10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools


Video job descriptions grab the attention of busy candidates. Here’s a list of tools to consider: 10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools. A recruitment video production app that allows companies to make video in-house. VideoMyJob has 5 great recruitment video case studies published on their website that show off the results they’ve got for their clients. Sparc specializes in helping you get hiring manager videos onto your job descriptions.

10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools


Video job descriptions grab the attention of busy candidates. Here’s a list of tools to consider: 10 Awesome Video Job Description Creation Tools. A recruitment video production app that allows companies to make video in-house. VideoMyJob has 5 great recruitment video case studies published on their website that show off the results they’ve got for their clients. Sparc specializes in helping you get hiring manager videos onto your job descriptions.


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2021 Outlook of Recruitment Marketing Agencies

Rally Recruitment Marketing

The past year has changed a lot of industries and disciplines, and Recruitment Marketing is no exception. While some employers were forced to slow down their recruiting efforts, others saw a surge in hiring and required new marketing strategies to attract talent.

3 Reasons Recruitment Marketing is the BEST Way To Attract Great Candidates

Social Talent

Recruitment marketing looks to harness the power of company advertising and couple it with strong recruitment strategies, to ensure maximum impact. With nearly 75% of internet users having some form of social media account, recruiters can now cast their net further than ever before. Understanding The Value Of Effective SEO. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) might be one of those terms you’ve come across before, but never stopped to think about.

Is Now the Time to Hire a “Chief Job Description Officer” ?


There’s one thing that every growing employer has in common: job descriptions. And they have lots of problems/projects related to job descriptions. Talent acquisition leaders ask me/Ongig for help: adding video and pics to their job descriptions; adding recruiting widgets (LinkedIn, Glassdoor, Google Maps, etc.) Is now the time you name someone: Chief Job Description Officer. VP of Job Descriptions.

How to Get Started with Recruitment Marketing

Brazen Recruiting

Since the start of the 21st century, there’s been an inevitable and seismic shift in power between recruiters and candidates. Get your free ebook for 13 strategies to recruit more effectively in a candidate’s market. In many of today’s recruitment markets, candidates can afford to be fussy. How should recruiters respond? By donning their marketing hats. Why Recruitment Now Equals Marketing. Enter: Recruitment Marketing.

Leveraging Recruitment Marketing to Attract Top Candidates


Internet marketing allows consumers to find whatever product or service they are interested in. Similarly, employers and recruiters can utilise the same strategies to attract talent to their organisations. This is due to the fact that consumers and job seekers share a common interest and that is the good quality of a brand. To ensure maximum impact, recruitment marketing combines company marketing with powerful recruitment strategies.

Do You Have this Massive “Drop-Off” From Career Site to Job Descriptions?


You’ve got a solid-looking company career site page like this: The “Hotel Lobby Theory” …yet your job description pages look something more like this JD below. My friend Eric Osterman (Recruitment Marketing Manager at CenturyLink calls it the “Hotel Lobby Theory” — the lobby needs to look pretty but if the room doesn’t look great, no one comes back! After all, their job is make your company/brand look great.

Taleo 40

Tap into Recruitment Marketing Data to Improve Hiring Results


Given the competitive hiring market, employers today need to put extra effort into ensuring their recruitment efforts are successful. And one of the most effective ways you can improve recruitment and hiring results at your organization is by leveraging actionable data. . Below, we’ve outlined how your team can implement an effective, multichannel recruitment marketing strategy – and tap into data to improve the overall success of your recruitment efforts. .

Data 64

Rethinking job descriptions: How impact descriptions can attract better candidates [Free Templates]


Recruitment Agency Software. Recruitment CRM. Tailored to temp & contract recruitment; source, place and manage contractors with ease & speed. Recruitment SMS. Recruitment Analytics. Recruitment AI/Automation. In-House Recruitment Software. Recruitment Management System. Recruit faster by giving hiring managers better visibility of shortlist and hiring progress. Job Boards. Job Posting. Recruitment Analytics.

The Surprising Way to Increase Careers Site Traffic

Rally Recruitment Marketing

In Recruitment Marketing, getting qualified candidates to apply to your roles is the name of the game. This is why having a recruitment marketer on your team is so important, because this is the stuff we can focus on! Employer Branding Recruitment Marketing

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How to Tell the Difference Between Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing


Today’s job seekers have more employment options that ever before, empowering them to choose the right company based on fit. In response, businesses are moving away from traditional methods of candidate attraction (public job boards, cold outreach) in favor of more employer brand-focused efforts that target talent before they apply. The best employer brands are consistent across all communication channels—social media, word of mouth, company pages, and job descriptions.

10 Actionable Takeaways from the 2020 Job Seeker Nation Report

Rally Recruitment Marketing

But this doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s become an employer’s job market. And job seeker perceptions and behaviors are shifting quickly too. To help you make the most of these insights, we’ve gone through the report and identified 10 key Recruitment Marketing takeaways.

Report 324

The Ultimate Template For Creating a Truly Great Job Ad

Social Talent

According to the most recent MRINetwork Recruiter Sentiment Study , many companies have failed to come to the realisation that they need to adjust their recruitment strategy for this new landscape. Despite being in a heavily candidate-driven market for several years, most companies still follow antiquated hiring practices, even for critical positions. They refuse to acknowledge that the market is candidate-driven,” said a recruiter from the study. About the Job.

How Your Dealership Can Improve Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy to Avoid Overspending on Job Boards


With the unemployment rate at a record-low, the hiring market is more competitive than ever before for employers across industries. And finding top talent is even more challenging for retail automotive, as fewer than 1 percent of job seekers are interested in careers at dealerships. Due to the limited interest in careers in retail automotive, dealers often end up paying a steep “brand tax” by overspending on job boards. employees would be open to new job opportunities.

Recruitment marketing: fad or future? The expert review


‘Treat your candidates like your customers’ Recruitment marketing is a multi-faceted approach with huge potential to transform the recruitment process. We’re beginning to mimic the personalised experience our marketing department gives potential customers. Marketing techniques also make it easier for recruiters to build relationships with candidates. “Often said, recruiters are sales people. The best marketers know this.

Employer Branding Strategies from Working at Uber, WeWork and Autodesk


Not necessarily the role itself, but there needs to be someone whose job is written down in their description that’s in charge of defining, measuring, and activating an employment brand. Talent Acquisition, Marketing? I think it’s a type of role that sits in between, as you rightly note, a whole bunch of different departments: marketing communications, internal communications, branding, talent acquisition, so it doesn’t really belong anywhere. SEO/SEM.

Recruitment Marketing: Important or Illusion? The Complete Expert Review


They care about what they hear about your company from friends, they listen to the twittering of social networks, they’re interested in intangibles like ‘culture’ and ‘brand’ Recruitment marketing has emerged as a multi-faceted approach to attract, convert and engage candidates. Marketing strategies can help recruiters improve the way they measure the hiring process, rethink their social recruitment strategies and rewrite their job descriptions.

Analyzing Competitors Can Fuel Your Recruitment Success

Rally Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment Marketing and employer brand practitioners might not often think of “sizing up” their competition, but knowing what these organizations are doing differently can actually help you! On the other hand, if you aren’t analyzing your competition, you risk losing out on top-notch job seekers when they accept offers from other employers (who have been providing what candidates want). It’s also about assessing your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to recruiting.

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Content’s (still) king in marketing, so why wouldn’t it be in recruitment marketing?

Stories Incorporated

partner, released its second annual Recruitment Marketing Report Card for the Fortune 500. The document provides an insightful look into best practices and emerging trends in recruitment marketing. perspective, you’d think this post would be about the fact that ‘Employee Stories on Career Site (video)’ and ‘Employee Stories on Career Site (written)’ were two of the criteria in the Emerging Recruitment Marketing Practices section of the Report Card.

What Brandon Hall Group’s new report tells us about high-performance Recruitment Marketing


Last week, we shared a new report from Brandon Hall Group’s Kyle Lagunas on “ Key Components of High-Performance Recruitment Marketing,” available for complimentary download here. The report has been very popular with our community, I think, because talent acquisition leaders are ready to take their Recruitment Marketing strategies to the next level. The report is packed with best practices that modern recruiting organizations can learn from.

Creating a New Company Career Site: The Definitive Guide


It’s no secret that your company career site is one of the most important elements of your recruiting strategy. In fact, it’s a culmination of many initiatives: candidate experience, employer branding, recruitment marketing, diversity and inclusion. Step #7: Compare Your Internal Resources to a “Recruitment CMS” 1) Why Do You Need a New Company Career Site? Free up time for recruiters! Here are the core ones to consider: Job Search Box.

How to Apply Marketing Best Practices to Recruitment


In a candidate-driven jobs market, HR and talent acquisition professionals no longer have the upper-hand and therefore need to start selling their jobs to the best candidates. Thinking more like marketers, then, can greatly help HR and talent acquisition professionals in their efforts to attract the kinds of top talent that help organizations drive business. Once your description is fleshed out, that’s when you can go back and edit for SEO best practices, if needed.

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5 Key Steps Of Your “Digital” Candidate Experience


Can job seekers find your career page from your homepage? Tim Sackett nailed it on the head: How to judge if you’re awful at Recruitment Marketing? You have to do exactly what Tim said scroll all the way down to the footer and see if there is a careers/jobs link there… And sometimes there isn’t even a link there! Job Search Functionality. Company career site job search is overlooked. Job Description Text.

Inbound and Down: How Hubspot Hacked Employer Branding.

Recruiting Daily

If you work in recruiting, there’s probably a good chance that while you’ve felt the effects of public relations (which is almost always collateral damage), you don’t have any real insight into what PR does on a day to day basis. Both professions play out largely in the shadows and in siloes, which might be the reason that in spite of their obvious congruence, there’s really limited mobility between the HR and PR functions, particularly in recruiting.

22 Ideas to Make You a More Proactive Recruiter


Many of you gave a ton of love to our 5 Ways to Be a More Proactive Recruiter article. It was written by my good friend Jason Webster, an expert on proactive recruiting strategy. Since you’re reading this I know you are already a more proactive recruiter than the average bear! First off, what is proactive recruiting? My definition of proactive recruiting is to engage with candidates before recruiting needs become problematic. Job Boards.

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Head of Content Marketing

Stories Incorporated

is a small team in the growing field of employer branding and recruitment marketing. With a net promoter score of 100, we’ve earned our market reputation by delivering fantastic service and results. We are expanding our team by hiring a Head of Content Marketing for our own marketing (not client) efforts. Marketing Team. Over the past year, we’ve built a marketing engine to generate leads that close faster than sales qualified leads.

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Ask CKR: Do You Offer Simplified and/or Enhanced Job Posting Services?

CKR Interactive

There are so many ways we help our clients breathe life into stale or boring job descriptions. Below is a comprehensive list of services that CKR provides for job postings. Job Description Consultation, Writing and Guidelines. Job descriptions are important and if done properly really set the framework for everything that your organization accomplishes. Refining your job description content can help you avoid “garbage-in, garbage-out” scenarios.

Why Every Recruiter Needs To Take A Digital Marketing Course

NextWave Hire

I saw this slide… I was beaming because only a few hours earlier my boss had given me the green light on my attending a Digital Marketing Course through General Assembly. Learning marketing will allow you to better tell your company’s story and attract more of the right candidates. Marketing teams create engaging content with thoughtful messages in efforts to attract more customers. Storytelling Candidates aren’t reading your three-page job description.

Oldie but Goodie: The Time for Talent Analytics in Recruitment is NOW


On occasion we will share these posts to show how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go with recruitment marketing as an industry. And while a lot of the focus is on current employees or core HR (and should be), recruitment marketing and how you effectively and efficiently find your employees is just as critical. This article will focus on where Talent Analytics fits in your recruiting strategy and some insights into what you should be looking for.

Executing a Digital Content Strategy for Recruitment

Recruiting Daily Advisor

When trying to source the best candidates for a role, recruiters sometimes forget that a well-planned content strategy can make their job a lot easier for them. Content Marketing. Here are some examples of the types of content that can be featured in your content marketing: Blogging. Scour Google for top ranking blogs surrounding careers and recruitment. Marketers use white papers to educate their audience about a particular topic. On-site SEO.

You’d Better Ask Somebody: Why Employee Referrals (Still) Matter in Hiring.

Recruiting Daily

We feel like we’re getting the inside scoop or behind the scenes look as consumers before making purchasing decisions, and almost invariably, feel we’re able to easily sniff out the real deal from the marketing CTAs, or filter the organic reviews from the sponsored content, even if our track record suggests most of us are pretty easy marks as consumers for the rapidly evolving marketing strategies required by such a rapidly evolving market.

Creating Noise or Disrupting an Industry: A Look at Google Jobs and the Potential Outcomes

Proactive Talent

Google has recently released the next big step in changing recruitment marketing with it’s Google for Jobs feature. Now whenever a search is engaged that is identified as a job related in nature, Google will automatically aggregate job listings from nearly all job boards, third party and company career pages alike. How it Works The idea here is to create a one stop shop for job seekers.

Hireology Named to HRO Today’s Baker’s Dozen for Seventh Consecutive Year


Hireology recently launched its recruitment CRM software and is now the first platform that can completely manage recruitment marketing, hiring and post-hire integrations, saving customers time and money so they can better focus on their teams. Hireology’s recruitment CRM features new functionality including added SEO capabilities, text-to-recruit options, passive sourcing, and candidate records.

CRM 60

Creating Noise or Disrupting an Industry: A Look at Google Jobs and the Potential Outcomes

Proactive Talent

Google has recently released the next big step in changing recruitment marketing with its Google for Jobs feature. Now, whenever a search is engaged that is identified as a job-related in nature, Google will automatically aggregate job listings from nearly all job boards, third party and company career pages alike. How it Works The idea here is to create a one-stop shop for job seekers.

Best company careers blogs (and why your career site needs one)

Stories Incorporated

The SEO power of a careers blog. They want to know what company’s values align with theirs, and what a day in the life will look like in a specific job. A careers blog gives you a search engine optimization (SEO) superboost. Reading Time: 10 minutes.

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Creating a Career Page That Converts


However, in order for that to be the case, it requires careful oversight and to be recognized for what it truly is—a valuable tool in the recruiting tool belt. Job Postings Should Sell the Company. Boring job descriptions squander interest. SEO Best Practices.

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Employer Considerations for Posting and Managing Evergreen Jobs

ExactHire Recruiting

When you think about where you spend the bulk of your time in the employee recruiting process, is a big chunk reserved for a certain type of position? If so, this role is probably an evergreen job. As a result, many companies keep these requisitions perpetually open on their job listings page in order to populate the candidate pipeline. Evergreen jobs and turnover. Evergreen job hiring challenges. Job boards vs. organic search.

Key Takeaways from the Latest BLS Data: April 2020


For the first time since 2010, the March jobs report showed a decline in total payrolls and the unemployment rate jumped from 3.5 This shift in the job market creates an opportunity to revisit your people operations strategy and identify steps for improvement.

Data 78

Dealership Hiring: How to Shift Your People Strategy During Uncertain Times


And your employer brand is ultimately what gets job seekers excited about the possibility of joining your dealership. . This might give your team the opportunity to capture the attention of job seekers who might not have otherwise considered working for a dealership.