How to screen Groovy developer skills


What’s clear is that when used correctly – Apache Groovy has the potential to give your tech a huge productivity boost. . What is important for an IT Recruiter to know about Groovy? How to verify Groovy skills in the screening phase? Contributing to OSS .

How to screen machine learning skills


Do you need to hire someone with machine learning skills? Machine learning is the process of enabling computers to perform tasks that have until only recently, been carried out exclusively by humans. This is super relevant to a hiring manager without a strong technical background.


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How to screen PHP developer skills


The longevity of this script means a fair amount of time has passed for software engineers to work on their PHP developer skills. . According to W3Techs’ data , PHP is used by 78.3% Because of PHPs ubiquitous nature, it’s not difficult to find developers claiming PHP skills.

How to screen React Native developer skills


It allows mobile developers to write mobile applications that can be ported to both iOS and Android. The advantage of this is that instead of having to develop separate iOS skills (Objective-C and Swift) and Android skills (Java and Kotlin), mobile app developers can draw on JavaScript, the most commonly used language at the moment. But like all tech stacks, it’s not enough to simply know JavaScript. You need to have an in-depth understanding of React Native.

How to Use Sourcing to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Speaker: Shally Steckerl, President, The Sourcing Institute

Current HR models cannot handle modern “candidate experience” expectations. From outdated SLAs and SOPs to insufficient personnel, lack of alignment and inadequately trained staff, recruiters are all too often overwhelmed with applicants, hard-pressed to find enough time to provide an excellent experience to every candidate. Enter "The Sourcing Method" - the solution to the dehumanizing of modern recruitment practices. By reaching out to fewer and more accurately matched candidates, recruiters can spend quality time delivering the full candidate experience and selling the “employer brand” instead of rushing through piles of unqualified applicants in order to be compliant with candidate tracking, disposition, and regulation. Top talent wants to be pursued not spammed, and certainly not ignored by the same “HR Black Hole” that has plagued our industry since the resume became the prevailing way to screen out candidates in the 1950s. Sourcing is not only the first step towards improving candidate experience, but also the most critical. Feed faulty input into any process and, as you might expect, the outcome will inevitably be flawed. This generally accepted principle called GIGO or “Garbage in, garbage out” is just as at home in HR as it is in computer science. By blindly accepting high volumes of unqualified incoming candidates, you limit your ability to be selective. Without infinite applicant pools and with practical constraints, your recruiters and hiring managers have a limited amount of time to spend judging the relative quality of each applicant. Some talent sources are deeper, offering a broader choice than others, while some offer a limited choice yet yield a dramatically higher applicant quality. Join President of the Sourcing Institute and author of “The Sourcing Method” Shally Steckerl as he explains how to effectively utilize sourcing to improve your candidate experience.

How to Automate Candidate Screening


As a recruiter, you have the opportunity to meet with many talented individuals to ensure the candidate you end up selecting is the best fit for the job. However, this also means having to repeat the screening process, over and over again.

Introducing anonymized screening: Encourage inclusivity


Our latest DEI feature, anonymized screening , focuses on the initial screening stages of the hiring process. Workable helps companies in 100+ countries create a more inclusive hiring practice with diverse candidate sourcing, anonymized screening and structured interviewing.

Top 5 Screening Best Practices


You developed the job profile, wrote the description and posted it to your engaging careers website. Now you get to sit back, hold on tight, and wait for the sharks to circle. A million responses to your carefully crafted post won’t mean anything if you can’t pick the great white out of the pack. It’s your responsibility to organize and evaluate. “must-dos” to properly vet your candidate pool: 1. But the job is still yours to do.

How to Screen Candidates Over Video

FireFish Software

For the most part, lockdown has been really tough on the recruitment industry, but there’s one real positive that’s come out of it: Video screening candidates has become the standard.

How to screen Node.js developer skills 


developer skills of your candidate in order to make a high quality hire. Sometimes referred to as just ‘Node’, this runtime environment promotes speedy and scalable software development. It also uses JavaScript, the lingua franca of the World Wide Web to power its broad features.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in. Recruiting How to use AI and machine learning to ensure diversity in the. workforce By the creators of AllyO, the end-to-end AI recruiter Bias is a problem we. to make. traits common to them).

How to screen Data Science skills


In our present-day digital world, it’s common to discover titles assigned to roles and disciplines that are not yet universally defined and accepted. None are more so prolific than data science and the data scientist skills that are attributed to them. Data science.

How to Relax Away From the Screen


I am a proponent for reduced screen time because of a brain injury. For over a year, I was unable to look at active digital screens without suffering vertigo, confusion, or seizures. The only way to recover from a concussion is to rest. Too much screen time.

How to Protect Your Business from a Background Screening Lawsuit

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Illegal preemployment background checks can lead to millions of dollars in lawsuit payouts. Be aware of these common pitfalls to avoid a similar fate. It all comes down to information: What can you view, and when can you view it? Finding the Right Screening Provider.

How to screen Angular developer skills


JavaScript frameworks are developing at a rapid pace, translating to frequently updated versions of some of the most popular choices including Angular, React, and Vue.js. In this post, we will focus on Angular developer skills, what Angular is, and how to screen a developer for Angular skills.

How to screen React developer skills 


For any organization looking to improve their online presence, a front-end developer is arguably one of your most important hires. Their code, UX sensibility, and ability to work with both your tech and design teams can determine how people will interpret your brand.

How to Design Candidate Screening to Match the Job


There’s no time – and no reason – to talk to every person who submits an application. If you get 250 applicants for a job, perhaps four to six of those will make it to the interview stage. The first step in whittling down your resumes is screening out. Screening Out. This hiring process started with a job analysis, and you’re about to see why. Maybe you’re hiring someone to operate heavy machinery and need to see a clean driving record.

How to Effectively Screen Applicants Well


The first step to finding the best candidates for a job is compiling all the necessary information for the job ad. Then, once that is live on the various job boards and websites, the application and screening process begins. Screening Cover Letters. How long in H-1B status?

How to Screen and Interview a Software Engineer

Recruiting Daily

How to Screen and Interview a Software Engineer We’ve all been interviewed before, and we can all acknowledge that the process is immensely stressful.

How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: Candidate Screening

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

Welcome to our series How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee: The Ultimate Guide. In today’s post, we describe how to do candidate screening with ApplicantStack. Everyone wants to find the perfect hire. Manual candidate screening is one of the most difficult parts of hiring. How do you review hundreds of resumes and applications? How do you find the perfect applicant before your competition does?

10 Unique Candidate Screening Questions You Should Always Ask

ClearCompany Recruiting

The “how to’s” the “do’s and don’ts” and, of course, the “best practice” articles that flood the internet. It can almost convince you to believe that interviewing a new applicant is simple, or at least easy to follow given this “quick recipe to interviewing success.”. Let’s cut it down to brass tacks; even seasoned recruiters and HR professionals occasionally have trouble with interviews. How did the candidate answer?


The candidate screening process is an area where art meets science. workers were engaged in their jobs in 2014” according to this year’s Gallupp poll. Gallup defines engaged employees as those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace”. This low level of employee engagement has a strong correlation to high turnover rates in 2014 of 15.7 %. For example “Does someone need to have a high work ethic, be detail oriented?

How to screen C and C++ developer programming skills to find the best – guide for IT recruitment


They aren’t as well connected to hot topics like data science as Python developers. But unlike the technologies making all the headlines, C and C++ continue to be the workhorses of many essential systems as well as areas like embedded technology and gaming. So the question becomes, how do you screen C and C++ developer skills? C and C++ have both been around for a long time so there’s a lot to learn about them. The go-to GUI framework for C++.

How to Screen for Retention in a Recession

Glassdoor for Employers

In a recession, it's more crucial than ever that your business is proactive about being known as a great place to work so you draw the savviest of job seekers from a pool that's larger than ever. So it's critical to think about retention as early as when you're interviewing new candidates.

How to screen front end developer skills – HTML and CSS


You’d be hard-pressed to come across a web developer who doesn’t have at least a basic understanding of the two stalwarts. That’s because HTML and CSS are declarative languages that instruct a web browser to render web pages rather than use computational code.

How to Screen Out Sexual Harassers During the Hiring Process


Recruiting leaders must realize that they are exposing their firm to “negligent hiring” charges if they fail to do everything possible to prevent the hiring of candidates who later go on to sexually harass. Prevention is key, because once sexual harassment occurs in your workplace, irreversible damage has already been done to both the individual and the company. Screening Sexual Harassment Featured

How to Catch Résumé Fraud

Recruiting Daily Advisor

But nonetheless, no one wants to hire someone who lied about his or her relevant experience level. Here are some tips for employers to consider when trying to determine whether a candidate lied on his or her résumé: Consider using a third party for background screening.

How to Screen Candidates With Video Interviewing Software


Hiring managers now interact with their candidates through online interview platforms. Let's go through some helpful tips when using video interview software

How to shortcut your resume screening


How to Screen Technical Candidates Online


Here are 3 best practices for conducting technical interviews online

7 Essential Questions To Ask When Phone Screening A Candidate


Knowing what to keep an eye (or ear!) out for when phone screening a candidate can prevent you inviting someone in who is totally wrong for your role. Candidates Hiring Talent How to Most Popular Screen

Know your unknowns: Check your unconscious bias when screening candidates


The post Know your unknowns: Check your unconscious bias when screening candidates appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

How to Effectively Use Technology for Screening and Interviewing Candidates


It is a challenging function and critical to the success of companies. Hiring Talent Recruitment Screen Select Video interviewsEditor’s Note: This is a guest by Sarah Williams. Her opinions are her own. Recruitment has always been a combination of art and science. Staff turnover rates are increasing, people are more selective about where they work but vacancies generate an overwhelming amount of […].

What’s a Phone Screen? Here’s What You Need to Know Before That “Quick Chat” With the Recruiter

The Muse

What to expect in a screening interview or “quick call” with a recruiter. Plus, how to prepare and follow up. Interviewing

How To Write Job Descriptions to Attract Diverse Candidates | CC

ClearCompany Recruiting

Organizations understand the importance of sourcing diverse candidates to build an inclusive and innovative team. and equipped to accomplish their goals than companies that don’t emphasize diversity, equity, and inclusivity.

How To Answer The Most Common Interview Questions


So you’ve made it past the resume bots and screening stages to land an in-person interview. Now comes the time, perhaps your only shot, to impress the hiring manager and get an edge on your competition. To help you nail your interview, we’ve put together a short list of the most common interview questions and how to answer them so you’re prepared for the big day. Why you do want to work here?

Know your unknowns: Check your unconscious bias when screening candidates


The post Know your unknowns: Check your unconscious bias when screening candidates appeared first on Recruiting Resources: How to Recruit and Hire Better.

Overcoming Hiring Hurdles with Automated Employee Screening Platforms

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Companies struggle to find the right people because they are hiring without the proper tools that can help them confirm prospects’ traits and qualifications. Better employment screening tools that quickly narrow hiring searches for skilled, honest, and reliable employees.

How to Choose Between 2 Great Candidates

The Hire Talent

If you were hoping to glean insight into how to narrow down a two-person candidate pool, read on. The post How to Choose Between 2 Great Candidates appeared first on The HIRE Talent. Candidate Selection Process Strategy Finding Top Quality Candidates Initial Interviews Interview for Achievement News Screening Resumes The Latest best hiring practices candidate selection how to interview how to select candiadtes recruiting

Is Your State Opening Soon? Here are 5 Tips to Safely Spin Up Recruiting Again

ClearCompany Recruiting

As states take a phased approach to reopening, Recruiting and HR teams must prepare for the impact on prospective and current employees, and take measures to preserve fair and respectful hiring practices. How can we forecast the grow and flow of talent?

How To 246