Why Job Boards Are Partnering with AI Recruiting Vendors


For traditional job boards, this has required a real step-change in their approach. While historically these platforms had the sole purpose of connecting candidates with job opportunities, nowadays they offer a whole host of products to help companies boost their employer brand and promote their roles even further. But, that’s why more job boards are partnering with AI recruiting vendors to stand out and ensure they’re the supplier of choice.

How To Hire Your Perfect Next Employee Series: How To Post To Job Boards

ApplicantStack Applicant Tracking

In today’s post, we will show you how to post to job boards with ApplicantStack. You’ve created your job description and your prescreening is in place. Now it’s time to post to job boards. Posting jobs manually is a long, tedious process. Challenges of Posting Jobs. Which job boards and career sites should I post to? How can I speed up the process of posting to each job board? Google for Jobs.


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4 Considerations for Your Mobile Recruiting Mix

ExactHire Recruiting

Mastering the art of social media utilization isn’t the only key to implementing an enviable mobile recruiting strategy. Factors such as external job boards, search engines, jobs page design and other communication channels can’t be ignored either. In order to thrive in what might be called the “mobile recruiting wild,” these elements must be addressed. Posting Opportunities to External Job Boards. Job Boards Favor Responsive Design.

Baby Steps in HR Technology: Let’s Talk Job Boards


When job boards hit the scene over 15 years ago, they firmly grabbed a solid spot in online recruiting. As job boards have evolved, it has become an understatement to refer to them as simply job boards any longer. They have morphed into several different types of online job search and recruiting tools. In fact, it’s time for job boards – and the HR world – to move past the term ‘job board’ and to something more descriptive and accurate.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

screening and scheduling, and are left with little. a job applicant. Job seekers are left feeling like the. person for the job. learning to scrub prior job descriptions and high- performing employee profiles to uncover the most. But in reality, the job.

How to screen React developer skills 


There are many complex and lengthy processes involved while hiring for the React developer job role. In terms of websites and web applications, UIs are the collection of on-screen menus , search bars, buttons, and anything else someone interacts with to use a website or app.

Mobile Recruiting Strategy Fails – When Your Organization Isn’t Prepared

ExactHire Recruiting

You built a mobile recruiting presence, the applicants came…but then your organization wasn’t ready. In this blog, I’ll review five mobile recruiting strategy fails encountered when a business is not prepared in the hopes that you can avoid the same mistakes. smartphone use, it is lower income smartphone owners who are the most likely to use a phone during a job search. This is the first post in a series of blogs about mobile recruiting fails.

Why You Need Mobile Marketing

Staffing Talk

If you’re not utilizing mobile marketing, you’re missing out. Rothberg detailed how companies, including certain forward-looking staffing companies, are using mobile marketing. Promote and publicize new job opportunities. Not so with mobile. What do your email and newsletter and job board open/conversion rates look like? But we are getting to the place where resumes will be used only after pre-screening.

The ULTIMATE Recruiter’s Guide to Mobile for 2015

Social Talent

Mobile. Various blog posts, infographics and reports have attempted to cover the topic in detail over the past year in a bid to demystify mobile for recruiters and get them on board, but few have managed to really put the importance of mobile technology for recruiters into context. Sure, most recruiters know mobile is important, but a massive 59% of them still currently invest nothing in mobile career sites. Mobile: The Facts Recruiters Need to Know.

Mobile 148

Why Aren’t You Making It Easy For Me To Apply For Your Jobs?

Web Based Recruitment

Mobile & Video Recruitment & EventsE Mobile Recruitment. Free Mobile Recruitment Guide. Mobile Recruitment Video Training Course. Why Aren’t You Making It Easy For Me To Apply For Your Jobs? But wait a minute, aren’t job seekers also shoppers, as in shopping around for a new job? And if you are a recruiter then I guess that makes you a retailer (of jobs and career opportunities). The Mobile Experience. Blog Mobile Recruitmen

Retail 137

6 Rules For Mobile Optimized Recruiting

Newton Software

Mobile Optimized Recruiting Made Easy. For the past several weeks, leading up to our #nowmobile Bootcamp , we’ve been exposing the rise of mobile recruiting through a series of blog posts that have cast a light on some shocking trends including the following: -The explosive growth of mobile internet usage and the rise of mobile-only internet users. The impact of mobile job search on the candidate experience and applicant to candidate conversion rates.

Review of Jobsoid a Software Recruiting Tool


It helps you find, engage and hire top talent for your job roles. One-click Job Advertising. The first step of every recruitment process is job advertising. Promoting your jobs in a way that reaches your candidates is the primary goal of job advertising.

Tools 55

Why and How The Best Recruiters Use Indeed To Post Job Ads

Social Talent

Indeed is the world’s most popular job board. It takes the pain out of job searching and job seekers love it. It pulls all of the information they need to find their dream job into one site. Indeed is a job aggregator, this means it pulls jobs from career sites and classified listings and displays them on its own site. Right under the hungry eyes of the job seeker. Posting Job Ads on Indeed. Why Indeed?

Tackle more with our smarter mobile recruiting app


Workable for mobile recruiting. As the Product Manager for Workable mobile, ‘going the extra mile’ is more than a figure of speech. We now offer a complete mobile experience in all major platforms ( iOS , Android , Web). If you’re using Workable on mobile, you’ll get a smarter approach to recruiting tasks. Time is precious, the screen is small, and real productivity requires the right kind of focus. Are you getting enough candidates for the job?

EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS ALERT! 6 Must-See Recruiting News Stories – 2nd June 2015

Social Talent

As announced at their Indeed Interactive event in Austin Texas last week, Indeed, the world’s most popular job board, are working on a variety of tools and tweaks to improve its product – and we’re highly impressed by all of them! One of the new offerings will match employers with “ actively seeking, motivated ” candidates who have richer profiles and have passed through a screening process. On the other hand, you’d go more miles for a job with an easier commute.

BUMPER EDITION: 9 Fascinating Recruitment Industry News Stories – 15th June 2015

Social Talent

In the news this week: China’s Job Ads Market Heats Up (Much to LinkedIn’s Delight!). According to ERE.net , there are signs that China’s job classifieds market may be heating up thanks to some new initiatives by one key player and the entrance of a new competitor to the market. a job-search platform that targets the higher end of the recruitment spectrum and provides a platform to connect headhunters and more experienced workers.

Integrating ATS and Social Recruiting: A Match Made in Heaven

Recruiting Daily Advisor

Mobile Access. In fact, according to Statista , the average person spends nearly 2 ½ hours on social media every day, and nearly 80% of that time is on a mobile device. The mobile integration of ATS and social recruiting allows your candidates to apply from anywhere at any time of the day, giving you more exposure and attracting more talent. Even though not all candidates can be winners, you want as many eyes on your job posting as possible.

Three Reasons to Practice Mobile Recruiting

BirdDogHR - Recruitment

Three Reasons to Practice Mobile Recruiting. With the amount of time we spend on our smartphones and tablets, it’s crucial to stay accessible to potential hires on these types of mobile devices. Without mobile access to applications, what could have been great, tech-savvy candidates might end up not being a contender at all. Here are just three reasons why your company should prioritize mobile recruiting: It saves time. Mobile Recruiting is Here to Stay.

8 Pressing Recruitment News Stories We Need to Discuss this Week – 27th June 2016

Social Talent

We need to ensure that British businesses continue to be able to get the people they need to fill the jobs available. June’s official unemployment figures showed the jobless total reducing slightly, but the UK economy’s rate of job creation is fragile at best. So those tasked with the delicate job of negotiating the Brexit must ensure that a non-EU Britain enjoys the trade ties and access to European markets and talent that Norway and Switzerland do.”.

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Workable partners with Indeed Assessments to offer free candidate screening tools


Assessments also help to democratize hiring by giving job seekers an equal opportunity to showcase their qualifications when applying for jobs, so that they are able to find the right opportunities faster and easier.”. Indeed’s long term mission is ‘to help people get jobs’. Now with the combined power of Indeed job boards , companies can not only connect with, but assess candidates more easily.

How to create a custom employment application to screen job applicants


In just a few clicks you can advertise your job on multiple free job boards. Without much more effort you can select targeted, paid job boards based on location and specialism. The days of logging in and out of multiple job boards are long gone. The upside of increased exposure is more candidates for every job. This is where a custom job application form can help. For job advertisers, application forms have clear benefits.

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2014’s Biggest Outcomes

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2014 was choc-a-block with lessons to be learned, tips to take note of and techniques to be applied to how we go about sourcing in 2015, and we want to make sure you didn’t miss any of them: Mobile Usage Surpassed Desktop. In 2014, mobile was no longer just an up and coming technology to be thought about in future terms. And the mobile phenomenon had quite the impact on the recruitment industry : Mobile changed job search. Mobile changed job boards.

Mobile 138

The 9-step guide to hire a mobile app developer


Mobile apps are literally everywhere. So, if you’re a tech recruiter, one day very soon, your colleague will come to you and say: “I need an app developer,” “Please help me to hire someone to build an app,” “We need to hire app developers for our team,” “Please find app development companies near me,” “We need to hire a mobile app developer,” or “Do you know any app developers near me?”. Write the mobile app developer job description.

Most Staffing Websites Have These ADA Compliance Issues


It may perform very well on mobile, drive conversions and generate a ton of orders and qualified applications for your staffing agency. If not, you could be: alienating job seekers and other potential site visitors with disabilities.

Mobile Job Seeking: Where are the applications?

Recruiting Blogs

70% of job seekers have never applied for a job using their mobile. 100% of job seekers save adverts on their mobile to look at later. 100% of job seekers use multiple devices when searching, researching and applying for jobs. Job seekers don’t trust their mobiles when applying for jobs, new research from Madgex has revealed. Madgex used a diary study and combination of analytics to understand how people engage with job boards.

Study 28

The Mobile and Cost-Per-Click Effect on Recruiting and Getting the Best Return on Your Job Post Dollar


This experience has provided him unique insight into both active and passive job seekers and the strategies they use to find their next job. Key Points: Considering the mobile usage of candidates when recruiting online is critical. Mobile is used mainly for job research and many candidates finish the application process on their PC. Cost-per-click job models are less effective and more costly as mobile usage rises. About the Discussion.

The Mobile and Cost-Per-Click Effect on Recruiting and Getting the Best Return on Your Job Post Dollar


This experience has provided him unique experience and insight into both active and passive job seekers and the strategies they use to find their next job. Key Points: Considering the mobile usage of candidates when recruiting online is critical. Mobile is used mainly for job research and many candidates finish the application process on their PC. Cost-per-click job models are less effective and more costly as mobile usage rises.

8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into this Week – 20th June 2016

Social Talent

Across all industries and all jobs, it took employers an average of 29.3 a lower talent pool of EU graduates applying for jobs. Some firms reported that hiring more Brits for jobs currently held by EU graduates could impact on overall quality. Specific job skills sets, for example in education and health. The concerns raised by graduates about the effect of a Brexit are now confirmed by employers, who predict a loss of graduate jobs in the UK.

How Much Should Employers Really Care About Job Seeker Attention Spans?

ExactHire Recruiting

It’s no secret to job seekers that recruiters have shorter attention spans than ever. Potential applicants are increasingly less likely to spend time completing lengthy job applications. You know, that churning feeling that emerges three days after you post eight jobs…and you still don’t even have a third of the applications you need to find enough qualified candidates to move your business forward. For example, the Netflix job application process only takes one minute.

5 Steps to Better Job Description Click-Through Rates

ExactHire Recruiting

In most organizations, marketers don’t own the task of writing job descriptions for new opportunities available within their organization. And even if those folks have marketers review a draft before it posts (at least for marketing positions, that is), many times the urgency of the request prevents anyone from worrying about fine-tuning the job listing’s content. Here are five ways to garner better job description click through rates for your company’s opportunities.

Three things that will give you competitive recruitment advantage with mobile


Mobile recruitment is not a fad. Mobile recruitment is not a trend. Mobile is just what recruitment is now and there is no going back. Top job aggregator Indeed announced that it hit a tipping point in March with 54% of its UK job searches coming from mobile devices. For some reason though most employers are behind the curve when it comes to mobile recruitment, in fact of a lot of recruiters don’t even believe a change has taken place.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


How to write job descriptions. Where to post your jobs. This means that the people you’re looking for are likely to be juggling several job offers. There’s more to social media hiring than just tweeting your jobs. Hiring is everyone’s job, especially sourcing.

Turning Recruiting Inside Out: How To Build A Winning Culture of Referrals

Recruiting Daily

coming from “pipeline” (or talent network) activities, which is less than those much maligned traditional job boards , which still accounted for a full 15% of all successful searches last year. This starts with making job opportunities easier for your current employees to find, apply for or share with personal connections and professional colleagues who might be potentially perfect fits for that recently opened requisition. Internal Mobility: Inspire Excitement, Not Fear.

4 Guidelines for Optimal Job Application Conversion Rates

ExactHire Recruiting

Despite your efforts to write engaging job descriptions, post them far and wide and publicize your amazing corporate culture, your click-to-apply ratio is dismal. While the aforementioned items are undoubtedly important factors in the talent acquisition game, another critical component is the length of your job application. The proof is in the numbers, and it’s pretty staggering on both desktop and mobile devices. For mobile click-throughs, the completion figure is just 1.5

HR Technology: One Platform To Rule Them All, One Platform To Find Them.

Recruiting Daily

From mobile recruiting to candidate experience to measuring even the simplest of metrics, recruiters are increasingly relying on technology – which can help, but only when utilized properly. Still, nearly 40% of employers still say that they’re unable to have accurate enough source of hire data to do their jobs effectively, which you’d think they’d figure out before they started investing in heavy duty enterprise analytics solutions.

3 Pitfalls to Avoid When Writing Your Next Job Advertisement


With candidates viewing a job ad for less than a minute on average, recruiters can’t waste time with these common mistakes. You fire up your laptop, ready to write a stellar job ad, when it hits you – this seemingly simple copy is actually super important! You can’t just write a ‘whatever’ job ad. Well, not to alarm you further, but according to a recent study, most job seekers spend a measly 49.7 seconds reviewing a job ad before clicking away.

The Mobile And Cost-Per-Click Effect On Recruiting And Getting The Best Return On Your Job Post Dollar

Recruiting Blogs

This experience has provided him unique insight into both active and passive job seekers and the strategies they use to find their next job. Key Points: Considering the mobile usage of candidates when recruiting online is critical. Mobile is used mainly for job research and many candidates finish the application process on their PC. Cost-per-click job models are less effective and more costly as mobile usage rises.

How A.I. Improves Hiring In Transportation And Logistics


This is truck transportation employment in the United States over the past year or so: The good news: From April 2018 until March 2019, roughly 35,000 new jobs were added to the trucking industry in the United States. 1 jobs.”. Screening: A manual approach means recruiters are spending 42% of their productive time during a week just screening and shortlisting candidates for interviews. Is transportation and logistics hiring on the decline?

What is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS)?


Before the applicant tracking system (ATS) came to fruition, job searching was done primarily through word of mouth, newspaper ads, and help wanted signs in windows. Getting these jobs depended on connections, a resume or paper application you could fill out on-site. The Internet paved the way for you to apply for a job from the comfort of your home by emailing your resume to a company’s HR department, searching and applying for jobs online and more.

Modern Recruitment Marketing Strategies

Proactive Talent

Programmatic Job Advertising : This technology creates budget efficiency by automating a manual and "pay per post" buying process into a "pay for performance" machine. These rules are set to deliver towards benchmark goals, such as a "cost per application" for different job groups or positions. Spending rules : If a job gets 10 applicants, or has spent $100 in advertising, then automatically stop spending on this job.