is an important tool to help automate the applicant review process. Blog Home Health Candidate Assessment Tools Healthcar

Debunking 3 common myths surrounding AI and hiring healthcare talent

The Staffing Stream

Recent years have seen healthcare staffing agencies’ work change significantly. On the one hand, focus has shifted from targeting active job seekers to passive ones due to the number of healthcare jobs rising every year and a shortage of skilled talent available to fill open positions.

Healthcare Survey Highlights Challenges for Recruiters

Hospital Recruiting

Healthcare remains one of the fastest growing occupations in the United States. A recent survey from HireRight, their Healthcare Spotlight Report 2018 , confirms institutions are expanding staffing levels, with 76% of industry respondents pointing to plans to grow their workforce in the coming year. The survey shows 85% of healthcare facilities turn to online job boards to recruit talent, while 70% leverage referrals to hire.

3 Keys to Success for the Future of Healthcare Staffing

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At the recent Staffing Industry Analysts’ Healthcare Staffing Summit, one of the top predictions for the industry was that the healthcare staffing shortage will only continue to get worse in the coming years. Buyers Healthcare Staffing

Social Media Screening: Pros, Cons, and Tips

Recruiters Lineup

But if you ask HR experts how to use social media to recruit, according to a Society for Human Resource Management survey, 90% of them use social media screening to vet applicants before an interview. What is Social Media Screening? In some positions, such as healthcare and social work, it is even more imperative to make sure you hire honest, trustworthy people. . The Pros and Cons of Social Media Screening. Tips For Using Social Media Screening.

COVID-19:  What Should Employers Consider As They Adapt Their Background Screening Program?


From workers supporting the supply chain to healthcare professionals on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19, the need to identify and onboard workers is [.]. The post COVID-19: What Should Employers Consider As They Adapt Their Background Screening Program?

Diversity is Critical in Healthcare — How Jobvite Can Help You Get There


Every day, countless patient s interact with healthcare professionals. Employment in healthcare is projected to grow 15% through 2029 — much faster than the average for all occupations. Healthcare leaders need to address gaps in diversity hiring now. .

How Technology Can Help Ensure Quality Healthcare Staffing

The Staffing Stream

The pressures of providing quality care in today’s increasingly complex healthcare environment often drives hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare facilities to fill positions as quickly as possible. Research shows that when facilities hire talented and well-matched healthcare professionals, it creates a good workplace environment, thus increasing patient satisfaction and patient care quality. Buyers Healthcare VMS

Applicant Tracking Systems Increase Efficiency for Healthcare Demands


Bolstering the entire front to back office process, some applicant tracking systems in healthcare even assist with scheduling and placements for both the facility and the vendor or subcontracting agency.

A Better Way to Manage Affiliation Verification for Healthcare Credentialing?


Learn how to make sure your screening methods are compliant. Streamline Credentialing healthcare hiring trends streamline credentialingSleuthing job candidates’ social media can put your organization at risk.

Coronavirus: What Your Healthcare HR Department Needs to Know Right Now


Every day, healthcare employers realize that the coronavirus situation is impacting HR in yet another way. Let’s go over the urgent issues for Human Resources departments in healthcare, social services, daycares, and dental practices. Most healthcare workers meet this criteria.