What Bersin’s 2015 Talent Acquisition Factbook Tells Us About What’s Broken in Recruiting


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What Do Your Candidates Really Want?

Glassdoor for Employers

You’re probably already measuring source of hire. You can see which percentage of hires come from job boards, LinkedIn, referrals and recruiting. Featured Talent Acquisition Candidates Employer Branding Glassdoor Hiring Job Job Candidates smashfly source of hire source of influence


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“Post and Pray” Actually Takes More Work Than Recruitment Marketing!

Fistful of Talent

I read a great post over at Social Talent recently, written by Manna Shah, titled “ Why You Should Stop Posting on Job Boards, Now! ” Shah laid out the workflow between going out on job boards and posting jobs, versus going out and specifically sourcing for the candidates you actually know will fit the opening you are recruiting for. Posting jobs is one small part of what we do.

46 Sourcing Tools for Expert Recruiters to Find Top Talent


For budding recruiters, here is a list of sourcing tools that you can use to find excellent job candidates, from web scrapers to browser extensions and all the way to full-fledged recruiting CRMs. Platforms you can source from In order to get the ball rolling and hire some great people, first you need the platforms to source them from. Another fact: only 1 in 5 recruiters use Facebook to source for candidates, mostly because of their lack of marketing skills.

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Oldie but Goodie: Source of Hire & Candidate Touchpoints


We have written over 500 blog posts on the SmashFly blog and many remain as relevant today as they were when we wrote them. Two weeks ago (2011) I wrote a post on accurately measuring “Source to Hire” through your ATS & job distribution technology and received the following interesting comment from Master Burnett: There is rarely a single source of hire in today’s hyper connected reality. Single source of application maybe.

The Recruiter’s Guide to Digital Marketing.

Recruiting Daily

There’s little warm-up involved anymore, since candidate information has become completely commoditized due to a spate of new sourcing tools and talent technologies that give us so much information about candidates without our actually having to put in a whole lot of effort. The downside of direct sourcing is you never know what you’re going to find, and sometimes, it ruins everything. To our friends at Smashfly – sorry about your Sox.

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How to Build an Employer Brand Budget

Proactive Talent

Job Boards Focus on major job boards like Indeed , Glassdoor , and LinkedIn first, as well as programmatic advertising to manage the media dollars for your digital job advertising campaigns. If you do a lot of niche job board advertising (i.e. nursing specific job boards, diversity job boards, etc.), you can combine all of them into one “niche job board” bucket since you’ll likely be managing them manually.

6 Fascinating Recruitment News Stories to Kick-Off the New Month – 1st August 2016

Social Talent

In recruitment news this week: This is What Millennials Want From Their Job Hunt (Psst! thing millennials want out of a job is advancement opportunity (67%), narrowly beating out better pay (60%) and challenging work (51%). In fact, compared to other generations, they use more resources in general to learn about company culture and they’re more likely to use online job boards, company career web pages and social media to hear about new job opportunities.

Top 4 Recruiting Metrics to Use in 2017

Proactive Talent

Source of Hire This metric isn’t new but you’d be surprised how many recruiters and recruiting leaders don’t make the effort to accurately calculate it and then use it to adjust their recruiting strategy. It may also be one of the most important to understand going into 2017 as candidates continue to utilize more and more digital channels to research y our company and search for job opportunities. How many applicants came from each source 2.

Recruitment Marketing Platforms 101: What you need to know

Rally Recruitment Marketing

The best job listing in the world isn’t worth a thing if you can’t get it in front of the right candidates. In Rally’s 2019 Recruitment Marketing Job & Salary Survey results , we asked practitioners to tell us how well they can measure their Recruitment Marketing effectiveness. A Recruitment Marketing Platform or RMP is software that’s used to market your jobs and your company so that you can attract candidates and convert them into applicants and new hires. SmashFly.

Tools for Recruiters: The Complete List

Talent Hero Media

There are over 70 free and paid tools designed to simplify your job as a recruiter. Used by both external recruiters and HR agencies, CATS is known for its end-to-end solution that starts with job postings and finishes with analytics on completed campaigns. A low-cost alternative ATS, HireHive excels at automatic job board posting, managing employee referrals and branded career sites. Loxo ATS Sourcing CRM. Workable ATS Sourcing. SOURCING.

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Everything you need to know from HR Tech 2018


Technology companies are extremely good at their jobs, whether it be a CRM, open web sourcing tool, or chatbot, and we like to partner with the best of the best because it’s what they specialize in. Media: Technology powers job distribution, programmatic media buying, tracking and data capture to name a few. But more importantly, just about every career site, job board, CRM and ATS offer tracking from basic to advanced levels.

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Part 4: Why Nurture Doesn’t Stop at Apply

Glassdoor for Employers

Note : In partnership with SmashFly , this series covers key elements and examples of nurture in a recruitment marketing strategy. Check out parts one , two and three in the series, and stay tuned for part five on the SmashFly blog next week. But your job isn’t over! Job candidates research companies and job opportunities after applying to your jobs, looking to gain inside information that will help give them a competitive edge.

The Top 12 Career Site Self-Service Tools


Headline: Transform your career site and your job postings. based career site job search (in partnership w/ Google) and the #1 most dynamic job postings in the world. Ongig Career Page Design Features: Artificial intelligence-based job search partnership with Google.

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The 28 Top Recruiting Software Tools Of 2017


Job Boards & Job Aggregators. Job boards and job aggregators are a crucial part of the recruiting software ecosystem because applicants make up the biggest source of hires at 50%. Indeed is the biggest source of external hires by far – credited with 58% of external hires according to SilkRoad. CareerBuilder is the second biggest source of external hires. SmashFly has arguably become synonymous with recruitment marketing.

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How Analytics are Used for Talent Acquisition: A Call for Best Practices

Brandon Hall

The concern I have is that as we continue to pioneer new solutions that impact candidate selection, there should be best practices with respect to transparency, degree of accuracy, intermingling of data sources, and delineation of what constitutes the original candidate profile, as indicated in a resume, and what constitutes the added enhancements. Examples of some of these providers are: SmartRecruiters , Gild , and Smashfly. Okay I admit it.

Top 100 HR and Recruitment Blogs [by Organic Traffic with Top 3 Articles Each]


Understanding EEO Job Categories for the EEO-1 Report. What to do with my degree: Entry-level communications jobs and salaries. Job Seeker Content. The Difference Between Organic Listings & Sponsored Jobs. The Best Jobs of 2020. Job Descriptions.

Oldie but Goodie: Big Data and Asking the Right Recruiting Questions


We have written over 500 blog posts on the SmashFly blog and many remain as relevant today as they were when we wrote them. The real key is understanding all the different data types and sources that you want to capture. For recruiting, this is a number of data points in a number of different locations such as job boards, social networks, sourcing, email campaigns, employee referral, the Career Site , SEO, mobile and the ATS.

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Oldie but Goodie: The Time for Talent Analytics in Recruitment is NOW


We have written over 500 blog posts on the SmashFly blog and many remain as relevant today as they were when we wrote them. You are posting to job boards (and niche sites). Asking employees to refer candidates for jobs. Have your sourcing team proactively finding candidates with specific skill-sets. This growing category enables you to execute all of your recruitment & sourcing campaigns from a single solution.

What Brandon Hall Group’s new report tells us about high-performance Recruitment Marketing


Here’s a snapshot along with my key takeaways: Content Marketing – If you just promote jobs, candidates may lose interest. Instead focus on creating and sharing news articles, viral videos, research, infographics and photos to go along with your job content in order to attract and engage talent. Relevant content is what helps build and nurture lasting relationships and ultimately inspires candidates to apply for or share open jobs.

How to Make a Strong AI in Recruiting Business Case


Tracey has extensive experience in talent strategy, social recruiting and marketing, thought leadership, brand development and consulting at companies like SmashFly, TMP Worldwide, and her own startup, CredHive. To do this, put a couple of columns on your white board in the office.

The Evolution of the Job Posting

Recruiting Blogs

The most successful job ad ever written was Shackleton’s broadside advertising for the crew of the Endurance. So how did the recruitment advertising business go from honest, succinct, well-placed and candidate-producing gems to the pages-long, generic, unnoticed and ineffective garble that is posted on job boards and career sites today? While technology usually makes communication and processes better, it has actually undermined the way we advertise our jobs.

Oldie but Goodie: The Future of Corporate Career Sites


We have written over 700 blog posts on the SmashFly blog and many remain as relevant today as they were when we wrote them. Career Sites are no longer (or should no longer) be static job pages linked together by a single homepage but really act as your recruiting hub for engaging and interfacing with candidates about your company and employment opportunities. Easy Navigation / Search: A simple search based on job category is an absolute necessity but it will go deeper than this.

7 Essential Recruitment Marketing Tools (and How to Use Them)

Linkedin Talent Blog

That’s because I work in the world of recruitment marketing where my goal is to help companies use marketing strategies—think job ads, paid media, social media, etc.—to free) traffic (meaning they searched for your company or job online). Here’s an example of what you might see in your Google Analytics dashboard: Having this information helps you understand which job boards or job ads are serving you best so you can make informed decisions on where to spend your budget.

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2019 Talent Acquisition Year in Review

Recruiting Blogs

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