How to Conduct a Soft Skills Interview in 4 Easy Steps


Hard skills will get you the job, but soft skills will make you successful.” - Me, at least 3 times per week However, sometimes this can seem overwhelming. Step 1: The Job Requirements At first glance, you might think you know what goes into a position.

What Kind of Recruiter Are You? (QUIZ)

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Ever wondered what your recruiter personality type is? Cluttered with technology: your tablet, work cell phone and personal cell phone are easily accessible, and at least two computer monitors are up and running. You’re pretty sure you already know someone who would be a perfect fit for the job. Call the hiring manager to determine what kind of person would be the best fit for the position—do they need a compassionate employee? The right personality.


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Diversity Hiring: 6 Steps To Hiring More Diverse Candidates


Diversity hiring is hiring based on merit with special care taken to ensure procedures are free from biases related to a candidate’s age, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other personal characteristics that are unrelated to their job performance.

The Multitasking Test: How to Find Superheroes

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A person who shows a visible multitasking ability is one who can complete correctly two or more tasks at the same time. A Multitasking Test Can Be a Job Performance Predictor. However, there is research showing that multitasking is a predictor of job performance in call center agencies.

How to fix your candidate experience strategy


All these skills and qualifications should be outlined in the job ad itself. Sean explained the importance of crafting unique and clear job descriptions: “You don’t want everything to be so standardized that a role doesn’t really make sense. Speaking of job ads, the speakers believe that including salaries in job descriptions can be tricky. It’s going to be more based on job content, role satisfaction, team fit. Is it a personality assessment?


A personality assessment gives you insight into who someone really is which helps you manage your team. There’s no guesswork in how to interact with them, everyone is different and their personality says it all. How to best use personality assessments to manage your team: Building your team: Assessing your team’s strengths and weaknesses based on personality will help identify how to hire the next employee.

5 Ways to Decrease Turnover


The Direct Employers blog explains how SEO can not only increase overall traffic to your website, but how you can use keywords to “engage” job seekers more effectively. Even if you have a job description written to take advantage of every search engine algorithm, you won’t find the perfect candidate if you don’t post to job boards and locations these applicants are searching on. Know your local culture and where job seekers are most likely to search for positions.

What to Expect When You’re Expecting…to Apply for a Job


At some point in your life you will be actively or passively seeking a job. If you haven’t searched for a job in awhile, you’ll be surprised at how much the hiring process has changed. When I applied for my first job it consisted of a one page application and a handwritten resume in which I used my neighbor as a reference because I had mowed her lawn once when her husband had surgery. Some employers use personality assessments.

A Strategic Approach to Hiring Assessments

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You need to determine whether someone matches the profile and has the right skills, experience, and personality. Moreover, you want to know why people applied for the job. Does their personality fit the expectations? On top of that, you have to repeat this process for every candidate and for every job opening. What you can do instead is collect candidate data so you can prepare for the personal conversations you will have with them. Skills assessment.

How Big of a Missed Opportunity is Your Online Job Application Black Hole?


Despite continued conversations around “candidate engagement” and “applicant experience,” employers still wait until late in a job-seeker’s application process to proactively engage them. By the time a job-seeker becomes an applicant, they will have expended energy finding your job-posting, reading your job descriptions, considering their own qualifications, and filling out the application itself.

How Big of a Missed Opportunity is Your Online Job Application Black Hole?


Despite continued conversations around “candidate engagement” and “applicant experience,” employers still wait until late in a job-seeker’s application process to proactively engage them. By the time a job-seeker becomes an applicant, they will have expended energy finding your job-posting, reading your job descriptions, considering their own qualifications, and filling out the application itself.

6 Secrets To Finding Your Dream Job

Think your dream job is out of reach? With the right approach, finding your dream job is actually pretty simple. People often make the mistake of not finding a job that matches their personality and culture fit and try to find a job that will meet their income requirements. What job seekers need to realize before going in for interviews is that there are jobs and then there are dream jobs. 3: Think about past jobs. Happy job hunting!

7 Steps To Help Your New Employee Settle In For Success On Their First Day

The first day on the job for the new hire is a nerve wracking yet exciting one for them. This person can help them settle into their new space. Go over a list of job responsibilities. Likely they aren’t going to remember everything that was on the job description from when they applied. The results of their personality assessment will give you a clear indication of how to interact with them.

Case Study Interviews vs. Skills Testing: Which is Better, and Why?


However, there are a few problems with using a case study to assess a candidate’s potential, which will be discussed in a little bit. First, they can be too conceptual, meaning, the way a candidate answers has no bearing on how they approach the work in their job description. Skills testing uses a combination of questions and formats to see how a candidate performs on-the-job tasks.

Study 66

Staffing News of the Day, February 13, 2013

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Portland gets new job board in EmployPDX [EIN News]. Don’t do personality assessments of your workforce [Cynical Girl]. Why job descriptions are useless [ERE]. Senators propose bill to expand visas for foreign college graduates with degrees in science, tech, engineering, and math [Politico]. Silicon Valley execs support visa bill proposal for more high-skilled foreign labor [New York Times].

The Complete Guide to Skill Testing


Skill testing can give recruiters a competitive advantage in today’s ultra-competitive job market. Here’s how to use skills assessments to fill your open positions and to keep your pipeline full of happy, engaged candidates. A skills test is an assessment used to provide an unbiased, validated evaluation of a candidate’s ability to perform the duties listed in the job description. Overall, skills tests can play a critical role in predicting on-the-job success.

Identifying Core Competencies When Hiring

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There are two different categories of core competencies: technical qualifications (skills, knowledge, expertise) and behavioral characteristics (personality, culture fit). Incorporate Assessments – Using assessments in your interview process is a great way to see if a candidate would be a good fit for the role. There are two main types of assessments: technical and personality.

Effective Recruiting Strategies for Recruiters

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These reviews have an impact on potential employees hence it can limit the number of applicants for that job. When creating job descriptions the new trend followed is crafting the ideal persona, specific to the vacancy instead of a simple description. The aim is to put a face to the description which gives the candidate a clear understanding to what the job profile calls for. Assessment Tools.

Top 5 Online Candidate Assessment Platforms

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Choose the best candidate quickly and effectively by using one of these top 5 online candidate assessment platforms! Why do companies use candidate assessment platforms? 82% of companies use some form of candidate assessment testing, according to the recent Talent Board's Candidate Experience Research report. Without testing your candidates, you’ll end up choosing the best interviewee, not the best person for the job! Top 5 candidate assessment platforms.

How to Conduct a Technical Interview

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Failing to do so will result in not having enough information to hire the best candidate for the job and may even lead to a toxic hire. Assessments. Assessments are a key part of any technical interview process. There are many different kinds of assessments that are used for different industries but they can be broken up into two main types; personality and skill. This is due to the fact there are usually assessments involved in the decision process.

How to Find and Hire Ethical and Honest Employees

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We’re all familiar with the personality screening tests that are often part of a modern job application, used as an ethical screener for applicants. No self-assessment is going to appropriately screen applicants. Put Ethical Requirements at the Forefront of Job Listings. Every job posting typically has a line paying lip service to honesty, but how often do you see it listed in the bullet points at the end of a job description?

Video Interview Questions: The Ultimate Guide to Hiring Pros for Modern Recruiters

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In fact, a 10% more challenging job interview process can bring you a 2.6% Live Video Interviews vs. Pre-Recorded Job Interviews. Role-specific questions allow recruiters to assess whether the candidate’s motivation will fit the company’s culture and scope. Personality Questions.

How To Make Sure You Know Exactly Who You’re Hiring.

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There are, however, many things that the majority of background checks fail to flag, such inflated claims of their current salary, true skill set or personality alignment with company culture. ”); instead requiring specific examples from their previous work experiences ( “tell me about a time when…”) or similar behavioral based questions that require candidates to prove they actually know how to do a job, not just how to answer a question about how to do a job.

The Square Peg And Round Hole Candidate Syndrome

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There is still a desire from (too many) companies to recruit the perfect person for their job roles. Obviously there are roles that demand certain skills and/or qualifications to do certain jobs, but there are also very many that don’t require them. A good example of this is a degree – how many jobs actually need a candidate who has a degree? What I find fascinating is that many of these are now being assessed through games played on your mobile phone.

Your Guide to Hiring Million Dollar Talent

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Candidate Assessment with insightful tools that help make screening fast and easy for you to determine who will become your absolute rockstar employees. We wrote this for you, we wanted to share our unfettered experience of interviewing and assessing literally tens of thousands of candidates and helping our clients in hiring hundreds and hundreds of all-stars! Is it a consensus hire or does one person get the final say? What roles will each person assume? .

The Ultimate Guide To Closing The Skills Gap In Education

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Now, we don’t mean your typical PSA, but rather a personal outreach that taps into the emotional fibers of teachers. New teaching hires are going to have to increase this number once they’ve signed on to the job. They choose jobs that give them a meaningful sense of purpose while also seeking employment that can develop their full potential. Adopting the technology that reaches this highly-connected generation on a very personal level is a good place to start.

3 Applicant Tracking Systems That Will Help You Hire Generation Z


While your youngest new hires share many characteristics with the Millennial generation, they’ve got an entirely different outlook on things such as workplace culture, diversity, and even the importance of having a job. If your organization doesn’t reflect their values authentically, this entrepreneurial generation will likely reject your company’s job offer and start their own business. Example of a job post that offers one-click apply.