My Favorite Staffing Talk Posts Of 2012

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I remember well the initial meeting I had with Staffing Talk founder Gregg Dourgarian, when the site was still just a gleam in his eye. ” In fact, he said he didn’t want to post any stories that could likely be found on any other staffing site.

The Life of a Staffing Professional

Staffing Talk

There are probably lots of more difficult, more stressful, and more thankless jobs, but one thing’s for sure – there’s no job on the planet quite like staffing. No wonder the average turnover time in the staffing industry is less than a year!

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Kicking It Old School

Fistful of Talent

The content of this email is an amusing excerpt from a 1940’s transportation magazine article entitled Guide to Hiring Women. Well, a reflection of our profession in my head yielded an immediate and passionate response – STAFFING. And I’m not suggesting we quit interviewing.

Staffing News of the Day, May 15, 2013

Staffing Talk

Almost three quarters of freelancers who also have “regular” jobs want to quit and work for themselves [Staffing Industry Analysts]. Abercrombie CEO’s ill-advised interview highlights the power of a leader’s words to make or break a brand [Forbes]. NC logistics firm owes $1.5

How To Review And Choose Staffing Software

Staffing Talk

[This post originally appeared on our sponsor's website at [link] where you can take a test drive with their freemium staffing software.]. I’m the founder of Tempworks and it’s my pleasure to share with you my guide on reviewing and choosing a staffing software system. Myself, I have been developing staffing apps since the first micro computers in the mid-1970s. Back then, a staffing system consisted of a landline phone, a tag board and a calculator.

Kicking It Old School

Fistful of Talent

The content of this email is an amusing excerpt from a 1940’s transportation magazine article entitled Guide to Hiring Women. Well, a reflection of our profession in my head yielded and immediate and passionate response – STAFFING. And I’m not suggesting we quit interviewing.

8 Recruiting Secrets for Attracting and Finding Seasonal Temp Workers


Similarly, other sectors, such as warehousing and transportation , experience dramatic increases in openings: The numbers have more than quadrupled over the past decade, from 42,500 in 2006 to over 200,000 this past year. Uncategorized bulk hires hiring holiday Q4 seasonal staffing

Serendipity & Me: What Being A Passive Candidate Taught Me About Recruiting.

Recruiting Daily

I’ve worked for a staffing agency for the last fourteen years, so I suppose you could consider me something of a lifer in this business. It was in the middle of one of those slow times in the staffing season, where you just don’t have all that many jobs.

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What to Do the Day Before Starting a New Job

Key Resource Group

If for some reason you interviewed at a different location than where you will actually be working, make sure to drive to your new office before your first day. If you take public transportation to work, be sure to figure out all of the transfers you need to take and be extra mindful of time.

A Smart, Earth-friendly Approach To Business


Task automation allows recruiters and staffing industry professionals to store and use an unlimited amount of paperless documents for recruiting and onboarding. Video Interviewing and Conferencing. And it couldn’t be any truer than in the interviewing process.

Employee Referrals Lead To Far More Successful Job Matches


Glassdoor reviewed upwards of 440,000 job interview reviews posted to the site since 2009. to 6.6%, higher than any other interview source. Government, retail and food service, and energy and transportation employers use referrals the least of any industries.

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3 Ways the Beauty Industry Can Save Money with Improved Hiring


But given this growth, the industry is facing challenges staffing up with quality employees. Benefits can include healthcare, paid vacation time, family leave, a transportation stipend, discounted fitness memberships, budget for professional development, and more.

6 Automation Tools to Make Recruiters’ Lives Easier

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What’s it all about: Built on Salesforce , Job Science is split into software for Recruitment & Staffing Agencies and software for Corporate Recruitment. The ‘Recruiter versus Robot’ debate is alive and well.

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By the Numbers: September 7, 2018


The Numbers: Job applicants that live a longer distance from the job site may have a disadvantage in the interview process than others. BountyJobs Bites. IT Job Growth 8 Times Faster.

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Murphy’s Law Strikes Again. And Again. And Again.

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Worse yet, have those of you in the staffing industry ever noticed that Murphy’s Law seems to happen to those you are trying to place at a ridiculously disproportionate rate than that of the rest of the population?

By the Numbers: November 9, 2018


The industries with the largest job growth were healthcare (36K), manufacturing (32K), construction (30K), and transportation/warehousing (25K). Healthcare Staffing Forecasted Slight Increase in 2019. healthcare temporary staffing revenue grew 7% in 2017 to $16.2

By The Numbers: October 13, 2017


As far as increases, the industries of transportation and warehousing, financial services, and health care and social assistance all saw increases at 22K, 10K, and 13K respectively. Staffing Industry Forecast: September 2017 Update.

BUMPER EDITION: 10 Unmissable Recruitment News Stories this Week – 12th October 2015

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When Jobvite recently interviewed 500 UK recruitment and HR professionals, 6% said that they planned on using Instagram in the future to attract new talent. 1:26 ) Most people overestimate their interviewing skills. Avoid “gotcha” interview questions. (

Counting Down the Greatest Superheroes (If They Were Staffers)

Staffing Talk

With so many staffing companies still hesitant to go paperless, introducing Torch to your staff would mean serious trouble. Though blind, Daredevil has all other senses heightened, to the point that he’s a human lie detector (big plus for interviews) with built-in radar (headhunter bonus).

Mapping out Solutions: Integrated Geolocation

Recruiting Blogs

By mapping “target rich” zones where recruitment-eligible population levels correspond to geographic accessibility and education, recruiters could establish their presence in the most efficient locations, saving time and transport costs.

Is Your Hospital Ready for Millennials?


The transport team writes a periodic series about their adventures. All staffing needs are local. “That Gen Y group — and it’s not just entry-level employees — has no idea how to manage their careers, or write a resumé, or manage an interview,” Kellman says.

Employee Handbook Template

VIVAHR Recruiting and Hiring Tips

For help in other areas regarding hiring, interviewing, and on-boarding a new employee, visit Please use computer cases, padding, or other protective devices when transporting any device. Employee Handbook Template.