9 Major Social Recruiting News Stories this Week – 27th July 2015

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In the news this week: LinkedIn Reveal the “7 Deadly Sins of Recruiting” In a post on their Talent Blog site last week, LinkedIn Influencer, Paul Petrone, revealed the seven recruiter philosophies that “lead to a pattern of errors that will end in a ruined employer brand, a bunch of frustrated people and a company that’s devoid of top talent” 1. The app redesign dovetails with what Wojcicki said were YouTube’s top three priorities: “Mobile.

6 Tips for Employers Trying to Attract the Mobile Millennial


The unrelenting proliferation of technology suggests that hiring managers, recruiters, and background check companies need to become more technically savvy for a variety of reasons. The post 6 Tips for Employers Trying to Attract the Mobile Millennial appeared first on Employment Background Check Blog - HireRight.


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Why Ignoring Social Recruiting Will Cost You Your Career

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Recruiting is merging with marketing. It used to be that recruiters were merely CV shufflers, matching a resume to a job. Recruiting, as it stands today, is failing as fast as a confused, out of shape, ballerina on ice skates! Whose responsibility is this if not for the thousands of recruiters’ out there? So, imagine a world where job boards and agency recruiting are ineffective and inexistent… I firmly believe that day is close upon us.

The Social Recruiting Round-Up: June 2015

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At the start of June we decided to dedicate most of the month’s blog content to helping you guys make the most of all of the excellent recruitment/HR conferences that were taking place around the world in June (and the months to come). We also gave you a heads up on some of the hottest topics being discussed at these conferences, like the issue of unconscious bias and the deadly affect it can have on the recruitment process. Contractors and temp recruiters rejoice!).

Mobile Recruiting Hacks

Glassdoor for Employers

In April 2015, Google announced an important change to their algorithm – it would now prioritize mobile friendly sites in search rankings. This shift was in reaction to an important discovery – over half of Google’s search traffic was from a mobile device. It’s no secret that people are enamored with their mobile technology. According to Glassdoor, approximately 90% of job seekers will search for new jobs on their mobile devices.

5 Important Lessons Learned at Social Recruiting Days 2018


Recruiters and TA professionals gathered for the second day of SRD18 to share insights, network, and beef up their recruiting toolboxes—here’s what we walked away with. asked Anna Ott and Robindro Ullah as they welcomed audiences to the main stage of the Ellington Hotel in Berlin for the final day of Social Recruiting Days 2018. For those who were unable to attend the conference, here are five of our biggest takeaways from Social Recruiting Days 2018.

Five Tips for Your Social Recruiting Strategy

CKR Interactive

For the fifth year in a row, thousands of social media marketers and experts descended on San Diego to attend Social Media Marketing World (SMMW), the largest social media conference in the world. That all sounds great, but what does this have to do with recruitment marketing? Below I’ll recap some of the awesome takeaways for SMMW17 and the related applications for recruitment. For recruitment: this part can seem overwhelming, so start small.

Dialed In: Mobile Recruiting and The Candidate Experience.

Recruiting Daily

If there’s one thing I really, truly hate about using my smart phone, it’s when I go to look up some basic bit of information (should be easy enough), and get stuck playing a little game that I call “the mobile hokey pokey.” With the mobile hokey pokey, you want to scream and shout…this ain’t what it’s all about. Mobile Recruiting: Can You Hear Me Now? Mobile isn’t a feature or function; it’s a mindset.I

The Current State of Social Recruiting


Social Recruiting has been around now for nearly ten years but many companies are still struggling to use social platforms for recruitment in a successful way. All of the key social media platforms have made significant changes to their functionality in the past 18 months and many employers are using approaches to social recruiting that are seriously out of date.

30 Indispensable Social Recruiting Tools (Infographic)

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Looking to add a little “ oomfph ” to your social recruiting efforts? Then check out 30 of the best social recruiting tools including CRM tools, Search tools, Social Media solutions, Interview tools and Mobile Recruiting tools. The post 30 Indispensable Social Recruiting Tools (Infographic) appeared first on Social Talent.

Tools 142

7 Ways To Attract Star Hires Using Social Recruiting Best Practices


Has your business fully embraced social recruiting? Here are 7 ways recruiting teams are adapting to the social world to attract talent and win candidates over. Boost your recruiting brand + attract hires using social media. There are two powerful reasons you ought to have a strong recruiting or employer brand presence on social media. Think of your social media followers and fans as your talent pool and your advocate network.

Video Killed the Recruitment Star

The Whiteboard

I instead went down a rabbit hole of conspiracy; in a country with so much anti-smoking rhetoric isn’t it convenient this is getting pinned on someone off for a smoko, not just someone, a grown man who leaves a blow torch unattended Don’t worry, I eventually climbed out, took the tinfoil hat off and remembered this is a recruitment blog. If you’re are confused think about the poor recruiter on the other end of that Skype call.

Video 100

Mobile and Social Tonic


A couple of weeks back I did a video interview with my very good friends at Tonic. How will tech innovation impact our space 33 mins: Some companies that are doing Social Recruiting really well 35 mins: Continuous Recruitment Marketing and persuasion 38 mins: Why you should always be curious

Social Recruiting Round-Up – February 2015

Social Talent

But as March fast approaches we thought it was time to reflect and take a look back at the most popular blog posts, the most talked about infographics and the biggest recruitment and sourcing news stories of the last month – otherwise know as the February edition of the Social Talent Social Recruiting Round-Up! These are the 5 biggest recruiter no-nos of 2015, and if we catch you still doing any of them this year, we’ll call you out!

Recruiting Innovation Revisited Day 8 - Richard Long talks Social Recruiting and Mobile


So we''ve reached the penultimate day of the Recruiting Innovation Revisited series. Back at the beginning of 2010 Richard Long wrote a guest blog post about his subsequently award winning social recruiting strategy at Deloitte New Zealand. also discuss the vital importance of mobile in any social media recruitment activity.

Social Recruiting Round-Up – November 2014

Social Talent

Hello and welcome to the pre-Christmas, November issue of Social Talent’s Social Recruiting Round-Up – a collection of the best blogs, infographics and new stories posted on the Social Talent blog in the last month. What’s The Most Awkward Thing You’ve Ever Done in a Job Interview? I don’t think anyone was prepared for the plethora of hilarious and downright crazy stories people told when asked about their most awkward job interview!

7 Incredibly Intriguing Recruitment News Stories this Week – 6th June 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Say “Goodbye” to SimplyHired. And, according to Recruitment Grapevine , LinkedIn is a possibility as a potential buyer having been active in the area (they recently bought a similar operation in Connectifer ). The New Administrator Experience for LinkedIn Recruiter has Landed. According to LinkedIn , as a LinkedIn Recruiter Admin, “you play a critical role in ensuring your recruiting team gets the greatest ROI from the Recruiter product”.

7 Ways To Attract Star Hires Using Social Recruiting Best Practices


Has your business fully embraced social recruiting? Here are 7 ways recruiting teams are adapting to the social world to attract talent and win candidates over. Boost your recruiting brand + attract hires using social media. There are two powerful reasons you ought to have a strong recruiting or employer brand presence on social media. Think of your social media followers and fans as your talent pool and your advocate network.

Get Ready for Gen Z – the Next Wave of Talent

Fistful of Talent

Show them you care about their success and term with the company by highlighting internal mobility and growth opportunities. Candidate Pool Compensation/Cash Money Digital Interviewing Diversity Generations HR & Marketing Recruitment Marketing Social Recruiting Talent Strategy War for Talent Workplace Flexibilty employer brand Gen Z identity independence recruitment marketing WFHMove over, millennials. There’s a new kid in town.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

Arya Recruiting Robotics

Here are five New Year’s resolutions that every recruiter should make this year. Embrace social and mobile recruiting. You’ve heard about the importance of social and mobile recruiting, and you’ve been meaning to ramp up your tactics, but…no more excuses! Your first recruiting resolution of 2016 should be to create or enhance your social and mobile recruiting strategies. Let’s talk about mobile recruiting first.

Would You Use Your Snap Bitmoji to Recruit Talent via Text Message? @goCanvasHQ

Fistful of Talent

So, Canvas announced last week that they became the first HR Technology product in the world to partner with Snapchat : “The Canvas integration with Bitmoji Kit is unique in that the company is the first to use the platform specifically to inject more personality into the job interview process.” I can tell you right now there won’t be many Gen X or Boomers that will want to see your recruiter reach out to them using their Snapchat avatar!

8 Fact-Filled Recruitment News Stories this Week – 14th December 2015

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In recruitment news this week: U.S. Mobile optimised career sites are essential for reaching millennials and diversity candidates. You can’t overlook the importance of social media in connecting with candidates and spreading the word about your opportunities. Interestingly, there’s not a huge difference in social media job activity between the 18-29 age group and the 30-49 group. Tinder: The Next Big Recruitment App?! For mobile fans!

Dice 99

A Dose of Mobile Recruitment Reality


It was a great pleasure to attend and speak at The Mobile Recruiting Conference 2013 in Atlanta last week. I''m now back in the UK and reflecting on some key issues and themes that will define how mobile recruiting will develop over the coming 12 months. Stats on mobile audience growth are ubiquitous these days with the global numbers and growth impossible to ignore. 2) Social and Mobile are inseparable.

How to Attract and Hire Quality Candidates During Change


When it comes to helping our customers prepare for hiring, the Jobvite 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report (JSN Report) confirmed what we knew – social networking was going to play a huge part in job seekers’ search for support, community, and their next job opportunity.

How to?Attract and?Hire?Quality Candidates?During?Change


When it comes to helping our customers prepare for hiring, the Jobvite 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report (JSN Report) confirmed what we knew – social networking was going to play a huge part in job seekers’ search for support, community, and their next job opportunity.

8 Intriguing Recruitment News Items this Week – 11th January 2016

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In recruitment news this week: 9 Stats That Will Help You Write Better LinkedIn InMails. It makes sense to reach out to these people first when recruiting. Following on from last week’s announcement that Twitter had hired former Apple VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Jeff Siminoff, to join their team, another social media giant has just announced a similar hire of their own. Mobile App Usage Grew 58% in 2015.

The 2015 Staffing Industry Trend Report [WHITEPAPER]

Spark Hire

It’s that time of the year again—when all of us here at Spark Hire make our predictions for what can be expected for the staffing and recruiting industry in the upcoming year. A few trends will remain the same as last year, like social, mobile, big data, and video interviewing for staffing firms —and will continue to see a rise in usage throughout 2015. “In

8 Exciting Recruitment News Stories this Week – 8th February 2016

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In recruitment news this week: LinkedIn to Acquire Connectifer. We first reported on Connectifer , the AI-based recruitment search, late last year when they had just raised $6 million more to continue building out their platform. At the time, their growth underscored an evolution not just in recruitment software but in the bigger area of vertical search. More than half of those active users (57%) are on mobile. That’s where Interviewed comes in.

8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories this Week – 25th January 2016

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In recruitment news this week: The World Economic Forum On The Future Of Jobs. Of the technological drivers, specific technologies highlighted in the short term (2015–2017) are: mobile internet. Diversity Recruiting Platform Jopwell Raises $3.25M. Jopwell , the Y-Combinator-backed diversity and hiring recruiting platform dedicated to helping blacks, Hispanics and Native Americans get jobs in tech, has raised a $3.25 Recruiting Manager – Glassdoor Job Score: 3.9.

The Source of The Sourcerer? ??

The Whiteboard

I’ve never found misdirection conducive to a successful recruitment process but you’ve got to admire the ‘who is El Barto?’ Many new recruitment companies proudly proclaim “we do things a bit differently” only to end up in a conventional 360 dynamic. We all like a magic trick, don’t we?

Workers’ Job Hunting Habits in 2019, and What You Can Learn from Them

Fistful of Talent

Last year, I wrote about how recruiting had finally reached the tipping point : forcing recruiters to treat candidates more like customers and get more creative to find and engage new talent through social media and text messaging. Recruiting takeaway: While the war for talent continues to rage on, the hiring rush is decidedly one-sided. Recruiters are in the hot seat. I’ve written (many times) that today is one of the most challenging times to be a recruiter.

Blind Recruitment – The Way to Overcoming Bias in Hiring?


Yet interviews, even those conducted by the most seasoned, cautious and responsible hiring professional, may inadvertently be tainted by unintended preconceptions. The post Blind Recruitment – The Way to Overcoming Bias in Hiring? Partiality. Prejudice. They’re ugly words in any circumstance. Uglier still even when applied – even unconsciously – by a human resources professional considering a candidate for a job.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


I talk to high-growth startups every day and I keep hearing versions of “compared to recruiting, fundraising was easy”. We’ve spent the time to curate the best thinking on everything from employer branding and headhunting to the interview process. Creating an interview process.

Conversational Marketing is Influencing a New Brand of Recruiting

Fistful of Talent

Every time there’s an innovation in the world of marketing, you can bet that not long after we’ll see the recruiting space follow. Over the last decade, it’s become clear with trends such as social recruiting , recruitment marketing and the recruiting funnel that marketing is a leading indicator for what’s to come in talent acquisition. Similar to its marketing counterpart, conversational recruiting focuses on two-way conversations.

Video 119

The Ultimate Guide To Job Posting


More than half the traffic on Glassdoor, one of the world’s most popular job boards, comes from mobile with the group of 35-44 leading the way. And this is why employers who accept mobile applications are twice as likely to get high quality candidates as those that don’t.

5 Ways HR And Recruiting Could Buck The Trend

Sirona Consulting

The same could be said for HR and recruiting to a certain extent, with different CV styles, interview techniques and website design being just some of the things that regularly change with time. and others last a longer period of time and generate entire business sectors, such as video interviewing platforms. Social media and mobile are perfect examples – they are well and truly fixed in every aspect of our everyday lives , including the workplace.

9 Spooktacular Recruitment News Stories to Brighten Up Your Halloween – 31st October 2016

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In recruitment news this week: The Top 10 Skills You Will Be Hiring for in 2017. Yes, in an effort to help you focus your team’s recruiting efforts accordingly in 2017, LinkedIn tapped into their extensive data and looked at billions of interactions between professionals and companies to discover the top 10 skills you and your team will be recruiting for next year. Mobile Development. 5 Things Only Rude And Unprofessional Recruiters Say.

Dice Social Recap: March 1-13, 2015


Maybe you’re a loyal follower of Dice on social media, or maybe you just recently decided to click that ‘Follow’ button. The #ThreeAmigos @socialstarr @fishdogs @bryanchaney are having a fiesta at #DiceTalentNet at @WholeFoods Headquarters #Dice #TalentNet #Recruiting #SocialRecruiting #TechRecruiting #Sourcing #SourcingChallenge #Fun #WholeFoods #HQ #HR #Austin #SXSW #Fiesta #ThoughtLeader A photo posted by Dice (@diceopenweb) on Mar 13, 2015 at 12:42pm PDT.

Dice 120

8 Recruitment News Stories to Keep You In-the-Know this Week – 7th March 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Jobbatical Scores $2M. The Demographic Breakdown of Social Media Users. The Pew Research Centre have revealed the demographic characteristics of each of the 5 major social media platforms: Linkedin: A quarter of online adults use LinkedIn (25%), a proportion that is unchanged from the 28% of online adults who did so in September 2014. Recruitment Agency Embroiled in Deception Scandal after Posting Fake Employees.

8 Recruitment News Stories the Industry is Buzzing About this Week – 31st August 2015

Social Talent

In the news this week: NEW LinkedIn Recruiter Search Insights Surface Valuable Talent Pool Data. According to a Bersin study , one thing that top recruiters have in common is the ability to analyze and understand talent pools. Yet, LinkedIn data shows that only 1/3 of recruiters say they have access to the tools they need to do this well. According to a LinkedIn survey, 82% of recruiters share that their hiring managers can sometimes have unrealistic expectations.