6 Common Interview Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


Most recruiters and hiring managers are familiar with the kinds of mistakes that candidates often make when they’re being interviewed. Unfortunately, when interviewers make mistakes, it can turn top talent off and make them less likely to accept a position. Plus, it can result in hiring the wrong person for the job or, worse yet, open up your organization up to potential litigation. Candidates are interviewing you just as much as you’re interviewing them.

How to Create a Virtual Interview Guide for Remote Hiring

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Like many of you, my company has temporarily transitioned to a completely remote work environment because of COVID-19. If you’re looking to create a 100% virtual candidate experience, a Virtual Interview Guide will be an essential tool in your recruiting strategy.


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How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions


So you’ve made it past the resume bots and screening stages to land an in-person interview. Now comes the time, perhaps your only shot, to impress the hiring manager and get an edge on your competition. To help you nail your interview, we’ve put together a short list of the most common interview questions and how to answer them so you’re prepared for the big day. Why you do want to work here?

How to interview candidates?


Hiring the right talent significantly depends on your interview process. If conducted strategically, personal interviews are a great way to know potential hires […]. The post How to interview candidates?

“How to Hire Remotely" Guide

Remote work may be the reality right now, but it’s a trend that’s expected to last well beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Enhanced with data from our Q4 trends report, “How to hire remotely" is the ultimate guide for virtually interviewing, closing, and onboarding candidates remotely.

How to Discuss Salary in an Interview

Professional Alternatives

Salary is a tricky topic for candidates to handle during job interviews – if you broach it too aggressively it may turn off the hiring manager. — Best Practices: How to Discuss Salary. This will help you to create a dialogue when the salary discussion occurs.

How to Create a Virtual Interview Guide for Remote Hiring

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Like many of you, my company has temporarily transitioned to a completely remote work environment because of COVID-19. If you’re looking to create a 100% virtual candidate experience, a Virtual Interview Guide will be an essential tool in your recruiting strategy.

How to: Prepare and Conduct the Perfect Job Interview

Social Talent

You’ve trawled through hundreds of potential candidates, you’ve used your sourcing skills to find a great candidate shortlist and the only thing between you and placing the perfect candidate in the open position you have, is “The Job Interview” And there lies the problem for many recruiters and hiring managers – the interview process. Why do so many industry veterans feel they could still improve their interviewing skills?

How To 152

How to structure your interview questions

Social Talent

While lots of things can go wrong, the biggest mistake you can make is to not plan adequately for the interview. Preparation is everything and this extends to interview questions and structure. Here are three tips on how to structure your interview questions.

How to screen Groovy developer skills


What’s clear is that when used correctly – Apache Groovy has the potential to give your tech a huge productivity boost. . What is important for an IT Recruiter to know about Groovy? How to verify Groovy skills in the screening phase? Contributing to OSS .

Extending the Reach of HR: Supporting and Sourcing Remote Talent

Speaker: Karen Lim, Alliance Academy

The concept of Global HR is becoming more common as more companies become permanently remote. As companies expand their talent-bases beyond borders, HR reps will bear the responsibilities that come along with it. Adapting to different cultures, distances, and legal implications whilst preserving core company values is essential. Once you can do this, the world becomes your oyster. Join Karen Lim of Alliance Academy, and learn to thrive in a remote-first mindset.

How to Conduct Virtual Interviews

Glassdoor for Employers

Virtual interviews conducted by video conferencing have become more common – and not just for initial screening. Here are some best practices you can employ to make the most of your video-conference virtual interviews: 1. Salary range (if appropriate for interviewer).

How to Weigh Soft Skills During Interviews


Traditional interview questions often focus too much on experience. Interviewers ask candidates if they possess certain skills or how they’ve used those skills in the past. In fact, the focus on soft skills has been pushed to the forefront lately. These tactics will help interviewers gain the most insight from their future interviews. Sometimes, it takes more than one person to completely assess a candidate. Ask candidates to self-assess.

10 Common IT Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

The Muse

Here are common non-technical interview questions to prepare for before your next IT interview—plus example answers! Interviewing

How to Interview a Sourcer

ERE SourceCon

If you have ever run a sourcing team or been asked to build one you know that sourcing for your own team can be the most daunting of all of the purple squirrel hunts you have been on. So as a sourcer, how do you source for your own team? Hiring Process Interviewing Recruiting Recruiting & Sourcing Types Social Sourcing & Recruiting Source the Web Sourcing Talent Acquisition Talent Management Featured

How to Build the Ideal HR Team (with Limited Time, Budget and Resources)

Building the ideal HR team doesn’t happen overnight—especially when you have limited time, budget and resources. But our new guide can give you advice on where to start and key focus areas you need to know. Download our guide today!

How to collect interviewer’s feedback in Jobsoid?


Interviewing candidates for your job roles is a crucial in order to hire the best talent. Interviews help you in knowing your candidates and their skills better. Conducting interviews in the right manner is very essential for the […].

How To Prepare For A Job Interview

The Execu|Search Group

After sending out multiple job applications, you’ve finally been offered a job interview. While you should take a moment to celebrate, it’s important that you now focus your attention on leaving a good impression and acing the interview. How To Adapt To A Video Interview Process.

Popular Interview Questions and How to Use Them


When it comes to interviewing, best-in-class recruiters and hiring managers often rely on some of the most popular interview questions. These interview questions are most-used for a reason — they’re easy to remember and they help you identify top tier talent. The post Popular Interview Questions and How to Use Them appeared first on Lever. Interview Questions Interviewing

How to screen machine learning skills


Do you need to hire someone with machine learning skills? Machine learning is the process of enabling computers to perform tasks that have until only recently, been carried out exclusively by humans. This is super relevant to a hiring manager without a strong technical background.

Evolution of Recruiting Tools

Speaker: Kristin Miller, Director of Recruiting, Corus360 & Christina Brickers, Lead Technical Resource Specialist, Corus360

Writing the messaging for email campaigns to potential candidates or scheduling interviews with candidates can take hours. Today’s recruiting tools will not only makes processes such as these faster, but also allow you to get the talent that matches your company’s needs.

How to handle work from home bloopers during an interview


In this blog post we’ll walk through some work from home bloopers and tips on how to handle each situation. It might become even more stressful when children interrupt an important video call such as a live video interview with a candidate; but it doesn’t have to be that way.

[Part Two] Keeping the Interview On Track


… and we’re back with “Keeping the Interview On Track” part deux. In our first installment , you learned how to properly prepare for the interview, gather your team of interviewers and develop a list of insightful questions. Now we’ll get into the meat of the interview including reviewing common errors and how to wrap things up. Let’s jump in: The Interview. After the Interview.

How to interview a senior developer (with interview questions)


As a result, every member of the development team has an important contribution to make. They have to be able to write great code, and must also take on a wide range of other roles, many of which can have a crucial effect on your company’s record of success. .

How to create a pleasant job interview environment


The job interview: A major step that both candidates and hiring managers often approach the wrong way. But maybe, they fail to have an organic, personable conversation with the hiring team. On top of this all, interviews can be nerve wracking for candidates, no matter how qualified or prepared they are. This is a real problem, because there’s a lot on the line during the interview. If arranging an interview between 12 p.m.

Engaging Candidates In A Transparent World

Speaker: Katrina Collier, Founder, Author & Keynote Speaker on Candidate Engagement

First, the Internet opened the door to you or your client’s company; then, Google for Jobs amplified it. But what does that mean to the recruitment lifecycle and your role within it? Surely, you and your company are not under scrutiny? Surely, employee and interview reviews have little impact? In this webinar, author of "The Robot-Proof Recruiter" and candidate engagement authority, Katrina Collier, will address how to gain and hold candidate's attention.

How-To Guide for Recruiters Seeking Work


There are endless tasks to be done and the right hires can make or break the business. The post How-To Guide for Recruiters Seeking Work appeared first on Lever. Collaborative hiring Employee Turnover Hiring InterviewingIt’s not an easy line of work: recruiting.

How To 199

How to screen PHP developer skills


The longevity of this script means a fair amount of time has passed for software engineers to work on their PHP developer skills. . According to W3Techs’ data , PHP is used by 78.3% Because of PHPs ubiquitous nature, it’s not difficult to find developers claiming PHP skills.

Weird interview questions: How to give your candidates goosebumps


But have you yourself ever considered those weird interview questions that actually give candidates the chills? It’s important to always remember that, as a recruiter or hiring manager, you are the conveyer of that culture and you want to reflect it the best way possible.

How to Conduct a Virtual Interview: Tips for Employers


One of them is the importance of taking the time to properly recruit the best possible staff – and that can rest heavily on the effectiveness of your interview procedures. The post How to Conduct a Virtual Interview: Tips for Employers appeared first on Recruitment Juice.

How to Recruit with a Small Team and a Lean Budget

Speaker: Tanya Bourque, Founder, OpExpert

This webinar will cover how to eliminate costs while maintaining a great candidate experience. OpExpert Founder Tanya Bourque will explore how the right tools and technology can enable your talent acquisition process. Attendees will learn: How to recruiter smarter, not harder.

How to Leverage Insights from Exit Interviews


Exit interviews are important tools for HR because they provide insights into company operations and culture that would otherwise be impossible to get from current employees. To make the most of the process, HR stakeholders should develop consistent processes that aim to collect valuable, measurable data. Create an exit interview policy. To ensure consistent insights, it is important to develop a standard procedure for conducting exit interviews.

How to Screen and Interview a Software Engineer

Recruiting Daily

How to Screen and Interview a Software Engineer We’ve all been interviewed before, and we can all acknowledge that the process is immensely stressful.

How to Nail Group Interviews Every Time


When it comes to finding the right person for a new role in your business, group interviews can be a valuable tool in your recruitment process. Group or panel interviews come with a range of benefits, including saving you precious time and helping you gain deeper insight into a candidate’s suitability for the job. Done right, group interviews can produce fantastic results. So what do you need to do to make sure you get the best out of a group interview?

Groups 131

How To Embrace And Ace Video Interviewing


If we’ve learned anything in recent weeks from the coronavirus outbreak, it’s how helpful and integral technology is to our lives. Within the HR field, hiring managers have used technology to continue their hiring processes by relying on video interviews.

Video 103

The Secret Formula for a Successful Interview

Speaker: Anja Zojceska, Recruitment Marketing Specialist and Head of Marketing, TalentLyft

When it comes to interviewing, the best method is to have a standardized approach which is more impartial, more cost-effective, and faster. However, only a small percentage of HR and recruiters use this method despite its many benefits. Join TalentLyft's Recruitment Marketing Specialist and Head of Marketing Anja Zojceska to learn why, and how, you should be using this interviewing approach.

How to Interview Candidates Remotely

Undercover Recruiter

In many cases, getting every candidate on your recruitment shortlist in for a face-to-face interview just isn’t feasible. Telephone or video interviews can often be a quicker and less complex process, usually giving more flexibility for both the employer and the candidate. How to Interview Candidates Remotely Undercover Recruiter - Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Blog.

How to Measure Employee Engagement Properly | ClearCompany

ClearCompany Recruiting

We’ve explored the reasons why having highly engaged employees matters to the success of your team. We’ve discussed tips and tricks leaders can use to enhance the level of engagement their teams currently have. Find out how: Utilize Surveys. Still not sure where to start?

How to Answer “What Is Your Work Style?” in an Interview (Plus Examples!)

The Muse

We’ll explain why interviewers are asking, give tips on how to answer, and share sample answers. InterviewingThis question can be as daunting as it is vague. Don’t panic!

How to Hire Remote Talent Quickly


While extending your hiring to include a global talent pool beyond the more localized brick-and-mortar domain sounds appealing, and there certainly are advantages, new challenges also may erupt. The post How to Hire Remote Talent Quickly appeared first on Lever.

Hiring 181

The Art of Selecting Candidate Pre-Hire Assessments

Speaker: Melissa Dobbins, Founder & CEO, Career.Place

At the core of successful hiring practices is the fair and accurate evaluation of skills, abilities, knowledge and other criteria for a job. One powerful method to do this is through psychometric assessments. The right assessments used in the right way provide objective evaluation of criteria that are far more accurate than interviews alone. Unfortunately, choosing the wrong assessments or using assessments in the wrong way can lead to bad choices, biases, and even discriminatory practices that violate compliance standards.