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2017 Trends in Recruiting via Social Media


When HireRight published its first Employment Screening Benchmark Report ten years ago, we did not survey respondents about their use of social media. It seems odd now, but a decade ago, social media wasn’t even on the hiring map. That’s changed quite a bit, as we’ve seen in HireRight’s 2017 Employment Screening Benchmark Report. Social media has become part of the fabric of talent management, and a critical one at that.

4 Tips on How to Use Social Media to Attract Top Talent: Social Recruiting


The social media revolution led by Facebook made us more connected to each other than ever — at least virtually. Here are some of the top areas of our lives that social media changed over the years. The Impact of Social Media on Our Day to Day Lives. #1. Social media is now our source of news. Social media gives us the power to follow people, pages, channels, and groups that interest us.


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7 FREE Twitter Products for Serious Social Recruiters

Social Talent

Twitter is now the second most popular social network among recruiters and sourcers the world over. A total of 55% of you are using it to post jobs, source candidates, share content and message candidates. New research also shows that Twitter is becoming increasingly popular with job seekers too. In fact, 58% of job seekers have used Twitter for job-seeking purposes in the last 6 months alone. Twitter Analytics.

How to build a social media recruitment strategy: An FAQ guide


Social media sourcing involves using social networks to identify, attract, engage and hire potential candidates. Recruiters use social media sourcing to build talent pipelines for future roles and engage passive candidates who haven’t applied for current openings. Here’s everything you need to know about how to use social recruiting to build a strategy that meets your hiring needs: Intro to social media recruitment: Analyzing the data.

Social Media Recruiting: 10 Tips and Best Practices

Recruiting Blogs

Over 45% of the world population or roughly 3,48 billion people are using social media in 2019. Millennials and Gen Z, the current and future main workforce spend a large amount of their lives on social networks. What is social media recruiting?

Social recruiting in tech: How to make the most of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit


With 94% of recruiters admitting that they use social media for candidate sourcing, the competition for tech talent is as fierce as ever. There are many ways (some of them creative) in which you can use social recruiting to source new hires! to other companies’ job offers.

BUMPER EDITION: 9 Fascinating Recruitment Industry News Stories – 15th June 2015

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In the news this week: China’s Job Ads Market Heats Up (Much to LinkedIn’s Delight!). According to , there are signs that China’s job classifieds market may be heating up thanks to some new initiatives by one key player and the entrance of a new competitor to the market. a job-search platform that targets the higher end of the recruitment spectrum and provides a platform to connect headhunters and more experienced workers.

How to: Create Visuals For A Twitter Job Search

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And you have already posted the job to LinkedIn or other hiring sites? And shared it exactly one time on your Twitter account? Plus, we have already seen that many unqualified job seekers frequent LinkedIn. . A wise man once told me that the best time to look for a new job is when you already have one. You are posting jobs where the wrong people hang out, not the perfect candidate. On social media, like the rest of the world. Social Media Twitte

Twitter Spells The End Of Traditional Job Postings. Huh?!

Staffing Talk

You (or your client) decide to make a new hire, you draft a job description, post it in a bunch of places online and then… wait. He concedes that many of course also have their own personal networks from which to draw candidates from, but that your jobs are still hitting a job board somewhere. In fact, he says, and stop me if you have heard this before, social media spells the end of traditional job postings.

EXCITING NEW PRODUCTS ALERT! 6 Must-See Recruiting News Stories – 2nd June 2015

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As announced at their Indeed Interactive event in Austin Texas last week, Indeed, the world’s most popular job board, are working on a variety of tools and tweaks to improve its product – and we’re highly impressed by all of them! One of the new offerings will match employers with “ actively seeking, motivated ” candidates who have richer profiles and have passed through a screening process. On the other hand, you’d go more miles for a job with an easier commute.

8 Pressing Recruitment News Stories We Need to Discuss this Week – 27th June 2016

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We need to ensure that British businesses continue to be able to get the people they need to fill the jobs available. June’s official unemployment figures showed the jobless total reducing slightly, but the UK economy’s rate of job creation is fragile at best. So those tasked with the delicate job of negotiating the Brexit must ensure that a non-EU Britain enjoys the trade ties and access to European markets and talent that Norway and Switzerland do.”.

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Social Recruiting Round-Up – March 2015

Social Talent

Now that April is upon us, we thought it was time to reflect and take a look back at the most popular blog posts, the most talked about infographics and the biggest recruitment and sourcing news stories of the last month – otherwise know as the March edition of the Social Talent Social Recruiting Round-Up! The Ultimate Sourcing Ninja Guide to: Job Advertising (FREE Download). Give your job ads efforts the boost they need! 5 Words to Ruin a Job Interview.

5 Sourcing News Stories to Keep You “In-the-Know” this Week- 16th March 2015

Social Talent

New targeting options include a focus on company size, job function, and seniority. One to Watch: Twitter’s NEW Design Blog. Last Wednesday saw the launch of a brand new Twitter blog – the Twitter Design blog. Now, why would Twitter need to launch a blog purely about design I hear you ask. For example, when we changed the design and functionality of your Twitter profile, you might have found yourself asking, why?

The 10 Real Reasons Your Recruitment Strategy is Failing

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For example, an objective for your recruitment strategy could be to increase employer brand awareness, while a specific goal relating to that objective could be to increase traffic to your careers site from social media by X%. Little time is put into actually defining the calibre of candidate this job role should attract. The concept of the job interview goes back to 1921 when Thomas Edison created a written test to evaluate job candidates’ knowledge.

The Startup Hiring Guide: Hiring for rapid growth from 5 to 50


How to write job descriptions. Where to post your jobs. This means that the people you’re looking for are likely to be juggling several job offers. There’s more to social media hiring than just tweeting your jobs. How to do social the right way.

Recruiting strategies: a comprehensive guide for small business


Far too many of us are hiring with borrowed tools, no recruiting strategies and the nagging feeling that we’re losing time that would be better spent on our main job. Find employees: social recruiting and job boards. More than Tweeting jobs. Beyond listing jobs.

Social Talent’s July 2015 Favourites

Social Talent

And welcome to Social Talent’s July Favourites – a selection of the best, most shared blogs, infographics, webinars and recruitment news stories from the Social Talent blog in the last month. This month we’ve got helpful Twitter tools, unmissable candidate email insights, Instagram job ad inspiration, shocking gender job search stats, a detailed guide on Advanced Search Operators, the biggest recruitment news headlines and a webinar on how to write killer job ads.

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Why Ignoring Social Recruiting Will Cost You Your Career

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Gone are the days that clients are willing to pay you to screen candidates that they can get from job boards. It used to be that recruiters were merely CV shufflers, matching a resume to a job. So MANY companies want to hire while millions of jobseekers are looking for a job; and still the job market is not clearing. The ‘post & pray’ model means employers still receive on average 150 applications/job and spend about 50 days for each hire.

Mobile Recruiting Strategy Fails – When Your Organization Isn’t Prepared

ExactHire Recruiting

Or, maybe you’re well on your way toward social recruiting Shangri La and you sense that a few hiring managers may be late to the party. Even if you’ve already put a few mobile-friendly recruiting elements into play, or if you continue to evolve your social media content calendar to include career-related advice, you will still struggle if the rest of the team at your company isn’t prepared to buy into and participate in the new talent acquisition model.

Friend or Faux: Why It’s Time for LinkedIn To Get Real.

Recruiting Daily

I mean, at first, I was going to give them a pass – I figured, well, that’s going to happen to any platform, particularly on social media. First, all his jobs started and ended in January, which is unusually consistent timing, even for a serial job hopper. Second, none of those jobs had any details at all about what he did at these companies, or the technology he actually used in his tech roles. Which is apparently a real job title.

LinkedIn Lawsuit: Potential FCRA Violations Mean HR Might Need To Lawyer Up

Recruiting Daily

The issue at hand this time centers on LinkedIn’s “Search for References” functionality, a feature offered to all premium account holders and, it appears, to job applicants after they have directly applied for any position posted via LinkedIn’s “job postings” product. LinkedIn has multiple utilities for job seekers, recruiters and potential employers. . Follow Nicole on Twitter @NGSEsq or connect with her on LinkedIn.

9 Need-to-Know Recruitment News Stories – 21st September 2015

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Hired says it screens job candidates through a rigorous process combining algorithms and human curation, so employers don’t need to sift through a giant pile of résumés. Candidates are then wooed by the companies with “reverse cover letters,” they get transparency into compensation and they receive a $2,000 bonus from Hired if they accept a job. The service was initially focused on tech roles, but it has since expanded to sales jobs. Social media recruiting.

8 Industry-Rocking Recruitment News Stories to Sink Your Teeth Into this Week – 20th June 2016

Social Talent

In a section called “Selling to Social Selling” in the slide deck below, Microsoft details how it plans to use LinkedIn’s social graph as an integrated selling tool alongside its existing CRM products (which are second to Salesforce in the market currently). According to Nadella, it will redefine social selling. Across all industries and all jobs, it took employers an average of 29.3 a lower talent pool of EU graduates applying for jobs. Follow us on Twitter.

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2014’s Biggest Outcomes

Social Talent

And the mobile phenomenon had quite the impact on the recruitment industry : Mobile changed job search. 3 in 5 job seekers used mobile devices to search for jobs. 68% of them were searching for jobs once a week and 30% were searching more than once a day. Peak times for job search also changed. Unlike desktop job searches that usually took place at 9AM, mobile usage began to peak after office hours at 8PM and was more consistent throughout the day.

Mobile 143

The Social Recruiting Round-Up: June 2015

Social Talent

Today, Hiroto has his lasso out once again because we’re bringing together all of that knowledge into one blog post package – the Social Recruiting Round-Up for June 2015. How to: Drastically Improve Your Job Ads SEO Using Google Trends. One of the simplest ways to ensure your job ad is more easily found by the right candidate, is to ensure it contains the most relevant keywords. Top 10 Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid (Infographic).

The State of Candidate Experience in 10 Statistics

Recruiting Daily

It also generated a ton of useful information for a cross-section of candidates – and the recruiters responsible for hiring them – at companies running the full gamut of industries, verticals, markets and talent needs, the sheer sample size serving as something of a microcosm for the job search of today. who said that review sites like Glassdoor were helpful marketing materials, and an even lower score for social recruiting (3.8% Job Boards Still Work.

Semantic Search: Faking Your Way To Sourcing Success

Recruiting Daily

Social Recruiting (v): Usage: “Social recruiting is a great way to engage with top talent.” Definition: Using various platforms like Twitter and Facebook to blast automated job openings; using LinkedIn’s profile database to try to obtain resumes by sending InMails. Phone Screen (n): Usage: “I’d like to set up a brief, exploratory phone screen.”

5 HUGE Lessons Recruiters Must Learn from 2015

Social Talent

2014 taught us a number of lessons about the recruitment industry ; mobile is extremely important when it comes to recruiting, today’s job market is most definitely candidate driven, employer branding is an essential element of the recruitment process, job ads with images attract more candidates, and promises of a higher salary don’t necessarily secure the candidate. Social Networks are going niche and private. see an opportunity.

Get Smart: How Hiring Success Management Transforms Talent Acquisition

Recruiting Daily

From resumes overloaded with self-reported (and therefore, fairly worthless data) to job boards overloaded with outdated, unappealing or unreadable postings, you don’t need to dig too deep to find proof that looking for work is often more work than it’s worth. But even though you need to hire faster than ever, you can’t do so at the risk of choosing the wrong person for the job. Follow Sheeroy on Twitter @Sheeroy or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Moments, Memories and Milestones from #SHRM13

Stacy Zapar

Dorming with the gang at the SHRM Social House sponsored by Dice. It integrates social beautifully and I’m impressed with what it can do to identify passive candidates. Listening to so many smart folks lead informative sessions about HR, Recruiting, Social Media, Employer Brand, Company Culture, you name it! recruiting process, the disputable death of the resume, recruiting veterans and the good old days of recruiting before Google, job boards or social media.

Dice 91

9 Industry-Rocking Pieces of Recruitment News this Week – 11th April 2016

Social Talent

There’s Now a Recruiter Screening Tool for Candidates. Candidates will soon be able to screen you before deciding whether or not to work with you. Using Anthology Shield, candidates will be able to build personal screening criteria, which is private. When they click on the link, recruiters will have to answer screening questions. According to a new report from McKinsey , women aren’t landing many entry-level jobs in the tech industry.

12 Recruitment Conferences You MUST VISIT in Summer/Autumn 2016

Social Talent

If you’re an owner, director, or member of senior management at a job board, if you supply services like ATS to the online recruitment industry, or you provide software to the recruitment industry, this event should be on your radar! Onrec , the online recruitment resource, will be hosting an afternoon Onrec Trade Conference which will give online recruitment suppliers, job boards and other online recruitment professionals a fantastic learning and networking opportunity.

Network News: Putting Talent Networks To Work

Recruiting Daily

It’s no secret that applying for jobs sucks. The fact is, most candidates have pretty much consigned themselves to these processes that too often entail more work than the actual job to which they’re applying. ” Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but unless you’re a masochist, having to allot three hours of your life to applying for a job that you’re unlikely to ever hear back on is the antithesis of painless. If they check every box, you set up a screen.

Everything I Learned About Recruiting, I Learned From Content Marketing

Recruiting Daily

The thing is, I don’t really understand how, exactly, so many people get so much mileage on talking about something as simple as selling jobs, which, of course, is still an over simplification, but seems to be what most of this stuff boils down to. How hard is really to find candidates in the age of social and search, really? This isn’t easy, but everyone thinks they can write copy or do social.

3 Ways to Get Results from Social Recruiting


Using social media in recruiting isn’t new — 84 percent of organizations surveyed by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) currently use social recruiting. But social recruiting is no longer limited to screening candidates’ social profiles or connecting with talent on LinkedIn. As technology and social platforms evolve, new opportunities and trends emerge, and employers need to stay on top of them to find the best talent.

Social Recruiting Round-Up – February 2015

Social Talent

But as March fast approaches we thought it was time to reflect and take a look back at the most popular blog posts, the most talked about infographics and the biggest recruitment and sourcing news stories of the last month – otherwise know as the February edition of the Social Talent Social Recruiting Round-Up! How Recruiters and Job Seekers Use Social Media in 2015 (Infographic). Interested in how recruiters and job seekers are using social media in 2015?

5 Reasons Why You Should Definitely Be Using Facebook to Recruit


It’s no secret that social media is used regularly within the recruitment process; in fact, 84% of companies recruited using social media last year. LinkedIn is usually the preferred choice of social networks for recruiters to source candidates, as Facebook and Twitter can seem intrusive; typically, they’re designed for personal use, whereas LinkedIn is a professional network. We love job boards and they’re a great way of snapping up active jobseekers.

How to Source Passive Candidates on Twitter


Why use Twitter for sourcing candidates. As of 2018, Twitter has 330 million active monthly users - that’s nearly three times more than LinkedIn. Twitter users are generating around 500 million tweets per day. 37% of Twitter users are between the ages of 18 and 29, and 25% users are 30-49 years old. This means that approximately 60% of Twitter users belong in the age group of most active job seekers. How to source passive candidates on Twitter.

How to save time on recruiting with pre screening

Recruiting Blogs

By employing some basic pre-screening methods, you can make sure that by the time your candidates reach the interview stage, you are only left with the cream of the crop. A Jobvibe survey determined that 67% of employers and recruiters called this method of recruiting shorter, and it took candidates 29 days to start work (compared to 39 days it took for candidates from job boards). Keep the Job Description Updated. Perform Social Media Checks.

How Do I Attract More Job Seekers?

ExactHire Recruiting

Share your job posting to multiple sites. One of the best benefits of using the ExactHire ATS is that it can be your one-stop-shop for posting your job to your own career site AND pushing your job to other third party job boards. Use hashtags on social.