Staffing agency software is your new secret weapon


If you want to gain an edge over your competition in an increasingly competitive market, staffing agency software is exactly what you need. Instead of trying to work out who to hire, they’ll spend their time building rapport with the top candidates and closing the deal.

Improve Your Recruiting Success with These 5 Steps


Use recruitment software that enables your HR department to track candidates’ experiences and modify obstacles identified by their feedback. Once you hire new employees, be sure to take the opportunity to provide a well-structured entry into the new position. Hiring good employees can be challenging, but the right employees are worth the effort.

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What It Takes to Have a Successful Staffing Agency


If you are looking to start a new staffing agency the first thing to decide is who your staffing agency is going to serve. Offering generalized staffing services fails to differentiate your agency and drives up marketing costs. Find out what types of skill gaps exist in the area you are planning to startup and find out how many staffing agencies are already there and who they serve. Customer Service and Hiring Considerations.

Solving the unique challenges of staffing agencies


Why staffing agencies face unique challenges. The set of challenges you face as a staffing agency is unique. Not only are you competing against other staffing firms, you’re now also competing against their software solutions. Hiring

Staffing Industry Trends 2018: Follow The Changing Industry Dynamics

Recruiting Blogs

According to a research conducted by Staffing Industry Analysts, staffing industry market size is expected to reach a total revenue of $145.1 This year, there will be a notable role of artificial intelligence in the staffing industry. Diversity in hiring will be the key focus.