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Modern Recruitment Marketing Strategies

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As 2019 propels forward, recruiting leaders and talent acquisition teams have much to consider and prioritize when it comes to recruitment marketing. These important questions can be a very daunting endeavor, especially with limited time, resources and recruiting tasks at hand. Spoiler Alert: Proactive Talent’s Recruitment Marketing Team can help strategize and deliver these tactics without any additional cost above your advertising budgets.

Here’s Where You Need Recruitment Marketing Content — Outside of Your Careers Site

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Your careers site is certainly one of the biggest and most effective tools in your Recruitment Marketing toolkit. You likely put a lot of your time and effort as a practitioner into ensuring the site includes relevant information for job seekers, is frequently updated with content about your company and provides an excellent experience for candidates. They are still an incredibly vital part of any recruiting strategy. Employer Branding Recruitment Marketing


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Why You Should Supplement Recruitment Marketing with Social Media


It goes without saying that the recruitment landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. One such development in the space that has captivated recruiters is the use of social media in talent acquisition. When people think of social media as a recruitment tool, they immediately think of LinkedIn or Glassdoor. Staffing agencies, employers and job boards alike have begun putting budget behind platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

Job Board Summit 2018: Most Valuable Tweets


The Job Board Summit is an annual conference presented by Jobg8. Based on recruiting, The Job Board Summit looks into new technology, recruiting, recruitment marketing and much more. Special thanks to Matt Charney , Steve Levy , Ben Forstag , Jackye Clayton for keeping all of us up to date through Twitter. Recruiting market comparison UK bs USA #Jobg8Summit

4 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing (And 6 Ways to Get Started)


Recruitment marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It erases some of the boundaries between your company’s desire to sell products and services and your efforts to find and recruit promising talent. There’s always going to be a place for product placement as well as traditional job listings, though — so why explore this concept? Recruitment marketing does a similar job of streamlining the talent management process.

4 Benefits of Recruitment Marketing (And 6 Ways to Get Started)


Recruitment marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It erases some of the boundaries between your company’s desire to sell products and services and your efforts to find and recruit promising talent. There’s always going to be a place for product placement as well as traditional job listings, though — so why explore this concept? Recruitment marketing does a similar job of streamlining the talent management process.

5 Sourcing News Stories to Kick Off Your Week – 2nd March 2015

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According to CEO Stephen Quinn , Jobbio is in the process of revolutionising the global recruitment market. “ We have seen Jobbio help organisations to solve four crucial recruitment problems for businesses: cost, time, presentation and talent attraction, ” said Stephen. “ Indeed, customers get a platform to present themselves, post job opportunities and organise applications digitally, at what the company describes as an affordable price.

The Surprising Way to Increase Careers Site Traffic

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In Recruitment Marketing, getting qualified candidates to apply to your roles is the name of the game. This is why having a recruitment marketer on your team is so important, because this is the stuff we can focus on! Employer Branding Recruitment Marketing

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Brick of Hashtag: Why Recruiters Need to Kick Their Twitter Habit.

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I’ll admit that I joined Twitter somewhat reluctantly; unlike, say, Facebook, which is instantly intuitive and almost universally acceptable, Twitter seemed, in the halcyon days of social media, something akin to the online version of the AV Club. Far Out, Man: Reevaluating Social Recruiting. Up In Smoke: 3 Easy Twitter Tips for Sucking Less at Social Recruiting. Nice Dreams: Twitter Analytics Are BS. Twitter, sadly, is already dying off.

Oldie but Goodie: Source of Hire & Candidate Touchpoints


On occasion we will share these posts to show how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go with recruitment marketing as an industry. Two weeks ago (2011) I wrote a post on accurately measuring “Source to Hire” through your ATS & job distribution technology and received the following interesting comment from Master Burnett: There is rarely a single source of hire in today’s hyper connected reality. Single source of application maybe.

How to Wrangle Your Inbound Recruitment Marketing Channels to Attract the Right Talent


Suddenly, there were job boards and search engines, social media and career sites, ratings sites, not to mention online ads. What about Twitter? Do you need a Pinterest board to reach those over-the-road truck drivers? But it’s much more than that — when you focus on jobs, it gets more complicated. Veterinarians, engineers, and airline assistants are all very different jobs with very different skill sets. So can you tell your story on Twitter?

Why the Work Anywhere Workforce Has Changed Recruiting For Good

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Recruiting has gone digital, the candidate experience has gone virtual and the employee experience has become a remote experience for many people. What are the changes being brought on by the Work Anywhere Workforce, and how will these changes be a catalyst for good in the recruiting industry?

6 Innovative Recruitment Campaigns That (Mostly) Worked!

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Inventive recruitment campaigns are nothing new. Twitter – Join the Flock. Back in 2012, Twitter ran an internal #HackWeek encouraging employees at the company to shoot them a recruitment video. The video, which featured Twitter then-CEO Dick Costello, quickly went viral. Although principally a joke, the ad did feature many roles available in the organisation, and directed watchers to the company job site. Source: work4rich. Source: The Drum.

Social Recruiting Round-Up – March 2015

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Now that April is upon us, we thought it was time to reflect and take a look back at the most popular blog posts, the most talked about infographics and the biggest recruitment and sourcing news stories of the last month – otherwise know as the March edition of the Social Talent Social Recruiting Round-Up! There was LOADS to talk about this month, so sit back, relax and soak in all the best bits: Top Blogs in March: A Recruiter’s Handbook Guide to Instagram.

The 5 Good, Bad & Surprising Recruitment News Stories this Week – 10th November 2014

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But while the phrase “ undisclosed reasons ” usually means someone is being forced to relinquish command over board unhappiness with performance or strategy or both, Monster’s much talked about ‘Three Pillar’ strategy, shows signs of paying off. He also noted the growth of the jobs aggregation, which is up to 4.5 million listings, and the use of TalentBin and Twitter Cards. ” Iannuzzi will remain on the board as non-executive chairman.

A Decade On: The Number One Recruitment Lesson I Have Learned

The Whiteboard

I got something of a morbid, but poignant, reminder a few days ago that this week marks the culmination for me of a decade in the recruitment industry. I’d been living in London for five years but one month before the attacks had moved out to Australia where, after some half-hearted attempts to get a job in sales, had ended up reluctantly accepting a recruitment consultant position with Hays in their Newcastle office.

Supplement Recruitment Marketing with Social Media.

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Supplement Recruitment Marketing with Social Media. . The way of Recruitment has changed dramatically over recent years. In the world of recruitment people start using social media in talent acquisition. When people think of social media as a recruitment tool, they immediately think of LinkedIn or facebook. Staffing agencies, companies and job boards alike have begun putting budget behind platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram.

What Brandon Hall Group’s new report tells us about high-performance Recruitment Marketing


Last week, we shared a new report from Brandon Hall Group’s Kyle Lagunas on “ Key Components of High-Performance Recruitment Marketing,” available for complimentary download here. The report has been very popular with our community, I think, because talent acquisition leaders are ready to take their Recruitment Marketing strategies to the next level. The report is packed with best practices that modern recruiting organizations can learn from.

4 Places Candidates Go to Research Your Employer Brand

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This is why candidates today check multiple sources to research your company before deciding whether or not to apply for your job or accept your offer. Here are 4 recruiting channels where candidates will look when researching your company (and some tips on what you should share on each!): #1: Your Careers Website. According to The Talent Board , your careers page is the #1 place candidates go to research your company. Recruitment Marketing Social Recruiting

Improve Applicant Sourcing With Owned And Shared Media

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With so many options for attracting job seekers, it can be daunting to determine which recruitment marketing tactics to employ to find top talent. However, if we put on our content marketing hats and think about how the customer buying cycle parallels the applicant sourcing process, our task at hand becomes much simpler. Now it’s time to move job seekers on to the Consideration and Intent stages of the applicant sourcing cycle. Jobs Page.

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Recruiting strategies: a comprehensive guide for small business


At this stage your company doesn’t have a dedicated recruiting team. The tools you use weren’t designed for recruiting. You don’t have much that amounts to a recruiting strategy. Find employees: social recruiting and job boards. More than Tweeting jobs.

Reach Those Hard to Find Candidates Through Effective Sourcing

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As a recruiter, you know how important it is to find the best people, quickly. To do that, it means sourcing high and low, maintaining a network of hot candidates. You turn to job boards, scour LinkedIn and hopefully use a multi-posting tool to post adverts - everything that every other recruiter is doing and has always done. Effective sourcing means targeting a very specific number of people who have very specific skills and experience.

Webinar Q&A: Hard-to-Fill Roles, Fulfilled!

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Kelly is responsible for recruitment, retention and employer branding at Northside Hospital , where she manages a team of 40. Social Recruiting & Content . Do you use Pinterest or Instagram for recruiting? In a past job, where we had more resources and significantly more candidate traffic, I used Pinterest. Who takes the lead on social recruiting at your organization? Jessica: Play up the culture and treat the jobs that are posted as “special.”

8 Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 2nd November 2015

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On January 1st, 2016, the prices of Recruiter Corporate and Job Slots will be adjusted for certain North American customers. The price of Recruiter Professional Services will also be adjusted for customers paying in USD, CAD, GBP, or EUR. Companies Will Demand More From Recruiting in 2016…Without Spending More. Great news for recruiters right? That means focusing on the most critical jobs first, and finding ways to make do elsewhere. “We’re

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8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into this Week – 20th June 2016

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In recruitment news this week: Microsoft Buy LinkedIn for $26 BILLION. Source: Microsoft News Center. billion, according to multiple sources close to LinkedIn at the time, but Microsoft is said to have been “lukewarm” on the deal. The company says that today, there’s not a single source for data on individual professionals — it’s scattered around and often out-of-date. Across all industries and all jobs, it took employers an average of 29.3

Recruitics Announces Streamlined Bullhorn Integration


Integration Enables End-to-End Recruitment Analytics to Aid Talent Acquisition Efforts. NEW YORK, NEW YORK– Recruitics , a leading provider of recruitment marketing analytics and automation solutions, announced its integration with Bullhorn ® , the cloud computing company that helps relationship-driven organizations transform their businesses. We’re very excited to announce this integration with Bullhorn,” Recruitics CEO Josh Gampel said.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


I talk to high-growth startups every day and I keep hearing versions of “compared to recruiting, fundraising was easy”. How to write job descriptions. Sourcing 101: Passive candidates. Recruiting software and tools. Where to post your jobs. The about-the-job part.

A Recruiter’s Guide To EMail Marketing: Making Passive Candidates Care Enough To Click.

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Whether or not you love or hate the often contentious candidate categorization into “active” vs. “passive” job seekers, the truth of the matter is that employers today are increasingly looking for new ways to find, attract and engage those estimated 75% of the workforce who are currently employed , but open to exploring new opportunities. So how can a recruiter stand out from the competition when everyone’s going after the same limited subset of workers?

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The Recruiter’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

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This, if anything, should be good news for recruiters and the talent acquisition industry. But if the Royals can turn it around, even after 30 years of futility, trust me: there’s still hope for recruiters. The Farm System: Minor League Recruitment Marketing. But instead of making it happen, recruiters, it seems, would prefer to watch, and wonder, instead. And like batting in baseball, making contact is everything in recruiting.

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Smoke on the Water: How To Really Fight Recruiter Spam.

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I don’t think it’s unfair to call spam “the fossil fuel of recruiting” – it’s cheap, it’s easy and it gets the job done. The reason you never really get any return on investment is because you haven’t actually invested anything, other than putting together some canned company intro and a link to a job description (that’s likely about as uncompelling as the automated send accompanying it).

4 Super-Creative Alternative Recruitment Methods We Should All Learn From

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At Social talent, we’re ALWAYS on the look out for new and unusual ways of recruiting the best talent in the hopes of improving and advancing the recruitment industry and the recruitment process to the next level. Recruitment can be a very backward industry, especially when compared to the likes of Marketing and Sales which are always striving to find new ways to solve old problems. Candidates are also using Tinder to find jobs. Follow us on Twitter.

The Ultimate Recruiters Guide to Using Social Media to Source Candidates in 2019

Recruiterly Blog

When it comes to sourcing candidates and finding the best fit for your business, there’s one place you can’t ignore: social media. That said, using social media to source candidates is no easy task, and – like with any recruitment strategy – it can be easy to get off course. A great place to involve employees: Most people today don’t trust advertisements or “official” sources to tell the truth. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News: April Edition


Welcome back to Recruitment Analytics and Job Advertising News–our monthly content roundup that pulls together all of the articles and blogs we’ve been reading about recruitment analytics and job advertising. April’s Recruitment Analytics News. 2 Common Questions Recruitment Marketing Analytics Can Help You Answer. The End-to-End Recruitment Marketing Analytics Funnel. April’s Job Advertising News. Are Job Boards Doomed?

The recruitment process: 10 things you need to master to succeed


We’d love to tell you that the recruitment process is as simple as posting a job and then choosing the best among the candidates who flow right in. There are 10 main areas of the recruitment process that, once mastered, can help you: Optimize your recruitment strategy. What is the recruitment process? Simply put, it includes all the steps that get you from job description to offer letter – and we’ve broken down all these steps into 10 focal areas for you below.

Network News: Putting Talent Networks To Work

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It’s no secret that applying for jobs sucks. The fact is, most candidates have pretty much consigned themselves to these processes that too often entail more work than the actual job to which they’re applying. ” Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but unless you’re a masochist, having to allot three hours of your life to applying for a job that you’re unlikely to ever hear back on is the antithesis of painless.

12 Recruitment Conferences You MUST VISIT in Summer/Autumn 2016

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The big issues, the latest technologies, the new tools on the market – they’re all discussed at the industry’s annual events, conferences and expos. So, if you’re planning on attending a recruiting conference in July, August or September this year, we suggest making it one of these: Onrec Trade Conference 2016. Significant fluctuating peaks and troughs for talent – how you can deal with this in relation to your recruitment staff and structures. Social Recruiting Summit.

Mass Marketing For Candidate Attraction

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If you’re looking for a series of confused and questioning glances from sourcing and recruiting professionals, tell them you’re starting a search on a job board. After their initial glares, you’ll find that whether recruiters will admit it publicly or not, most of them start their search on job boards and I actually believe that in most situations, this should still be the case. Bad Board News: Behavior of Top Talent.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recruiters

Arya Recruiting Robotics

Here are five New Year’s resolutions that every recruiter should make this year. Embrace social and mobile recruiting. You’ve heard about the importance of social and mobile recruiting, and you’ve been meaning to ramp up your tactics, but…no more excuses! Your first recruiting resolution of 2016 should be to create or enhance your social and mobile recruiting strategies. Let’s talk about mobile recruiting first. Think like a marketer.

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Marketing Is Actually Recruiting.

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If there’s one recruiting anthem we’ve all probably heard before, it’s these three, seemingly simple words: “Recruiting is Marketing.”. The two distinct disciplines have long been compared to one another, and probably for good reason — the emergence of both the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and the Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) have uncanny similarities. Before the dawn of marketing systems and the emergence of the web, marketing’s impact was nebulous at best.

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3 Ways to Get Results from Social Recruiting


Using social media in recruiting isn’t new — 84 percent of organizations surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) currently use social recruiting. But social recruiting is no longer limited to screening candidates’ social profiles or connecting with talent on LinkedIn. Here are some of the latest social recruiting trends to know to get the most from the strategy: Screening goes both ways. Social recruiting is more than LinkedIn.