Review of SignalHire Candidate Search and Extension Tool


I was granted a one-week access (5 Credits) to a new tool called SignalHire. SignalHire offers several different tools: candidate search, recruitment job search, market statistics, and some nifty ways to track its usage. Another interesting part is the Hiring/Firing trend – it allows you to see on average how many positions were filled and how many employees left the company on a monthly basis. There are certainly a lot of tools to find contact information these days!

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Taking the next step with the candidate happens through a smartly designed UI, minimizing the amount of clicking while maximizing opportunities to bring the right candidates into the hiring funnel. SignalHire. A comprehensive recruiting solution, SignalHire is making a name for itself particularly thanks to its HR analytics capabilities. The old chestnut that hiring is a two-way street is still as true as ever. As the U.S.


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The recruitment battle on two fronts - for candidate & client

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If you hire a recruiter with the excellent performance in terms of sales and marketing, it does not mean that you have found a high-experienced specialist. Integrate the customer in the process of hiring. Such a platforms as SignalHire able the integration of the client in the process of working on a vacancy, to give the opened access to the performance of the way the recruiters hire. The modern technology can greatly facilitate the work of the recruiter.

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Recruiting Blogs

So that the client is integrated into the searching and hiring process, but is not able to delve into the other insights and processes of the recruiting company. For example, SignalHire platform managers usually invite the user to nominate an individual online-meeting with the software consultant and to conduct the virtual tour of all the features of the software. At the current recruitment market, the campaign for the championship between the applicant tracking systems intensifies.